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David Brosch - NY Community Solar Confluence


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A description of the community supported array on University Park Church in Maryland. Used by permission.

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David Brosch - NY Community Solar Confluence

  1. 1. Community SolarUniversity Par k Community Solar L L C March 2012
  2. 2. O ur objectivesAffordable solar for middle-class familiesSolar access where there is noneFor-profit enterprise with reasonable return of investmentDevelopment of decentralized green power generationCreation of community model that can be replicated acrossMarylandInformation sharing with other community groups, faith-based organizations, and local governmentsReducing greenhouse gas emissions especially from coal-powered electric generating plants
  3. 3. Church of the Brethren First local host site
  4. 4. 22 kW PV solar system
  5. 5. K ey PlayersUniversity Par k Community Solar L L CCommunity organization and financierC hurch of the B rethrenHost site or property ownerStandard Solar Inc.Solar installer
  6. 6. O rganizing DocumentsProspectusOperating agreement (between LLC members)Power purchase agreement (between the LLC andthe host site)Installation contract (between the LLC and theinstaller)Subscription agreement & investor questionnaire
  7. 7. Another view
  8. 8. T he Project F inancials35 investors provided on average about $4,000.00The cost of the solar installation was $133,500.00The LLC should break even on its investment in about 6-7 yearsOver the 20-year contract member investors should receive about a 7-8% return on their investmentThe Church of the Brethren is buying solar electricity from the LLC atabout 13% below what it would pay PEPCOLast December the LLC received a US Treasury check of $39,995.00or 30% as part of the Federal stimulus billDuring this first year of operation our LLC planned to sell our solarrenewable energy certificates (SRECs) for about $8,500.00
  9. 9.    Summary  of  Operations July  2010  -­July  2011Power  Production   actual  power  production  totaled:  28,034  kWh pre-­construction  estimate  was:        26,308  kWh   This  is  about  6.2%  over  the  original  estimate.Distribution  of  the  Power   The  Church  of  the  Brethren  met  all  of  its   electricity  needs  of  20,954  kWh  and  the  balance  of   7980  kWh  was  fed  into  the  grid.  This  amounted  to   an  excess  of  25.3%.  
  10. 10. F inancialsCost of installation $133,500.00Operating expenses year 1 $2,300.00(insurance, property tax, and bookkeeping)Electricity sales to the Church 20,954 kWh@$0.13/kWh = $2,724.00Estimated income from the sale of excesselectricity to PEPCO 7080 kWh @ $0.096 =$680.00 per the Maryland net metering law.
  11. 11. Sale of SR E Cs7 sold @$350.00 = $2450.0021 held until next year when we hope theMaryland market will rebound. (BeginningJanuary 2012, Maryland SRECs may onlybe sold by renewable energy generatorslocated within the State).
  12. 12. State and F ederal AssistanceMaryland Energy Administrationdemonstration grant of $10,400.00Federal stimulus program grant of$39,995.00
  13. 13. Community Solar Model DifficultiesFinding a host siteWorking within the State and Federalsecurities lawsNeed for lots of volunteer hours on the partof the community organizing group
  14. 14. University Park Elementary School A possible future project site
  15. 15. University Park Elementary SchoolIdeal site with more than an acre of unshaded roofspaceThe school is the center of our community withour children attending classes there, it is where ourtown council meets, and numerous communityfunctions held there annuallyCheaper electricity for the school system and aneducation opportunity for the students to learnabout renewable energy and the environment.
  16. 16. Another potential site
  17. 17. National Council of NegroWomen Headquarters Building
  18. 18. G reen Jobs PotentialSmall to midsize solar projects financed bylocal groups and installed on churches,schools, county and municipal buildings,warehouses, multi-family residentialbuildings, and other structures offerbusiness and employment opportunities tothe Maryland economy that remain at thistime untapped.
  19. 19. A Model Worth RepeatingIt is the hope of members of UniversityPark Community Solar LLC thatcommunity-based solar projects can bereplicated around Maryland and across thecountry. We provide our organizationaldocuments free of charge to groupsinterested in going solar.
  20. 20. For more informationGo to: universityparksolar.comContact: David Brosch, president UPCS 301-779-3168Jim Gekas, treasurer 301-864-2734Richard Scorza, board member, 301-277-5388Sarah Moseley, board member, 301-927-5091