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2017 Short English CV DiegoFdezSevilla PhD


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2017 Short English CV DiegoFdezSevilla PhD

  1. 1. Currículum vitae Diego Fernández Sevilla Diego Fernández Sevilla, Ph.D.__________________ Aerobiologist and Environmental Research Analyst Address: Avenida Buenos Aires n-61 6-B. Ourense – Spain 32004 Nationality: Spanish, 1974. email:; Driving License: B-1 Telephone:+ 34 639649581 ACADEMIC TRAINNING Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) University of Coventry, England. 2007 Postgraduate Certificate in Research Methods University of Worcester, England. 2003-2004 Postgraduate Certificate in Education (C.A.P.) University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. 2002 Licenciado Degree (5 years) in Environmental Biology University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. 2001 Advanced Certificate in English Language (UE-B2) Spanish Official Language School. Ourense, Spain 2010 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Researcher, Editor and Writer of “Filling in or finding out gaps around” Blog dedicated to Environmental Research and Communication. 2013-Present Market Research Analyst. Company Agalip Consultancy. Consulting. Market research. 2012-2013 Ourense-Spain Environmental Researcher. Independent. Environmental studies, Peer reviewer, Scientific communicator and consultancy. 2010- Present International Environmental Coordinator. University of Vigo- Ourense campus. Spain (1 year) Environmental management, dissemination and implementation of environmental initiatives within departments. 2008-2009. Ourense-Spain. Research Adjunct, Marie Curie Fellow. Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan-Poland (1 year) European Project AEROTOP “Aerobiology to Poznan”. A Marie Curie Actions Development Scheme (TOK-DEV) for the Transferences of Knowledge, funded under the European Union Sixth EU Framework Programme for Technological Development (FP6). 2007-2008 Poznan-Poland. Research Assistant. University of Worcester. England (6 months) National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit (NPARU). 2006 Worcester-England. Assistant Groundsman. University of Worcester. England (5 months) Gardening of the University campus. 2006 Worcester-England. Ph. D. Researcher. Project cofunded between the University of Worcester and the Weather German Service in Freiburg- Germany. (4 years) Doctoral thesis: “Aerodynamic properties of pollen grains and sampling methods”. Results from this thesis were presented by me in two oral seminars at the 8th International Congress in Aerobiology -Neuchatel, Switzerland. August 2006. 2003-2007 Worcester-England. Laboratory Technician. University of Vigo, Campus of Ourense, Spain. (1 year) Performing laboratory work in order to produce reliable and precise data to support scientific investigations of atmospheric particle content (pollen and spores). Field named Aerobiology. 2002-2003 Ourense-Spain. PUBLIC OUTPUT • Editor and writer of the blog: Research Blog designed to present and discuss topics of interest in environmentally related subjects trying to identify and address gaps of knowledge. From Oct 2013. WordPress Stats from Oct 2013 to Jan 2017: 192 Publications, 16412 Views, 11009 Visitors. • Presentation of the study “Research priorities in Aerobiology” at Worcester University– UK. 3 July 2012. • Scientific consultant for Michel Thibaudon (Dir. RNSA Réseau National de Surveillance Aérobiologique- France) designing a new methodology to measure number of pollen grains per gram of pollen. June 2012. • Campaign design and promotion “Domestic waste digestors”. Xesmega S.L. Ourense - Spain November 2011. • Abstract presentation and participation at the Marie Curie Researchers Symposium: "SCIENCE - Passion, Mission, Responsibilities". Abstract entitled: “Aerotop. Aerobiology to Poznan”. A joined project by the Universities of Worcester-UK, Cordova-Spain and Poznan-PL. Warsaw - Poland. 25-27 September 2011 • Honorary Award in the category of Photography. Contest: "Promoting science: let´s be innovative!" Marie Curie Researchers Symposium: Science. Passion, Mission, Responsibilities. Warsaw - Poland. 25-27 September 2011
  2. 2. Currículum vitae Diego Fernández Sevilla • Lecture under the Project: “Eco-Innovation: creation and management of eco-friendly business.” Funded by the City Council of Ourense-Spain. Ourense, Spain. 3 June 2010. • 4thEuropean Symposium on Aerobiology. "Assessment of the strength in the relationship between pollen concentrations in urban/rural areas of Poznan (Poland) related to local vegetation sources and differences in allergen exposure." Fdez-Sevilla, D.; Rodríguez-Rajo, F. J. and Stach, A. Turku, Finland. 12-16 August 2008. • Workshop AEROTOP Phenology, Forecasting and Airborne Allergens. "Data collection in Aerobiology. Targets, sampling methods and potential sources of error". ". Fdez-Sevilla, D. Poznan, Poland. 18-20 May 2007. • IX Conference Day of Pollen Allergy in Cracow. "Comparison of sampling efficiency between filtration and impaction (Hirst mini heads replicates) in a wind tunnel." Fdez-Sevilla, D.; Emberlin, J. and Schultz, E. Cracow, Poland. 2 June 2007. • International Congress in Aerobiology. “A wind tunnel experiment to investigate the aerodynamic properties of pollen grains and the effects of those on their motion in air streamlines” Fdez-Sevilla, D.; Emberlin, J. y Schultz, E. Neuchatel, Switzerland. 21-25 August 2006. 8th • 8th International Congress in Aerobiology. “A wind tunnel experiment to investigate the relative collection efficiency of the Sigma2 passive sampler and Hirst type sampler for three different airborne pollen types (Gramineae, Ambrosia and Urtica)” Fdez-Sevilla, D.; Emberlin, J. y Schultz, E. Neuchatel, Switzerland. 21-25 August 2006. PUBLICATIONS • Scientific Consultant and Photographer. Book: “As Árbores do campus de Ourense”. (Trees at the Campus of Ourense). University of Vigo. D.L. OU41-2011 • Assessment between pollen seasons in areas with different urbanization level related to local vegetation sources and differences in allergen exposure. Aerobiologia, Vol 26-1, 1-14. Rodríguez-Rajo, F.; Fdez-Sevilla, D.; Stach, A. & Jato, V. (2010) • Writer and Photographer. Book “Guía de las árboles”. (A handbook to recognise trees) Asociación Medio Ambiental e Universitaria SYME. D.L. OU147-2009 • Assessor and Writer. Book “O teu embarazo” (Your Pregnancy). Axencia Galega de Información Profesional. (Galician Agency of Professional Information. AGALIP) D.L. C4574-2008 CONTINUING FORMATION (2015) Monitoring Climate from Space. European Space Agency. Online. Online. 2015 II Workshop Quality and Environment. “The Development of Strategies for Sustainable Construction”. 10h. Professional Educational Center “A Farixa”. Ourense-Spain 2012 “Workshop: Legal framework for industrial waste management”. Ourense Chamber of Commerce. 26 May. Ourense- Spain 2011 XLVII Galicia Congress in Environmental Health. (30h). Environmental department of the City Council of Ourense. Ourense- Spain 2011 VII Symposium in Gardening and Landscape design (20h). (RE) PLANTEAR “Recovering natural spaces”. Environmental department of the City Council of Ourense. Ourense- Spain 2011 ArcGIS – Geographic Information Systems (190 Hours) Businessman Confederation of Ourense. Ourense- Spain 2011 XVII International Symposium by the Spanish-language Palynology Association. APLE Ourense- Spain 2010 XLIII Galician Congress in Environmental Health (30h). Environmental department of the City Council of Ourense. Ourense- Spain 2010 I Congress Cross-Border Galicia - North of Portugal: “Management and Treatment of Urban Solid Waste”. University of Vigo.(32h) Vigo- Spain.2009 V Municipal Symposium in Gardening and Landscape design” (16h) Environmental department of the City Council of Ourense. Ourense- Spain. 2009 II Symposium “Environment and legal framework in Galicia” (31h). Galicia Regional Government. Ourense- Spain. 2008 “Environmental Management Course.” (100h). Department of education of the City Council of Ourense. Ourense- Spain. 2002 Conferences: “From Conventional Nutrition to Transgenetic”. (16h) The Royal Galician Academy. Ourense- Spain 2001
  3. 3. Currículum vitae Diego Fernández Sevilla TECHNICAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES -Technical experience in setting up experiments aimed to gather information to solve specific environmental questions outdoors and indoors, based on the experience obtained from Wind tunnel experiments held at Rothamsted Institute (UK) as well as at the NPARU Laboratories. -Good capabilities to elaborate assessments about the limitations of applied methodologies as well as to contribute to data review and quality assurance/quality control activities. -High level of performance in locating and retrieving research results, information, reports and data sources relevant to the work of the group. -Good abilities for synthetic and global views over concrete situations -End-oriented work capacity -Problem-solving attitude - Team spirit; - Good ability to adapt to multicultural environments, based on several years of research experience in varied social and national contexts (Spanish, English, German and Polish). - Good communication skills developed from living the experience of organizing International Workshops, Symposiums and Conferences (at Worcester University 2003 and in Poland) as well as participating as speaker. Recognised aptitudes from Peer Reviewing experience for Scientific Journals “Aerobiologia” (2, 3&4# I.F. 1.33); “Int. J. of Biometeorology” (I.F. 2.59) and “Comparative and Integrative Biology” (1# I.F. 3.02). Editor 1# “Dr. Diego Fernández-Sevilla, provides careful, insightful, analytical, and probing reviews. He pays attention to detail and has a deep grasp of the subject matter. As a result, authors are able to improve their paper greatly. The peer-review system helps maintain high standards. It is careful, critical reviews such as those of Dr, Fernández-Sevilla what has helped the journal rank 8th in the world of the 176 journals in its field.” Editor 2# “Dr. Diego Fdez-Sevilla has provided sincere and insightful comments, and showed his outstanding specialty in aerobiology. We highly appreciate his effort and contribution to the journal.” Editor 3# “People do not usually bother to go so deep as Dr. Diego Fernández-Sevilla does. And it is most valuable for the editorial board.” Editor 4# "Dr. Diego Fernández-Sevilla has proved to be a responsible reviewer helping with his comments to improve the article and keep the quality level of the journal." REFEREES D. Phil. Lucia Castro Diaz Senior Consultant at LMC International Ltd. UK. Ex Director at Agencia Gallega de Información Profesional –AGALIP. Email: Prof. Francisco Javier Rodríguez Rajo University of Vigo. Campus As Lagoas. 32004 – Ourense Spain. Tfn.: 988 387 193 Email: COMPUTER SKILLS AND COMPETENCES Computer Proficiency in: * Editing: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, AdobePageMaker, AdobeAcrobat (Writer/Reader) * Databases: MicrosoftAccess, MicrosoftExcel * PhotoEditing: AdobePhotoDeLuxe, AdobeImageReady, AdobePhotoShop, CorelPhotoPaint * PC Operation Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 7. * Networking: OutlookExpress, MicrosoftOutlook, HTMLScript, NetscapeComposer. * Statistical Analyses with SPSS and Statistica. LANGUAGES Spanish: Mother Tongue (Proficient C2). Galician: Second language. (Proficient C2). English: Proficient user (C1). Portuguese: Independent User B1.