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Oakland talk


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The community solar gardens talk I gave in Oakland on September 14 - my presentation for Santa Monica on October 20 should be quite similar.

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Oakland talk

  1. 1. Joy Hughes – Solar Gardens Institute
  2. 2. What is a Solar Garden? Utility-tied shared solar photovoltaic (PV) Local Subscriber Base - each owns or leases their own solar panels Suitable for HOA’s, renters, affordable housing, shaded locations, and historic districts Prevents cost shifting from wealthy to poor
  3. 3. Solar Gardens LegislationLaws already inMassachusetts, Vermont, Maineand WashingtonColorado law signed June5, 2010 – implementationunderwayCalifornia SB843 in committeeVote Solar coordinating legislativeefforts - 50 state strategy
  4. 4. California/ Colorado Compariso n Colorado CaliforniaMaximum Size 2 Megawatts (20 acres) 20 Megawatts (200 acres)Minimum Subscription 1 kilowatt (low income exempt) 1 kilowattMaximum Subscription 40% of capacitty 2 MegawattsLow income requirement 5% of capacity NoneProgram Maximum 6 Megawatts per year for None first three yearsSubscriber may purchase capacity capacity or powerUtility must purchase? mandatory optional
  5. 5. Why Distributed Solar? Make it a community decision
  6. 6. Sprouting up Everywhere Maps showing community solar interest
  7. 7. Ellensburg CommunityRenewable Park - Washington State Owned by municipal utility, subscribers lease panels Conceived in 2003, first phase built 2006 Now on fourth phase, expanding to over 100 kilowatts Expanding to include wind, Solar Stirling Engines
  8. 8. Model for Smaller Arrays:University Park, Maryland LLC  Legal documents available FREE  Limited to 35 members – no advertising  Good for churches, HOAs, neighbor hood associations  Can be used to power common buildings or as a
  9. 9. Washington and Colorado Cooperative Subscriber Organizations  Small investors provide “sponsorship” for subscribers in any solar garden (including Clean Energy Collective and others)  Might be used as subscriber organization - third party finance needed ( C3PO ) for tax purposes  Broad securities exemption under Colorado law
  10. 10. Saguache Solar Garden – 200 kW A private / public partnership with the Town of Saguache on a former dump site. Subscribers include town buildings, library district, low income. Charles Tidd, Solar Gardener
  11. 11. Arvada Solar Garden – 500 kWA privately owned former mine site, divided into parcels ofapprox. 1 acre. SPH is issuing a Solicitation of Interest forat least four solar gardens on the site.Rachel Emmer,Solar Gardener
  12. 12. SGI’s Mission To educate the public about community solar energy. To promote community solar energy legislation at the federal level and in each state To assist local organizations in organizing, developing, and managing community-owned solar energy projects everywhere. To make affordable solar energy available for all humanity
  13. 13. Solar Gardener ProgramOriginal Gardener Gary Nystedt –Ellensburg Community Renewable Park  A solar gardener is a grassroots community organizer and project manager  Receive training, tools, mutual aid  Participate in Governance  “Sweat Equity” – paid in panels
  14. 14. Thank you!
  15. 15. Contact Ussolargardens.orgJoy Hughes – founder – joy@solargardens.orgRobyn Lydick – Media Relations –robyn@solargardens.orgPlease sign up for the mailing list