Aerohive Networks Takes Wi-Fi Management to the Cloud - Case Study


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Aerohive Networks provides distributed
Wi-Fi and routing solutions for enterprises
and medium-sized companies. Aerohive’s
award-winning cooperative control Wi-Fi
architecture eliminates costly controllers
and single points of failure. This gives its
customers mission-critical reliability with
granular security and policy enforcement,
in addition to the ability to start small and
expand without limitations.
Founded in 2006, Aerohive set out
to revolutionise the Wi-Fi industry by
centralising network management system
(NMS) functions while pushing control and
data forwarding to the wireless LAN access
points at the edge of the network. When
the company pioneered this controller-less
architecture in 2007, it went against the
“conventional wisdom” at the time; now,
the industry has followed its lead.

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Aerohive Networks Takes Wi-Fi Management to the Cloud - Case Study

  1. 1. case studyAerohive Networks Takes Wi-FiManagement to the Cloudindustry: Aerohive’s Revolutionary • Education to support cost-effective school district and campus deploymentsTechnology Wireless LAN Architecture designed to support the proliferation of Aerohive Networks provides distributedcountry: mobile devices and 1:1 laptop programs Wi-Fi and routing solutions for enterprisesUnited States • Logistics to support complex distribution and medium-sized companies. Aerohive’s and workflow systems such as voicebusiness challenge: award-winning cooperative control Wi-Fi picking and inventory management architecture eliminates costly controllersMeet the need of mid-size businesses and single points of failure. This gives its • Enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure, asto deploy enterprise class Wi-Fi customers mission-critical reliability with organisations replace Ethernet as themanagement without the initial granular security and policy enforcement, primary access layer and support thecapex associated with enterprise class in addition to the ability to start small and explosion of mobile Internet devices inWi-Fi management and provide the expand without limitations. the enterpriseability to start small and grow Founded in 2006, Aerohive set out • Customers rely on Aerohive to help themsolution: to revolutionise the Wi-Fi industry by improve productivity, increase mobilityMove to a cloud-based network centralising network management system and reduce system (NMS) functions while pushing control and data forwarding to the wireless LAN access Challenge: Addressing theservices: points at the edge of the network. When the company pioneered this controller-less Needs of the Mid-MarketPlanning and deployment servicesfor HiveManager Online, a cloud- architecture in 2007, it went against the The broad adoption of smartphones,based network management system “conventional wisdom” at the time; now, netbooks and the iPad has ushered in afor WLAN access points delivered as the industry has followed its lead. generation of mobility. End users expectsoftware as a service (SaaS) offering immediate access to their corporate Aerohive’s co-operative control wireless information and the public Internet LAN architecture provides importantresults: from any device, in any place and at any business benefits, including:• Mid-market customers now time. As more and more businesses have benefit from a system that extends • Linear pricing and lower cost, for both adopted Wi-Fi for branch offices, campus intelligence to the edge, and offers branch and campus deployments deployments and retail venues, Aerohive’s centralised management as well as • Scalability and performance to support innovative architecture and cost-effective reduced cost and complexity the move to 802.11n and beyond value proposition have been a winning solution. Companies liked the economics• Aerohive has eliminated the need • High availability and mesh redundancy associated with eliminating the controller, for a WLAN controller for mission-critical applications while still being able to manage the system• Ability to provide centralised policy • Lower complexity for easier deployment, as a whole, from a policy-based centralised based management is retained maintenance and management network management solution. • More effective security and policy enforcement Aerohive serves a variety of industries, including: • Healthcare to deliver foundational infrastructure for Electronic Medical Records and patient care and ambulatory applications in distributed clinics, skill nursing facilities and acute care hospitals
  2. 2. case study | Aerohive Networks“Migrating our network management system (NMS) to the cloud allowed Aerohive to better address the mid-sized enterprise requirements by eliminating capex and complexity associated with enterprise Wi-Fi management. Dimension Data’s Cloud Hosting has provided the high level of security, and performance that you would expect from a cloud hosting leader.” Stephen Philip, VP of Corporate and Product Marketing at AerohiveSmall and mid-sized businesses were still Building a Cloud SaaS Go-to- Dimension Data’schallenged by the requirement to host and Market Strategy Enterprise-Class Cloudmanage the centralised Wireless NMS.SMEs didn’t have the capex, expertise or In launching HiveManager Online, Aerohive In order to move its network managementdesire to host their own WNMS. The mid- needed to re-think the way it went to system (NMS) into the cloud, Aerohivesized enterprise represented a significant market to address smaller customers. It needed a low latency cloud hostingopportunity for Aerohive, and it had to built out a larger inside sales group to platform with high security. At the samefigure out a way to help these businesses scale the organisation to handle smaller time, it wanted a cloud infrastructureovercome these obstacles. customers. To maintain its channel pricing model that could scale cost- neutrality, Aerohive looked to inside sales effectively with its business. Based on theTo address this challenge, Aerohive decided to work in unison with reseller partners success of the offering, Aerohive lookedto move the HiveManager NMS into the to fulfil everything through the channel. to augment and scale the solution. Aftercloud as a multi-tenant, on-demand, Aerohive is likely one of the very few evaluating several vendors Aerohivesoftware-as-a-service (SaaS) application. companies that’s successfully leveraging selected Dimension Data’s Cloud HostingThis would eliminate the hassle of the cloud, an inside sales model and a platform.managing the servers required to host the strong reseller organisation. Now AerohiveNMS. Customers could simply log into A number of factors contributed to can provide solutions for customers thatAerohive’s HiveManager Online, the cloud- Aerohive’s selection of Dimension Data: want to either manage their systemsbased version of HiveManager NMS, and • Security: Ability to configure VLANs, on-site or leverage the cloud. Customersmanage the wireless LAN access points. firewalls, load balancing in the cloud can either license on-premises NMSThe HiveManager application was highly software or subscribe to HiveManager • Performance: Low latency and 100%suitable for migration to the cloud due Online based on the number of managed availability and network SLAsto it being multi-tenant and supporting WLAN access points.a virtualised management database – • Price: Best value as a cloud providersomething that had previously been • Reputation: Dimension Data’s strong Impact: Opened a New Marketdeveloped for the Managed Services references and market positioningmarket. It turned out that the cloud- and Drove Revenues • Ease-of-Use: Setup new customers inbased, multi-tenant NMS paired well with By creating a cloud-based Network minutes through user interface or APIthe intelligent AP architecture, delivering a Management System to manage WLANhighly survivable solution even during access points, Aerohive was able to better • Scalability: Ability to start small and scaleWAN outages. address the needs of mid-sized businesses, up to hundreds of servers quicklyThe mid-market customers could now a new market segment for the company.benefit from a system that extended This helped Aerohive to provide moreintelligence to the edge, centralised options for customers, improve customermanagement and reduced the overall cost retention and drive revenues.and complexity by moving the WNMS to In fact, Aerohive’s push into the cloud wasthe cloud. so successful that the company acquired Pareto Networks, a cloud-based network VPN and routing company. This acquisition will allow Aerohive to address the needs for more complex routing and networking solutions by merging routing, VPN and wireless functionality onto a single platform.CS / DDMS-0844 / 12/11 © Copyright Dimension Data 2011 For further information visit: