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The role and importance of Root Cause Failure Analysis in turning around any manufacturing business.

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Rcfa1.pptx 1418837560468

  1. 1. Root Cause Failure Analysis Improving Reliability, Availability & Performance of Engineered Systems By Dibyendu De Reliability Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. Agenda for Level 1 course 1. RCFA case studies 2. Energy Principle of RCFA 3. Not One; Not Two 4. Part & the Whole 5. Visible & the Invisible 6. FRETTLS technique 7. Developing Mindfulness of the Analyst
  3. 3. Is RCFA the right term to use? May be it should be called "RCFU" - Root Cause Failure Understanding Or "URC" - Understanding Root Causes since there is never ever "one cause" for any failure Or "RCF" - Root Conditions for Failure - since number of conditions come together for a failure to happen. Examples:
  4. 4. Why RCFA? 1. The only way to improve functioning of any complex system. 2. Great way to learn and teach 3. Easiest way to simultaneously eliminate multiple failures. Examples:
  5. 5. RCFA Case Studies Please wait.... Starts with Chapter 1 of the book Winning Anywhere the Power of See.. The "Sa" of Mr. Giri. More case studies....
  6. 6. Principles of RCFA - Complexity 1. Energy flow 2. Interactions 3. Interdependence 4. Entropy Simple examples:
  7. 7. Not One; Not Two Reading from the book... Winning Anywhere the Power of See... Simple examples:
  8. 8. Part & the Whole How does one see the whole? Examples:
  9. 9. Visible & the Invisible Axiom: What is visible is seldom the problem; what is invisible is the problem. Cases...
  10. 10. FRETTLS Technique F = Forces R = Reactions E = Environment T = Temperature T = Time L = Lubrication S = Space, structure, speed, sync, substance, specifications, soil, ..... + PLS3D Process Examples:
  11. 11. Developing Mindfulness 1. Mindfulness training 2. Games 3. Principles 4. Design Awareness 5. Journal 6. Books 7. Twitter & Facebook
  12. 12. Thank You Follow me on Facebook and/or on Twitter @Predictswan