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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 2 Continuing On


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Time-travel with me as the second generation of my Victorian legacy grow up, and George starts Uni.

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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 2 Continuing On

  1. 1. Hello, and welcome back to a Victorian Legacy, and welcome to chapter 2. As with chapter 1 I haven’t rewritten this chapter as such, I’ve just gone through and corrected any glaring spelling mistakes. Since this is an early chapter, it is again a commentary chapter, and there are modern objects about, even if my sims don’t use them. If this bothers you a lot, then skip ahead to chapter 9 where I rebuild the neighbourhood. Quick recap of the rules for this legacy, my sims are meant to be Victorians, so no electronics apart from the phone, try for a baby only and no pre or extra marital woohoo, and to top it all off first born male inherits. So lets catch up with the legacy household.
  2. 2. Nothing like a bit of drama to start it all off. "I want a smoke alarm Creator." So do the rest of your family, unfortunately that is not possible under the handicap rules, and so I'm relying on Elise to put the fire out. "What will you do when I am no longer here?" Seriously, I don't want to think about it, I'll just have to hope that one of the other sims is as good as you at putting out fires, or that the phone will stop ringing long enough for someone to call the fire brigade.
  3. 3. I won't be pining my hopes on my heir George though... "Arrggghh fire voice, fire!!" I can see that George. "Who did it, that is what I want to know." You did George, I watched you do it. You put your breakfast in there and walked off. "I did?" Yes. George has the shortest attention span of any sim I've ever played. I've seen him pick up a dirty plate from the counter, take two steps, turn round and put it back down again, and go to do something else, all autonomously. Oh, and don't get me started on what happens when I try to control him: he ignores everything I tell him to do at times.
  4. 4. At least Elizabeth seems to be doing something constructive around the house. "Heheh, that is right voice, I am doing this because I am sooo nice heheheh." I've been hit by the first born glitch and both George and Elizabeth are blessed with only 1 nice point each, and, just to make things even more fun, 8 outgoing ones.
  5. 5. Here's my founder Gabe, back home from work. "I got promoted voice." I know, only three more to get before you're platinum. I was really hoping to get him permaplat before he became an elder but...
  6. 6. "I wish for a complete house, and for the rest of the family to pay attention to me as I age." Hmm sorry about that, Gabe no one seems to really like birthdays in this house, don't take it personally.
  7. 7. "But I do voice, after all I am the founder of this family and I deserve respect!" "You tell her Father woot!" George I've told you about spreading dissent amongst the rest of the family, now cheer your father because he's crustifying, and not because he is having a go at me, there's a good boy.
  8. 8. 'Kay not too bad, although you look even more grumpy than usual. "I am not grumpy voice, I am merely nice pointely challenged." Pointely is not a word Gabe. "You are the one at the keyboard voice, not me." *sigh* Anyway, changing the subject completely, you will be pleased to know that as a birthday present, I have now built you an upstairs to your house, so you and Elise have a bedroom to yourselves again. "About time voice." *sigh*
  9. 9. Elise still spends most of her day cleaning the house and gardening. *spray, spray, spray* "Die bugs, die." Elise! I'm shocked, I thought you were nice. "I am Creator, but aphids ruin my lovely plants." I think I might have to do something about that, you seem to be using a lot of bug spray.
  10. 10. "What is that Creator? It makes me want to vomit." It's a ladybird house Elise. The ladybirds will eat the aphids, so you don't need to keep spraying. I don't want you to become a plantsim you see, and I'm concerned about the effect of the pesticides on the baby. "Baby?!?" Uhhh, moving swiftly on.
  11. 11. It's Elizabeth's birthday, time for her to become a teen. "Why do I not get a cake? George did." Well he is the heir. "But no one is here to watch!" No one pays much attention when there is a cake Elizabeth. "mumblemumblestupidvoicenocakemumblemumble." Oh hush devil child and grow up already.
  12. 12. "Devil child indeed! I am angelic, I even have a halo." Sweetie, halos aren't usually red.
  13. 13. Elizabeth rolled fortune, with a LTW of reaching the top of the law career. If she was born into any other family but this one, I could definitely see her as a ruthless lawyer or businesswoman with her personality, but instead she is destined to marry a rich CAS sim and live in motherloded happiness for the rest of her life. "Well at least you have bought me some decent clothes this time voice." Glad you like them Elizabeth, you could look a bit happier though. "You have not seen what Mama and Papa are doing in the good room." What? *dashes over to see what is going on*
  14. 14. Yay first autonomous romantic interaction for this couple.
  15. 15. And another! I'm so used to my other couples autonomously flirting and kissing that I don't take much notice any more, and in fact spend time crossing the actions out, but Gabe and Elise have never done this in twenty-three years of marriage. Must be the hormones. "I do love my husband you know Creator." Yeah I know, but I still say it's the hormones.
  16. 16. "You were right Creator, I am with child again." Yup, I take it you forgot that you were only allowed to try for a baby in this legacy? "Ummm, it was Gabe's birthday and...." Heheheh. Ok, so I don't normally make my sims have children this late in life, but I'm rather sad that Gabe's facial features seem to have been bred out already, so I thought I would see what happens if they have another one. "But I already have two lovely children Creator."
  17. 17. Lovely, yes I can see that Elise. "Hah you cannot get away from me dear sister." "Mmmmphfgeorge." Peter: "Creator is George always like this?"
  18. 18. I'm afraid so Peter, as you are now finding out. "Gerrof me, gerrof me." "Hah, I am George Legacy and you will be my friend."
  19. 19. Elizabeth is no better. "You will be friends with us, we are the legacy children, and as such are more important than you, even if you are the Brandi Broke's grandson."
  20. 20. "Wah Creator I don't like this family George keeps noogying me, and Elizabeth likes to poke. I wish I had never accepted George's invitation home after school."
  21. 21. Oh it's alright Peter, console yourself with the thought that George at least will probably be dead and buried before you even become an adult. "'Kay Creator." Now why don't you go home, I don't like the way Elizabeth is still looking at you. "Will do Creator."
  22. 22. *Pop* "Oh, I am getting bigger Creator." Yep, not long now till you give birth. "I just hope that George and Elizabeth take to the new baby, it will be such a change for them."
  23. 23. I'm sure that they will love it, they are such good loving siblings
  24. 24. Aren't you going to say something Gabe? "No, it is nice to see the children playing together." *sigh* I have so many pictures like this, it is all they seem to do.
  25. 25. In fact this is the result when Elizabeth autonomously tried to hug George. "I am sorry sister, but I do not want to hug you." "Fine, you seem to forget brother dearest that I like to poke, and I am as mean as you."
  26. 26. "Ow, ow, owwwwww." Come on Elise, you know what to do, spin and twirl, spin and twirl.
  27. 27. "It is a baby. So you were pregnant, I thought you had just been eating too much." Nice Gabe, I love how you are such a supportive husband and loving father. The baby is a little girl whom I've called Violet.
  28. 28. "She is beautiful though." Yeah she is although she has exactly the same genetics as her two siblings. Please let her face and personality be different when she grows up, please.
  29. 29. Mind you, the family do seem to dote on little Violet. "Must remember not to leave this one to cry in her cot when she needs me."
  30. 30. "Shush my little sister do not you cry. I will make sure you have a nicer dress as a child than I had."
  31. 31. Yay, at last Gabe is permaplat, but he doesn't seem too happy. "Well it did take you long enough voice. I should have been permaplat at least four days ago." Listen mister, I'm not the one who went to work for a week without getting promoted despite the fact that you had all the skill points and friends needed, AND your performance meter was over three quarters full. "Hmmphh."
  32. 32. Talking of aspiration levels and points, I decide to indulge George and send him on a date with one of my playable sims Hannah. You see I've noticed that Gabe's life bar is filling up very quickly, and so I'm going to have to send George to uni sooner than I wanted to and at the moment his aspiration is practically red. In a bid to keep it sort of Victorian, and because it is summer, I send them to the local Lido (outdoor pool).
  33. 33. George, you could at least look as if you are enjoying the conversation with Hannah. "I am enjoying it voice, the relationship points are clocking up, this is just what I always look like when I talk to someone face to face." True, mister meanie here always looks as if he is about to start arguing with whoever he is speaking to, even when he is thoroughly enjoying the conversation.
  34. 34. Well, it looks like they were getting on, because after a quick game of marco polo George gets his first kiss.
  35. 35. However he then immediately does this. "Noogie time!" George! Leave the poor girl alone, look you've even pushed her through the chess board! "But this is so much fun voice." I don't care! You can't go around doing that to sims, especially if you have just kissed them! "Yes I can, I am the heir." Grrr don't push it mister. "What? You cannot kill me." No, but I can punish you in other ways. "Ppptt, I would like to see you try." Ooooh I think that was just a challenge.
  36. 36. 'He may have pushed me through the chess board, but I did actually have a good time, in fact it was the best date I have been on.' "See voice, told you I can do what I want." Yep, it ended as a dream date, too bad because Hannah is a playable and George is set to go to uni tomorrow, so they will never be together. Heheheh.
  37. 37. Meanwhile, back on the Legacy lot, Elizabeth gets on with a very appropriate past-time, learning to play the piano-forte. "I have to work on my accomplishments voice, otherwise how can I hoodwi.. I mean show a rich, cultured sim that I am perfect for them to marry." Hmmm, I'm scared: you're not even halfway through your teen years, haven't spun the want for your first kiss, but are now talking about marriage. "Of course voice, marriage and motherhood are the ultimate goals for all woman kind, and I have no intention of ending up as the spinster sister who is a burden to the family." 'Kay, that may jar with my twenty-first century views, but what ever keeps you happy my little Victorian simmie. Oh and I would enjoy that piano whilst you can. "Why?"
  38. 38. Because this happened that night. I haven't had a burglar visit for about eighteen months of play, so of course he has to come and pick on the one house in my game without a burglar alarm. "Ooh a piano, luckily I have my physics defying, T.A.R.D.I.S. inspired swag bag with me tonight so I don't have to limit myself to small ornaments and items of jewellery."
  39. 39. "That armchair fits in there too. Oh crud, someone's called the old Bill." That's the man Officer Dorian, you've caught him red-handed now arrest 'im. "Yes Creator."
  40. 40. "Come 'ere you, you're nicked. You have the right to ooff..." *bash, crash, thump etc*
  41. 41. "This does not look good voice." *thump, whump etc* "I think the burglar has PC Dorian in a head lock...Yes and now he has just hit him over the head with his physics defying T.A.R.D.I.S. inspired swag bag."
  42. 42. "Boo you are rubbish Officer Dorian." "Teehee, time to get out of here with my ill gotten gains, see you later copper." Grrr, how useless is this policeman? Not only did he lose the fight with the burglar, but he then ignored the wide awake Gabe and went and stood at the foot of Gabe and Elise's bed and said the soundly sleeping Elise "I'm sorry but the burglar seems to have got away. I guess I'm not as good a cop as I used to be." Too right mister! Not only have you allowed the thief to escape with over $5000 worth of goods that were only purchased that day, but you also go and talk to a fast asleep sim when there was a wide awake one in the same room as you!
  43. 43. Elizabeth being a fortune sim takes the theft very badly. "It is not fair Papa, I liked that piano. How dare he come in and take it from us. Just he wait until I am living in my mansion with my rich husband and I am free to wreck revenge on him with out the constraints of the Legacy house." "Shush Lizzie, Papa will buy you a new piano."
  44. 44. "You will? When?" "When I go back to work after the weekend."
  45. 45. With Elizabeth throwing a huge tantrum, I decide the time is right for George to head off to Uni. My original idea was to have a separate uni chapter, but his third year was a bit eventful and so I've split his time at uni into two, and added the first half to this chapter.
  46. 46. Urrghh, this is what he grows up in. Call a cab mister we have got to buy you some decent clothes. "Will do voice." Quick note here about where George is living: because I sent him to uni sooner than I originally intended he hasn't got as many scholarships as I wanted him to get, so he is living in a dorm.
  47. 47. Of course on his way to claim a door and change his clothes, this happens. "How dare you spy on my family through the telescope, alright so we can walk through walls* but that doesn't mean that we should be ogled like freaks!" *True, see the videos on my sim page for proof.
  48. 48. "Listen mister, I do not know who you are, or what you are talking about. I have only just moved in here, and besides which I am George Legacy heir to the Victorian legacy, and therefore more important than some silly Maxis made sim the voice has barely played." You tell him George. I have no idea why John Burb thinks George was spying on him because George went no where near the telescope. The only thing I can think is that I had another sim in this dorm at one time who did, but I moved them out before the ear bashing.
  49. 49. Aahh that's better I can almost believe you are Victorian again. Right now to explain a few things about my Victorian simmies' time in uni. I normally have quite a set routine for getting sims through uni, involving making sure they always go to class and always write a term paper. However, because I tend to find this very tedious, and because of the theme, I'm changing it for this family. George is forbidden from using the computer apart from in exceptional circumstances, so no writing term papers. He is also not allowed to play on any of the computer consoles or arcade machines doted around the dorm. He can however use the mini stereo, provided he listens to the classical station only. This is because 1 I haven't bought it, and 2 he needs some way of getting his fun up quickly. In addition he can't use the microwave if he wants to make himself something to eat.
  50. 50. In order to get George a decent grade I'm exploiting the time difference that occurs when you send a sim to a community lot. "Come on, put your back into it my non-existent grandmother could do better than you!" Everyday I send George to a community lot a few hours before he has class so that he can do fun things such as this which also earns him money.
  51. 51. "It is time for me to go to class now isn't it voice?" Yep, off you go, but see if nameless college dormie is alright first please. "grumblegrumble." nameless college dormie "helpme." After George comes back from class at the community lot, I send him home, and voila a few hours later he goes off again.
  52. 52. I've found that sending him to class twice in one day, and maybe doing one assignment a semester not only is enough to get him a 4.0, but also leaves me with time to make him do this, "Nearly maxed creativity now voice." Good.
  53. 53. And this, “Ahah, very interesting ..." Seriously George is far better at making friends on the phone than in person, I even manage to make him big sim on campus before he is halfway through his second year.
  54. 54. He even has time to catch up on some reading.
  55. 55. Ahh good, I see all those phone calls weren't in vain. "Are you George Legacy?"
  56. 56. "Yes I am. Have you gotten me out of bed to ask a stupid question like that? Can you not see that my door clearly states do not disturb?"
  57. 57. "What? Don't you start on me I am invested with the power to do what I want and ask any questions I see fit."
  58. 58. "the voice has sent you has she not? I suppose this is her lousy idea of punishing me." Nowt to do with me matey.
  59. 59. "This is so humiliating, being marched through the dorm in my pjs."
  60. 60. Hey look, at least they allowed you to put your coat on, although I'm not sure how you just managed to do that with your wrists cuffed together. "I am George Legacy voice." *sigh* your ego really gets on my wick George.
  61. 61. "Urrgh, they could at least have decent looking drivers for these things."
  62. 62. "That is my fiancée you are talking about, now get into the car Legacy."
  63. 63. "Oh, so I was not being arrested or punished then voice." No George, you have just been accepted into the Landgraab society, SimState's premier and only secret society. "Not many people here are there?" No, since installing seasons the number of sims on my community lots has dramatically fallen, and I can only invite two sims to parties rather than the eight I could before. Thankfully the game still runs quickly with all my graphics set to high. I don't think I could cope if I had to turn the graphics down to what they used to be on my old computer.
  64. 64. Meanwhile back on the legacy lot, it is time for a double birthday. First up is Elise: "I wish to be best friends with Di Meeeee who has just moved into the neighbourhood." True fact, my simself and Elise became friends within a day of me moving my simself into the hood. Not only that, but they did it without any direction from me. Elise was in the welcome wagon, and then sim- me called her up for a chat. Nice to see the pixel version of me also likes her.
  65. 65. "Oooh I think me back's gone! And me knees ache." "Yay Elise, now you have joined the wrinklies club."
  66. 66. You don't look very happy Elise (why am I surprised at this? This family never looks very happy). Don't you like the profiteroles I've just downloaded? "What? No they are lovely. I was just thinking that if I had not have met Gabe, I would still be young and beautiful." *sigh* Elise you have aged better than quite a few of the sims I have aged up, not only that think of everything you have gained. You would still be stuck behind that bar only talking to sims who are asking for a drink. Here you have a loving husband, three children, and (at last) a comfortable house. "True, I feel better now Creator." Good, because it is time for your youngest child to become a toddler.
  67. 67. Hmmphh, why is it that my sim babies never grow up when and where I want them to do? I had clicked for Elizabeth to take Violet to the cake and was waiting when I heard the sparkles, so paused the game and dashed out to the hallway to find this. To top it off, she looks just like Elizabeth did at this age. OK, let's check her personality...
  68. 68. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*deep breath*oooooooooooooooooooooooo! I don't believe it Violet has exactly the same personality as her two siblings *sob* this isn't fair. I've only ever had the first born glitch once before, and even then the brothers had different personalities. I went into CAS and rolled the dice before Elise gave birth and everything. Oh well, I suppose mean sims can be quite funny.
  69. 69. Take George for example, he always cheats at chess. "I can't see a hot tub over there, let alone one with the Llama and Cow in it!"
  70. 70. "Hey, what's the big idea! You can't just waltz into this society, and start acting like you own it." "Of course I can, Oh look , the cow has just taken off her swimming suit!"
  71. 71. "What? Where?" "Heheheh." Practically every move George cheated, and it didn't matter how often he got caught.
  72. 72. "Oh hello Elizabeth...Yes I am well...Really, Violet has the same personality as the two if us? Yes that is good news...certainly it will have the voice tearing her hair out." Despite their constant bullying when George lived at home Elizabeth has taken to calling George everyday, and their relationship is now 100/100.
  73. 73. Despite George's lack of respect for me, there is something that I have been meaning to do since I sent him to uni, so I have him make a little phone call. "So would you like to have dinner with me tonight? You would? I'll pick you up soon."
  74. 74. And here is George's date Allyn the townie who didn't seem to keen on the idea of marrying him when she attended his birthday back at the Legacy lot. I've had George get their relationship up to 81/83 so that one little flirt and....
  75. 75. Hooray, double love hearts! This also pushes the date up to great date, so I now don't have to worry about time, and can instead enjoy playing.
  76. 76. "So are you not worried about ballooning to the size of a sumo wrestler if you have such a calorie loaded meal like lobster thermidor?" Nice George, I know she wants the most expensive dish on the menu, but you don't have to be so nasty about it. "One nice point voice." *sigh*
  77. 77. George what are you doing? "Heheheh."
  78. 78. "Umm yummy." "If you wanted to try some, you only had to ask." "This is more fun."
  79. 79. "Never mind darling, I forgive you." Altogether now awwww.
  80. 80. Gabe and Elise had a water balloon fight, George and Allyn play catch. These sims sure know how to have romantic dates when I leave them to their own devices. "Oophhh, you just hit me in the face with that ball George."
  81. 81. "And again, can you be a bit more careful please?"
  82. 82. "Sorry darling, I guess I just do not know my own strength."
  83. 83. "Hmmm, I'm not sure I believe you." I certainly don't Allyn.
  84. 84. 'Mmmm but I do love him.' Yes I can see that, oh and what is that want you have just spun, get engaged to George, *click*
  85. 85. "Surely my son should be studying and not out at all hours having fun?" The date is about to finish any way, but yeah, I'll get him back to the dorm soon Elise. It ended as a dream date, but for some reason Allyn never dropped off a bouquet or present.
  86. 86. "Awwww, do I have to do this assignment voice?" Yes George, that date meant that you are nearing the end of the semester and your grade isn't quite as high as I would like.
  87. 87. "But it is so difficult!" My heart bleeds for you.
  88. 88. At least George does actually finish his assignments, unlike his fellow dormies.
  89. 89. "Yes, so although this dorm has been good for allowing me to meet new people I am starting to tire of being here. There is a plot of land near the centre of campus that I have been saving up to buy."
  90. 90. "Hmmm, how do you work this thing?" George what are you doing? You know you are not meant to use that.
  91. 91. "But this is an exceptional circumstance, because the paper is not being delivered this is the only way I can move out." Move out? "Yes there is a plot of land I want you to buy me."
  92. 92. So George moves out.
  93. 93. Just as the cab pulled off of the lot this happened. Omen? I'll let you decide when you read the second half of my uni chapter. Most of the CC is from MTS2 (walls, floors and bedding) and All-About-Style (clothing), with a couple of items from other sites thrown in for good measure. The eyes in this chapter are a set that I made and can be found at MTS2 under the thread Less Cartoony Maxis Style Eyes (pluging my own creations, me? Nah whatever gave you that idea ;p).
  94. 94. Rock on Elise.