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Fmp production log_13th_mar_2013


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Fmp production log_13th_mar_2013

  1. 1. Salford City CollegeEccles Sixth Form CentreBTec Level 3Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionGames DesignFinal Major ProjectProduction LogName Jason FinchDate CommentsWednesday27.02.13This week, I booked my meeting with my Project Manager for March 5th, in this I have to do a pitch about my project.I started my project this week by researching popular kids shows from around the 50’s and those at this present day and why. There were a few iconic ones I found such as Tomand Jerry, Regular Show etc. I also researched the environments from the 50’s and in the future.I also had to research Cell Animations to see what it is and how it works, since I am doing a Cell Animation for my FMP.Finally, from my research I collected earlier in that week, I started thinking of story ideas that could blend both classic and modern cartoon show elements together.Wednesday06.03.13This week, I continued story planning and developed a Story Board, coming up with a Sci-Fi Sitcom that involves Time-Travel; I also researched shows which were popular fromsurveys that I made last week like Tom and Jerry, Ed Edd n Eddy, Adventure Time etc.I did my pitch this week as well, explaining what I plan to do with my FMP, what I have been researching, what I have found etc. I talked about the environment of both the pastand the future, even technology from the past and future and the cartoons made past and present.Wednesday13.03.13I began researching my findings to get an idea of what sort of humour was in those cartoons and take ideas from those. I also finished it within the same week and began to getmore ideas for my story, I also got the risk assessment done this week, making myself aware of possible hazards and how they can happen.