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  1. 1. EAS LINES
  2. 2. As part of Sea & Ports MGM Group Sea & Ports MGM Maritime United Operator Marguisa Maritime Container Hispania Lines EAS Lines Sea Maritime Agency Spain Agencies Hyundai Spain Colmar Africa Agencies Besora Marítima Imagesa Port Handling & Logistics TMGE Logistics
  3. 3. About MUO: - Merger 1st April 2014: CHL + MARGUISA MUO (EAS LINES + SEA MARITME)
  4. 4. 2 X 2100 m Departures every 25 days from WMED to WAF RO-RO 3 X 12.000 dwt Monthly departures from Full Med & Black Sea to West Africa & USG/Caribs MPV 6 X 2500 TEU Weekly Service to West African Ports & EG Container Services Our Services Today:
  5. 5. EAS/MUO a Project cargo carriers reference EAS Lines was founded in 1990 with the name of Euro Africa Shipping offering regular sailings from West Africa to West Mediterranean and North Europe, loading mainly logs and sawn timber. Today, EAS is part of a Maritime United Operator (MUO) and offers regular services covering trades between Mediterranean Sea and North Continent to most important West African and US Gulf and Caribs ports. As well as inter coastal services connecting a large range of West African ports and from Houston to other ports in LATAM and USA. Nowadays we are focused on conventional cargoes, moreover in machinery, heavy lifts, sawn timber and project cargoes. Project Cargoes specialist from full Med, Black sea and Portugal to West Africa and US Gulf-Caribs
  6. 6. Remark about EAS/MUO MUO/EAS offers presently two regular services for conventional and project cargoes: RORO and MPV. Hence we are covering all customers necessities with reliable and skilled services being one of the most relevant operators in the West African and Caribbean market. Where we are todayRegular services from Mediterranean sea to West Africa & USG/Caribs EAS/MUO young and talented staff ensures a huge amount of collective effort. Our culture rely on working all together in the same direction to fully accomplish targets. WEST AFRICA MEDITERANEAN SEA NORTH EUROPE US GULF CARIBS
  7. 7. Our Services for conventional cargoes RORO & MPV
  8. 8. RORO Service Wheeled & Tracked EAS RORO line deploys two sister vessels of 2.000 lineal meters (MAESTRO TYPE) with departures every 25 days from West Mediterranean (Valencia, Livorno, Genoa, Sète, Marseille) to West Africa (Lome, Cotonou, Malabo, Bata, Douala). With a ramp able to load up to 100 Ton and a height clearance of 4,8 meters, EAS can load all kind of wheeled and tracked cargo, like construction machinery, big mobile cranes, trucks, tractors, vans, cars, trailers, mafis and any other mobile units. We are highly concerned about offering reliability, flexibility and a fast service to all our customers.
  9. 9. RORO Service Milestones Improving our services RORO Service Starts 1 Vessel every 30 days Upgrading the Service 3 Vessels fortnightly service 2008 2010 2011 Adapting the service to our clients needs Reached 4 Vessels every 10 days Market adjustment Currently 2 vessels every 25 days 2016 2014 2015
  10. 10. EAS Lines RORO Service Vehicles >1.500 Machinery >175.000 m3 Conventional on mafi 5.000 m3 IMO >450 TEUS Sawn Timber 50.000 m3 RORO yearly highlights
  11. 11. MPV Service General & Project Cargo MPV service offers regular monthly departures from the entire Mediterranean (including black sea), Portugal and North Spain. It enjoys the support of a modern ships’ fleet of A class, highly specialized in project cargo. All operated ships are geared to ensure the loading of all kind of heavy cargo units. We also enjoy the most complete additional equipment such as spreaders, lashing material, etc. Normal cargos for this service are project cargoes related to oil and gas industry; heavy equipment and machinery used for construction facilities and other over sized units for various engineering projects. Finally we also attend conventional cargoes such us cement in big bags, steel bars, and any other type of loose cargo. On the operational side we have the most experimented Port Captains team who attend personally all loading and unloading operations of the ships assisted by qualified crew, hence ensuring the best service to our clients.
  12. 12. MPV Trade AreasGeneral & Project Cargo As Maritime United Operator Line (MUO) we are offering an MPV service with regular monthly departures from the entire Mediterranean (including black sea), Portugal and North Spain to USG/Caribs. Our main hub is Houston where we can give with transshipment solution for any port in South, West or East costs of America. Otherwise and always sub to inducement mainly calls in Venezuela, Colombia, Panamá, Mexico, USA and many others. Our historical service for conventional cargoes from West Med sea to West Africa have become to one of the main services and shipping lines in that trade. Today EAS have more than 16 sailings per year covering all full Med and Black sea reaching from Mauritania up to South Africa and Mozambique combining breakbulk and project cargoes for heavy units with most experienced and professional team in Africa.
  13. 13. MPV Service Milestones Improving our services MPV Service Starts trying to be regular 1 Vessel and 6 sailings per year to WAF Regular Service a reality 9 sailings and an standarized fleet 2010 2011 2012 2013 Upgrading of our Regular Service 16 Sailings per year and increase influence areas 2014 2015 2nd Upgrading & start USG/Caribs sailings 16 sailings per WAF and 10 sailings to USG/Caribs (expected)2016
  14. 14. EAS Lines MPV Service 150.000 m3 of volume cargo > 80.000 tons of weight cargo MPV Yearly Highlights
  16. 16. Our Agreement with Intermarine Our Alliance for accomplishing clients needs MPV INTERMARINE Being Intermarine one of the top worldwide leaders of heavy lifts and project cargoes, we succeeded to agree with them on a long term joint service, hence increasing considerably the potential of our specialized MPV service to West Africa. Moreover we have made our service one of the most competitive in the market. EAS/MUO and Intermarine (IMC) offer customers a high quality service, combining the worldwide leadership of heavy lifts and project cargoes of IMC with our deep and skilled knowledge of the Mediterranean Sea & West African market.
  17. 17. OUR TARGETS
  18. 18. Intensive Commercial & Operations Network Leadership on Project Cargoes from Mediterranean Sea Our concern is to remain as leaders in the Mediterranean Market, increasing cargoes and frecuency to attend our customers demands. Our Target The reasons of our efforts