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New launch campaign 4 innocent smoothie


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New launch campaign 4 innocent smoothie

  1. 1. Silverbullet | September 2012GETTINGITRIGHTTHEFIRSTTIME A Strategic Product Launch Plan For Innocent Smoothie
  2. 2. the innocent brief Launch The Innocent Smoothie Brand In The Nigerian Market ...and if we may add, “with a bang that ensures maximum impact and exposure of the brand to its prospective customers in an engaging manner that engenders curiosity, trial, patronage and loyalty.”
  3. 3. key objective Put the word “Innocent Smoothie” on the lips of every Nigerian ...and the taste on every tongue or at least a thirst for the taste by:Educating the Nigerian public about Effectively communicating the key the meaning of smoothies benefits of the Innocent smoothie brand Creating viable platforms for consumers to engage and interact with the Innocent smoothie brand
  4. 4. quick PESTELP olitical•Policy against importation offruits...the health of the localagriculture sector there becomes E conomical •Widespread poverty and Recession...pricing and affordability are of serious S ocial •Low level of education and Cultural Hesitation of Nigerians to be adventurous and try newa key success factor. concern. Hence, Innocent of the public might consider a relative about smoothies and effective•Political instability especially in price reduction as they launch communication of its key benefitsthe North where lots of the in the Nigerian market. becomes crucial.Nation’s fruits are produced...the development of •Inflation rate...leading to higher •High level of Corruption...initiatives and support for prices. unavoidable compromisesexisting ones to encourage will have to be made everyagriculture especially in the ones in a while.south-east-west. •Poor work ethics...proper•Labour cost...minimum wage acculturation of Nigerian staffhas been increased by the before business takes off willgovernment and it can directly be another key success factor.affect companys cost.
  5. 5. quick PESTELT echnological •Lack of adequate technological know-how...a balanced combination of training for local E nvironmental •Growing consciousness about environmental sustainability... create a niche for itself here, L egal •Stiff statutory obligations to be observed...proper registration with the appropriate authorities hands and introduction of skilled as it did in the UK. Hence, like CAC, NAFDAC and so on expatriates is recommended. recyclable packaging, less should be observed to avoid waste-making machinery and problems with the law. •Poor infrastructures...electricity, environment friendly system transportation and so on are should be used to operate crucial issues that should be manufacturing. planned for.
  6. 6. quick SWOTS trengths•Pedigree...Market leader in UK, controlling about 77.5% of the UKsmoothie market. W eaknesses •Premium Pricing...Due to high cost of production accrued from sourcing logistics, innocent•Product development...Rich product range which incorporates 30 smoothies entered into therecipes that cater for a diverse market. premium product class and therefore, remain out of the reach•Product quality...Each smoothie is made from natural fruits precisely of a large number of the populace,sourced from high quality suppliers. who in turn, fall into the hands of competition.•Ethics...100% recycled bottles and 25 percent recycled paper for itslabels. •Brand extension...The Innocent brand’s fixation on only healthy,•CSR...Funding rural development projects in the countries where the natural fruit products prevents itinnocent fruits come from. from gaining advantages from penetrating other markets.•Unique brand equity...A definite brand image which is quirky andnatural by using light-humoured communication consistent with thebrand’s values.•Merger with Coke...This provides a wider platform to effectivelyengaging target audience.
  7. 7. quick SWOTO pportunities•Undeserved market...The segment of the Nigerian food and beveragemarket that Innocent smoothie will play in is largely uncharted territory.Innocent can hence carve a niche for itself. T hreats •Cultural difference consideration... The Nigerian market is considerably not as developed as the UK market in terms of education, propensity to•Growing health consciousness and changing attitudes...The average be adventurous.Nigerian consumer is becoming more enlightened and health consciousinterested in physical fitness, sound health and all round well-ness. •Competition...The Nigerian market•Eco-friendly movement...The movement for environmental sustainability is ripe with stiff now huge globally and is beginning to sip into the Nigerian Smoothie will therefore need toconsciousness. The Use of renewable resources will market Innocent as emphasis its unique selling friendly and tap into eco-friendly promotions of other suchorganisations for marketing PR benefits. •Economic factors...Due to the on-going economic down turn and•Technological advantage...Technological advancement is moving in the declining consumer confidencedirection of significantly aiding stable levels of agricultural productsgrowth and maintaining operation smooth. With the new technology it triggered by the numerouscould be easier to source for quality fruits for the innocent brands. falsehoods of brands in the market, disposable income has decreased. A penetrative pricing strategy should therefore adopted by Innocent as it launches.
  8. 8. competitve landscapeThe competitive landscape within the Nigerian food and beverageindustry is quite tense and populated with several brands, bothorganized and unorganized, occupying various strongholds. Some of the key competitors within specific categories include: Juice Category And more.... Chi Exotic Five Alive Fumman Chivita Frutta Soda Category And more.... Five Alive Lacasera Fayrouz Sprite Pepsi Fanta
  9. 9. Amstel MaltaHollandia Malt drinksyoughurt Five Alive Malta Guiness Milk drinks / YoughurtNutri milk Health drinks / Energy drinks Lucozade competitve landscape MaltinaViju milkAnd more.... Malta Gold And more.... Red Bull Power Horse And more....
  10. 10. consumer landscapeThough a new entrant in the Nigerian market, the projection is that the price ofInnocent smoothies will relatively be on the high side due to such factors as,cost of establishment, cost of production, and sourcing logistics.Hence, the core of the target of Innocent will constitute of enlightened urbandwelling trendy individuals who are quite busy and on the movebut who are health conscious and desire not just sound healthbut all rounded wholesomeness.However, because of its premium pricing, it will be targeted at mid to high incomeearners. Nevertheless, due to Innocent smoothies wide product range, the targetaudience is not restricted to any age bracket as it incorporates individuals of varying ages,from children to adults.Consumer mind setIn a market currently swamped by numerous brands parading sugar as juice; where theknowledge of the effects of excessive consumption of sodas and energy drinks is wellknown; where consumer trust has been shaken consumers will be pleased to find a newrefreshing option. They will be willing to pay value for money.
  11. 11. market gapFrom the foregoing slides, the key market gaps that we will striveto capitalize on include: Growing Health Consciousness Absence of brand truths The Nigerian consumer is becoming more Yes the market is saturated with a wide variety enlightened and health conscious. They want to of well established fruit drink brands. But we look and feel healthy...nobody wants to die at 40 call them imposters because they are insincere anymore (Oh well, at least we try to believe so). about the compositions of the content of their drinks (Maybe a little whistle blowing will do the trick).
  12. 12. big idea healthy Is trendy
  13. 13. campaign structure and flow Campaign structure and flow Post-Launch sustenance campaign (on-going) Launch campaign (1week) Pre-Launch teaser campaign (2months)
  14. 14. pre-launch (teaser)The Campaign: Rationale:“What’s a smoothie? In a minute” To educate the Nigerian market To showcase innocent and its benefitThe Idea: To generate talk valueMembers of the public will be challenged To stir up curiosityto showcase their knowledge of what a To rewardsmoothie means and what it stands for To prepare the ground for the launchin creative ways. Entries should come inaudio, video or any other format, but it Media:must not exceed 1minute. Entries will be Television, radio, press,OOH, online advertisinguploaded tothe innocent website by (Social media fanpages and advertising;contestants. website marketing etc)Prize: Pictures of the Fruity towerThe top 3 winners will be flown to theUK for a tour of the Innocent fruit tower inLondon.Target:The general publicDuration:2months
  15. 15. pre-launch ad suggestion What’s a smoothie ? ? If you know, let us know But let us know in style Tell your smoothie story creatively and maybe even crazily, in just 1minute and stand a chance to taste London. For more info, please visit
  16. 16. launchThe Campaign: Duration:“Taste Innocent. Taste trend” 1week“Touch and Taste Innocence”“Health and Trendy” Location: Gyms, recreation centres, shopping malls,The Idea: selected hospitals and pharmacies and so on.The campaign gets more intimate andengaging at this point. This applies Rationale:the touch and feel approach to enable To engage consumers directlyconsumers have a feel of innocent To get consumer feedbacksmoothies. Innocent experience hubs To generate talk valuewill be created at selected places across To win consumer trustNigeria and consumers will be invitedto come have a taste. Crucial directconsumer feedback can be gotten on Media:how to improve the products for this Television, radio, press, billboards, OOH, fliers,market. This will end with a well online advertising (Social media fanpages andpublicised grand launch event for the advertising; website marketing etc)innocent smoothie brand.Target:Mid to high income earners.
  17. 17. launch ad suggestion Indulge your taste buds In nocent. Taste Tr ste en Ta d Wherever you see stop by for a taste! From Monday 21st of January to Friday 25th 2013, “Innocent smoothie taste hubs” will be located at the following spots Shoprites centres Silverbird cinemas Ozone and more.... For more info, please visit
  18. 18. post-launch sustenanceThe Campaign: Rationale:“Be what you drink!” To establish a psychological connection between the brand its consumers enough toThe Idea: motivate trial, purchase, repeat patronage andYes, nutritionists tell us that what eats and drinks impacts on howone looks and feels about oneself. Media:Consuming healthy substance is no Television, radio, press, billboards, OOH,morejust about being health, it’s fliers, online advertising (Social mediaabout the feeling of wholesomeness fanpages and advertising; websitethat it engenders; it’s now about self- marketing etc), personal selling, directperception and projection; it’s about marketing,the mental leap, the extra bounce toones walk that is triggered by the Duration:knowledge that one is healthy. On-goingTarget:Mid to high income earners.
  19. 19. post-launch ad suggestions n k o u Dri h at Y Be W Be What You Drink Be Ele Be Active ga n t 100% natural and delicious Innocent smoothies make it easy to do yourself some good! 100% natural and delicious Innocent smoothies make it easy to do yourself some good!
  20. 20. Silverbullet | September 2012Thank You