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European Action On Drugs Lisbon 2011, 15 march, final Media Report by Inforpress regarding media activities to promote EAD national event coordinated by Dianova (national coordinator) with the European Coordination in partenrsip with National Representation of European Commission.

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EAD Lisbon PR Report Inforpress

  1. 1. EAD PR Report 1. INTRODUCTION TO WORK DONE a. OBJECTIVES b. WORK METHOD 2. ASSESSMENT OF EVENT 3. NEWS CLIPPINGS 4. MEDIA COVERAGE a. QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS b. QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS 5. CONCLUSION 1. INTRODUCTIONDeveloped by the European Commission, the “European Action on Drugs” initiative took placein Lisbon on March 15 2011 and it was a campaign that involved the European Union and itsmember states with the clear goal of establishing a group of measures to fight drugs where thenational authorities and specialized organizations have a crucial role.Lisbon (Portugal) hosted the fifth event organized by EAD, having the previous ones beenorganized in Rome (December 2009), Berlin (April 2010), London (September 2010) andWarsaw (November 2010).This event aimed to raise awareness for the subject of drugs and its effects on the worldsociety, health and economy.As a way to capitalize the initiative, call for action, we used the “European Action on Drugs”campaign claim and we sent press releases to journalists before, during and after the event. Asa way to guarantee the presence of some journalists at the event, we developed strategic followups to the main national newsrooms which were successful: 10 media were present.
  2. 2. EAD PR ReportAfter the event, we sent press releases about the initiative together with photos and informingabout the number of people and collective entities that participated in the action.You can download the photos and other information following these links: 1. Photos (Flickr) of the 2011 EAD event in Lisbon: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dianovaportugal/sets/72157626160211977/ 2. EAD Press Kit: http://www.slideshare.net/Dianova/dossier-de-imprensa-ead-lisbon- 150311 3. EAD Schedule: http://www.slideshare.net/Dianova/agenda-european-action-on-drugs- lisboa-2011 4. Interviews with EAD speakers Interview with Andrzej Kosnikowski (DG JUST EC) and João Goulão (IDT, IP and EMCDDA) to TVNET: http://videos.sapo.pt/p6DvBcArPhEBh260gGc0 Interview with Rui Martins (Dianova Portugal, EAD national coordinator) to Sociedade Civil, RTP2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3i73x_CVrA
  3. 3. EAD PR Report 2. ASSESSMENT OF THE EVENT100 people watched the initiative. However, we estimate that about 1.200.000 people wereimpacted by Media coverage.The evaluation is, in general, very positive. We cannot forget the good reaction of theparticipants: many of them approached to give congratulations for the initiative. They were verysurprised about the action, though it had an effective impact and expressed the importance ofraise attention to the drugs and addiction issue.Regarding PR, several Media developed local interviews at the event with AndrzejKosnikowski from the European Commission Directorate-General for Justice and Dr. JoãoGoulão, President of the Portuguese Institute for Drugs and Drug Addiction, an organization thatworks in the area of prevention, treatment, minimization of damages and social reinsertion in thescope of drug addictions. 3. NEWS CLIPPINGSWe counted 81 results of news clippings with especial incidence on TV and Radio and the areasof Lifestyle/Society, but also health and general media. We also detected some onlinereferences in blogs and social media as well as in institutional sites.Although it is impossible a medium or long term communication project (ideal for this kind ofsubject), we were able to reach the most representative media getting to cross sectional areasof the national media culture.
  4. 4. EAD PR Report 4. MEDIA COVERAGEThe online media, due to their wide projection and potential, were the ones that wroteimmediately about the subject. The online platforms of TV channels informed about the initiativeas well as several national radio stations.The opportunities registered were on TV and radio (several interviews for these media), andalso on some press, namely in the areas of Education and Society (articles about the action).SIC, TV NET and RTP 2 were the TV media that developed news pieces about the initiative andabout drugs in general.Newspapers such as Expresso, Diário de Notícias, Jornal de Notícias, Mundo Universitárioand Visão magazine were some of the main media that published news about the subject.In summary, in what quantitative analysis concerns, we estimate that about that about1.200.000 people were impacted by Media coverage - an excellent number that translates thetransversality and wide projection on the national media. 5. CONCLUSIONAs we had the chance to mention before, our assessment of the action is very positive. It isreally gratifying to watch and be a part of an initiative with this quality and dimension and keepin mind the positive, attentive and interested reactions concerning the issue and the action.The buzz generated on the media, social networks and some blogs and online forums is verysatisfactory and inspiring.We would like to take this opportunity to reinforce that has been a pleasure to work this themeand this action! We hope future projects!
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