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  1. 1. Hello and welcome to me trying some things in order to see if this slide-show malarkey is viable. I’ve done two things with this presentation. Firstly, I’m trying a different slide size to see if I can minimise the distortion that Gin gets when she views it. I’ve not been able to recreate it on my brother’s widescreen laptop, but I have an idea as to what is causing it and am testing out a possible solution. I want to know from all of you if this slide size causes distortion (Gin, I particularly want to hear from you). Also, if you are getting a letterbox, can you live with it? Or does it make you want to run screaming from the chapter? Secondly, the pictures in the first part have been resized to fit the presentation in PSP, but not sharpened in anyway. I want to know what you think of them, and whether they are clear enough for you. I’ve included some comparisons with sharpening at the end, for you to look at.
  2. 2. Marielle hesitated at the gate to the cottage. After Edward had thrown her out she had travelled to Craig's house in Simford. She hadn't known what she had expected to find but coming face to face with the lady of the house, his wife, wasn't part of her plan. She had therefore been forced to fall back on the small amount of money she had squirreled away before her marriage. It was less than she had thought, and she would need a sizable portion of it to retain the services of a solicitor, but there was enough to rent a small cottage from a local farmer. A very small cottage. She sighed and pushed open the gate.
  3. 3. Inside the cottage was a little the worse for wear. The whitewashed walls were cracked and stained, and the place smelled of damp. She sneered as she looked around. She had thought, she had hoped, that she had left homes like this far behind her.
  4. 4. Clear as day she could hear her mother's voice. "Well are you really surprised Marielle? Wot did I olways tell ya? You're a whore's daughter, brought up in the muck, you'll die in the muck, and there ain't nuffink you can do abou' it."
  5. 5. Yeah, you all know how the chapter goes. I’ll leave off the text now. I wanted to see how it looked.
  6. 9. Change of scene to see how other pics look. Oh, and is this font size alright with everyone? Changing the slide size means the font looks smaller than it did.
  7. 22. Now a couple of side by side comparisons. The image on the left has been resized only. The one on the right has been sharpened too.
  8. 23. Same again. Thoughts?
  9. 24. Hmm, I think I’m edging towards just resizing as giving the result I like best. The light colours are too bright for me with the sharpening.
  10. 25. So yeah, thoughts please people. Are the pictures alright? Any distortion? Text size alright? Etc, etc.