A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 12 The Plan


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As William comes clean about his activites, can anything be done to save the family?

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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 12 The Plan

  1. 1. Hello everyone and welcome back to my little Victorian legacy, the legacy where I am making my sims live as if they were alive 150 years ago. If there are any new readers amongst you, I suggest you go back and read the first eleven chapters, otherwise this probably won't make too much sense. Last time we were with the Legacys William had confided with Beth that he was in trouble and needed help. If everyone has settled down with their cup if tea, lets join them as that conversation comes to a close.
  2. 2. "And that is when, my dear I realised that I cannot find a way out of this on my own.“ William finished his sentence and looked at Beth expectantly. It hadn't been easy to tell her everything which had been going on, but he knew he had no choice. This was not something that he could deal with on his own any more. *** My narrative style has changed slightly for this chapter, because I think it is the best way to tell this particular part of the story. I started to change it at the end of the last chapter, so hopefully this won’t be too jarring for you.
  3. 3. Beth regarded him thoughtfully for a moment or two. "How long have you suspected something was not right?“ "A, a little while I admit, but I put the thoughts out of my head. I believed what I was told as an explanation, and ignored the evidence of my own eyes. Today's events were too much for me to be able to keep up the pretence any longer.“ "But, you never said a word to me.“ "I know. Can you forgive me?“ "Yes, I always do...You do realise we have to tell Miss Di William, we cannot deal with this by ourselves."
  4. 4. "I know Beth, you are right. I just feel such a fool. If only there was some way to make this go away quietly." He sighed. "There is not though William. Perhaps if you had confided in me sooner, but it is not worth having such thoughts. This is what we have to deal with now, and deal with it we shall."
  5. 5. William and Beth hoped that they would be able to leave the house as un-noticed as they had arrived, but it was not to be. The rest of the family had just finished a game of Myshuno, and hearing their footsteps on the tile of the hall, Edward ran out. "Papa you are home! Can we go and play trains now?"
  6. 6. "Oh, I am sorry son, but your mother and I have to go out again. Besides, have you completed your homework?“ "No, not yet. I thought that we could play first.“ "Well I tell you what Edward, if you have finished your homework by the time we are home, I will play trains with you until it is time for you to go to bed. Is that agreeable?“ Edward shuffled his feet "Yes Papa." And with that he dashed off towards the study.
  7. 7. At my mansion I was having a well deserved break when the door bell rang. It had been a mildly busy day for me. The morning had seen the other simselves and myself help Aphrodita and her two sons Timothy and John move out of our home and into one of their own. Not only was our mansion starting to fell a little cramped with two children running around the place, but all being well Henry, Aphrodita's husband, would be released from prison the next day. *** Aphrodita writes the brilliant Scarier than Thou.
  8. 8. The afternoon had seen me at the prison for the release of Suzie Ailoto, the cow Henry had manipulated into trying to kill William during their time at university.
  9. 9. One would never believe to see her now that she was the same cow who was arrested all those days ago. I had high hopes that she would be able to rejoin society and even become an asset to that society.
  10. 10. After that duty was done I spent an hour or so chatting to the newly promoted Sergeant Kauker, trying to work out all of the details for Henry's release the next day. We both agreed that he had changed since his marriage, and that he was ready to be released back into society.
  11. 11. I had arrived home just in time to help Cee and Lea, two new residents of the village, move in, and now wanted a bit of a rest. The doorbell rang again, and I waited to see if anyone was on the way to answer it. From the games room upstairs came the sound of Angela playing the guitar. She was never far from a musical instrument and seemed to go into a trance like state when she was playing. I knew Cee and Lea were probably unpacking their things, and Gin was at work. That left Michelle. She was probably studying for her next promotion. Sighing I got up and went to the front door. *** Cee, (charris) writes the Regacy a fantastic legacy set about fifty years earlier than mine. Lea, (thls0) is the author of the fab Barsoom Legacy. Angela, (thepiepers5) is currently writing Th'a Simple Life. Gin, (gintasticnecat) writes The Science of a Legacy. Michelle, (Michellefobbs/Michaelfobbs) is the author of a Planetary Apocalypse. These are fantastic stories, so go and check them out.
  12. 12. Opening the door I was surprised to find Beth and William standing there. "Beth, William, what a pleasant surprise. It has been too long since I last saw the two of you."
  13. 13. "Yes it has," Beth replied, "although you might not be saying how pleasant it is that we are here after you have heard all we have to say."
  14. 14. Feeling intrigued and more than slightly worried, I invited the two of them into the house and lead them into the drawing room. I turned to face them, "Right then what can I do for you? What is on your minds?"
  15. 15. "Um, well Miss Di, I really do not know where to start." Said William. "I find the beginning is the best place for that William." I replied, my apprehension mounting at his manner.
  16. 16. So that is where he started. He told me about how his joy at finally finding a job in the career he wanted, even though it was contrary to his personality, had turned to apprehension as to what he was doing. An apprehension that no amount of him trying to reassure himself that he was just doing a job could fully calm.
  17. 17. He told me about how his colleague had telephoned him one night to tell him that they had some into possession of some copies of some paintings and were looking for a way of moving them and making some money from it.
  18. 18. He told me that he had started to sell these copies at Beth's Brac-a-Brac, but no matter how many he sold, there were always more where they came from and they always smelled of fresh oil paint when they were delivered. Later he had found out that the originals of the paintings had been stolen just before the copies had started turning up.
  19. 19. Finally he told me how he had gone to work that day as a counterfeiter to find that his colleagues really were printing thousands of simoleons worth of counterfeit banknotes and had told him to start passing them through his shops when he gave out change. On his way to the counterfeiting machines, he had passed one of his colleagues at work painting another copy for his shop, working from what he suspected was the original painting. This was the last straw and he now had to acknowledge that this was not some sort of criminal career with a pension plan; he and his colleagues were real criminals committing serious crimes which could lead to him being incarcerated.
  20. 20. Having heard what William had to say I sat there in silence for a moment. I could scarcely believe my ears, my nice little heir, the one who put his family before everything, was a criminal. A real life criminal. My entire legacy could come crashing down around my ears if he were caught and imprisoned; the family would be destroyed.
  21. 21. Finally I could keep my feelings inside no longer and burst out "William what on earth were you thinking of? Why did you not come to me when you had your first suspicions? Why let yourself get so caught up in what was happening?"
  22. 22. "I am truly sorry Miss Di, but I can only apologise so many times. I was handed explanations and I believed them. I don't know, maybe I am too trusting, or maybe the fact of the matter is that I was too blinded by my own ambition to want to listen to the prickling of my conscience. That is something I will have to live with, and recriminations will not help me, us, to get out of this mess.“ "Exactly Miss Di," added Beth, "whether or not my husband should have come to you sooner is of no consequence. We should be coming up with a solution for this problem."
  23. 23. "But Beth," I exclaimed "if he had done so, I could have gotten him out of there and into the proper career path, now I have no idea what to do.“ "Can he not just quit?" Beth asked suddenly. "No, I do not think so." I shook my head. "He is in far too deep and knows too much about these criminals. They will not let him just walk away from this, it would be far too risky for them." I sighed.
  24. 24. "There must be something that we can do Miss Di. I refuse to believe that there is no way out. I will do anything to get my family out of this mess I have caused, I just need to now what the best course of action is."
  25. 25. There was no doubting the sincerity of William's words, but the course of action we would have to take was eluding me at that moment. "I know William, but I need time to think about this and come up with a plan."
  26. 26. "In the meantime, the sun is about to set. I suggest you go home and look after your children. Stay away from Beth's Bric-a-Brac for the time being. I also don't think that it is advisable for you to go Bouquet's or start trading at the Toybox yet. I will contact you once I have decided what to do, and if I need you to do anything. Until then don't even go to work. Stay in your house away from everyone. One more thing before you leave though, I need the names of your colleagues and where you were taken to work today."
  27. 27. After he had given me the information I wanted it was time for William and Beth to leave. "I am truly sorry Miss Di." he said as he hugged me. "I know William, and I promise I will do my up most to get this situation resolved as soon as possible."
  28. 28. Once they had left I called a mini simself meeting. Gin had arrived home, but Angela and Michelle had gone to work, so it was a small group who sat down in our drawing room. I told them as plainly as I could what he had said, and how my entire legacy was now in jeopardy.
  29. 29. "Oh my fishsticks this is awful Di. I cannot believe that William could be so naïve as to not realise that something was deeply wrong and come to you for help sooner.“ "Neither can I." I said sadly. "If he is arrested and has to move out of the legacy house..." Gin couldn't finish the sentence.
  30. 30. "I know." I stared into space. I had never thought that William would be the one who would so nearly destroy the family, his twin yes, but not him
  31. 31. "Well," said Lea "I for one am willing to help you anyway possible Di, we just need to come up with a plan of action, and if we can't, let's face it, who can?"
  32. 32. "Oh absolutely," said Cee "there is always a solution; we just have to find it.“ Feeling slightly cheered I gave a wan smile. "Right I shall make a fresh pot of tea," said Gin, "and then we can start brainstorming."
  33. 33. Meanwhile back at the family home the fourth generation heir was oblivious to the drama that involved his family. His father had said that he would play with him if he got his homework finished, and Edward was determined that that is what he would do. Every so often he would stop what he was doing and look out of the study window and down the road to see if he could catch a glimpse of his parents yet. He had just put down his pen when he saw them cross the road in front of the Palisade.
  34. 34. He ran through the drawing room and out into the hall. "Mama, Papa you are home. I have done my homework, can we play trains now?“ William hesitated, he had so many things he wanted to discuss with Beth, but he had promised his son they would play. "Of course Edward." And holding his son's hand he lead him upstairs.
  35. 35. William and Edward surveyed the track intently. "So my son, what do you think we should do first?“ "I think it needs a lake Papa, where the little boys can go fishing and swimming. I wish we had a big lake nearby, but we do not. I would so love to go fishing and swimming in a lake.“ "We have a pond Edward, you can fish in that.“ "Yes, but I am sure that it is not the same."
  36. 36. After a couple of hours work it was done, the track now had a lake. "What do you thing Edward?“ "It is perfect Papa.“ "Good, I am glad that you are happy with it. Now it is getting late so I think that you should go to bed.“ "Yes Papa. Thank you Papa, you are the best Papa in the world." William smiled sadly as he watched his son trot out the door.
  37. 37. He walked to the controls and started the train on its circular journey. As he watched the train travelling around the tack he started to muse. How could he have been so stupid? He was not unintelligent, after all he had gained a first class honours degree from university. Thinking about his time at university brought back memories of what had happened right at the end of his final year. How could he be so blind when it came to other people's intentions? First his twin brother's, and now his work colleagues. He had said that his ambition could have blinded him, but the more he thought about that, the less true it seemed: he became convinced that he just couldn't judge people's characters well and that is what had caused this mess. Whatever the final outcome, William knew that he could not live with himself if anything happened to his family because of his actions.
  38. 38. Whilst William was lost in his own little world, Beth was putting their youngest child to bed. "Goodnight Victoria, sweet dreams. Your Mama and Papa love you very much.“ She straightened up and sighed. The family was facing a crisis, she knew it, she just hoped that they were strong enough to come through it all.
  39. 39. Beth was relaxing on the bed when William decided to put the trains away and go to bed. "I am such a fool Beth, you must be regretting the day you set eyes on me, let alone agreed to marry me." He said as he settled back against the pillow. "Stop being ridiculous William. I love you with all my heart and have done since our second date. We will get through this together.“ "But I have misjudged these people and now our family faces ruin."
  40. 40. "William my darling, you are a good man. You are straight forward and honest and you expect others to be the same.“ "Henry's actions should have proven to me that that is not the case, and yet I have made the same mistake again. Face facts Beth, I am a fool.“ "No William, you are not," but her protests fell on deaf ears, William was in no mood to be reassured.
  41. 41. “I love you William Legacy," said Beth as she kissed him goodnight. "And I love you too Beth Legacy. You are far too good for me."
  42. 42. Sleep did not come easily to William that night, and it was in the early hours of the morning that he finally decided that rather than laying there tossing and turning he would get up.
  43. 43. In an effort to distract himself he crept downstairs to the hobby room and went over to the flower arranging bench he had set up. His intention was to make some more bouquets which could be shipped over to his florists, but he was so distracted that every arrangement he tried looked like a bunch of weeds pulled up from the garden and shoved into a jam-jar.
  44. 44. Sighing he put the flowers down and padded into the morning room. He flung himself down onto the settee and started to brood. The events of the past few days swirled around his head, but by sunrise he had a plan.
  45. 45. William was not the only one to rise early that day: myself and the other simselves had been up for a couple of hours putting the finishing touches to our plan before we breakfasted. "So," said Gin, are we all set now?"
  46. 46. "I think so, yes." I replied "Obviously I need to go and oversee the release of Henry in half an hour, but once that duty is out of the way, we can go and put an end to this whole mess."
  47. 47. I turned to Michelle who had just joined us at the table. "I am sorry I had to ring you at work last night, but were you able to accomplish what I asked?"
  48. 48. "Not a problem Di, I was not out on a job so you did not disturb me. As for what you asked, it is all done. They are still rather startled to have a simself working with them and readily agreed to your request.“ "Excellent, thank you Michelle. Right we shall proceed when I get home then. Can you ask the inhabitants of the other house to join us before then?“ "Of course."
  49. 49. William waited until his children were on the school bus and his father was seeing to the compost bins before quickly setting about his ablutions. He hoped to be able to put his plan into action before his wife had finished tidying up the breakfast things. Unfortunately his timing was slightly out and Beth exited the dining room just as the telephone began to ring at the other end. "What are you doing William?“ "I have to do something Beth, I cannot just sit here in this house doing nothing. I am going to give your idea a go.“ "My idea? Are you sure that is wise?“ "I do not know..."
  50. 50. "Hello.“ "Russ, it is William.“ "William? What do you want?“ "I want to resign."
  51. 51. "You want to do what?“ "I want to resign. I no longer want to be part of the criminal career track."
  52. 52. "What 'as brought this on so suddenly William? I fought you were 'appy working wiv us?“ "I was, but I been thinking about leaving for a little while, and I feel it is time for me to move on. I do not really need to work any more, and so I think I will not."
  53. 53. "Haha, well in that case, I am afraid I 'ave got bad news for you buddy. This ain't no normal career, you can't resign from this mate."
  54. 54. "Wh, whatever do you mean?" stammered William, although he had worked it out for himself hearing Russ say those words made an icy chill of fear run through his blood.
  55. 55. "William mate, we're real criminals, there ain't no way you are getting out of this until we are ready for you to go, and who knows when that may be? Face it you are in as deep as you can get."
  56. 56. "I can just not turn up you know, or, or go to the police.“ "William now is really not the time to try to grow a backbone."
  57. 57. "I agree, you could do either of those things, but fink about it, is that somefing you really want to try? I understand that your eldest daughter 'as grown into a beautiful young lady, it would be such a shame if the wrong sort of man decided to try to woo her."
  58. 58. "Then of course there is your only son, which makes him your heir does it not? Such a playful little boy, but 'e really ought to take care playing near the road, some of these carriages just fly around the neighbourhood don't they?“ William was silent, he could scarcely believe his ears. "I must not forget your beautiful wife must I? It would be so sad if somefing were to 'appen to mar 'er perfect face, but some people get so jealous when they see such beauty they cannot 'elp but act ...rashly."
  59. 59. "So you see William, there is no way out of this for you without you 'urting those you love. See you at work tonight."
  60. 60. Chuckling softly to himself, Russ Bear exited the office and made his way along the gantry overlooking the main warehouse floor. "Hey," he called down to his colleague Jessica, "guess who that was on the phone.“ *** The warehouse is Simlaysons Textile Factory by m618915 over at MTS2. I stripped out the sewing machines and altered it to fit my purposes.
  61. 61. "Who?" she called up, she was busy and didn't want to be disturbed, especially by Russ Bear. "Legacy.“ "Which one?“ "That sap William.“ "Hah, what did he want?"
  62. 62. "You are never going to believe this." He gloated. "Well hurry up and tell me then." Jessica could feel the little patience she had starting to wear thing. Bear had his uses, but he did like to make a meal out of things. "He only wants to quit!"
  63. 63. "Haha, you are kidding me. He still thinks that this is a nine to five job he can quit?“ "Yup.“ "Oh man, that is one of the funniest things I have heard for ages what did you tell him?" She wasn't lying, perhaps being disturbed by Bear this time was worth something after all.
  64. 64. "I told 'im not to be so stupid, that it wasn't the sort of job you could quit, and then maybe made a few...freatening remarks about 'is family." Bear sounded so pleased with himself, she knew he was waiting for her to congratulate him on dealing with the situation. "I bet that shut him up." She replied with a slight edge of sarcasm in her voice. Violence and threats were his answer for everything, but occasionally they worked. "It certainly did." He smirked. Jessica thought about this for a moment. "You don't think that that was a bit much do you? It might provoke him.“ "Him? Nah, the man has no backbone, it will just keep 'im in line."
  65. 65. Bear hesitated, "D'you fink we should tell the other one?“ "What that his dopey brother wants to quit?“ "Yes, it is somefing he needs to know about?"
  66. 66. Jessica stood there thinking for a bit. He would want to know: it would amuse him no end from what she understood about his character. She reached a decision. "Nah. He's getting out of prison today, I doubt he will be thinking about this place and us three. Leave him be for today, you can tell him tomorrow." With that she turned and picked up her paint brush again.
  67. 67. At the prison Sergeant Kauker and I made our way to Henry's cell, his home for the past 20 sim days. "Well Henry," I said, "shall we get on?"
  68. 68. He smiled at me. "If you do not mind Miss Di; that would be most agreeable.“ He was wearing the clothes he has last worn at university and I was astonished to see that they still fitted him perfectly. Looking at him standing there it was as if no time had passed. I gathered my thoughts. "Sergeant if you would be so kind?" I gestured at the lock.
  69. 69. Sergeant Kauker unlocked the cell and led Henry out into the reception area. "Well Henry," I said as I turned to him, "I hope that you have learnt your lesson. I am sorry you were imprisoned for so long, but your crime was heinous and you had to be punished for it."
  70. 70. "I know. I realise now what I did was wrong. I should have been happy with my lot in life and left it at that. As it is I have missed out on so much of life because of my actions. Well I may have missed Timothy's first steps, but I do not intend to miss John's."
  71. 71. I was slightly taken aback by this. After all this time did I still expect him to bluster on about how what he did was right and that he should be heir? Yes I did. I truly hoped that this was a different Henry in front of me, but there was still part of my brain that whispered to me that this man had tried to kill his twin brother. "Good luck Henry, I am sure that Aphrodita is waiting for you at home. Just...stay out of trouble though yeah?"
  72. 72. "Oh I will do that Miss Di. I have no intention of ever being locked up here again. Good day to you Miss Di.“ With that he walked out of the door of the gaol towards freedom.
  73. 73. "That went well." I said turning to Dorian. "Yes it went very smoothly Miss Di.“ "Thank you for your time, but I must be off." I made to go.
  74. 74. "Must you go so soon?" he asked. "Yes I afraid so, lots to do; the neighbourhood doesn't run itself you know.“ "Is that all? You seem more than usually distracted today."
  75. 75. "I, I really have no idea what you mean Sergeant...“ “Miss Di, you can barely stand to be in the same room as me." He looked over his shoulder to make sure Constable Centowski wasn't about. "This is because I told you how I feel about you yesterday, is it not?" He said in a low voice. I was stunned, I had dealt with the incident, a kiss as I was leaving, at the time and he had mumbled something about being mistaken in his intentions and I had believed that to be the end of it.
  76. 76. "No Sergeant, that is not it at all, I am just very busy today and must get on.“ "It is very kind of you to say so, but I know the real reason.“ I sighed, I had far too much to be dealing with without having to reassure Dorian as well.
  77. 77. I decided I may as well pick his brain about something that had been bugging me since William had come to see me. The names he had provided me with seemed familiar but I just couldn't place them. Hopefully this would placate him and I would be able to leave. "Look, Sergeant I am really very busy. I am looking into the activities of a few sims in the neighbourhood and I need to get back. In fact you may be able to give me some extra information on them. Their names are Jessica Ebadi, Russ Bear and Gordon King."
  78. 78. His face fell. “Miss Di, please stay away from them.“ "Why, who are they?" I demanded. "They are the most notorious criminals in the whole county. They are wanted in connection with multiple burglaries and have been known to turn violent when cornered."
  79. 79. "Really?" I could feel my confidence that we would be able to deal with them quickly start to ebb away. "Yes, I managed to catch Bear a little while ago, and he put up quite a fight let me tell you.“ "You caught Bear?“ "Yes must be about, what...fifteen or sixteen days ago now, but I had to release him due to insufficient evidence."
  80. 80. I was silent. “Miss Di, please stay away from them. If you have any evidence that they may be breaking the law you must hand that evidence over to me and let myself and PC Centowski deal with them.“ But I couldn't do that. Any evidence I had would implicate William too. A little white lie was in order. "Thank you Sergeant for your concern. At the moment my activities are purely observational and evidence gathering. If, I mean, when I need your help I will be sure to call on you. Good day to you Sergeant." I turned on my heels and fled.
  81. 81. William put the receiver down following his conversation with Bear. The icy chill of fear was gone, replaced with cold fury now. "William?" queried Beth. He didn't respond.
  82. 82. "William," she tried again, "what did he say?“ "That I cannot quit, not that that was much of a surprise." He said in a low voice. "That is not all though." He couldn't meet her eyes. "What else did he say?“ "He threatened our family." "He did what?“ "He threatened our family." He started towards the door.
  83. 83. She caught his arm and pulled him back. "This is terrible; we must go to Miss Di at once.“ "No.“ "What do you mean no? She has to know of this.“ For the first time since he had got off of the phone he looked her square in the eye and she flinched. All the panic that had clouded his eyes since yesterday afternoon had fled and in its place was a steely resolve. This wasn't her husband standing in front of her, this was a man she didn't know.
  84. 84. "Beth," he said in an undertone, "he threatened my family. He threatened Alexandra, he threatened Edward and he threatened you. Nobody threatens my family. This ends today.“ He knew now what he had to do, his vague plans conceived in the early hours of the morning coalesced into something concrete.
  85. 85. He started purposefully towards the door. "William, wait..." He grabbed his hat and coat from the coat stand, put his coat over his arm and placed his hand on the door handle. "Please William..." Beth tried again to detain him, but at that moment a cry came from upstairs.
  86. 86. "Mamaaaa, Mamaaaa." Their youngest child was awake and wanted to be fed.
  87. 87. "Mama is coming darling." Beth called up the stairs. "William can you at least wait..." the front door slammed cutting her off mid sentence.
  88. 88. Back at my mansion, I finished outlining the plan to the rest of the simselves. "...and then we stomp them. Any questions?" I really hoped there wouldn't be any, my talk with Dorian had left me on edge. *** The lady in green with her back to us is Styxlady author of the fantastic Just Another Legacy. The lady with her hands on her hips is Circe, simself of hbcirce writer of the brilliant Geogacy.
  89. 89. I needn't have worried, the plan was simple in the extreme, and the simselves were approving of it. "At least we are not wasting time with the police today." Said DrSupremeNerd. "Yes, this needs ending as quickly as possible." Agreed Cee. *** DrSupremeNerd writes the awesome Vetinari Dualegacy.
  90. 90. We were just about to grab our coats and hats when the phone rang. Unable as I am to ignore a ringing phone, I answered it hoping that the conversation would be quick. "Hello... oh hello Beth, I can't really talk right now..."
  91. 91. "He's what?...Calm down...yes I know but I need you to tell me calmly what has happened...I got that part...well did he say where he was going?...Ah hah...right..."
  92. 92. "I see...no, no, no you stay there, leave this with me. I will get this sorted I promise, goodbye.“ "Everything alright Di?"
  93. 93. "No Lea it is not. Beth says William has left the house after speaking to Bear. She says he is acting out of character and has promised to put an end to the situation."
  94. 94. "What does that mean?“ "I don't know.“ "You don’t think William would do anything drastic to them do you?“ She queried.
  95. 95. "I have no idea. Beth said he was very angry, she has never seen him like that. Apparently Bear threatened the one thing that means the most to William, his family. I really think that there is no telling what he could do in this situation“ I stood in silence for a minute, my mind whirring as I tried to anticipate what William might do.
  96. 96. "Ok folks," I said at last, "the plan has changed. Doc, Jessica, Styx, Circe, Gin, Lea and Michelle I want you to go the warehouse as planned. Rather than going in though, I want you to make sure that William is not there, and if he turns up stall him. Do not let him go inside in any circumstances. Cee, Angela and Jonny you're with me. I can think of only one other thing that William would do, and if he has done that we need to think of a plan and quickly. Everyone clear on what they need to do? Good, lets go.“ We grabbed our coats and hats and went out the door. *** Jessica is the simself of Mzyra a regular at boolprop.com who said in my thread that my legacy made her wish that she lived in Victorian times. I can't transport her back in time, but I can put her simself in my neighbourhood. Jonny (JwoodsBuzz) writes the amazing a Grave Legacy.
  97. 97. Across the village William left his coat hanging over Robert's fence and rang the doorbell. "William it is so good to see you. We do not seem to see enough of each other lately." Robert said pulling his brother into an embrace. "No, busy lives and all that. Can I come in?" Sensing the abruptness in his manner, Robert quickly stepped back to let William into his house.
  98. 98. William made his way into the drawing room and sat down Robert was now certain that something was very wrong. His brother, normally so courteous would never be so rude as to take a seat without being invited unless there was a very good reason behind it. Robert sat down next to him. "William, for goodness sake man, what is wrong?“ So William told him, leaving nothing out, including what he planned to do about it.
  99. 99. When he had finished Robert looked at him in shock, questions crowding his mind. Finally he asked the most pressing one. "Are you sure you want to do this?“ "I do not see any other way, do you?" Robert sat thinking, he could see other solutions but he was not sure if his brother would agree to them.
  100. 100. William took his silence as acquiescence. "As you see this is the only way out of this mess for my family.“ "And what about you?" Robert said very quietly. A spasm of doubt crossed William's face, but was quickly replaced with resolve. "They are what matters, not me and not the Creator's stupid challenge. My son has to be free to play in the front garden without his mother fearing he will be knocked down by a criminal with a grudge against me. I do this and they cannot touch my family. Will you help me?“ "Of course I will." Yet even as he said it Robert knew that things were unlikely to work out exactly as William had planned.
  101. 101. Robert walked to the stairs and shouted up to his wife. "Cecilia I am going out with William, I am not sure what time I will be back, so do not wait dinner for me."
  102. 102. Cecilia shifted her daughter's weight slightly and sighed. "But Robert," she called back, "I thought we were going to spend the day together. You work so hard I barely see you.“ "I am sorry dear, but this is urgent family business.“ Cecilia shook her head, wasn't them spending the day together family business? Why did his brother's family always take priority when there was a choice? She knew better than to argue though. "You had better go then." She called down.
  103. 103. Robert grabbed his coat and followed William out of the door. Best to get this over and done with, at least then some of them could get on with their lives.
  104. 104. The nearby town of Bluewater had undergone a sudden expansion in recent years, and key to that were the warehouses that had started to spring up near the shore of the lake. Inside one of these Gordon King strolled up to Russ Bear. "Um, shall I box up the next consignment of paintings for Bric-a-Brac?" He hated talking to Bear, he always acted as if he, Bear, was in charge and made him, Gordon, feel stupid and insignificant. If it wasn't for Jessica he would be out of here.
  105. 105. "Why yes that is a good idea mate, but this time just make sure you don't box up an original painting too, right?"
  106. 106. Gordon sighed, 'here he goes.' He thought, but aloud he said "You are never going to let me forget that are you? It was an honest mistake, it should never have been put in that pile in the first place." Gordon had his suspicions as to how it had got there, but as Jess had pointed out to him, for the time being it paid to have Bear around.
  107. 107. "I know it was, but still you imbecile an original painting is at this moment 'anging in someone's 'ome and sold for a fraction of its true value. Make sure it doesn't 'appen again or I will deal wiv you." He turned his back on Gordon who turned to go. As he did he saw Jessica was looking up at the gantry from the warehouse floor. She raised her chin asking if he was ok. He nodded back, but perhaps it was time that they had a chat about the future and Russ Bear.
  108. 108. Outside the warehouse a number of simselves in very fetching hats were keeping watch. After making sure that William was not already inside they has settled down to wait and see if he turned up. That was nearly an hour and a half ago now and some of them found the wait was beginning to get boring. *** Author's note I have finally got round to using the Wardrobe Wrangler to re-categorise my collection of hats as BV jewellery, so you will be seeing a lot more sims wearing hats with outerwear.
  109. 109. "I must admit," said Lea, "that I didn't realise that living in Victorian Simland would be quite so eventful. I expected tea and cakes not waiting outside warehouses."
  110. 110. "I know what you mean." Replied Jessica, "I thought that living in Victorian times would mean that I would be a housewife and that there would be romance and men with manners. Somehow waiting outside a warehouse in the cold waiting to see if the heir to a legacy is going to turn up never crossed my mind."
  111. 111. Styx had other worries. "I am not entirely certain I am happy with the idea of stomping these criminals Circe. I have nine nice points. Can we not invite them to sit down and discuss their reasons for doing this?"
  112. 112. "What?" Circe could hardly believe her ears. "Styx there is no reasoning with people like this, we have to end this once and for all. This needs killing at the root.“ "Circe, do you think you are getting a little bit carried away?“ "No, not at all."
  113. 113. Just then I arrived with a few more people in tow. "Not arguing are we ladies?" I asked. "No, of course not, we are having a slight disagreement about tactics is all." Replied Circe.
  114. 114. "I see you have found William then," said Doc, "and you appear to have brought the local constabulary with you." She raised her eyebrows in askance. "Oh yes," I replied, "we found William and Robert on their way to the gaol."
  115. 115. Circe rounded on William. "You went to the police?“ "What else would you expect me to do?" asked William in astonishment. "Well..."
  116. 116. I decided to interrupt. I was still not one hundred percent sure that William would continue to go along with the plan Cee, Angela, Jonny and I had outlined to him when we had found him and Robert heading towards the gaol that morning. "Yes William decided that it was time for us to call on the services of the police. The undercover operation we have been mounting has got to the point where we can hand all the evidence over to them and allow them to arrest the criminals." I was labouring the point I knew, but I wanted to make sure that everyone picked up the salient points.
  117. 117. "Yes thank you for the information you and Mr Legacy have provided Miss Di. I think that it is now time you let Constable Centowski and myself take over."
  118. 118. "I am not sure that the two of you should go in there alone Sergeant." I said. "I agree." Said Cee "Please Miss Di, Madam we are the officers of the law in this part of the county. Surely you are not suggesting that we are incapable of arresting a group of criminals." I could hear the anger in his voice and I cursed the phrasing I had used.
  119. 119. "Sergeant you mistake me." I said, "I merely meant that you will be outnumbered by them and it would be wise if we accompanied you to assist if necessary." "Very well. You can all come in with us, but you are to keep well back and do as I tell you." I could tell he was not happy, but at least he was willing for us to enter the warehouse. Of course we would have gone in any way, but it pays not to antagonise the police too much. With the police officers taking the lead we made our way towards the warehouse.
  120. 120. Inside the warehouse Gordon finished nailing down the lid of the crate he had just packed and stretched. All of the finished paintings were now ready to go. Whilst he was working he had decided that he really did need to talk to Jess about moving onto a new job. They had been doing this one for far longer than any other and he thought they were starting to get complacent. He longed for the exhilaration of planning something different and moving to a new place. Besides he hated the feeling that they weren't fully in charge. Neither he nor Jess had ever met the bloke who had set this up, although Jess had spoken to him on the telephone a couple of times when Bear wasn't around to take the call. When push came to shove would he just leave them to take the blame? He was sure of it. Yes a new start, just him and Jess was what was needed.
  121. 121. He was so lost in thought that he didn't see the group of simselves and police until we had entered the warehouse and Kauker and Centowski were nearly upon him. He didn't even think of running, what was the point? There was only one other exit, and he would be caught before he made it half way there. Instead he just called out "Jess."
  122. 122. "Gordon Tiberius King," said Sergeant Kauker, "you are under arrest for the theft of several paintings from the Sim National Gallery, and counterfeiting currency of the Royal Bank of Simland." As Dorian continued to read him the warrant, Gordon just sighed.
  123. 123. In another part of the warehouse Jessica was trying to concentrate over the noise of the counterfeiting machines. As she mixed some more paint she thought she heard her name. "Bear did you just hear something?" she asked. No response. "BEAR" she shouted.
  124. 124. "WHAT?" came the reply. "DID YOU JUST HEAR SOMETHING?“ "NAH, I CAN'T HEAR ANYFING OVER THIS BEAST. THAT OAF GORDON PROBABLY DROPPED 'IS HAMMER ON 'IS FOOT OR SOMEFING.“ She sighed, the more she was around Bear the more she disliked him, and his constant belittling of Gordon was more than trying. She would have to think about ditching him.
  125. 125. Sergeant Kauker strong-armed King out of the room and into a small entry hall. "Can I trust you ladies to look after this man whilst Constable Centowski and I apprehend his accomplices?“ "Of course." Replied Cee. "Changed your mind about our usefulness have you?" asked Doc. Dorian muttered something about trying to keep people out of the way and went back into the warehouse proper before any of us could respond.
  126. 126. Leaving Cee and the Doc to look after King, the rest of us hurried after the policeman We had been aware of a thumping sound when we entered the warehouse but as we made our way to the main floor of the building it intensified. We approached with caution and peered round the corner to see several easels set up in front of what appeared to be the originals of the Stodgy Badger portraits. Jessica Ebadi was standing at one, paintbrush in her hand.
  127. 127. Dorian beckoned us to be quiet and he cautiously approached her. He needn't have worried the noise of the nearby machine was enough to mask his movements. She didn't know he was there until he started to speak. She was silent until after he had read her the warrant and then she asked "You have Gordon?“ "Yes." Sergeant Kauker handed her over to Jonny and Angela to look after, earning more meaningful looks from the assembled simselves. That done he crept round to the other side of the dividing wall to arrest Bear.
  128. 128. Unfortunately for him at that moment Bear had to put more ink into the counterfeiting machine and saw him coming. Quick as a flash he incapacitated Kauker by throwing the drum of ink at him and made to get away round the other side of the dividing wall
  129. 129. He really should have chosen a better warehouse though and there was only one exit which was past us. Constable Centowski made to intercept him. "Russ Bear...“ "Out of the way pig!" Bear shoved him trying to get past.
  130. 130. Dorian may have made the previous arrests but PC Centowski was no slouch either when it came to the nitty gritty of police work and there was no way that he was going to let Bear get past him.
  131. 131. There was never really any doubt that PC Centowski would win but Bear certainly looked surprised as Ramin finally gained the upper hand.
  132. 132. As Centowski snapped the handcuffs onto him Bear snarled, "You may fink that this is the end copper, but it ain't. I 'ave influential friends and I will not be inside for long you mark my words.“ He was still blustering and raving as he was lead outside to join King and Ebadi.
  133. 133. As the three criminals were lead away by PC Centowski and an ink covered Sergeant Kauker, William finally entered the warehouse. He had quite sensibly been keeping out of the way during the arrests. “Miss Di, thank you. I may not be entirely happy with the deception we have engaged in, but with these three in prison, a weight has been lifted from my mind."
  134. 134. I smiled at him. "That is quite alright William. Your family means a lot to me and if I can keep it safe and everything on track then I will. I hope you will agree that it is better for us to keep up this pretence no matter what those three may say, rather than you confess the truth to Dorian?“ "I understand, really I do, it is just not part of my character to actively lie." "No, you would rather lie by omission." I sighed. He looked at me, anger flashing briefly in his eyes. I stared steadily back at him, and it soon subsided. "True." He said smiling sadly.
  135. 135. He glanced at the floor. "This is the end of my dream to be a criminal mastermind though. I have no wish to engage in this sort of activity again.“ "Not at all?" I queried. "What do you mean?" he asked suspiciously.
  136. 136. "It is just that Michelle has gone to the trouble of arranging a place for you in the genuine criminal career track at the level you thought you were at. There is one proviso though.“ He looked at me stunned. "What?“ "You quit once you have reached the top. You get to go to work in the outfit once, then you resign."
  137. 137. "I can do that." He said. "Thank you again Miss Di. I promise I will not cause you any more trouble.“ "I'll hold you to that. Now if I were you I would get home, I think that your wife must be very worried about you.“ "Yes, I must give her the good news, and help her prepare for Victoria's birthday. I cannot believe that my baby girl is about to become a child. You will of course come to the celebration?“ "Yes, I will be there." I said, "see you later William."
  138. 138. As I watched him walk away my smile slipped. The story we had told the police was so full of holes I knew it wouldn't stand up to close scrutiny. I just had to hope that the notoriety of the three criminals we had caught would mean that anything they said to contradict us would be dismissed as an attempt to discredit a well respected legacy heir and simself.
  139. 139. Back at the Legacy house, Beth had tried to keep herself pre-occupied by reading romantic fiction. Although not her usual reading material she had hoped that it would provide an adequate distraction from what her husband might be doing. At about half past three she heard the front door close. Her children were in the study doing their homework, and her father-in-law wasn't due home from work yet. That meant that only one other person could have come in. She quickly put her book down and rushed into the hall.
  140. 140. "Oh William my darling." She cried flinging her arms around him. "I have been so worried about you. I have never seen you as angry as that. I feared what you might do.“ "Beth, where are the children?“ "In the study.“ "Come with me into the music room and I will tell you all which has transpired today." He took her hand and lead her into the music room.
  141. 141. At the gaol Sergeant Kauker lead Russ Bear into the interrogation room. "Here you go. You keep asking to make a telephone call, you get one, make good use of it. I will be back in five minutes.“ "Oh I will make good use of it copper, make no mistake there."
  142. 142. When Kauker had closed the door Bear picked up the receiver and dialled. He had planned for this eventuality and knew what he had to do. "'ello operator? Yes I want Regalton 587, fank you."
  143. 143. "'Ullo mate.“ "Who is this please?“ "Who do you fink?" "I told you not to call me unless it was strictly necessary."
  144. 144. "Yeah, I know, but I fink that this necessary. You see we've been arrested.“ "You have been what?“ "Arrested mate. Me, Jessica and King, NOT William though."
  145. 145. "That is unfortunate, but why are you calling me?“ "You see I don't intend to be in gaol for very long, and I fink that you and that simself wife of yours can help me there.“ "...“ "Are you still there?“ "Yes I am still here."
  146. 146. "Good, 'cos I would 'ate to fink that you weren't giving my request the proper attention it deserves.“ "Your request?“ "Yes, see I want your wife to persuade Di to let me out."
  147. 147. "You are being presumptuous. Firstly Miss Di is not exactly tolerant when it comes to those who threaten her precious legacy family. Why do you think I was imprisoned for so long? Secondly my wife is unlikely to want to speak to Miss Di about you. She has no reason to, which brings me to the third point why would I even agree to ask my wife to do this?"
  148. 148. "I would 'ave fought that was quite obvious 'Enry. I would 'ate for it to get out that you are the person who put this whole fing in motion. 'Ow you wanted your bruver to be a real criminal in order to damage the family. Just fink, you would be locked up again before you knew it, and I can't see your wife sticking wiv you this time. Then there are your children, 'ow upsetting for 'em to 'ave their father spend their entire lives in prison." "...“ "Now I know you are still there 'Enry. I hope you finking about what I 'ave said."
  149. 149. "Henry who is on the telephone?“ "It is just a company soliciting custom Aphrodita I will get rid of them.“ "I hate cold calls. I have some more plants to water, so can you keep an ear out for John if he wakes?“ "Yes darling."
  150. 150. "Is that your wife I can 'ear 'Enry, I would love to 'ave a word wiv 'er.“ "That will not be happening Bear.“ "What?"
  151. 151. "I have given your request due consideration, and I will not be talking to my wife about this. You will have to stay where you are for the time being."
  152. 152. "What? Am I 'earing you correctly. You would take the chance that I will keep quiet about your involvement in this. Tell me just why would I do that?"
  153. 153. "The reason is simple Bear. I may be a convicted criminal, but I have changed and I have repented of what I have done. Whereas you are a criminal through and through who has never admitted regret for anything. I am starting a new life in a stable family, whereas you drift from place to place hooking up with other criminals as the job demands. Who exactly do you think will be believed? Not only that, I doubt my wife will take too kindly to you accusing me of that and threatening our family. Do not forget she is a simself and has the power to make things very, very uncomfortable for you, maybe fatally so. Do not call again."
  154. 154. 'Bugger it.'
  155. 155. "How did it go talking to Legacy Bear?“ "'Ow did you know it was 'im I was going to call?“ "It was rather obvious. Is he going to help you?“ "No 'e ain't, I got to rot in 'ere wiv you for the time being.“ "I'm surprised you're not saying you are going to squeal on him and his involvement.“ "I might at some point, not that it's any of your business, and neiver of you two are to beat me to it, you got it?“ "What are you going to do to us Bear?“ "Why I'll...“ "Exactly, now shut up."
  156. 156. 'My plumb-bob, does that fool not know who I am? Did he really think that I would cave to his demands just because he said so? Well I will not, nobody makes me do something I do not want to. Threatening my family was a mistake as well, nobody threatens my family.'
  157. 157. 'I am Henry Legacy, I am the rightful heir of this Legacy. I am eminently more qualified than my brother if only that stupid voice would have realised that when I was younger I am...I am...'
  158. 158. 'I am a sad middle aged man who has spent the last two decades in a tiny gaol cell because I conspired to murder my own flesh and blood. I am standing here in clothes I last wore at university, the cuffs are frayed and they smell of moth balls. I have missed out on the formative years of my eldest son, all because of my own stupid ambition. If I do go back to prison it will be no real loss to society. I am a fool and I don't deserve to be married to such a wonderful woman or have two beautiful children.'
  159. 159. "Henry, why the long face?“ "I was just pondering something my dear.“ "It didn't seem very happy daring.“ "No.“ "Well I am so happy to have you home with me and the children. One thing though, I think we should buy you some new clothes, the smell of mothballs is rather over powering."
  160. 160. As I had promised I made sure that I was able to attend Victoria's birthday celebration. It would not be a big party, but we would be celebrating it. Beth caught up with me in the games room. “Miss Di, thank you for coming, and thank you for sorting out my husband's mistake. He has told me all you have done for us, and we are in your debt.“ "Beth," I said "You are more than welcome, I care a lot for this family, and I was glad to help."
  161. 161. We soon gathered in the drawing room so that Victoria could blow out the candles on her cake. As the family cheered her on I couldn't help but marvel at the fact that the youngest of generation four in the main family was about to become a child. It had taken over a year to get to this point, and yet it seemed like no time at all.
  162. 162. With some help for her mother Victoria grew into this lovely little girl. She has Beth's nose, but all her other features come from her father.
  163. 163. As Victoria tried to organise a game of Myshuno I sought out George for a little chat. "George, I just wanted to speak to you tonight and say, well you might not have been my favourite sim, but you made a good heir."
  164. 164. "Thank you Miss Di, but what has bought this on? Do you know something I do not?“ "I know a lot of things you don't George, I just wanted you to know this.“ "It is nearly my time then?"
  165. 165. "Yes, I am afraid so.“ "Ah. Well I have had a good life. I have loved an amazing woman and raised nine wonderful children. I will be ready when Death turns up to claim me.“ I stayed for a while longer, chatting with the family members and playing with the children.
  166. 166. Sleep came easily to Beth and William that night. Both were physically and emotionally exhausted by the events of the last couple of days. As he held his wife close William couldn't help but think how lucky he was, and how he would never do something to threaten his family again.
  167. 167. William slept late the next day: Beth had not the heart to wake him when she rose to get the children ready for school. Beth and George had sat down to a quick lunch when they heard him moving about upstairs. "Father I was thinking about suggesting to William that we go and start trading at Allyn's Toybox today. I think that he needs something to keep his mind busy. Would you be willing to join us?"
  168. 168. George thought about it for a minute. Di's behaviour the night before had lead him to believe that today would be his last day alive. Did he want to spend it at home alone or with his son, meeting goodness knows who else in one of William's shops? Why was he even thinking about it? "Why yes Beth, that would be agreeable."
  169. 169. William was very pleased that his wife suggested opening the Toybox for business. He had decided that concentrating on building up a business empire was the best thing he could now do to provide a stable future for his family. When the three of them arrived though George couldn't help but notice that something was missing. "Beth," he said as William unlocked the front door, "there is no sign.“ "Ah, no. William has been preoccupied for the past two days and he hasn't ordered it yet.“ "Oh, yes I did think that he was not his usual self. He is fine now?“ "Oh yes. Shall we go in?" No one had mentioned the events of the past day to George, and Beth had no intention of getting into a conversation about it now.
  170. 170. George almost expected the shop to be empty when entered, but someone, probably Beth had made sure that it was fully stocked. The small shop soon had its first customer, Robert. It seemed that the whole family was always willing to support Will in any new venture and they turned up almost as soon as the doors of a new shop opened. "Ah, so Robert what can we interest you in today? Perhaps a new toybox for that son of your?"
  171. 171. "Actually Father, Cecilia and I were looking for a new changing table for Rosemary.“ "A new ...? But why can you not use the one you had with Stanley?“ "Stanley was a slightly raucous toddler and he managed to break one of the legs. I did try to repair it, but before Rosemary grows any more it needs replacing.“ "I have never heard of such a thing. You really should take more care Robert. Your mother and I had to use the changing table my parents bought when I was a baby, and Beth still used it for her three children. It has seen more use than yours and is still in perfect condition.“ *sigh* "I know Father, perhaps I should take it to a cabinet maker and see if he can repair it."
  172. 172. "Nonsense my son, you must buy a new one. Nothing but the best for my grandchildren say I.“ "What? But Father you were just telling me that I should have taken more care.“ "Yes, I was, but I was also going to lose a sale. Now come on, buy the thing and help your brother out."
  173. 173. "You are a very confusing and contrary man Father." "I know son. It has driven the voice nuts for the past year. Give my love to all your family. You are all very dear to me."
  174. 174. The shop proved increasingly popular as the day went on. Even sims who were just passing through the village decided to stop and browse. Of course it did help if they were family sims like Saeva Tegenaria here. *** Saeva is from Gin's the Science of a Legacy.
  175. 175. Just before William decided to shut up shop, the reporter made an appearance. "Ah Mr Legacy I see you have opened yet another business.“ "Yes, I thought it was time to expand my horizons with another shop.“ "Hmm, well I have to say having had ample time to browse I think that this is a fine establishment and I am going to be writing a very positive review in the East Simshire Shopping Review.“ "Oh, well thank you very much. Feel free to stop by again any time you want.“ "Good day Mr Legacy."
  176. 176. They arrived home just before their children returned from school. "What'cha doing Victoria?“ "Making a snowman. You can help if you wish."
  177. 177. Edward didn't need asking twice. He had always viewed his elder sister as a bossy know-it-all and so hadn't wanted to play with her, his younger sister was different. He would be aging again soon and wanted to make the most of being able to play with Victoria whilst he still could. They were just putting the finishing touches to the shape of their snowman when Alexandra came out of the house and heading for them. "Mama says you are to come in.“ "But Lexie we have not finished.“ "My name is Alexandra, Edward and Mama says you are to come at once. Grandad wants us to gather in the drawing room now.“ Grumbling amongst themselves the two youngest followed their elder sister inside.
  178. 178. There were touching scenes taking place in the drawing room when they entered. "William my son, I know you have been keeping something from me recently and that I cannot condone. Whatever it is, make sure that it has been resolved completely, even if it means doing something which you find ... uncomfortable or distasteful. Make sure that you keep this family strong.“ "I will Father.“ "Good. I am so proud of you son, in fact I am proud of all my children."
  179. 179. Next he embraced Beth. "Beth you have been a wonderful daughter-in-law. Make sure that you keep my son out of trouble.“ "I will Father."
  180. 180. Finally he hugged his grandchildren in turn, finishing with Edward. "Eddie, our little heir. It is up to you to carry on your father's work and keep the family strong when it is your turn. Listen to what your Papa has to say, but find your own path. Be your own man and make the family strong in your own way.“ Edward didn't really fully understand what his grandfather was saying, but he agreed anyway. "I will Grandad.“ "Good. Make me proud grandson."
  181. 181. Then he stood upright and shuffled back a couple of feet. There was an eerie whooshing noise as if the air was simultaneously being sucked out and pumping back into the same space and a shadowy figure wearing a lei appeared. GEORGE ALBERT LEGACY I HAVE COME TO CLAIM YOU. "Oh."
  182. 182. "Well I suppose it is about time. I have been alive for a long time now.“ AH YES, UM ER ... WHERE WAS I? SORRY NORMALLY PEOPLE SAY THAT THEY ARE FAR TOO YOUNG TO PASS ON, YOU HAVE THROWN ME SLIGHTLY. AH YES. YOUR WIFE IS WAITING FOR YOU, YOU MUST COME NOW. "Yes I can see that she is waiting for me, she is standing just behind your shoulder.“ *COUGH* MRS LEGACY WOULD YOU MIND STANDING BACK A BIT? THANK YOU.
  183. 183. "Well come on man, erm I mean skeleton, give me that drink. Allyn darling I am coming. I have missed you immeasurably...“ The inhabitants of the room were sure that a noise rather like a sigh of irritation issued from under the Grim Reaper's clock as George finished fading.
  184. 184. George Albert Legacy Spouse: Allyn Thomason Children: Charlotta, Anne, William, Henry, Robert, Enid, Alfred, James, Charles and Evelyn. Grandchildren: Alexandra, Edward, Stanley, Theodore, Louisa, Timothy, Victoria, Rosemary, Richard, Florence, Ruby, Lydia, John and Elle. LTW: Become game designer, achieved. Died age: 85ish plus some elixir (the rebuild makes it difficult to be sure). Inheritance: left money to 12 sims including most of his children. Oh George, what can I say about you? You were probably the most annoying sim I have ever played. Your ADHD drove me up the wall and the least said about your time at uni the better. Yet, you were in my game for over a year and I did grow to have a genuine affection for you. I am going to miss you, just not as much as your father, mother or wife.
  185. 185. George's death leaves the whole family devastated. "Grandad? No come back...please."
  186. 186. For William the stress of the last few days coupled with this proves too much and he breaks down completely. "I cannot do this Father, I should not be... *sob*“ Beth shooed her children out of the room and went to comfort him. After a while his sobs subsided and they decided that he should go in person to break the news to his siblings.
  187. 187. With her husband changing into his mourning gear, Beth made sure that all of her children were coping. She had felt guilty at telling them to leave the room, but she had been so worried about her husband's state and what he might say. She was determined to keep what had happened from them at all costs. She was also determined that life should carry on as normal. "Mama, I really do not see why I should be doing this. Grandad has just died.“ "I know sweetpea, but you cannot neglect your school work either."
  188. 188. It was another sleepless night for William. No sooner had he returned from his siblings' houses than it was time for him to go to work. All being well tonight would be the night that he secured a promotion to criminal mastermind and with that he would be perma-plat. 'I just hope that this is worth all the trouble.' He thought as he headed to the front door.
  189. 189. He arrived home just as the school bus arrived for his children. He shut the car door and smiled. He had done it. He was now a criminal mastermind but not a real criminal. He had also heard something a t work which had got him thinking. Apparently the police were using bloodhounds to track suspects. 'How wonderful it would be,' he thought 'to have a pet or six go to work and top their career track. Perhaps we should get a dog? The children would love...'
  190. 190. At that point Victoria, who was the first out the door that morning, flew at him and flung her arms around him. "Papa! Good Morning!“ "Ooph, good morning sweetpea. Are you ready for school?“ "Yes Papa. I have even done my homework.“ "Good girl. You had better get onto the omnibus then. I will see you later.“ "Bye bye Papa." He watched her get on the bus, followed by her brother and sister. He was a very lucky man, he reflected, to have three such wonderful children.
  191. 191. After a quick nap to catch up on a bit of sleep, William went into the drawing room to find Beth sitting on the sofa. She motioned for him to join her. "William I have been thinking." She said, "I feel that it is time for us to go to all the shops today.“ "Yes, you are right my dear. We have not been to Boquets for a couple of days. It will be nice to open it."
  192. 192. Beth paused. "I said all the shops William. I think we need to go and open Bric-a-Brac too.“ "But Beth, what about the copies?“ "It is all taken care of William. The police have removed the copies painted and supplied by ...erm, and I have arranged for another supplier to take over.“ William just starred at her. "Darling you have to go back to the shop. I know it will not be easy, but if you do not go soon, you never will. I will be with you.“ She was right, and William knew it. If he did not go and face the mistake he had made, he would never set foot in there again. He nodded, "I will get my coat."
  193. 193. Despite knowing that he had to go to Beth's Bric-a-Brac at some point that day William wanted to postpone it for as long as possible, so he talked Beth into letting him open up Bouquets first. The shop hadn't been opened since it had become level 10 and there was still work to be done there. The customers consisted mainly of simselves who wanted to buy flower arrangements to decorate their homes.
  194. 194. Just as they were shutting up for the day Beth had an unpleasant experience. "I am sorry madam but we are closing. Perhaps you would like to come back tomorrow?“ "I did not come here to buy flowers I came here to see you or your husband.“ "Well in that case what can I do for you?“ "Drop dead. That is what you can do. Because of your lies the man I love is rotting in gaol. Your husband should be there not Russ! Take good care of your children, you never know what might happen to them!"
  195. 195. Beth was stunned. Such animosity directed at her family because of this Bear man's actions. As she wiped the tears from her eyes, she saw her husband, his back to her as he worked on a new bouquet. Suddenly she was very angry.
  196. 196. She turned to face Christy. "Now you listen to me. That man is in gaol because of his own actions. My husband did not make him break the law, he made my husband break the law. I am the one who should be angry here, not you. Do not come here again. Stay away from all of our properties, and never, EVER make threatening remarks about my family again!“ The woman looked stunned, as if she had not expected to be challenged. She turned with as much dignity she could muster and walked off. Beth stood there trying to get her breath back. She had never lost her temper with a stranger before, but then no one had treated her like that before either.
  197. 197. By the time here and William were ready to leave for the Toybox, she had calmed down, and one of the first customers she served soon put a smile on her face. "Hannah, how pleasant to see you. How can I help you today?“ "As you know Beth, Charlotta and I have recently adopted a little girl called Elle. I though that it might help her settle in if I bought her a nice present, but I am not sure what to get her."
  198. 198. "Oh yes, Charlotta had mentioned you were thinking of adopting. You really should all come round one day, perhaps for Eddie's birthday? I will let you know what we arrange. Anyway, I have found that my two girls have always loved their doll's house. Perhaps I can interest you in purchasing one for Elle?“ "Yes, I am sure she will like that." "I will just get one down for you, and if you will follow me to the till I will ring it up for you."
  199. 199. Beth was not the only one busy helping customers and William approached a man in a grey coat looking at a cot. "Can I help you sir?" The man turned round. "Henry!“ The other man looked as stunned as William. "Oh my plumb-bob. William, what on Earth are you doing here?" "I, I own this shop." He stammered. "I haven't got the sign fitted yet but I have called it Allyn's Toybox.“ Henry smiled, "After mother. She would have been pleased, she loved us children.“ "Yes.“ Henry suddenly recalled himself. "I am sorry William. I will leave." He turned to go.
  200. 200. "Henry, no, there is no need.“ "Yes there is William. I can't be here because of what I did and I am surprised that you would be willing to have me in your shop." He paused as if deciding whether or not to press on with what he had to say. "I am truly sorry for what I did all that time ago. I have learnt a lot about myself in the intervening decades and I do not like what I have discovered. I know that this is hardly the place for this and it is far too little and far too late, but I apologise for my actions William. I should never have done what I did."
  201. 201. William considered what his twin brother had just said to him. "I'm not sure I can fully accept your apology yet Henry but the fact that you are willing to offer one means a lot to me." He thought of what he had done recently. "We all make mistakes although not many make such awful ones as you." He smiled. "Please stay, and browse the goods. Maybe buy something for your children." Henry nodded. "Thank you William, you are a most generous man." He turned back to the cot so William wouldn't see the tears starting to glisten in the corner of his eyes. William, taking the hint left him there and went into the staff room to gather his own thoughts.
  202. 202. Henry did eventually buy the cot. He and Aphrodita had found out that she was once again expecting and they would soon have two children needing cots. As he queued up to pay he was joined by Marielle, Alfred's wife and James. Yes a large family really is the business owner's best friend.
  203. 203. Business had been so good that William and Beth were having difficulty keeping the shelves fully stocked, so when there appeared to be a lull William closed the shop to allow them to work un-interrupted. Beth finished restocking her part of the shop first and approached William. "William dearest, I think that we should perhaps make our way over to Bric-a-Brac once you have finished."
  204. 204. "What? But Beth I thought that we could open up here again, and try to get to level nine perhaps.“ "Darling you have to stop procrastinating. We are going to Bric-a-Brac.“ "Is that you putting your foot down?“ "Yes.“ He sighed. "Very well I will just finish up here then we will be off."
  205. 205. William approached Beth's Bric-a-Brac with apprehension. He had been so proud of this shop, and yet because of his willingness to progress in what he thought was a career he had used this place to sell forged paintings. True, he had never sold them as the genuine article so technically they weren't forgeries, but in his mind they were. "I nearly lost everything." He sighed walking up the steps.
  206. 206. Once the shop was opened, he found it difficult at first to concentrate on selling. His eyes would stray to the Stodgy Badgers whenever he was near them. They were a constant reminder of what he had done. Perhaps he should think about changing the stock? "Are you listening to me William?“ "Oh sorry Uncle Thomas. I am sure that Aunt Violet would love this scroll for her anniversary present..."
  207. 207. As time went on though, he got more and more into his stride, and as he looked up at the queue as he was ringing through a sale, he realised that he was actually enjoying running the shop. He had made a mistake, but it was now rectified and the future was looking bright.
  208. 208. It was a view shared by a certain simself as she browsed the shelves. A near catastrophe had been averted, her generation four heir was about to become a teenager, and William was very near to owning three top level businesses. What could possibly go wrong now? She really ought to know better than to ask questions like that.
  209. 209. After a very successful day at the three shops, Beth and a much happier William made their way home. As they were approaching their house they noticed Sergeant Kauker and Constable Centowski waiting for them just inside their gate. "I wonder what they want." Said William to Beth. "I do not know darling. Perhaps they wish to question you some more about what has happened?“ "You could be right. I may have to go over my statement again."
  210. 210. "Sergeant," said William opening the gate. "I was not expecting to see you here. Please come in.“ "No Mr Legacy that will not be necessary." The sergeant's voice was cold and emotionless. "Oh, well what can I do for you?“ "Turn around please and put your hands on your head.“ "What?" William's stomach sank. "Just do it Mr Legacy."
  211. 211. William did as he was told. As Sergeant Kauker put the handcuffs on him he said "William Steven Legacy, you are under arrest charged with knowingly receiving and selling stolen goods..."
  212. 212. William looked up at Beth as the sergeant read him the rest of the warrant for his arrest. "Oh William," she gasped. "Get Miss Di." He croaked *** This is where we say goodbye for the time being. Yes I am being cruel and leaving you with another cliff hanger, mwhahaha. A big thank you to everyone for reading. I really hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed playing and writing it. Feel free to leave me a comment either here in my GB or in my thread at Boolprop.com. Thank you also to the creators of the CC I use, especially Judie at All-About-Styles who has made most of the clothes in my game. I also want to thank the authors whose simselves and legacy sims I've pinched and stuck in my 'hood. Until next time, happy simming.