Computers 09


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Computers 09

  1. 1. GENERAL RISK ASSESSMENTPROGRAMME AREA All Sites REF NO. RA 1OPERATION BEING ASSESSED COMPUTER WORKSTATIONSPURPOSE/METHOD OF WORK (3)To use a VDU workstation for a variety of tasks, including word processing, accounting, record keeping, graphic design and general datainput.Use of the computer may be via a keyboard, a mouse or both.1. Switch on power to workstation.2. Run software appropriate to the task.3. Use keyboard or mouse to input information and commands4. Store data to floppy disk.5. Produce hardcopy of data documents.6. Shut down software package on completion of the task.7. Switch off power to workstation.SPECIFIC LEGISLATIVE REQUIREMENTS (4) LEVEL OF SKILL/TRAINING REQUIRED (5)Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) RegulationsProvision and Use of Work Equipment RegulationsHealth and Safety at Work etc. ActWorkplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) RegulationsElectricity at Work RegulationsManagement of Health and Safety at Work RegulationsKnowledge of operation of computer hardware andperipherals.Knowledge and understanding of the appropriatesoftware.Knowledge of the outcome of any specific Display ScreenEquipment assessments as required by the Regulations.CHEMICALS/MATERIALSINVOLVED (6)HSC NO. ASSESSMENTDATESPECIFIC WORK EQUIPMENT PROVIDED (7)Screen Cleaner Computer with Monitor and KeyboardOptionally a mouse and a printerOther peripheral equipment
  2. 2. MAIN HAZARDS IDENTIFIED (8) WHO WILL BE AFFECTED (9) CONTROL MEASURES TO REDUCE THE RISK (10)Work Related DisordersStress/Fatigue/Eyestrain etc.Effects from use of chemicalsElectrical HazardVDU UserVDU UserVDU UserVDU UserEnsure workstation assessed in accordance with theDisplay Screen Equipment Regulations and complies withthe Code of Practice on Visual Display Units.Ensure users are aware of basic requirements of DisplayScreen Equipment Regulations and have competence toadjust workstations to comply with the above.Operators to follow varied work regime and take breaksaway from the workstation and after every hour ofcontinuous use.Ensure only approved substances and Safety ControlSystems are used and assessments undertaken whererequired.Ensure user awareness regarding potential hazards fromtoner and instructions for safe use as outlined in healthand safety control sheet.Toners replaced by trained personnel (Network Services).Ensure all electrical equipment tested in accordance withthe PUWER Regulations.Equipment must not be powered permanently with fourgang leads. All computers and peripherals should haveindividual socket outlets.Ensure that any member of staff or student without therelevant competencies does not interfere with, or attemptto make repairs to electrical equipment etc.MANUAL HANDLING RISK (11) PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT REQUIRED (12)Has a manual handling risk been identified NOIs the risk considered to be LOWIs a further detailed assessment required NOIf the answer to the above question is YES a separate manualhandling assessment will be required to fulfil the requirements ofthe Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992.Is training and instruction required NOIs there need for special accommodation NOIs there need for test/examination NOIs all P. P. E. compatible N/AFREQUENCY OF MONITORING (13) ASSESSMENT REVIEW PERIODN/A 3Months6 Months 1 Year > 1 Year < 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years > 4YearsX XSigned: Samantha HamptonFacilities ManagerDate: 1stApril 2010