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The Art of the 404 Error Page


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Why should you have a custom 404 error page? View this gallery of inventive and well designed pages for users that reach a lost URL.

Published in: Design
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The Art of the 404 Error Page

  1. THE ART OF THE 404 ERROR PAGE A   C O L L E C T I O N   O F   H I D D E N   P A G E S
  2. WHAT IS A 404 PAGE? The 404 page is a standard response code in HTTP telling the user, in effect, that they've clicked on a broken link. This is generally a nuisance to users, but a well-designed error page at least makes the experience less frustrating. Here are some really cool examples of 404 pages...
  3. Here we give the user a choice to "fire" the webmaster. Each choice shows you one of Brent's expressions.
  4. A little humor goes a long way towards disarming a user's frustration.
  5. A good excuse for finding a 404 is that: a) The user mistyped the URL b) The webmaster "broke" the URL Note the large call-to-action back to the homepage.
  6. This is a really creative solution, and a fun comic strip.
  7. This retailer also gives the user additional navigation to choose from after the page they want is missing.
  8. Embedded YouTube video here is set to loop. The danger here is annoying your user even more.
  9. Great example of showing your product and possible "causes" of the 404 page.
  10. Fun use of popular culture icons and a parallax background make this 404 stand out. Note: sometimes a search bar works better than a home button.
  11. A 404 gives you an opportunity to create visual metaphors for "broken," "lost" or "frozen."
  12. Starbucks 404 is very customer service centric. It gives a layman's explanation of what happened, and instructions on what to do next. This is a great solution if your audience isn't familiar with 404s.
  13. When done right a 404 attracts positive attention. People liked Hillary Clinton's page and it got national media exposure.
  14. Our own page has a direct message and simple call-to-action to return home. Try different designs and track which one works best at preventing the user from abandoning your site.
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