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A Very Victorian Bachelor Challenge - Day 2


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Day 2 of Theodore Harrison's bachelor challenge. Who will be sent home today?

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A Very Victorian Bachelor Challenge - Day 2

  1. 1. Hello everyone and welcome to day 2 of Theodore Harrison's bachelor challenge. Everything is explained in the prologue and day 1 of the chapter, but just in case you haven't read them and don't want to, Theo is the son of one of my generation 3 spares Enid. His grandfather Thomas had tired of the fact that by the end of his second year at university he still hadn't started courting, and so arranged for him to spend a week with seven simselves in Riverblossom Hills. I actually played the house for nearly two weeks. The first seven days were the challenge, and once the winner was crowned, I reset all the relationships to zero and moved everyone back in. I then shot various set scenes for the challenge to tie up with the legacy and be more era appropriate where necessary. All date activities happened as are shown. The bachelor challenge is by PA Vicky on the exchange.
  2. 2. In Regalton Thomas Harrison had just come back into the sunroom after taking a telephone call. His wife Violet turned to him. "Who was that dear?"
  3. 3. "That my love was the boarding house to let me know that the first of the ladies to leave the house had arrived. Five more days and Theo will hopefully have found some one to spend his life with." Thomas allowed himself a smile.
  4. 4. Violet bit her lip. "Thomas, dear, are you sure that this is a wise thing to be doing? Theodore did not sound at all happy when last I spoke to him."
  5. 5. "Of course dearest. I am sure that one of the ladies will win his heart at the end of the week, even if our grandson does not realise it at the time."
  6. 6. Ah yes, their grandson, the man in question. Theodore had watched Lauri leave the house for the waiting carriage with mixed feelings. If he had to send someone home that day he was certain that she was the right one, after all she had made no effort to speak to him whatsoever. But at the same time he knew why his grandfather was doing this. His grandfather was a wily goat, no mistaking that. *** Lauriempress writes the Legacy of Jubilee. She had a first day score of 0.
  7. 7. There are still six ladies sharing his house, they are DrSupremeNerd, writer of the Vetinari Dualegacy and the leader at the moment with 33 relationship points.
  8. 8. Cee, the simself of charris writer of the bonnet filled Regacy. She is currently joint second with 17 points.
  9. 9. GintasticNecat the author of the Science of a Legacy, also in joint second place.
  10. 10. Annie (tatdatcm) writer of the Doublet Legacy and Potpal Legacy. She is joint fourth at the moment with a day 1 score of 14.
  11. 11. MichelleFobbs (MichaelFobbs) who writes a Planetary Apocalyse and Not Quite a Vacation Asylum. She is also joint fourth at the end of day 1.
  12. 12. Finally there is Jessica (Mzyra) writer of the Kennedy Shufflacy and a mod at She is currently in last place with a score of 8.
  13. 13. Theodore walked through the drawing room where his guests were still discussing Lauri's eviction. He really wanted a little while to himself for a change, so he didn't answer when Doc asked him where he was going.
  14. 14. He had seen the spa pools in the garden when he was looking round the house, so he headed there to relax. The warm water (heated by the sun) was just starting to make his tension ebb away when he heard a voice.
  15. 15. "I do hope you don't mind if I join you Mr Harrison?" asked Michelle already climbing in.
  16. 16. "Erm, well actually Miss Michelle, I am not sure that it is entirely proper for you to be sharing the pool with me." Responded Theo.
  17. 17. "Don't be silly." She said. "We are both sensible adults and I am sure that we can...keep...this erm...what was I saying?" For some inexplicable reason she had gotten distracted and was unable to finish her sentence.
  18. 18. "I think you were saying that Mr Harrison sharing a spa pool with a female could be kept respectable." Said Doc approaching the pool. "I agree, but I think that it would be more proper with two females in it to chaperone each other."
  19. 19. "I believe that you are mistaken. I think that I should get out and leave you ladies to relax by yourselves." Said Theo.
  20. 20. "Nonsense! See this is very proper with now that Michelle is not by herself with you." Smiled Doc.
  21. 21. Suddenly there was a splash. "Opps, sorry my foot slipped." Said Cee as she slid into the pool. "Now isn't this nice?"
  22. 22. "Well, I do suppose with three females it is almost approaching respectability. There is a much smaller chance of people thinking that I would behave improperly towards any of you when you are so well chaperoned."
  23. 23. Doc and Michelle looked at each other. "You behaving improperly to us, yeah right, that's the concern here." Said Michelle.
  24. 24. In the other spa pool, the remaining residents were not too happy. "I don't think that this is a very good turn of events."
  25. 25. "Not a good turn of events?" said Jessica some what incredulously. "It's an unmitigated disaster Gin. How are we meant to build a good enough relationship with Theo and stay here if we are never in his company? I especially need to try to make a good impression, I didn't get chance to speak to him yesterday."
  26. 26. "To be fair," said Annie, "that was your own fault. There was no need for you to spend so long outside talking with Michelle.“ "I was making a friend." Replied Jessica testily. "Maybe, but you should have been trying to make friends with Theo."
  27. 27. As the argument raged on in the other spa pool, Michelle, Doc and Cee were trying very hard to engage Theo in conversation. "Mr Harrison, you certainly look as if you are very fit. Do you play a lot of sport?" asked Michelle. "Well I..."
  28. 28. "I'll bet he plays tennis," Interrupted Doc, "or soccer.. Do you Mr Harrison?" Doc turned and smiled at Theo.
  29. 29. "As I was trying to say, I actually prefer to go the gymnasium and lift weights. My cousins Edward and Stanley are more into playing different sports." He trailed off as he realised his companions weren't actually listening to him.
  30. 30. "Skiing!" exclaimed Michelle. "I'll bet that Mr Harrison here is an avid skier." A dreamy look passed over her face. "Just think of those strong thighs in ski trousers..."
  31. 31. "Meh," replied Doc, "I prefer to think of his legs in soccer shorts..."
  32. 32. Theodore stared at them incredulously. He couldn't believe that they were being so bold to discuss him as if he were a piece of meat, in front of him no less. And yet, at the same time, he found it oddly pleasing that they felt so free and were so sure of themselves to hold such a conversation.
  33. 33. Cee turned to her companions, "Ah, I think that you are scaring Mr Harrison slightly, perhaps we can change the subject, how about we start discussing cosmetics?“ "Pfft, no, why'd we want to do that?" said Doc. "Because Mr Harrison is leaving.“ "What!" Both Doc and Michelle turned to look.
  34. 34. Theo had indeed decided to get out of the pool. "Erm, excuse me ladies, but I am going to go and get a bite to eat. Please stay here if you so wish."
  35. 35. They didn't wish and got out of the pools just after him. Doc saw how down Gin was and went over to her to give her a hug. "Aww Gin don't worry I'm sure you will get to speak to him at some point. Not everyone can be quick off the mark can they?“ "Thanks Doc, but you're secretly hoping we all fall flat on our faces leaving Theo for you aren't you?“ "Oh yeah, of course! Now if you'll excuse me I'm feeling a mite peckish.“ "You've been here, too long Doc. You're starting to talk like a native." Said Gin smiling.
  36. 36. Doc was for once not the first to join Theo at the dining table: Michelle had beaten her to it. "Michelle, you got here quick.“ "Well, I didn't stop to hug a friend." she replied in between mouthfuls of jelly.
  37. 37. "I personally think that it is very nice that you ladies are becoming such good friends." Said Theo. "Oh yes, friendship with each other is what we are all about here." Said Doc in a dead pan voice. "I mean it's not as if we are already friends is it?“ Thankfully Theo didn't hear what Doc said and continued to eat his jelly.
  38. 38. Gin had obviously decided that she had better try to make up for not joining Theo in the spa pool, and was the third and final guest to eat with him. "Don't mind if I join you do you? No I thought not."
  39. 39. By the time it was dark, Theo had finished eating. "Excuse me ladies, I hope you do not mind me leaving you, but I want to get dressed.“ Disappointment crossed the three ladies' features, but they said nothing.
  40. 40. As Theo left the room, Doc turned to watch. "Ah Theo, I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave." She said quietly. Michelle nearly choked on her mouthful of food, whilst Gin said in shock "I can't believe you said that.“ "What? I'm only saying what you are both thinking." Her two companions quickly looked down at their plates so as to not let their agreement show.
  41. 41. As he had had his bath Theo decided that he needed to try to speak to all of his guests one on one. He had a feeling that when he read his grandfather's next letter before retiring to bed that he would have to send another lady home. The first guest he bumped into was Gin. "Ah Miss Gin, I hope you can spare me a moment of your time.“ "Of course.“ "It is just I was reading my grandfather's notes and he has written that you are also a scientist like Doc Nerd and myself."
  42. 42. "Yes, like Doc I am also a biologist." Smiled Gin. "Really? How fascinating. I am a physicist myself, with a particular interest in astronomy. For a while I did consider studying biology, or even chemistry. There have been such advances in the sciences lately; it is a very exciting time. I would not be surprised if at some point in the next fifty years we have knowledge of the structure of the atom itself."
  43. 43. "Uh huh." Said Gin stifling a yawn. "I am sorry, am I boring you?" asked Theo.
  44. 44. "What? No sorry, it is just the physical sciences don't hold the same interest for me as biology. When I think of a mole I prefer to think of the Talpidae family rather than Avogadro's number.“ "Oh, well we do need scientists in all disciplines, not just one. I will let you get on." Said Theo smiling, but really he was not pleased that she had let her boredom show so openly.
  45. 45. The next lady Theo ran into was Annie in the drawing room. "Miss Annie, I just wanted to ask you how you are finding your time here in the house."
  46. 46. "I am enjoying it immensely Mr Harrison, and may I say that this house is beautiful." Annie replied. "It turns out that it is the family home of my grandfather. I was rather surprised to find out that he had grown up here I must say."
  47. 47. "You are also getting on well with the other guests?" he enquired. "Oh yes, Doc and Cee might be a bit abrasive at times, but we do seem to be getting on well.“ "Good, good. I hope you continue to enjoy your stay." He said before making his way to the dining room. Annie watched him go. He had said "continue to enjoy your stay." That sounded hopeful that she would still be in the house after noon tomorrow. Smiling she went to have a bath.
  48. 48. Theo was heading for the dining room because he had seen a number of his guests in it. The first one he spoke to was Cee. "Miss Cee, my Aunt Charlotta and her family have spent some time travelling the globe and going to far off places. Have you ever had the desire to travel?"
  49. 49. "Urgh no, not any more. Last time I left Simshire for tropical shores, I ended up with terrible sunburn. It is an experience I have no desire to repeat thank you very much." Cee grimaced at the memory.
  50. 50. "Well really, there is no need to be so rude." Said Theodore. "I asked a perfectly civil question. I am sorry that you had a bad experience, but it is not my fault, and you do not need to take it out on me. A simple explanation without the dramatics is all that was needed."
  51. 51. "Sir I am an emotional person and I say as I find. I am sorry of that causes you distress, but it is how I am. The memory is still very painful and I do not like thinking of it." With that she turned on her heel and stalked over to the sink in the corner.
  52. 52. Theo turned, preparing to stalk out of the room, only to find Doc was standing directly behind him. "Doc Nerd, I had no idea you were there, I was just leaving."
  53. 53. "Please stay Mr Harrison. I had been hoping to talk to you again, I really would like to hear you sing you know."
  54. 54. As Theo and Doc started a very animated conversation, Cee was speaking to Michelle. "In hindsight I think that I could have handled that better.“ "Yes you probably could. Practically shouting at someone you are meant to be getting to know is not the best of things to do.“ "I know. Still if I can have a good conversation or two I might still be in the running do you not think?“ Michelle looked over to where Doc and Theo were talking. "You never know, although if she carries on like this, we might as well all go home now."
  55. 55. Doc was certainly pulling out all the stops to try to get to know Theo better. "You can't be that bad." She said laughing. "I really would like to hear you sing sometime.“ "Well if you are passing the Campus Lounge at Sim State one day and you hear caterwauling coming from inside, you know I'm performing." Responded Theo.
  56. 56. He paused before saying "I really do enjoy talking to you Doctor.“ "And I you Mr Harrison.“ "I had better let you get on. I expect that you will be wanting to bathe and change out of your bathing costume before you retire for the night.“ "Oh, yes I suppose I had better do that." Said Doc a bit despondently. She had been hoping to keep speaking to Theodore for a little while longer.
  57. 57. Theodore had actually seen Jessica walk into the dining room, and had decided that she would be the next of his guests he would speak to. "Miss Jessica, we have not had much time to talk, have we?" he asked. "No! It is terrible. I didn't even get to speak to you in the pool this afternoon."
  58. 58. "Hmm, well let us put that right." Said Theo. "Are you enjoying your stay here?“ "Very much so, thank you.“ "And you are getting on well with your fellow guests?“ Jessica thought about her conversation with Doc the day before. "Most of them, yes."
  59. 59. "Well, that could be better I suppose. But please tell me about your hobbies and interests." Said Theo. "I am very interested in astrophysics.“ "What an amazing co-incidence, I am an astronomer myself.“ "Really? I hadn't heard." Lied Jessica. "Oh yes. Perhaps we can get together some time to discuss it further?“ "I would like that.“ "Good." Theo walked off to find the last guest he had to speak to, whilst Jessica smiled. That had gone very well for her.
  60. 60. Michelle was the last person Theo had to speak to. "Miss Michelle, tell me a bit more about you. What do you do to fill your time?“ "Oh, well I am currently working in a rather controversial career, but I would really like to find a library to work in."
  61. 61. "I spend a lot of my time in the library at Sim State. If there is ever a job opening there I will let you know.“ "That would be fantastic. I know I what I am doing is very worthwhile and important. The Irregulars do count on me so, but," she sighed, "I miss being surrounded by books."
  62. 62. "That is settled then, and I hope that a job opportunity comes up soon. Now if I may I would like to ask you opinion on something.“ "Of course.“ "You were in the dining room when I was speaking to Cee earlier. Do you think I was too harsh telling her that she was being rude? I ask because it has been playing on my mind since we spoke."
  63. 63. Ack, how was she going to answer that? "Well..." she started, "I don't think that you were. You had asked her a perfectly civil question, and she responded very...forcefully. However, I do know that she does regret how she spoke to you. Cee is a very nice girl, if a little...high-strung at times. I think that you should try conversing with her again.“ "Perhaps you are right. It would be a shame if we were to part on bad terms after all. I will see how things go tomorrow, but if you will excuse me now, I am going to retire for the night. Good night ladies." This last remark he addressed to the room.
  64. 64. Whilst Theo retired for the night, some of the simselves reflected on how the day had gone. Cee had managed to put her bad conversation out of her mind and was enjoying playing darts. After all, why worry about what you can't change. She would just hope that the morrow would be more productive for her.
  65. 65. Gin though was worrying. "Perhaps I shouldn't have been so blunt with him. I should have made the effort to talk about physics rather than yawning at him. What do you think Doc?"
  66. 66. "Meh, not much you can do now, just hope that things go better tomorrow." Said Doc. She personally wasn't worried about her chances: once again she had had several good conversations with Theodore.
  67. 67. Theodore rose early the next morning. He had read his grandfather's latest letter before retiring. As with the day before he had to chose one of his companions to leave. It had also offered the following advice: "Try talking to your guests alone and complimenting them this morning.“ He decided that he would do so immediately after breakfast.
  68. 68. As with the day before he was soon joined by his guests as he sat eating, and once again several of them had decided not to dress. He cleared his throat, "Ladies, I was wondering if you each join me in the library after you have broken your fast and dressed. I would like to speak to you individually.“ "Of course Mr Harrison." Said Annie smiling.
  69. 69. As the only simself dressed for breakfast, Michelle was the first to enter the library. "You wanted to see me Mr Harrison?" she asked. "Yes Miss Michelle." He said getting up from the settee.
  70. 70. "I just wanted to say that you have such lovely green eyes. So vibrant and clear."
  71. 71. "Really? You think so?" Michelle was nearly swooning. Hearing such a lovely compliment was a good start to the day. *** This charm gave us the first double crush of the challenge.
  72. 72. "Oh yes. They are really rather beautiful." He stammered, wondering if he was being too bold with what he was saying. Truth is Theodore wasn't exactly sure what he should be telling his guests. He wanted to be nice to them, but he also didn't want to give them the wrong impression. He knew full well that his grandfather wanted him to find a bride, but he would rather not get anyone's hopes up, only to dash them if he decided he wanted to be only friends.
  73. 73. The next lady to step into the library was Jessica. She had managed to beat everyone else to one of the bathrooms, and after a quick bath she was ready to see Theodore. "Mr Harrison, what can I do for you, on this fine day?"
  74. 74. "I just wanted to say how much wearing your hair like that suits you. It emphasises your cheekbones.“ "Really?" She started to fan herself.
  75. 75. "Miss Jessica, are you well?" Asked a concerned Theo. "Yes, I am just a bit hot." She replied. "Would you like a glass of water?“ "No, I'll be fine.“ "Well at least take a seat until you feel better." Theo was growing more and more concerned. Jessica pulled herself together. "No, no I am now quite well.“ *** No crushes this time, but Jessica was more than happy to accept the charm.
  76. 76. As Jessica left, Gin entered. "Mr Harrison, I wish to apologise for my behaviour yesterday. I must have seemed most rude to be yawning whilst you were talking.“ "That is quite alright Miss Gin, it was also getting rather late, and you must have been getting tired." Theo gracefully accepted her apology. "That is a beautiful hat you are wearing, it compliments your skintone perfectly."
  77. 77. "Whoa, what are you saying? That my skin is pasty?“ "Not at all! Not many ladies can wear neutrals, but on you they bring out the, the, the rosiness of your cheeks and emphasise the blue of your eyes." Theo was floundering. He had not expected Gin to react like this. *** Neither did I. I really did not expect Gin to reject the charm.
  78. 78. "Save it Mr Harrison I don't want to hear it.“ "Really Miss Gin, I think that you are talking this completely the wrong way. I merely wished to pay you a compliment, and maybe find the name of your milliner for my sister." But Gin was no longer listening. She stalked off out of the library with as much dignity as she could muster.
  79. 79. 'Oh dear, that did not go well.' Mused Theo as the door slammed. Maybe he needed to speak to Stanley at some point to find out how best to talk to the female species. He had thought that he was doing well, but obviously not.
  80. 80. He was still musing on what had just happened when the next guest poked her head round the door. "What just happened, Gin does not look happy?" asked Doc. "A small misunderstanding that is all." Said Theo as he tried to gather his thoughts and think what he could say to Doc. "Please come in." She did as quickly as she could.
  81. 81. "Doc Nerd, that is a truly beautiful dress you are wearing. The blue matches your beautiful blue eyes perfectly." He smiled as he said it. *** This charm gives us the second double crush of the challenge.
  82. 82. Doc found herself blushing at his compliment. For a while it had been all about winning, but as she looked into his dark brown eyes Doc found herself wondering what it would be like to kiss Theodore Harrison.
  83. 83. Of course she would never act on that thought since it would lead to someone shouting words to the effect of "Blasted free will! You're only just crushing; you're not meant to start autonomously kissing yet! Doc your simself is out of control!" at a computer monitor somewhere in Britain.
  84. 84. Buoyed by his success with Doc he was looking forward to seeing his next guest. The fact that it was Cee, the lady with whom he had had such a poor conversation the night before did nothing to dampen his spirit. "Miss Cee, I trust you are well this morning?“ "Very Mr Harrison, thank you for asking.“ "Good. I must say that your hair is such a beautiful shade of red Miss Cee. Perhaps you should think about wearing it looser?"
  85. 85. "Mr Harrison, this is hardly appropriate conversation material. I really think that you should stop speaking now." She was not happy that he was being so familiar with her. *** Another rejection, and another one I wasn't expecting. Apart from their bad chat, Cee and Theo seemed to be getting on well, especially in the hot-tub yesterday.
  86. 86. "Miss Cee, please I am paying you a compliment, and I mean nothing improper by it." He said slightly gob smacked that another one of his guests was taking it the wrong way. "You don't?" There was a slightly disappointed tone to her voice. "No, I am trying to be nice.“ "Oh. I am going to go now." With that she turned and left the room, cursing her sense of propriety.
  87. 87. Theodore breathed a sigh of relief that the next guest would be the last. He had thought that complimenting each lady would be easy, but it had not been. "Mr Harrison, you look a little despondent. Are you alright?" asked Annie when she walked into the room. "Yes I am fine." He replied giving himself a mental shake.
  88. 88. "Miss Annie, I have been meaning to say to you that I very much like your hair. It is so unusual, both in its colour and cut, but it suits you very well."
  89. 89. "You like it?" She asked, flushing furiously. "Yes. It would not suit many, but on you it looks lovely.“ "Thank you very much. If you will excuse me, I feel like I need to lie down." She left the room with a big smile on her face. *** Annie hasn't really spoken to Theo, but she lapped up the charm. Oh and Annie, I really like your custom hair, but it is not very Victorian, hence Theo saying that it would not suit many, just in case you think I'm having a pop at it: I'm not.
  90. 90. Not long after Annie left the library it was noon and Theodore gathered everyone in the drawing room. "Ladies, thank you for joining me. As was the case yesterday, a carriage will arrive here in half an hour and I have to choose the lady who will be boarding it with her possessions."
  91. 91. "Today's decision has been marginally easier than yesterday's. I have had a number of very pleasant conversations with some of you," he smiled at Michelle, Doc, Annie and Jessica, "and some not so pleasant conversations." Cee bit her lip, whilst Gin looked at the floor.
  92. 92. "The person I am asking to leave today does not seem to get on very well with me. Our conversations always seem to end on a sour note and I am not sure that we can resolve that."
  93. 93. He looked at her. "Miss Gin, I am very sorry but I am asking you to pack your trunk and leave the house."
  94. 94. "What?! Really? You want me to leave?" Gin wasn't happy with what she was hearing. "Yes I do." Replied Theo. "Well fishsticks!“ *** The scores at the end of day two are, from highest to lowest: Doc: 125 double crush Michelle: 108 double crush Annie: 60 Jessica: 53 Cee: 33 Gin: 29 Those rejected flirts really did a number of Gin and Cee's scores.
  95. 95. After she had packed and Theo had loaded her trunk onto the waiting carriage he walked her to the front door to say goodbye. "Miss Gin, I am sorry that I have to ask you to leave, but we just do not appear to be able to have a civil conversation without one or the other of us taking offence. I am not sure what we need to do to resolve this, if we can."
  96. 96. "Well if you didn't talk about boring subjects or act improperly I am sure that we would get on better." Gin was slightly bitter at being asked to leave. She had been getting on so well with him yesterday, how could it have all changed?
  97. 97. "Miss Gin, it is happening again. I am trying to explain why I am asking you to leave, and you are once again being difficult and, I hate to say it, mildly insulting. The carriage is waiting. Goodbye."
  98. 98. So the second simself leaves Hope Spring House, with quite a few regrets. Unlike Lauri the day before Gin had spoken to Theo, unfortunately though, those conversations hadn't gone well.
  99. 99. I was talking to Circe in the hall of our rented accommodation when the doorbell went. "Excuse me Circe, I had better get that.“ "Course Di.“ *** Circe simself of hbcirce writer of the Geogacy.
  100. 100. I was more than a little surprised to see Gin standing there, her trunk next to her. "Gin what...?“ "Oh Di I've been kicked out." She said and gave me a hug. "Of Hope Springs House?“ "Yes.“ "How did you know we were here?“ "The boarding house said that Lauri had left for this address. Can I stay here too? I don't want to be at the boarding house on my own, and neither do I want to go back to the house in Regalton if it is empty.“ "Course you can. Now come into the drawing room and we will have some tea."
  101. 101. As I was getting ready to pour the tea we were joined by Denise, Lea and Lauri. "So Gin, why were you asked to leave?" Asked Circe, always keen to know what was happening. "Circe, perhaps we should let Gin gather her thoughts and relax a bit rather than grilling her?“ Admonished Denise slightly. *** Denise (Avidreader2466) writer of two legacies the Puritanical Green thumb and Grafted roots. Lea (thls0) the author of the Barsoom Legacy.
  102. 102. "No it is quite alright." Said Gin. "I just didn't get on with Theodore. When we spoke I found his conversation dull, and tended to take things in entirely the wrong way. In fact we ended up practically arguing."
  103. 103. We all turned to look at her, unable to quite believe what we were hearing. Not only was Gin one of the most easy going people in Regalton, but she knew as well as us that that was not the sort of behaviour to invest in when in that particular situation. "You argued with Theodore Harrison, the man you were meant to be winning over?" Asked Leas slowly.
  104. 104. "Yeah. Not the best of strategies really when you think about it." Said Gin grimacing.
  105. 105. "I'll say." Said Lauri. "I may not have spoken to Theo at all, but at least I didn't start to argue with him!"
  106. 106. "Gin I'm shocked." I said. "I thought that you would be one of the people to stay till the end.“ "Well I guess not." She said sighing. "At least I can go back to stalking Spider Jerusalem now with a clear conscience.“ *** Spider Jerusalem Vetinari is from Doc's legacy. An angst filled reaper child, he has attracted much attention, not least from Gin, who is married to him in her own legacy. I was most amused when she started stalking him on a community lot in Regalton one day.
  107. 107. "With you leaving the house Gin, I do wonder what other surprises are in store." Said Denise. "I'm sure we will find out in the fullness of time." I replied. *** That they will, because this is where I am leaving you for the time being. Thank you all for reading, and I hope that you enjoyed it. As always I have to thank the creators of my CC. Without these talented people my legacy and this BC would not be half as authentic as they are. Judie at All-About-Style and the creators at MTS2 are my main sources of CC. A huge thank you to everyone who has let me borrow their simselves, especially the seven of you who volunteered for this challenge. Day 3 should be with you very soon. =>
  108. 108. There now follows a demonstration from DrSupremeNerd on the correct procedure for combining a kidney extraction with ear-nibbling. First make sure that you are as close to the subject as possible without arousing suspicion.
  109. 109. Whilst he is distracted reach slowly forward, taking care to not disturb him.
  110. 110. If all goes well you should be able to reach into his back and remove his kidneys.
  111. 111. Sometimes the sensation can cause the subject to throw his head back violently. If the subject is sufficiently nummy enough, it is fine to have a quick nibble on his ear.
  112. 112. Go on, he won't mind. *** I've shared this on my LJ, but I wanted to share it again. This is one of the funniest things I have witnessed in game. Thank you, thank you Doc for volunteering SimNerd for this challenge. There is never a dull moment when she is in the room.