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20130630 #smdaymia dick raman Social+Mobile+Local are the Key Ingredients of Marketing in the Future


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Social Media Day 2013 in Miami #SMdayMIA

Presentation by Dick Raman

When Google gave every business it’s own website, it revolutionized local marketing. Now that Smart Phones are in everyone’s pocket, local marketing gets a new twist. Add to this Social Media with Geo Info and Cloud Computing and you have a completely new playing field for marketing to local customers.
Local companies and Professionals get most of their customers from a 3-mile radius from their place of business. They used to be able to market their business in Yellow Pages and local newspapers, but today that is no longer effective. Today they need to be found on Google especially on a mobile device.
In this session we will discuss how high-speed internet, cloud-computing and mobile devices will revolutionize business. We will look at which tools and methods will have the most impact and how businesses can maximize their visibility in the local search and the local-social web.

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20130630 #smdaymia dick raman Social+Mobile+Local are the Key Ingredients of Marketing in the Future

  1. 1. Dick Raman, CEO, BrandReact, Inc.
  2. 2. Born & Raised in Amsterdam Founder/CEO First Internet Company to go Public in The Netherlands in 2000 2005 Moved to US Started BrandReact, Inc.
  3. 3. FACT: Customers are using mobile to find your competition. Source: Google "Understanding Smartphone Users," 2011 (555) 555-5555
  4. 4. FACT: 91% of all U.S. citizens have their cell phone or mobile device within reach 24/7. Source: Morgan Stanley
  5. 5. Social Mobile Local Opportunities
  6. 6. • >50% of Americans has a Smartphone • People are spending more and more time on their phone each day
  7. 7. Nobody Sees Traditional Ads from Local Businesses anymore: The Phonebook The Yellow Pages TV Newspaper Magazine Print Ads Direct Mail eMail (<20% even opens it)
  8. 8. Social Media Mobile Marketing Google, Yahoo & Bing have introduced: Local Search Places Pages Maps …and a new search algorithm!
  9. 9. Search Results look different Local gets preference Introduction of Maps Searching is mostly Local From your Smartphone (GPS Location) Using Location in your Browser Auto-Detected (IP-address) Set by you Narrow or Broad
  10. 10. Google has provided each business with a FREE homepage. From Business Registers Integrated in Google+ Bing, Yahoo have them also Owners can ‘Claim their page’ Strict verification: Google calls the Business Phone Sends a Postcard
  11. 11. Business Pages Claim Places Search Ranking Google+ Search Endorse Ads Authorship Link to YouTube, Picasa, Gmail Put on every page!
  12. 12. Old Style SEO Still Required! Your website still has to: Refresh content regularly Use Site Update Services Have backlinks from important sites Keyword optimized content Metadata Title Image Alt text URL A website is still a key ingredient!
  13. 13. Claim your Places Pages Multiple Locations = Multiple Claims Add Geo-Tagged Photos/Videos Keyword-rich Business Description Use standard categories (5) Citations  Make sure your Name, Address & Phone • Are everywhere • Are always exactly the same (From Google) • Linked to Directions & Maps
  14. 14. • FACT: Your customers prefer apps over browsing. • Sources: comScore, Alexa, Flurry Analytics, 2012
  15. 15. • Tailor-made App for a Business  Is now affordable  Builds Fan Base • Cloud-Based Platform  Update Information in real-time • Anyone his own app  Businesses  Schools/clubs  Professionals  Artists
  16. 16. • App designed to  Information on services  Online Shop  Restaurants menu (text or PDF)  All locations visible in Maps  One click calling  Appointments  Events and more…
  17. 17. • Customers can link to your social media pages. • Approximately 40% of social media users access their Facebook/Twitter accounts through mobile devices.
  18. 18. • GPS coupons  When at your location, customers can ‘check in’ and receive bonuses. • QR code Loyalty Programs  Used to replace stamp cards.  Increase customer loyalty! • Push notifications • Special offers, updates, happy hours. 28% of customers reported that they are “Extremely Likely” to increase their visits to a business if they have a loyalty reward card for them.
  19. 19. • ‘Mobilize’ your Web Site • Optimize your places pages • Reviews, Reviews, Reviews  Your business is important when people talk about it… • The more good reviews the higher you rank • Zagat Ratings • How to get reviews? • Give good service!
  20. 20. • Push Notifications • GPS based Loyalty Programs • Geofencing • Explore Foursquare • Google Offers • Facebook Offers • Barcode Scanning apps (RedLaser) • QR codes
  21. 21. • FACT: Not having a mobile experience can make you lose business. • Source: Compuware, "What Users Want from Mobile," 2011 (555) 555-5555
  22. 22. BrandReact, Inc. Dick Raman, CEO http://BrandReact.MOBI http://GetYourOwnApp.BIZ If you like a copy of the presentation: TEXT ‘BrandReact’ + your name + email to 96362