case studyHamilton City Council pioneers sharedservices for local governmentindustry:	Government and Education            ...
case study | Hamilton City Council“Citizens want to interact with us more and more via the internet. Moving towards self-s...
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Hamilton City Council Pioneers Shared Services for Local Government - Case Study


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• Case Study: In collaboration with Dimension Data, Hamilton City Council in New Zealand establishes a Shared Services Platform based on Microsoft SharePoint and the Citizen’s Services Platform to serve local agencies and citizens more quickly and efficiently.

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Hamilton City Council Pioneers Shared Services for Local Government - Case Study

  1. 1. case studyHamilton City Council pioneers sharedservices for local governmentindustry: Government and Education Executive Summary Relationship Historycountry: Hamilton City Council’s (HCC’s) Dimension Data had previously providedNew Zealand HCC with an infrastructure-as-a-service vision is to become one of New (IaaS) solution. At that time, this was thebusiness challenge: Zealand’s leading customer services most comprehensive IaaS engagement everTo enable the council to offer organisations. Passionate, public undertaken by a local government entity innew online services to ratepayers, participation and smart thinking New Zealanda scalable service infrastructure are helping form and shape the Under this arrangement HCC was able towas required. Council needed to city. To further enhance city outsource the delivery of infrastructure,avoid major capital expense and services, HCC has embarked and acquire resources on a per unit basis.the operational responsibility forplatform maintenance. They also on an ambitious initiative to The platform provided a high performance transform its traditional ‘over- virtualised infrastructure, combined withidentified an opportunity to share Disaster Recovery capability back into thethe infrastructure and services with the-counter’ delivery models Council’s own facilities. The service modelother councils to an interactive set of online was supported by Dimension Data’s Servicesolution: applications. In order to deliver Desk and Managed Services.In collaboration with Dimension these online services, Dimension This foundation platform served as theData, HCC established a Shared Data and HCC collaborated basis for Dimension Data’s proposal toServices Platform based on Microsoft to develop a Shared Services develop a shared SharePoint platform forSharePoint and the Citizen’s Services Platform based on Microsoft multiple councils.Platform. The deployment was SharePoint and the Citizen’sunique in that it provided a shared Business Challenge Services Platform.platform for use by HCC and othercouncils. The platform is delivered as The Shared Services Platform is To operate successfully in an evolvinga cloud offering with a platform-as- local government environment, HCC was designed to be multi-tenanteda-service consumption model faced with the challenge of innovating; and offered on a ‘pay-as–you- specifically in the way it uses technologyservices: go basis, enabling HCC to to enhance its delivery of services to• Planning and deployment services share the cost of application ratepayers. The council required a platform for a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) development, platform support that would enable it to rapidly deploy new environment for applications and maintenance. online services. In addition, it didn’t want the burden of building and maintainingresults: an infrastructure platform, and knew that Client Overview it could share the cost of this platform by• Ease of application deployment – new online services can now be Hamilton City Council (HCC) is a local collaborating with neighbouring councils. deployed without building another government authority. The council set of infrastructure encompasses over 30 sites throughout The Way Forward Hamilton including five libraries, Hamilton• A full multi-tenant platform to In order to meet HCC’s new objectives, Zoo, Refuse Transfer Stations, Public enable the Council to share in Dimension Data proposed a shared Swimming Pools, and Water and Waste the development, delivery and SharePoint platform for multiple councils. Treatment Facilities. management of local government applications• A secure scalable and extensible platform and a pay-as-you-go commercial model
  2. 2. case study | Hamilton City Council“Citizens want to interact with us more and more via the internet. Moving towards self-service will enable us to lower the cost of delivery and improve turnaround times for ratepayers.” Harin Perera – CIO for Hamilton City CouncilSolution Provided Value DerivedDimension Data has understood HCC’s Thanks to the ease of applicationbusiness needs – approaching the council deployment, new online services can nowwith a framework model that leveraged its be deployed without building anotherexisting infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) set of infrastructure. The full multi-tenantinto a multi-tenanted platform-as-a-service platform has enabled the council to deliver(PaaS) model that will benefit future and manage its own unique applications.participating councils for the delivery of HCC selected Dimension Data, for its ‘business applications. pay-as-you-go’ pricing model, internationalA multi-tenanted implementation of cloud roadmap and track record ofSharePoint 2010 is the first application service delivery.environment provisioned, on which This multi-tenant solution can be sharedHamilton City Council will deliver a by other councils, enabling HCC to shareselection of client facing e-services – the cost of application development andleveraging Microsoft’s Citizen Services platform support and maintenance.Platform. HCC CIO, Harin Perera explained thatServices Provided “Dimension Data has brought a lot of IP to the table. They’re the first in NewIn addition to providing a fully managed Zealand with what they’re doing withSharePoint platform, Dimension Data infrastructure.”provided the project management servicesto enable multiple application providers todeploy e-services on the platform.02/12 © Copyright Dimension Data 2012 For further information visit: