Production log e6 7 december


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Production log e6 7 december

  1. 1. Salford City CollegeEccles Sixth Form CentreBTec Level 3Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionGames DesignE6 Motion GraphicProduction LogName Jason FinchDate CommentsFriday26.10.12This is the week when we start our project. This week we got our groups together and discussed ideas we could use for our 3D Motion Graphic. We all came up with 6 ideas eachwhile taking the following into account: race, gender and religion so our ideas would be acceptable for everyone. Then we took our ideas then picked each of our best 2 and thenwe decided that we should do it based on Pacman.Friday02.11.12This week we did some Storyboards based on the idea chosen last week. We decided to make the background based on the Pacman Maze shaped as “SCC”, this is so it referencesSalford City College, the 6 (which represents Pacman) and the 4 E’s (which represent the Ghosts), go into the Maze, go through different places, the 6 eats one of the E’s, goes tothe bottom right corner of the Maze and the rest of the logo appears around the 6 as it gets into the corner.Friday09.11.12This week we started designing the background on Modeller, we designed it based on the Pacman Maze but the only difference being that the maze is shaped different, beingshaped as “SCC” that represents “Salford City College” for short.Friday16.11.12We had finished the Maze this week, we then started to do the models of the pallets in the maze and the 6 and the 4 E’s, the 6 represents Pacman and the E’s represent Ghosts.Friday23.11.12We finished the 6 and E’s this week and began work on Animating. I started by rotating the maze so that it faces the Camera, including the scores and the Pellets, I made a startanimating the 4 E’s by making them go to the places they should do.Friday30.11.12I finished the E’s by Wednesday, I then proceeded to do the 6, however, I had to split the top half from the bottom making 2 Layers, I then proceeded to animate the 6 by makingit move to the bottom left corner of the map, making sure it eats the blue E at the end.Friday07.12.12I made sure that the E was to fit within the 6 this week, fortunately it did, so I started progress of making the maze go behind the black background while doing the zoom in/zoomout effects at certain parts, such as the beginning.