European Association of Communication Directors at a Glance 2010


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European Association of Communication Directors at a Glance 2010

  1. 1. Ideas and Aims The European Association of Communication Directors (EACD) seeks to develop common quality standards within the profession by way ofquality standards within the profession by way of training, events, meetings and networking with colleagues from across the EU
  2. 2. MembersMembers
  3. 3. Members Founded 08/11/2006 in Brussels by 80 in-house Communication Directors Today: 1580 members and growing, from which 31 portuguese members 38 nationalities Broad range of represented topics/industries
  4. 4. Publications
  5. 5. Publications Communication Director magazine
  6. 6. Publications European Communication Monitor
  7. 7. Publications EACD Service Brochures Next Topics Planned for 2010: Copyright across the EU Reputation Management
  8. 8. EACDnet Interactive social network for the European Communications community Connect with each other and in groupsin groups Share knowledge and events Access personalised editorial content
  9. 9. EACDnet - Communicate with people working in specific fields of interest - Get up to date information about any communications issueissue - Chat with colleagues from across Europe - Post your professional experiences and read others'
  10. 10. Regional ActivitiesActivities
  11. 11. Regional Coordinators
  12. 12. Regional Coordinators August/September 2008: Regional Coordinators introduced, today 33 across Europe Provide direct access to PRProvide direct access to PR expertise in all European countries Act as the first point of contact for regional EACD members, represent the EACD in their country
  13. 13. Total 48 events / 1.656 participants In 2009: 27 events / 856 participants Regional Debates In 2009: 27 events / 856 participants 2010: 21 events / 800 participants Cross-cultural events Panel Discussions Best case presentations Round table discussions Networking
  14. 14. Working GroupsGroups
  15. 15. Working Groups CSR (Coordinator:Yannis Freris, Gefyra S.A) European Institution (Coordinator: Helmut Weixler, The Greens in the European Parliament) On specific industries/institutions Evaluation (Coordinator: Louis de Schorlemer, Gallup Organisation Europe) Finance & Insurance (Coordinator: Miriam Roemers, European Association of Public Banks)
  16. 16. Working Groups Transport (Coordinator: Max Obenaus, UNIFE – The Association of the European Rail Industry) New Working Group Coordinators: Social Media (Coordinator: Philippe Borremans, Van Marcke Group) New Working Group Coordinators: Health Josep Catllà sanofi- aventi Risk and Crisis Communications Philip Springuel, European Food Information Council
  17. 17. Events
  18. 18. European Communication Summit June, 30th – July 1st 2011, Brussels The Square 500 communication professionals from all over Europe 60 high-ranking speakers on 25 keynotes, best cases and panels
  19. 19. European Communication Award June 30th 2011, Brussels Awarded for outstanding European communications Representatives fromRepresentatives from communications, the media and politics
  20. 20. EACD Anniversary Reception November 18th 2010 Working Group meetings Panel Discussion on the relationship between PRrelationship between PR and Marketing in the time of Social Media Reception
  21. 21. International Networks - African Association of Communication Directors The EACD has supported the foundation of the AACD Foundation: FebruaryFoundation: February 26th at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg, South Africa 80 Founding members
  22. 22. Thank you for your attention! For further information, please visit:For further information, please visit: Regional Coordinator for Portugal