opinion pieceCloud Breathes New Lifeinto Test and Development
opinion piece | Cloud Breathes New Life into Test and DevelopmentToday, organisations need moreagile IT environments to ma...
opinion piece | Cloud Breathes New Life into Test and DevelopmentCloud moves front and centre                             ...
opinion piece | Cloud Breathes New Life into Test and Development
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Cloud Breathes New Life Into Test & Development - Opinion Piece


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Learn how cloud can work for you: testing and development

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Cloud Breathes New Life Into Test & Development - Opinion Piece

  1. 1. opinion pieceCloud Breathes New Lifeinto Test and Development
  2. 2. opinion piece | Cloud Breathes New Life into Test and DevelopmentToday, organisations need moreagile IT environments to match Today, organisations need more agilethe highly dynamic and resource- IT environments to match the highlyintensive needs of the applicationdevelopment function. A new dynamic and resource-intensive needsgeneration of cloud services is rising of the application development function,to the occasion.Businesses today face as many obstacles as without compromising the performance ofthey do opportunities: shrinking budgets, production workloads.onerous regulatory requirements, andemerging competition from new playersin the market. As the pace of change and However, traditional test and development Creating a high-performance testingthe level of competition grow, they need environments often tend to inhibit, rather environment that directly mirrors theto become ever more fleet-of-foot in than enable, this level of agility. Typically, production environment is no mean feat.deploying new products and services. For IT administrators control the provisioning Additionally, developers may experiencethese reasons, software and application of these resources, or the number of resistance on the part of IT administrators,development is becoming a business-critical resources to which developers have who may be loath to divert resourcesundertaking, one that has direct impact access is restricted. To access resources, away from the production environment inon corporate revenues and customer the development team will need to apply fear of compromising service levels. Andsatisfaction. for budgetary approval for a new set of even if administrators are willing and ableThe returns for accelerating the time-to- dedicated computing resources, order to provide the necessary resources, themarket for key software and applications them, (impatiently) wait for delivery, install process establishing a configuration forare measurable and immediate across and configure the resources, and finally set performance testing can be lengthy andall industry verticals. For example, in the up the new development environment. It’s resource intensive. As a result, this stepfinancial services industry, providing new a costly and time-consuming arrangement. in the development process is sometimesonline capabilities for portfolio and wealth There’s also a good chance that these performed less than thoroughly, or evenmanagement affects your ability to attract resources will end up being underutilised skipped entirely. This can lead to costlycustomers and to keep them coming back. during their working lives. rework when problems aren’t discoveredIf you can take a particular set of online Developers, accustomed to operating until late in the cycle, or worse still, postservices to market a month or quarter in dynamic, fast-paced environments, deployment.ahead of your competition, you’ll directly find this prolonged process frustrating. It’s clear that the traditional approachdrive up your revenues. IT administrators, on the other hand see to testing and development isn’tDevelopment teams need to build new value in taking time to create development serving businesses as well as it should.environments to design, write or debug environments that are more static, to Today, organisations need more agilecode and compile software on a regular provide maximum stability. Unsurprisingly, IT environments to match the highlybasis. To operate at maximum productivity, these opposing requirements often lead dynamic and resource-intensive needs ofdevelopment teams need access to to a dip in productivity on the part of the application development function,properly configured computing and storage software development teams. It can also without compromising the performance ofresources, on-demand. Oftentimes, these lead to rogue purchasing of infrastructure production workloads.environments are transitory – developers or public cloud resources. Some organisations seek to address theirwill work on them for a few hours, after testing and development challenges bywhich they’ll be discarded. Testing, testing increasing their number of virtual servers. This isn’t always effective; however, while Once new software has been developed, the provisioning of resources will be faster, the next step is quality assurance (QA) it will remain a manual process, undertaken and performance and scalability testing. by IT administrators. To assure performance levels, the QA environment must provision resources that perform at production levels. This means high-speed networks, fast storage systems, throughput and latency levels on a par with those within a production environment. Servers must be optimised with the appropriate amount of CPU and RAM.
  3. 3. opinion piece | Cloud Breathes New Life into Test and DevelopmentCloud moves front and centre Cloud is clearing the way for businesses toCloud computing is set to take centrestage in organisations’ efforts to make new products and services market-reinvent their business and operatingmodels. A cloud computing platform ready more quickly, and deliver on the endautomatically assembles and connectsvirtual technology resources to support goal of revenue acceleration.business requirements. It does away withthe constraints associated with the actualphysical location of assets and the specific If you’re considering moving your test and • lexibility – Ideally, your provider’s Ftechnologies they employ. This means development environment to the cloud, cloud platform should be able to supportyou can design and deploy new business don’t underestimate the importance of multi-tier application architectures. Thisservices swiftly – and at a reasonable cost. selecting the right cloud service provider. will eliminate the need to re-architectThese attributes make test and Ideally, you should look for a provider your solutions before they can be moveddevelopment a strong candidate for a with a sound track record and an ability to to the cloud.move to a cloud environment. Test and ensure security and ease of management. • lobal coverage – If your business Gdevelopment in the cloud is far more Preferably, it should be able to offer you operates across borders, it’s important toefficient. Your developers have access to the following features: know your provider’s geographic reach.a single set of virtual resources, via the • ser-friendly interface – A web-based U • rend analysis – If your provider can Tweb. They can provision resources simply user interface and a robust application monitor your usage patterns, you’ll beby specifying their needs. The provisioning programming interface will allow full able to scale servers up and down tocapability within the cloud platform control and administration of your cloud- ensure maximum cost-efficiencies.immediately and automatically generates based servers and storage.the required virtual environment. This These are exciting times for software test • ranular control of resources – The Gmeans that new projects can be initiated in and development. Cloud is clearing the ability to configure cloud servers ona matter of minutes. No delays, no waste, way for businesses to make new products the fly, allowing customisation of CPU,and no incremental capital expenditure for and services market-ready more quickly, memory and storage on servers withoutevery new request. and deliver on the end goal of revenue having to create a new instance. acceleration.Because developers can access resources • mport, export and cloning of Iwhen they need them, IT administrators operating system and softwareare no longer a bottleneck to innovation. images – The ability to deploy images Why move test andNevertheless, provided you’re buying your on servers using an image library withservices from the right service provider, development to the cloud? standard images.IT can still retain visibility and control of • chieve faster time-to-market and Awhat services are being consumed and by • ecurity and controls – VLANs, S greater flexibility for new productswhom, and implement internal charge- configurable firewalls, VPN and and servicesback mechanisms. encrypted data in-flight and at rest, self- service configurations, user permissions, • ignificantly increase speed SCloud also paves the way for businesses to reporting and auditing to ensure your and responsiveness in test andovercome the legacy challenges associated security and compliance posture isn’t development environmentswith testing applications at large scale compromised. through self-service access, whilein a simulated production environment: reducing coststhere’s no contention with the production • erformance guarantees – Flexible P service assurance commitments such as • ultiple service levels to address the Menvironment for resources. This means network and server uptime guarantees, wide ranging requirements of thethat development teams can be more response time guarantees and sub- application lifecyclerigorous and thorough during the QAand performance-testing phase, without millisecond latency guarantees will • uickly scale resources up or down, Qovershooting theirs budgets. This translates enable you to deliver reliable services to with usage-based billinginto a higher quality end-product. your internal users. • upport for virtual environments and S multi-tier application architecturesCS / DDMS-0905 / 02/12 © Copyright Dimension Data 2012 For further information visit: www.dimensiondata.com/cloud
  4. 4. opinion piece | Cloud Breathes New Life into Test and Development