A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 17 The Honeymoon


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Chapter 17 of my Victorian Legacy where gen 4 finally takes over.

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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 17 The Honeymoon

  1. 1. Hello everyone and welcome back to my Victorian legacy and the first chapter with Edward at the helm. Any new readers amongst you might find it handy to read at least chapter 16, my recap chapter. First a small disclaimer though. I wrote this update whilst suffering from flu, and dosed up to the eyeballs. If things don't make as much sense as normal, or seem a bit less polished than you expect, that's probably the reason. Right, pull up a chair, make a cup of tea and let's join the family on the day of Eddie's wedding.
  2. 2. William Legacy had been sent by his wife Beth to see if their son Edward was getting ready for his wedding. They had spent the day making sure that everything was just right and organised, but throughout most of the day Eddie had been missing. William eventually found his son in the hall. "Edward, there you are. Where have you been?“ "Nowhere Father, just...keeping out of Mother's way."
  3. 3. "Well speaking of your mother she will not be happy if she sees that you are not yet dressed. She has planned this wedding with military precision and if you do not get changed into your morning suit and be in the chapel exactly on time, she will be most displeased.“ Eddie gave a small smile, "I had better go and get changed then."
  4. 4. "Before you do," said William, "let me give you your wedding present from your mother and I." He produced a beautifully wrapped box and handed it to Eddie. "Father you really shouldn't have..." Started Eddie as he tore off the wrapping. He looked at the framed piece of paper in the box. "You really should not have." It was the deed to a property in the seaside town of Simmouth. "Eddie I am providing substantial dowries for both your sisters, I wanted to present you and your wife with something of value too. I have arranged for a carriage to arrive tonight to take you to the cottage, so you can spend your honeymoon there.“ "Father, I do not know what to say. Thank you." He hugged William. "You are most welcome my son. Now go and get changed before your mother comes looking for you."
  5. 5. A little over an hour later Edward's intended was standing in the hall admiring her reflection. A small smile passed over her face as she made an adjustment to her veil. Soon she would have everything she had dreamed of: the status and influence that came with being the legacy spouse. All she had to do to get it was marry Edward. She didn't love him at all, but he was endearing at times, almost like a giant puppy. She could live with that.
  6. 6. In the wedding chapel Eddie was pacing in front of the arch, tugging at his collar. "You alright old chap?" Asked his best man Theo. "Yes, it is just...I am nervous Theo. I did not expect to be so nervous. I never get nervous."
  7. 7. Theo smiled at him. "Miss Hutchins does seem to have an effect on you, that is for certain. You always act like a cat on hot coals when you are about to see her.“ "Thank you Theo, that is just what I want to hear right now. Tell me, were you nervous?"
  8. 8. Theo had married the love of his life, DrSupremeNerd Simself the day before. *** Doc writes the awesome Vetinari Dualegacy and was the undisputed winner of Theo's BC. You can read about it in A Very Victorian Bachelor Challenge.
  9. 9. The ceremony had been very well attended with all the simselves in the village turning up. Well everyone knew how much Doc loved her Nummy Theo and wanted to share the special day with the two of them. *** Present in this picture is my simself, Jessica (Mzyra) a mod at Boolprop.com, and Annie (tatdatcm) writer of the Doublet Legacy and Potpal Legacy. Many others were in attendance.
  10. 10. Theo gave Eddie's question a little thought. "Slightly, but any nerves evaporated as soon as I saw Doc walking towards me. She means the world to me, and I cannot imagine life without her.“ "You are very lucky to feel that way my friend." Said Eddie. "But surely you feel the same about Miss Hutchins?“ Eddie didn't get the chance to answer that question because at that moment the chapel doors opened and Marielle was standing there ready to make her way up the aisle.
  11. 11. The ceremony was very nice, and as Edward slipped the ring onto her finger Marielle couldn't suppress a smile. Eddie returned it, certain that she was happy to be marrying him.
  12. 12. In the congregation though, not everyone was as happy. Carmen Leong was watching the ceremony. She and Edward had been friends for years, and friends was how she had been happy staying: she had never felt anything more for him. So why did her heart feel as if it was breaking as she watched him exchange vows with his bride?
  13. 13. Their vows over Eddie smiled at his bride, all doubts and nerves gone. She smiled sweetly back at him, pleased to have finally fulfilled her dream.
  14. 14. The members of the congregation applauded them as Eddie and Marielle shared their first kiss as man and wife. Stanley had taken a seat at the back of the chapel, and although he was very happy for his cousin, he couldn't quite believe that his two best friends were now married. It was something he would only do if he met someone very, very special indeed.
  15. 15. As the applause died down and she got ready to leave the chapel, Marielle looked round at her new family. These were the people who would look to her as legacy spouse. She smiled. They had better be ready for her. *** Marielle Hutchins is a romance sim who wants to be a celebrity chef and who has the personality 8/10/4/3/3. She brought §5000 to the family.
  16. 16. Everyone retired to the dinning room where Eddie cut the wedding cake.
  17. 17. He had thought about just shoving some of the slice into Marielle's mouth, but he got the impression that that would not be a good idea, so he genteelly feed her some of the cake.
  18. 18. As the rest of their guests entered the dining room to grab some wedding cake, the conversation turned to Marielle taking over the running of the household. "I am looking forward to it," said Marielle.
  19. 19. "I have always thought that being the lady of a household must be very hard work." Said Carmen solemnly.
  20. 20. "Oh it is." Replied Alexandra. "I do not know how Mother managed, running the household, helping Father run the shops, raising us children. I find it tough enough running my house and looking after twins at times."
  21. 21. Marielle tuned out her sister-in-law as she continued to speak. Had these people never heard of delegation? She wouldn't have to do all the work, just supervise it. Anyone who did was a fool. If she had still been listening she would have heard Alexandra say "supervising the staff is a full time job. You have to be so careful that they do not take advantage and make sure that they are not being purposely wasteful. Can you believe that cook wanted a new dish cloth yesterday? She only had a new one four days ago. One wonders what she does with them.“ *** According to Ross Murray in the Modern Householder (published 1872) a cook should need a new dish cloth only once a week.
  22. 22. The happy couple bid their guests goodbye a couple of hours later and, having gotten changed into their everyday clothes, boarded the waiting carriage which would take them on their honeymoon.
  23. 23. As he lay exhausted in the bed at the cottage holding his wife, Eddie smiled. He really was very happy. True they had both been too tired to consummate the marriage, but there was always tomorrow night.
  24. 24. The next day dawned bright and clear. The cottage was right on the sea and Eddie headed down to watch the waves once he was dressed. It was surprising he thought, back home in Regalton it was bitterly cold, but here on the coast where he expected it to be colder, it was actually very warm.
  25. 25. He was still watching the waves when his wife came out. "Eddie there you are. I have been looking for you.“ "Good Morning Marielle, how are you today?“ "Well.“ "Good. I had thought that we could take a stroll along the promenade today.“ "How...lovely." She replied.
  26. 26. So they set off along the promenade. Marielle strode ahead. She knew that taking the air was a beneficial thing to do, but she would much rather that Eddie had suggested a day at the spa.
  27. 27. They continued walking until something caught Eddie's eye. "Look Marielle, a hot air balloon. Would you like to go for a ride?“ She just looked at him. Had he really just suggested she get in a hot air balloon? "No I do not think so.“ "Oh." Said Eddie disappointedly. At the look on his face she took pity on him. "You can go for a ride if you want, but I am not.“ He nodded at her and headed towards the balloon, determined not to let her see how much she had just hurt him.
  28. 28. As the balloon soared over Simmouth Eddie was lost in contemplation. He had thought that taking this trip would be a nice romantic gesture, and hadn't expected to be rebuffed. He had never noticed his mother act like that towards his father. He leaned on the edge of the basket and sighed. Maybe he was expecting too much. After all just because his parents always appeared to be happy when he was in their presence doesn't mean that they didn't have problems too.
  29. 29. Meanwhile Marielle had found something to occupy her. This part of the promenade was lined with entertainers of all sorts and she was enjoying watching a fire dancer.
  30. 30. She smiled as she watched his toned muscles bunch as he performed a particularly complex move. She did appreciate a well-toned body.
  31. 31. She was still watching the dancer when Eddie's hot air balloon trip ended. "Shall we continue our stroll?" He asked her. "Hmm? Oh yes I suppose." It was with one last look that she left the beach to follow Eddie along the front once more.
  32. 32. By the time they reached the end of the promenade the unpredictable British weather had changed and it was raining. Eddie was determined not to let that spoil his fun though and went down onto the beach to watch one of the human statues.
  33. 33. Marielle meanwhile was browsing the goods in one of the many shops which line the front. She was most impressed with the hat designs, and was looking for a shop assistant to help her. She hadn't seen anything so fashionable in Regalton, she'd probably end up shopping in Simdon for all her clothes.
  34. 34. By the time the two of them started for home, it was dark. As they passed the hot air balloon Eddie decided to try again and ask Marielle if she wanted to go for a ride, just the two of them.
  35. 35. "Oh for..." Marielle bit off the rest of her sentence. "Edward I did not want to go in the hot air balloon this morning, and I do not want to go in it this evening."
  36. 36. "I thought that it would be nice to go for a romantic balloon ride over Simmouth at night, but if you do not want to...“ "No Edward I do not. I am tired and I want to go to bed."
  37. 37. Eddie had perked up when Marielle had said about going to bed, so he was more than a little disappointed when she said goodnight to him and retired to the second bedroom alone.
  38. 38. As he got into his own bed Eddie knew he must have done something to upset Marielle but he wasn't sure what. His honeymoon certainly wasn't turning out like he had hoped it would. He made the decision that he would make more of an effort and listen to Marielle. Tomorrow they would do exactly what she wanted.
  39. 39. Eddie rose first the next day and was in the drawing room reading when Marielle came down. "Edward I would really like to do something I want to today."
  40. 40. Edward paused before answering. "I was going to ask you what you wanted to do today anyway.“ "You were?“ "Yes.“ "How kind of you. I would like to spend today at the Spa actually.“ "Then the Spa is where we will go."
  41. 41. The Spa was the reason that Simmouth had become a popular tourist destination as people flocked from far and wide to take the waters there.
  42. 42. Inside they split off into their respective sections: men and women were not permitted to bathe together. Every trip to the Spa started by imbibing the waters. As he drank the contents of his glass he couldn't suppress a shudder. "Urgh, that is vile. Why would anyone want to drink that?"
  43. 43. "Beats me." Said the attendant. "It is meant to do you good, but the only effect I've noticed is that it pays to stay near a water closet for a while.“ "Thank you for the advice." Said Eddie as he put his glass down, still mostly full. There was no way he was going to finish that.
  44. 44. Marielle meanwhile was in her element. This was the life, schmoozing with the other visitors to the Spa, taking the waters, and generally enjoying her new status.
  45. 45. Eddie had moved onto one of the pools. Apparently the mineral rich waters were meant to help draw out impurities, but he just couldn't see it. It was just like sitting in a cold bath.
  46. 46. He did enjoy the hot stone massage though. "You are very tense sir." Said the masseuse as she worked her magic. "Really? I do not feel...“ "Oh but you are.“ Eddie didn't say any more, but he did admit to himself that he felt much more relaxed once the massage was done.
  47. 47. In contrast to her husband Marielle was really enjoying her soak in the spa water. She was sure that she could feel the toxins being drawn out of her body as she lay there. As she relaxed her thoughts turned to her husband. She didn't know if it was their close proximity or something else, but since they had been away she was finding herself unable to curtail her irritation at him. Take yesterday for example. His suggestion that they go for a ride in the hot air balloon was really very sweet, and she had perhaps over-reacted. She sighed and vowed to make it up to him.
  48. 48. Eddie also really liked the hot spa pool he relaxed in last of all. This was much more enjoyable than the cold pool, and as he lay there with his eyes closed he heard the splash of someone joining him.
  49. 49. He was shocked on opening his eyes to see his wife sitting there naked. "Marielle what are you doing?“ "I thought I would join you.“ "But this is the gentleman's spa pool.“ "So?" She moved closer to him. "So I do not want my wife to be ogled by any Tom, Dick and Harry who walks in here. Marielle get out of the pool and put your clothes back on." He closed his eyes and leant back again. There was a pause before he heard his wife get out of the pool. It was lucky he couldn't see the look on her face as she did.
  50. 50. Once he got out of the pool Eddie went to find Marielle, since he knew he had better apologise to her. He found her in the courtyard where the hot springs emerged. "Marielle I am sorry I snapped at you. I just did not think that it was appropriate for you to join me in the pool, especially in a state of undress.“ Marielle just looked at him. She had hoped to make up for her behaviour the day before, and did not take too kindly to being rebuffed. "I am sorry." He reached out and caressed her face. "I noticed a nice restaurant along the front. Would you like to eat there tonight?“ She smiled, if he was making an effort, so could she. "Yes I would like that."
  51. 51. They were lucky to get seats at one of the best tables on the veranda, and as Eddie looked at his wife in the soft light of the candles, he thought about how lucky he was.
  52. 52. As for Marielle, she wasn't feeling at all irritated with her husband and in fact was quite enjoying his company.
  53. 53. And well, let's just say that the evening went very well indeed.
  54. 54. The next day Eddie managed to persuade Marielle to visit the botanical gardens with him. "Is this not nice my dear? I think that the work the collectors do is most credible. The plants in this collection are not native species, and it is lovely to see them here."
  55. 55. Marielle gave a small smile. She was still making the effort to be nice and curtail her irritation with him, but she wasn't feeling very well and was finding it a struggle. "Why do we not take a turn around the tropical greenhouse?“ "Alright then." She said unenthusiastically.
  56. 56. Once inside the greenhouse Eddie looked around enthusiastically. "This place is amazing. I must tell Father to bring Mother here, she would love it. She has always loved looking after the garden."
  57. 57. "Yes lovely. I am sure she would appreciate it." Marielle looked down at the ground and faked a sneeze. "Eddie I think I may be allergic to one of the plants here. Can we please go?“ "Oh, but of course my dear. I would hate for you to not to be having a good time."
  58. 58. They left the botanical gardens and headed back along the promenade. By the time they reached the little tea parlour it was raining. Never one to let the rain dampen his enthusiasm, or get in the way of his fun, Eddie went down to the beach to build a sandcastle.
  59. 59. Marielle meanwhile stayed inside with a cup of tea. She really wasn't feeling too good, and hoped that the tea would settle her stomach.
  60. 60. The rain soon stopped and they continued their walk until they arrived at the bathing beach. The water looked so inviting that Eddie decided to strip off and go for a swim.
  61. 61. After a little while though Marielle tired of sitting in the little café and walked towards the water. "Eddie, can we go now? I am getting cold and tired.“ "Yes, if you want." Shrugged Eddie getting out of the water.
  62. 62. They decided to take a stroll to the pier and sat on one of the benches at the end watching the water. "You have really caught the sun Eddie." Said Marielle. "Really? I must admit that I have had fun on this little break of ours."
  63. 63. Marielle looked out at the sea. She had had fun when she thought about it, especially when they had been at the places she wanted to be at. "It has been nice, yes.“ "I would like to come back sometime, perhaps with our children.“ "Yes, I am sure we can do that."
  64. 64. That night, once Marielle was asleep Eddie left the cottage to take a stroll along the beach. He sat in one of the deckchairs still out and stared at the sea. He had said the Marielle that he had had fun, and it was true he had, but he couldn't help but notice that when they had been somewhere he wanted to be that Marielle had been moody. She only cheered up and seemed to be enjoying herself when she was getting her own way. He hoped that it wasn't a sign of things to come.
  65. 65. While Eddie and Marielle had been on their honeymoon William had been busy at the shops. Will was determined that the businesses would be in the best possible shape when he eventually passed ownership onto his son. *** Chad Vetinari is from Doc's Vetinari Dualegacy.
  66. 66. Beth was as usual helping him out. There were very few days that she had not accompanied her husband to his shops. "Have you been ill sir?“ "No, why?“ "You look a little...nevermind. Perhaps I can interest you in this lovely vase?“ "I like your hat.“ "Oh, well thank you sir. The vase is...“ "The feathers bounce when you move!" "Yes, I suppose they do...“ *giggle* "I like that." *** Cassidy Vetinari is also from Doc's Vetinari Dualegacy. He's not in the happiest of places there so it's nice to see him goofy and happy whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  67. 67. Marielle and Eddie arrived home at about noon, slightly later than Eddie had wanted because he was starting his new job, but their journey home had not been an easy one. Eddie had left almost straight away for work leaving Marielle alone in the house, since William and Beth were at one of the shops. When the elder Legacys arrived home Marielle was reading the newspaper in the drawing room. "Ah daughter-in-law. I trust you and my son had a nice trip?" Asked William a huge smile on his face. "Yes, thank you.“ "Well we would like to hear all about it."
  68. 68. Marielle closed her eyes and groaned. She really did not want to converse with her in-laws. She folded the paper and got up from the chair.
  69. 69. "I do hope you do not mind if we speak of it tomorrow? The journey home was a very tiring one and I would like to rest.“ "Oh but I was hoping to go through some of the household tasks with you before the morning..." Started Beth. "Perhaps some other time Mrs Legacy.“ "Yes it will have to be.“ Beth watched Marielle leave the room.
  70. 70. That night when Eddie returned home, having secured his first promotion he was surprised to see his mother raking the fallen leaves laying on the road. "Mother what are you doing?“ "Oh hello Eddie. Good day at work?“ "Yes. You have not answered my question.“ "These leaves will not rake themselves.“ "Let me help you." And having said that he went round to the garden to fetch another rake. "Did you have a good time on you holiday darling?" Asked Beth when he returned.
  71. 71. "Yes. It was very nice." He fell silent as he thought about whether or not to tell his mother about Marielle's mood swings or their journey home. It had taken so long because Marielle was still not feeling well and the coach had to stop often for her to be ill. When he had enquired as to whether one of the cockles she had bought at the Whelk Stall had been off, she had just rolled her eyes at him and stared out of the window of the coach, refusing to speak to him for the rest of the journey. He decided against it, and instead continued. "The cottage Father has bought is very, very nice. You must go there with him.“ "I will speak to him about it. It will be nice to have a short break alone.“ "Yes and now Marielle is about to take over the running of the household, you can afford to have some time away."
  72. 72. Beth stared at the ground for a moment, then smiled. "I have had the responsibility of being the head of the family's wife for so many years now, it will be nice to let someone else shoulder it. I would like very much to be able to spend my twilight years with your father, relaxing and enjoying each other's company.“ "I am sure you will be able to do that." Replied her son.
  73. 73. The next day the reason for Marielle's sickness became apparent when she entered the second trimester of her first pregnancy. William became the first to know the news when he met her on the landing as he went downstairs to fetch in the newspaper. "My dear, you are with child!“ "Yes Mr Legacy."
  74. 74. "This is just the most wonderful news. Congratulations, and you do not have to call me Mr Legacy, I am your father-in-law." "I feel...awkward calling you Father...“ "Do not be silly. I insist, and I am sure that Beth would like you to call her Mother too.“ "Very well Father." William smiled and set off downstairs.
  75. 75. Eddie was also ecstatic, if slightly worried, to hear the news that he was going to be a father.
  76. 76. Beth was also pleased to hear that she was to become a grandmother again. She was always too busy to spend much time with Christopher and Bethany since Alexandra and her husband Anthony lived in the city.
  77. 77. It was a typically busy day for Beth. Her and William were to be found at Bouquet's where she divided her time between being the cashier... *** Having a large legacy family is the saviour of the businesses. Most of the family pop in at some point during the day. Here you can see Alexandra, Doc and Charles (William's youngest brother).
  78. 78. ...and selling the bouquets that William arranged. "This bouquet is especially fine. My husband was able to secure some fresh lilies this morning, very hard to come by at this time of year. I am sure that your friend will like them.“ "I am sure she will.“ "Your friend really is a very lucky lady.“ The customer adjusted the brim of his hat and smiled. "Yup she is.“ *** Indy Vetinari is once again from the Vetinari Dualegacy. Why yes I do have a lot of Vetinaris running around.
  79. 79. On their return from the shop Beth decided that it was time to speak to her daughter-in-law about taking on one of the more traditional responsibilities of legacy spouse. So far Marielle had only taken charge of choosing the menus for the day. Supervising Lucy, the maid-of-all-work, the store inventory, answering correspondence and the household accounts were being left to Beth. "Marielle can I speak with you?“ "Yes."
  80. 80. "It is about the legacy garden. Since you are now the wife of the head of the family it is time that you got started with planting it up. I have purposefully left off planting the next crop so that you can start it off." She looked at Marielle expectantly.
  81. 81. Marielle turned the page of her book. "No do not think that it is time for me to start gardening.“ "I am sorry?" Beth wasn't sure she had heard correctly. "I will not be doing any gardening. I can think of nothing worse than scrabbling about in the dirt looking after plants."
  82. 82. Beth tried again. "But every wife since my husband's grandmother has cared for the garden, growing vegetables to feed the family and provide extra cash when necessary."
  83. 83. "And I have no intention of carrying on with that. We have plenty of money now to buy our own groceries, or even hire a gardener.“ "We have a gardener...“ "Well, then you do not need me to do anything then do you?" And with that she closed her book, got up and swept out of the room.
  84. 84. It was a troubled Beth who went out into the greenhouse to start adding compost to the garden. Beth had loved looking after the garden, but she was ready to pass it to someone else now. With everything else she had to do during the day she was finding it tough to cope with, but Marielle had made it clear that she had no intention of doing this, and the garden needed to be planted up.
  85. 85. That night Eddie could be found down the Bull with Theo. Stanley had been invited, but perhaps unsurprisingly had been busy. He stared at his pint, lost in thought. Since she had been pregnant Marielle's mood swings had gotten worse. It seemed that he couldn't walk across the room without somehow upsetting her. He was so deep in thought that he didn't realise Theo was talking to him until Theo kicked his bar stool.
  86. 86. "Oh good, you are conscious. I asked you how married life was treating you, but from your behaviour tonight, I would say not well.“ Eddie looked at him. Should he tell him everything that had happened? Theo was after all his best friend, but something stopped him, and instead he forced a smile onto his face.
  87. 87. "I was thinking about work, not my matrimonial state. In fact marriage is treating me well, and actually I have some good news to share with you. Marielle is expecting. I am going to be a father."
  88. 88. Theo smiled at his friend. "That is excellent news, and actually I was going to tell you tonight that Doc is also with child. We are both going to be fathers.“ "Congratulations Theo, I am very happy for you both. Just think, the two of us fathers.“ "Yes I know." Replied Theo laughing. "Us fathers..."
  89. 89. Beth was still awake when Eddie got home from the pub. She hadn't been able to drift off to sleep, so much was going through her mind. "William are you awake?" She whispered. The answer was a snore. "William!" She hissed louder. Still no response. She tried again, this time kicking him in the leg as she did so. "William!“ "*snort* yes?“ "Good you are awake."
  90. 90. Beth told William about Marielle refusing to start working in the garden. "Well I am sure that it is only because she is with child. I am certain that once our grandchild is born she will be more than happy to start planting.“ "I do not think she will. Besides I tended the garden throughout all three of my pregnancies, your mother did the same throughout her five and I am more than certain that your grandmother did too. William I am worried. I am becoming an old woman, and cannot keep tending the garden. If Marielle does not take over, it will become a weed choked mess.“ "You are not old darling.“ "I am nearly 65 William, I am not getting any younger, and you are missing the real point.“ "I still think that we should wait until after the baby is born. She will probably be more amenable then."
  91. 91. "Now come here and we will have no more talk about you being an old woman.“ "Oh William."
  92. 92. Beth wasn't happy at William's suggestion that they wait until the birth of their grandchild to broach the subject of the garden with Marielle again, but she agreed to it nevertheless. Because of this she was to be found in the greenhouse once they had returned from Beth's Books one day.
  93. 93. As she weeded and watered the plants, her daughter-in-law was sleeping. Marielle had become the first legacy spouse to actually have a full confinement. She left her room only for short periods to read in the study, bathe and, when she didn't feel like having a tray brought up to her, eat.
  94. 94. Her typical day saw her maybe rising in the mid afternoon, and this particular day it was snowing when she did. It was so cold in her bedroom that she decided to see if she could get the fire lit.
  95. 95. Lucy had left for the day but in the hall she came across Beth. "Mother can you light the fire in my room whilst I bathe?“ "Can you not do it yourself?" Asked Beth, just wanting to sit down for a few minutes. "I hardly think that laying a fire is a job for an expectant lady."
  96. 96. Beth looked at her. "Yes because I never saw to the fires whilst I was pregnant. Just like I did not tend the garden. Of course I will light the fire for you.“ "Thank you that is most kind." Said Marielle totally ignoring the sarcastic tone to Beth's voice. She turned and headed back upstairs leaving Beth looking unbelievingly after her.
  97. 97. Beth did light the fire though, mainly because she may have been annoyed at her daughter-in-law, but she was still a kind woman. As Marielle warmed her hands by the flames she smiled. Her mother-in-law was sure that she should be doing more around the house, but she didn't see why. She would do what she wanted.
  98. 98. After she had lit the fire for Marielle Beth went into the library and took a novel down from the shelf. She stared at the page not taking in what was written there.
  99. 99. Marielle may have spent the day in bed, but her sister-in-law Alexandra had been very busy indeed. As well as running her own household, the twins Christopher and Bethany were now toddlers, and even though they employed a nursemaid, Alexandra liked to spend as much time looking after her children as possible.
  100. 100. Alexandra had been worried at first that Anthony might be resentful in some way of having to raise another man's children, but that had not proved to be the case. In fact every night, once he had returned home from work, he insisted on tucking in his step children. That night Alexandra watched him, the familiar fluttering in her stomach at the sound of his voice. His presence always had a physical effect on her: he caused her to smile, and her heart to pound and...the realisation hit her like a ton of bricks and she gasped.
  101. 101. Anthony heard her and turned to face her. "Are you well my dear?“ She managed to nod. "It is just I thought I heard you gasp. You are not in pain or ill?"
  102. 102. She smiled at him. "I am just weary my husband, and feel that it is time for bed.“ "I will bid you goodnight then my dear, and let you get to your bedchamber." He bent down and kissed her gently on the cheek.
  103. 103. Alexandra reached out and took his hands, then gently, but insistently she pulled him out of the nursery after her.
  104. 104. Anthony Smith lay in bed unable to drift off to sleep. He should be happy. All he ever wanted, all he ever needed, was here in his arms, but...there was a huge doubt in his mind. He adored this woman with every ounce of his being, and had done for years. She had always appeared fond of him, and nothing more until tonight, and the thought that she had only lain with him out of pity or matrimonial obligation was more than he thought he could stand. He wanted her to share his bed because she loved him, not because she felt she had to.
  105. 105. Alexandra shifted, pressing her body tight against his, and involuntarily he groaned.
  106. 106. "Are you awake?" Whispered Alexandra. "Yes." Anthony saw no reason to lie. "Good."
  107. 107. She rolled over to look at him. She looked at him intently, her eyes scanning every inch of his face as if seeing it for the first time. As she did so the corners of her mouth kept twitching as if she was struggling to hold in laughter.
  108. 108. "What is so amusing?" Asked Anthony slightly bewildered. "That it has taken me so long to work out that which should have been blindingly obvious." Came her reply. "And what is that?"
  109. 109. She smiled broadly. "That I love you Anthony Smith and have done since we first met.“ He looked at her, hardly daring to believe his ears. "All that time I thought I was in love with him I wasn't. Yours was the voice I looked forward to hearing when I rang the Prince of Wales Halls. It was the sight of you that made me smile, and you I could not wait to converse with again. I am just sorry that it has taken me so long to realise my own feelings for you.“ "Do you mean that?" Asked Anthony hoarsely. Her response was to lean over and kiss him, gently at first, then more passionately.
  110. 110. Beth stayed pretending to read in the library for the rest of the afternoon, and all evening. Since Marielle had started her confinement, Beth had once again taken over preparing the meals for the family, but she refused to even do that, leaving William and Edward to have left over cold cuts for dinner. By ten o'clock William had had enough of seeing his wife like this and decided to set about cheering her up. "Beth my dear, why do you not put that book down and we can talk.“ "William there is nothing I wish to discuss with you. I only want to be left alone to read my book in peace. Is that too much to ask?“ "Of course not. I cannot help but notice however that you have not got very far with it. Why not tell me what is wrong and let me cheer you up?“ "William I doubt even you can cheer me up."
  111. 111. That of course wasn't true.
  112. 112. Eddie found himself being kicked awake by Marielle in the early hours of the morning. "Marielle, what is wrong?" He asked as he sat up in bed.
  113. 113. "Baby is coming!" She replied through gritted teeth.
  114. 114. "What? Now? But what do I do?“ "I don't know!“ "But you require assistance.“ "Not from you! Go wake your mother or something vaguely useful!"
  115. 115. Eddie didn't make it to his parents' bedroom before Marielle gave birth to their first born son however. Albert George Legacy has his grandmother's skintone and eyes, and his mother's hair.
  116. 116. "Edward you take your son. I am going back to bed." Said Marielle handing the baby to him. "Hello little one." He breathed. "Marielle we have a son!" He said to his wife, but she had already climbed back into bed and turned her back on him. *** So with the birth of the fifth generation heir, this is where I will leave you for this chapter. Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed it, even if my flu ridden brain meant that it didn't make as much sense as usual. As always thanks goes out to the wonderful artists who create the CC I use, especially Judie at All-About- Style and the various artists at MTS2. Thanks also to all the authors whose simselves and legacy sims I've got running around in period garb. You can find all their stories and more at boolprop.com. =>
  117. 117. I still love this couple!