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2019 Design Trends


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We've put together this presentation with the design trends that will dominate 2019.
Enjoy it and get in touch so we can help you incorporate them in your brand strategy.

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2019 Design Trends

  1. 1. 2019 DESIGN TRENDS
  2. 2. OPEN COMPOSITIONS A tendency towards open and airy designs that seem to show only a part of the whole "image" leaving the framed compositions. It is possible to play with different pieces, making them look separated but at the same time continuous. In terms of web design, full-width screen and interactive compositions will be used to prolong the experience.
  3. 3. 3D DEPTH OF A NEW GENERATION 3D has proven to be a fairly stable and constant trend over the last few years, so we will definitely see a lot of it in 2019. The typography will definitely not be ignored by any of the graphic trends of 2019, including 3D.
  4. 4. ANTI-GRAVITY FLYING AND FLOATING ELEMENTS Flying and floating graphic elements are among graphic design trends predictions for 2019. The idea of designs that move and behave as if they were in an environment without gravity conveys the general feeling of freedom.
  5. 5. VIVID COLORS AND A TRIP TO DREAMLAND Vivid color combinations and transitions, and dreamy colors gradients, will remain modern in 2019, but even more vivid. As they bring a futuristic feel to the overall design, these color combinations will make you feel as if you are in an alternate universe.
  6. 6. METALLIC EFFECT Shine, baby, shine! Gold never goes out of style, but in the graphic design trends of 2019, we will also see many other metallic elements incorporated into the designs. Especially when it comes to 3D designs, gold elements and other metallic elements take the entire composition to the next level, which makes it seem expensive and exclusive.
  7. 7. LIQUID AND LIQUID EFFECT Let it flow! The surface of a water translated into a graphic design is certainly a trend that will be achieved in many visual designs in 2019. Whether it's water, oil or another liquid substance, this trend inspires many contemporary designs and we hope to keep it that way for the next calendar year.
  8. 8. MAXI TYPOGRAPHY Maxi impact! Typography as an inseparable part of graphic design definitely follows certain trends, some that remain for years and others that fade rather quickly. It can be flat or come in 3D form. It can be liquefied or made with a metallic effect. One thing is for sure: the typography in graphic design trends of 2019 will definitely be maximum.
  9. 9. TYPOGRAPHY OF SCHEME The typography of scheme is becoming increasingly popular, so we expect it to peak at 2019. Often interacting with other elements in the compositions, we believe that the letters of scheme will be an important part of graphic design and web design next year, so we will definitely include this aspect in our forecast for graphic design trends for 2019.
  10. 10. TEXT WITH BACKGROUND Retro-inspired The trend that may seem retro for some can undoubtedly improve the avant-garde aspect of a composition combined with other trends that are surfing the wave. From our point of view, the text in the background pictures seems youthful and rebellious, so it will definitely be a success very soon.
  11. 11. ALTERNATIVE ART strokes, spots, stains and scribbles We will see a lot of improvisation in this field. Freestyle illustrations and scribbles are definitely fun to watch. We expect a more modern translation of the appearance of white on a dark background, combined with other design trends such as gold, while maintaining the simplicity of the style of the illustration. Doodle illustrations often give the impression of infinity, so we hope to see them as part of open-ended designs.
  12. 12. REALISM + FLAT DESIGN ELEMENTS An unconventional mix of techniques, styles or, in this case, dimensions. The objects of real life combined with completely flat visual elements, in our opinion, will be one of the graphic design trends of 2019. The combination of realistic objects with completely flat simplified design elements and illustrations, which are often seen in website designs, package designs, editorial designs and other types of graphic designs, require creativity, mastery and, most importantly, thinking outside the box. This is why we put it directly into the graphic design trends predictions of 2019.