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Results Evaluation Mocktails 2015


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Grounded in one of the main goals of the 2020 EU Health Strategy "Together for Health" "promote health, prevent disease and encourage support for healthy lifestyles environments," the best practice on prevention and health promotion "MOCKTAILS: memories of a funny evening" is part of a health promotion approach as a precondition for improving the quality of life of individuals through an intelligent collaborative investment in the health of youngster, young and the whole community of the city of Torres Vedras, located at 40km west of Lisbon.
Created by Dianova Portugal in partnership with Municipality of Torres Vedras and in collaboration with 42 partners "MOCKTAILS: memories fun one night" is being held since 2009 on an yearly basis within school and community environments during a week time in May, by focusing on a face-to-face, this strategy of proximity among young students and community environment helps them to "defend themselves" from peer pressure and to be more responsible in leisure times without "risking" the day after.
Our main goal with this collaborative strategy (including the National Agency on Drugs, Police forces, Regional Authorities, Schools, Media, Night Life Owners – Bars, Pubs and Discos -, Sponsors and Media), is to keep pushing forward and broaden up this unique and innovative activity in our country in the area of prevention of risk behaviors associated with alcohol abuse. The Municipality of Torres Vedras has become a benchmark example that other cities have shown interest in following and mobilizing an array of concerned stakeholders that are interested in this collaborative joint-action to promote healthy life styles and generate positive impact. In these past 7 years (2009-2015) we have reached directly 30.973 youngsters, young adults and adults.

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Results Evaluation Mocktails 2015

  1. 1. IMPACT 2015 | 18th-23rd May| Torres Vedras Best Practice Health Promotion & Prevention Initiative “Mocktails: memories of a funny evening”
  2. 2. PRINCIPLES OF HEALTH PROMOTION Ottawa Charter (WHO 1986) Process of enabling individuals and communities to increase control over their health reinforcing responsibility and the people’s right to health. Focus on programmes and actions oriented to makings changes in behaviours and risky lifestyles: reckless driving, substances abuse,… STRATEGIES: • Advocate • Enable: access to information, life skills and opportunities for making healthy choices • Mediate: coordinated action by governments, by health and other social and economic sectors, by nongovernmental and voluntary organization, by local authorities, by industry and by the media. “Health is a basic human right and is essential for social and economic development. […] It is a process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve. their health.” in Jakarta Declaration, 1997
  3. 3. MARIJUANA USE AND PERCEIVED RISK AMONG 12th GRADERS, 1975 TO 2009 50% Past Year Use 40% 30% Perceived Risk 20% 10% ’75 ’80 ’85 ’90 ’95 ’00 ’05 Source: The Monitoring the Future study, the University of Michigan Benchmark | Deeper Social Perception on Risk Diminishes Drug Abuse SOURCE Kevin A. Sabet Presentation – Russia May 2013
  4. 4. Torres Vedras 24.600 inhabitants 40kms from Lisbon The Community Problem ESPAD’11 Drug use 17- 18 years old 8% other drugs 16% cannabis 52% alcohol School dropouts 18-24 years old 20,8% (against 13% EU) Eurostat’12 Rising in delinquency 12,9% & Teenage pregnacy 9% (#1 EU) Rising in cannabis and alcohol abuse in the municipality Rising in road accidents and domestic violence Lack of prevention plans in school environment
  5. 5. Mocktails Initiative 2009-2015 WHAT IS IT? Health promotion initiative of community engagement based on a mediation strategy fostered by Dianova in partnership with 42 national, regional, and local entities. FOR WHAT? FOR WHOM? Increase awareness among youngsters and young adults (15-25 years old) for the problematic use of alcohol and drugs and its consequences such as school dropouts, anxiety/depression, accidents. METHODOLOGY Intervention in the community – reaching the whole city of Torres Vedras Direct intervention (students, drivers, clients and clubbers in night life clubs, bars, discos) Integrated intervention (42 partners – schools, bars and night clubs, Public Security agents, alcohol and non beverage companies, public entities, national agency, regional authorities) DYNAMICS Engage institutional partners, sponsors, media, educational communities and young adults in a socially responsible initiative. WHERE? Torres Vedras, May, 2009-2015
  6. 6. Mocktails 2015 The philosophy behind this health promotion action is to increase awareness without moral prejudice and building relationships based on proximity and cooperation.
  7. 7. School environment Live to Learn – Grow – Accomplish • Schools represent one the most important social and educational contexts in societies . • The opportunity to raise awareness among youngsters, in the school environment, and in collaboration with peers and professionals, is one of the axis that assures this project’s sustainability. • The project’s technical team goes to high schools in the municipality to promote the project and its actions, but also to inform on the risks of alcohol abuse by youngsters. This is part of the National School Health Programme that targets lifestyles as a primary intervention area (European Network). .
  8. 8. School environment Live to Learn – Grow – Accomplish • “Lifestyles are a set of response habits and behaviours to daily life situations, learned through socialisation processes and constantly reinterpreted and tested through the course of life.” – Law | Despacho Lei nº1916/2004 • With an attitude of active and motivational listening, youngsters are invited to participate in this project having access to a voucher for a free drink at one of the partners establishments. • The tone for a different night is set…
  9. 9. • “In the time frame of analysis – the year before and the year after the legislation under study – there is a tendency among the respondents and interviewed youngsters to maintain the frequency of consumption, including spirit drinks among the under 18 years old”, according to a SICAD analysis. • “Generally, the tendency is to maintain the frequency of alcoholic drinks consumption and of all consumptions”, refers the same study. • From 1st of July 2015, the law only allows sales and consumption of alcohol to individuals over 18 years old. This law seeks to fight against early alcohol consumption, a reality ever more common among Portuguese youngsters. • This isn’t the first time the Portuguese government changes laws in this matter. In 2013 the minimum age for spirit drinks consumption changed from 16 to 18 years old, while other beverages (wine and beer) maintained the 16 years old minimum. COMMUNITY ENVIRONMENT Nightlife Clubs, Bars and Discos
  10. 10. Despite the implementation of measures, and contrary to expectations, attitudes of alcohol abuse did not decrease. On the contrary. According to the decree “risky behaviour and excessive consumption” continued and “it were specially the 16 year old who reported increased easy access to alcoholic drinks, regardless of its alcohol content”. Government then urges to the need for “better underage children protection measures when it comes to access to alcohol beverages”. It explains that these measures seek to progressively diminish alcohol consumption among teenagers, counteracting an entrenched drinking culture in Portugal. COMMUNITY ENVIRONMENT Nightlife Clubs, Bars and Discos
  11. 11. Mocktails 2015 The use of drugs and alcohol “is the main cause of road accidents in Portugal followed by excessive speeding” | 2.234 drivers between 15-19 years old involved in road accidents 22 PSP & GNR officers + Red Bull Wing Girls raise awareness for responsible civic attitudes diminishing risky behaviour 40 0% Alcohol Citizen Award = 40 Cans of Red Bull + 20 Tickets for the show at Cine- Teatro Torres Vedras
  13. 13. 42 National and Regional Partners 3 MEDIA PARTNERS ORGANISATION 4 INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERS
  14. 14. 42 National and Regional Partners 7 SCHOOLS
  15. 15. 42 National and Regional Partners 10 SPONSORS
  16. 16. 42 National and Regional Partners 17 LOGISTICS PARTNERS
  17. 17. Volunteer Ambassadors 101 Night spots’ employees 42 Health ambassadors 24 PSP, GNR, PC TVD officers Red Bull Wing Girls
  18. 18. Publicity material Flyers | Posters | Vouchers | T-shirts | Banners | Headers
  19. 19. Publicity material Facebook Frame
  20. 20. Publicity material Photo Booth
  21. 21. Comedy & Music Show – 5th Edition
  22. 22. Media Spread Newspapers Websites
  23. 23. Media Spread Sponsors
  24. 24. Media Spread Radio
  25. 25. Social Media Spread Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Websites
  26. 26. Direct Impact 2015 2.500 People drank Mocktails 1.285 Students in 7 schools 24 PSP | GNR & Protecção Civil TVD officers 8 Patrol vehicles 42 volunteers with an open smile and a lot of energy 42 Partners* & 101 Nightspots’ employees 40 People affected by road safety operations of PSP/GNR + 1 (2) Red Bull Wing Girls Team 40 0% Alcohol Citizen Awards (Red Bull cans) 2.000 Viewers at the 5th Edition of the Comedy & Music Show 6.035 PEOPLE *1 person per partner as minimum indicator
  27. 27. Direct Impact 2009-2015 16.974 People drank Mocktails 6.485 Students in 9 schools 163 PSP | GNR & Protecção Civil TVD officers 283 volunteers with an open smile and a lot of energy 232 Partners* & 579 Nightspots’ employees 528 People affected by road safety operations of PSP/GNR + 6 (16) Red Bull Wing Girls Teams 160 0% Alcohol Citizen Awards (Red Bull cans) 5.553 Viewers at concerts and other events associated with this action 30.973 PEOPLE *1 person per partner as minimum indicator
  28. 28. Positive Behaviour Change through Education and Health Promotion ↓ An effective way for individuals and peers to learn how to behave in order to foster, maintain and/or regain health by informing, educating, and mobilising the public opinion and engaging the community! Join us to Inspire Change. Be a partner in this action  EMBRACE CHANGE LEARN FROM MISTAKES HAVE FUN WITHOUT TAKING RISKS
  29. 29. Network Dianova | Public Affairs Hub Internationally Recognised Commitment MISSION: to develop actions and programmes to foster Personal Autonomy and Social Development 3 Continents| 11 Countries
  30. 30. Dianova is publicly recognised as Private Social Solidarity Institution, a Public Utility Association and a Non-Governmental Organisation for Development Education and Health Promotion Addiction Treatment Socio- professional reinsertion Psychosocial support Training & Qualification (Hard | Soft Skills) Agent of Organisational & Social Innovation Promoter of Culture, Cooperation and Competition Agent of Social and Solidary Economy Promoter of Social Transformation
  32. 32. Certifications| Accreditations Dianova ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System at the Therapeutic Community (1st in Portugal) EFR Family Responsible Entity – Social Economy (1st in Portugal) DGERT | CCPFC Accredited Training Entity (CFD) DGERT – MTSS | CCPFC – ME
  33. 33. Nursery Flowers Socio- professional Reintegration Headquarters Dianova Portugal Therapeutic Community Quinta Lapas Dianova Training Centre Social Reintegration Apartment Psychosocial Support Centre – Lisbon Dianova | Areas Units of Intervention (Lisbon | Torres Vedras)
  34. 34. Dianova Team
  35. 35. TALENT RETENTION AGE Average: 44,3 QUALIFICATIONS 30% University 70% 1st – 9th grade SEX 47% Women 53% Man AREAS 78% Programmes 22% Management 30 WORKERS 90% Direct contracts 10% Indirect Data from March 2015
  36. 36. •Innovative? •Good governance? •Social value? •Good place to work? •Creative team? •Quality? •Effectiveness? •Partnerships? •Good Corporate Citizen? •Social Development? Community Leaders Analysts Investors and Sponsors General Public Academia Media Market Prescribers Health professionals, Education, Social Potential clients Families Opinion leaders Competition Government Legislators Regulators Politicians Central and Local Administration Project Analysts International Agencies Organisation Board Staff Volunteers Suppliers Partners Clients Shareholders Reliable? Commitment? Culture of Cooperation with multiple stakeholders based on strong Social Capital, Strategic Partnerships and Community Networks
  37. 37. Quinta das Lapas, 2565-517 Monte Redondo Torres Vedras Telf.: +351 261 324 900 Fax.: +351 261 312 322 E-mail:| Website: www.dian www.formacao.di dianova-portugal dianova-portugal www.apoiopsicossoci