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Mobilegeddon: Your Survival Checklist


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Google's update on April 21st is expected to have a major impact on websites that are not mobile friendly. Is your site ready? We have 7 steps to help you prepare.

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Mobilegeddon: Your Survival Checklist

  1. 1. Your Survival Checklist 7 STEPS TO SALVATION
  2. 2. Google's 4/21 update is expected to have major negative effects for webmasters who've failed to make their sites mobile-friendly. But because many of the errors causing sites to perform poorly on mobile devices are easy to fix, there's still time to get your site ready for the deadline.
  3. 3. Take Google's Mobile-Friendly Test Step#1 This tool will quickly give you an indication of whether you have to worry about the 4/21 deadline. If you pass it with flying colors, you won't suffer on 4/21, and can proceed safely to step 6. If not, go to step 2
  4. 4. Go to Google Webmaster Tools. Step#2
  5. 5. Use the "Fetch as Google" feature to check for: This will let you see how the Googlebot sees and renders your content. Blocked Javascript Blocked CSS Blocked Image files
  6. 6. If you use separate URLs for your mobile pages, make sure to test both the mobile and the desktop URLs, so you can confirm that the redirect is recognized and crawlable.
  7. 7. Check your content to make sure it's playable on mobile devices. Step#3 Use HTML5 for animations, not Flash. If you're embedding videos, make sure they're playable on all devices.
  8. 8. Check your redirects. Step#4 Again, use Webmaster Tools, which will easily let you see whether the way you've configured your URLs leads to faulty redirects or other smart phone crawl errors.
  9. 9. Check for app download interstitials, which are often used to prompt users to download an app. Step#5 Google's recommendation is to use a simple HTML banner or image that links to your app store.
  10. 10. Check your site's performance on mobile devices using Google's Page Speed Insights Step#6 Page Speed Insights (part of Google's Webmaster Tools) will include detailed diagnostics that will let you identify problems slowing down your site.
  11. 11. Consider giving your site a Spring cleaning. Step#7 Use browser-caching and image compression to reduce load time. Get rid of installed but unactivated WordPress plug-ins -- doing this can make your site faster as well as more secure.
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