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Final project schedule 17th april 2013


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Final project schedule 17th april 2013

  1. 1. Salford City CollegeEccles Sixth Form CentreBTec Level 3Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionGames DesignFinal Major ProjectScheduleReview date: 17.04.13Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sundayw/b 04.02.13 Task 1 - FMP LaunchMeetingw/b 11.02.13 Half-Termw/b 18.02.13 Book meeting slotwith project manager.Research into cellanimationsResearch into popularkid’s showsContinue Research Continue Research Finish up all ResearchtasksReview Schedule andProduction Logw/b 25.02.13 Start Story planning Tweak Story planning Do storyboard Continue Storyboard Continue Storyboard Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 04.03.13 Finish Storyboard (DoPitch)Research popularshows from surveyContinue researchfrom surveyContinue researchfrom surveyReview Schedule andProduction Logw/b 11.03.13 Finish research Do Risk Assessment Do preproduction Prepare forproductionReview Schedule andProduction Logw/b 18.03.13 Think about what touse to produce FMPFinish pre-production Review Schedule andProduction Log25.03.13 Easter Review Schedule andProduction Log01.04.13 Easter Do Backgrounds inSketchbookContinue Backgrounds Continue Backgrounds Finish Backgrounds Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 08.04.13 Start work on Flash(Backgrounds)Continue Work onFlash (Backgrounds)Continue Work onFlash (Backgrounds)Continue Work onFlash (Backgrounds)Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 15.04.13 Continue Work onFlash (Backgrounds)Continue Work onFlashContinue Work onFlashContinue Work onFlashReview Schedule andProduction Logw/b 22.04.13 Continue Work onFlashContinue Work onFlashFinish Flash, Convertboth movies into one.Do Evaluation Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 29.04.13 Spare Day Spare Day Spare Day Spare Day Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 06.05.13 Spare Day Spare Day Spare Day Spare Day Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 13.05.13 Spare Day Spare Day Spare Day Spare Day Review Schedule andProduction Logw/b 20.05.13 Task 8: Evaluation DEADLINE
  2. 2. should take place nolater than thebeginning of thisweek.