2011 World Forum on the Diaspora Economy


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The First-ever gathering of Global Diaspora at the United Nations. A Mobilization in support of an economic agenda of interest to rich and poor nations. A new look into how the diaspora market can fuel a new source of capital flow and sustainable income between diaspora-host countries and countries of birth from which diaspora originates.

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2011 World Forum on the Diaspora Economy

  1. 1. World Forum ON THE DIASPORA December 2, 2011 Showcase Launch Attend ECONOMY Organize “DIASPORA PARTICIPATION” A Showcase A Product A Solution The Event Home Forum Overview Program Preview Agenda & Speakers event Showcases Sponsorship Press Room 2011 World Forum on the Diaspora Economy ▼ Diaspora Participation ▼Occasion of General Assembly Fifth High Friday, December 2, 2011  10AM-5PMLevel Dialogue on Financing for Development United Nations Headquarters, New York– December 7-8, 2011 Foreword In keeping with our commitment to build global partnerships in support of Financing for Development and the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), we are pleased to present our 2011 World Forum on the Diaspora Economy; and To be Presented as a Side Ahead of this year’s theme, “Diaspora Participation”. The event is The Fifth General Assembly High-Level Dialogue on Financing for Development conceived to empower & mobilize communities behind the in economic challenges of our time”.---Harvey Dupiton, President, Xen Pi Co & Associates Contract & The Creative Diaspora Bond Highlights Procurement Economy United Nations 8 + Country/Business Showcases Country Projects Diaspora Bond Offering: World Bank Nigeria, Greece, Haiti, Nepal, Fusion & Crossover of Philippines, Grenada, Ghana, Inter-American Music & Films Kenya, India, Israel Development Bank Contract & Procurement Public Private Opportunities (Pipeline Partnerships African Development Bank Projects) Hear from Industry/ Thought Leaders - the Multi- cultural Economy,The Remittance Economy including Bank Money Transfer, International Payment, Mobile Money Transfer, Entertainment & Travel Experience Fusion & the Crossover of: Reggae, Latina, Nolliwood, Bolliwood. Government / CEO Keynotes Host Government(s) & UN Office(s): The office of the President of the General Assembly to the United Nations, the Permanent Mission of Benin to the United Nations and the Office of the Special Adviser on Africa. Facilitator: Xen Pi Co. & Associates in cooperation with University of Virginia, Chair GAGE program and J. Wilson Newman. 2011WorldForum@xenpi.com Tel: +1 (347) 453-6079 Created & Presented in Participation with: Foreign Consular, Investment Promotion & Trade Offices, University of Virginia, Tel: +1 (650) 681-9336 UNCTAD, United Nations Global Compact, UN Capital Development Fund, UN Development Business, the World Bank, theCopyright 2011 All rights reserved African Union, Commonwealth Secretariat, CARICOM, Conference of NGOs (CoNGO). To be Confirmed: World Tourism Organization, UN Office of Financing for Development, Business Council for the United Nations, USAID, Emerging Markets Private Equity Association, International Association of Money Transfer Networks.
  2. 2. World Forum ON THE DIASPORA Organize Showcase Launch Attend December 2, 2011 ECONOMY “DIASPORA PARTICIPATION” A Showcase A Product A Solution The Event Home Forum Overview Program Preview Agenda & Speakers event Showcases Sponsorship Press Room THE FORUM The President of the United Nations General Assembly, H.E. Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, having led on the issue of Financing for Development, the Permanent Representative of Benin to the United Nations, H.E. Mr. Jean-Francis Régis Zinsou, having led on the issue of diaspora remittances, and are co-hosts to this year’s “2011 World Forum on the Diaspora Economy”, the theme of which is: Diaspora Participation. And with the United Nations serving as a stage, aOccasion of General Assembly Fifth High number of United Nations Member States are expected to join with the initial hosts to either lead on the issueLevel Dialogue on Financing for (Diaspora Economy), or lead on a specific area of interest dealt with by the sessions of the forum, which are theDevelopment – December 7-8, 2011 following: (I) Opportunity for Investment in the Diaspora Economy, (II) Diaspora Bond Opportunities, (III) Contract & Procurement Opportunities, & (IV) Opportunities in the Creative Economy. The event is facilitated by Xen Pi Co & The UN as a Stage Associates, a firm committed to advance “Financing for Development” and the “UN Millennium Development Goals” through the financial engineering of global public-private partnerships. The opportunity exists for the United Nations General Assembly, The 2011 World Forum on the Diaspora Economy’s principal aim is to mobilize Global Diaspora Participation-- under the leadership of Qatar, H.E. Participation of expat constituents to become future consultants, entrepreneurs, and investors in an economy that is Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, to today emerging beyond (money) remittances. The Diaspora Economy is quickly becoming the next most attractive give special attention to the Diaspora Economy. The UN at its source of capital flow and sustainable income between a major diaspora-host country, and a lesser developed country most recent Conference on from which diaspora originate. The event promises to be an exciting gathering (assembly) of Global Diaspora people from Financing for Development held in various ethnic communities & countries. It consists of an opening session which sets the stage for the forum, and three Qatar in December 2008 reiterated distinct sessions which are all designed to attract diaspora participation. urgent needs to mobilize international private flows towards The organization of the event is almost as unique as its projected outcome. This conference is made possible through a lesser developed countries, in grand collaboration effort involving consulates, economic offices and Permanent Missions representing more than 25 recognition that foreign capital flow Target Audience is a vital complement to national nations worldwide. To this end, countries expected to participate in various capacities include Benin as co-host, Ukraine, Hundreds+ from US-Diaspora : development. Macedonia, Haiti, South Africa, Grenada, Nigeria, Jamaica, Israel, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Spain, Kenya, Romania, Asians, Africans, Hispanics, Arabs, . Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. Greece, Ghana, Nepal, Philippines, India, Israel, and Kenya will be featured in a dynamic session on Diaspora Bonds which are expected to be led in some cases by government authorities. Yet, Expected Outcomes another core group of countries will be featured in the session on contract & procurement which will be led by UN, World• THE LARGEST UN-DIASPORA Bank Procurement officers and assisted in some cases by authorities.GATHERING• LAUNCH NEW GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS CONTEXT• DIASPORA ECONOMY RECOGNITION If People are the greatest endowment of any country, then people should be at the heart of every nation’s recovery and Our Team long-term development. Diaspora People, in particular, which in the case of the U.S., are made up of Hispanics, Africans, Harvey Dupiton, Chief Facilitator Asians, Middle-Eastern, Eastern Europeans and nationals from the West Indies, are at this crucial intersection ofAmb. Oscar de Rojas, Govt Relations Staci M. Alziebler, NGO Relations numerous pairs of economy-- That of the US as their country of residence hosting tens of millions, coupled with that of Richard Jordan, NGO-Partnerships any country or series of countries from which originate the migrant population. Darly Coupet- Communications Mike Collins, PhD, Adviser The US-Diaspora contributes between four to six trillion dollars to the US economy, according to statistics, while Jose Manuel Mendoza, Govt Relations accounting for well over $70 billion in money remittances worldwide. Add the purchasing dollars from their regular travel & tourism as part of the economy shared with any pair of countries, a fair conclusion can be drawn that they represent a Past Events more sustainable, and, in some instances, a more valuable source of income to a country, especially to lesser developed World Telecom Day 2006 nations, than that which is yielded by foreign direct investment and/or private equity. Members of Diasporas are people World Telecom Day 2007 with a dual sense of obligation and belonging. They are consumers, philanthropists, a source of financial support, tourists ICT Web 2.0 2008 to the home country and much more. Seminar Emerging Diaspora Markets (EDM) 2009 Today, the diaspora economy, or the economy generated by the expenditures of diaspora, is fast expanding beyond the UN Week 2009 realm of obligation; obligations that many expatriates feel as motivation to send money remittances home to family. On 2010 World Forum on Diaspora the private sector front, international companies with a foothold across the globe, from national banks, to telecom, Economy media and travel operators, are recognizing the unmet needs of diasporas beyond the scope of giving (money transfer). UN Week 2010 New products, diaspora-originated, are emerging including, international payments, prepaid cards, calling cards, mobile Day on Jobs & the Economy 2011 money transfer, lodgings, real estate, travel packages, ethnic-based radio/TV programming, and international reality TV UN Week 2011 shows, just to name a few. 2011 World Forum on Diaspora Economy Governments, meanwhile, forced to incentivize new sources of income to replace traditional flows, are revitalizing efforts to materialize diaspora engagement; efforts range from exploring the potential of their purchasing power, to issuance of 2011WorldForum@xenpi.com diaspora bonds, to market and policy research. In some cases, countries have dedicated a ministerial-level cabinet to the Tel: +1 (347) 453-6079 cause. Tel: +1 (650) 681-9336 “Diaspora Participation”, the event, is a timely initiative brought to the UN in order to join an assembly of people withCopyright 2011 All rights reserved governments and the private sector. –
  3. 3. World Forum ON THE DIASPORA Organize Showcase Launch Attend December 2, 2011 ECONOMY “DIASPORA PARTICIPATION” A Showcase A Product A Solution The Event eventHome Forum Overview Program Preview Agenda & Speakers Showcases Sponsorship Press Room DRAFT PROGRAM AGENDA WORLD FORUM ON DIASPORA ECONOMY : DIASPORA PARTICIPATION Friday, December 2, 2011, UN Headquarters (Agenda as of 11-19-2011/ Subject to Change) 9:00 - 10:00 ARRIVAL & REGISTRATION 10:00 – 10:30 OPENING CEREMONY Welcome Co-Hosts A Word Welcome, Their Role in Financing for Development, • H.E. Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, President of the General Assembly • H.E. Mr. Jean-Francis Régis Zinsou, Permanent Representative of Benin to the United Nations • H.E. Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri, Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations (to be confirmed) • H.E. Mr. Yuriy Sergeyev, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations • H.E. Mr. Tete Antonio, Ambassador, African Union Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations • H.E. Mr. Luis-Alfonso de Alba, Permanent Representative of Mexico to the United Nations (invited) UN Office Welcome • Mr. Patrick Hayford, Director, Office of the Special Adviser on Africa • Other UN Offices/Entities (to be confirmed) Lead Countries Welcome • Lead Country on the Diaspora Economy. (High-Level Officials Invited) video-link • Lead Country on the Creative Economy. (High-Level Officials Invited) video-link • Lead Country on Diaspora Bond. (High-Level Officials Invited) video-link ***Lead countries are countries being solicited at the highest level to lead an appeal in support of the mobilization of the Global Diaspora Economy, the Creative Economy, and Diaspora Bonds. An open invitation— Facilitators Welcome & Introduction • Harvey Dupiton, Event Director/ Facilitator, Xen Pi Co. & Associates • Amb. Oscar de Rojas, Senior Advisor to the Forum on the Financing for Development Process • Mr. David Leblang, Chair GAGE program and J. Wilson Newman, University of Virginia SHOWCASE ON THE DIASPORA ECONOMY, POTENTIAL FOR A NETWORK ECONOMY BETWEEN HOST COUNTRIES & COUNTRIES OF ORIGIN, AREAS OF GROWTH THROUGH INVESTMENTS. The opening session sets the stage, as to why an event on Diaspora Economy, what is that economy, and what prospect does it hold to drive a new source of capital flow and sustainable income, linking countries, rich and poor, markets across nations’ borders, developed and lesser developed. The session will attempt a first -- to portray the SESSION I Diaspora Economy, in terms of the purchasing power of ethnics in (1) The US-Multicultural Economy (Selig Center) as it regards diaspora expenditures in the country of residence, (2) The Remittance Economy (World Bank) as it regards diaspora expenditures as part of their obligation, and (3) The Travel Economy (World Travel & Tourism Council) as it regards diaspora expenditures as part of their travel to their country of origin. Against that backdrop, input will be heard from a panel of industry and thought leaders on the emergence of two key sectors (telecom & banking), and on the trends of global capital flow. 10:30 – 11:45 Session Co-Chairs H.E. Mr. Yuriy Sergeyev, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations. Permanent Representative of Ecuador to the United Nations (to be confirmed) Introduction -- Xen Pi Co. & Associates Guest Panel Contributors • Mr. George Fertitta, President & CEO, New York City & Co. (tbc) • Mr. Lawrence Codacovi, International Telecom Expert (tbc) • Bansefi (Mexico invited) • Video-Link Kenya in International Payment in Africa (to be named) • Mr. Henri Dommel, Director, Inclusive Finance, UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) • Mr. Kiro Ivanovski, US-Macedonia Business Council, Owner FastPak Trading Inc.
  4. 4. • Mr. Charles R. Blitzer, Senior Advisor, International Finance Corporation (IFC) • Selig Center on the Multi-cultural Economy Contributors Invited: from the Banking community, Media and Telecom operators. Moderator & Discussant (to be named) SHOWCASE ON DIASPORA BOND This session offers the opportunity for country representatives to share the stage for just enough time to pitch a country project worthy of diaspora-bond support. The showcase is by design a series of presentations lasting no more than 5-10 minutes. Featured presentations include Kenya, Greece, Philippines, Nigeria, Nepal, Grenada, SESSION II India, Israel, Ghana. THE ROLE TARGETING PLANNING GOVERNMENT SHOWCASES BY COUNTRY OF THE INTERNATIONAL DIASPORA & THEIR WINNING THE CONFIDENCE VS FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS AFFILIATES FUND RAISING PUBLIC PRIVATE11:45 – 1:00 Session Co-Chairs: Mr. Michael A. Mitchell, Senior Executive Officer, Commonwealth Secretariat Mr. Patrick A. Beckford, Chairman, US-NorthEast of Jamaica Diaspora • Israel: Ms. Tamar Roth-Drach, Economist, Government of Israel, Ministry of Finance • Philippines: Economic Section, Embassy of the Philippines in the US • Grenada: Commonwealth Secretariat Arrangement • India: Mr. V.S Senthil, Embassy of India in the US • Kenya: Invited Embassy of Kenya in the US • Jamaica: Dr. Beverly Smith, Trade & Investment for US-Northeast Jamaica Diaspora Moderator & Discussant (to be named)1:00- 2:45 Lunchtime Performances • Roland Brammer and Bratta Folk Singers – performance • Other Performances SHOWCASE ON CONTRACT & PROCUREMENT OPPORTUNITIES This is a session re-designed to provide basic information about doing business with the UN, World Banks, and other Regional Banks. Energy, Power, Telecom Health, Medicine SUPPLY GOODS, WORKS & PROCUREMENT NOTICES Manufacturing, Mining Population, Social Issues SERVICES & CONTRACT AWARDS Urban Development SESSION III Housing Education, Training, Human Resource Oil, Gas, Machinery, Equipment Tourism, Travel Development Vehicle Agriculture, Fishery, Forestry, Rural Development Consulting & Engineering Import, Export Computers, Hardware, Software Transportation, Air Cargo, Shipping2:45 - :30 Session Co-Chairs: Xen Pi Co. & Associates • Nina Brandt, Chief, UN Development Business • UN Procurement Officer (to be announced) • Mr. Donahue Bailey, Architect & Chief Financial Officer for Jamaica Diaspora • Ms. Nancy Bikondo, Worldbank Procurement Unit (to be confirmed) Private Sector Row: Contractors Doing Business with the UN, World Bank and other international lenders invited Moderator & Discussant (to be named) SHOWCASE ON THE CREATIVE ECONOMY This Showcase designed in the interest of aspiring musicians, artists, and actors carrying a nation’s creative hope that their original products might be able to cross-over to international shores as have for example Reggae Music, Latin Music, Nollywood & Bollywood to name a few. SESSION IV FUSION & CROSSOVER FUSION & CROSSOVER GOING LIVE THE ROLE DIGITAL & MUSIC FILM INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES COUNTRY STRATEGY TO DEVELOP & EXPORT CREATIVE ECONOMY COPYRIGHTS WHAT ROLE REALITY TV DEVELOPING THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IN AFRICA
  5. 5. 12:30 – 1:45 Session Co-Chairs H.E., Dr. Josephine Ojiambo, Deputy Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Kenya to the UN Hon. Ms. Urvashi Ramnarine, Deputy Consul General, Consulate General of Trinidad & Tobago Introduction: Xen Pi Co & Associates Guest Panel Contributors • Mr. Oliver Oscar Mbamara, Attorney, Film-maker, (Nollywood) • Arrangement Embassy of India (DC) -- (Ballywood) • Mr. Carlyle Mcketty, Coalition for the Preservation of Reggae (Reggae) • Guest from Haiti and Africa (Compas/Zouk) • Guest from La Mega Radio Station (Latin) Private Sector Row: • ANR Worldwide, Univision, MTV International, Vivendi Moderator & Discussant (to be named) Closing Remarks Main Contact Information: Tel: 347 453-6079, Harvey Dupiton, Chief Facilitator: hdupiton@gmail.com