Eacd coaching days lisbon july 2013


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The 1st Lisbon EACD Coaching Day will be focused on the basics of the communication-information process flow: How to turn Media Training into results and get the applause of your CEO, next 4th July, at ExperimentaDesign, Lisbon

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Eacd coaching days lisbon july 2013

  1. 1. Current leader at Media Training Worldwide,trains top executives and helps them totransform communication into influence.Former press and television journalist, she hasmorethantwentyyearsofexperiencewithinthemediaandcommunicationsagencies.Frequentspeaker in various conferences and trainer atdifferent business schools across the country.She’s always happy and grateful in contributingtothechangeinthelifeofherclients.In this time of intense scrutiny, the greatest concern of your CEO maybe: “How can we increase public and investor confidence in the companyand myself?” - Through communication! That is why every CEO needsmedia training. The problem is that most of them are too proud to do it,and forget that communication is the most powerful leadership tool.We know that, you know that, so... How do you convince your CEO tomake the com-mitment to media training? We will give you a hand witha few simple tactics that often drive the point home. With verbal andnon-verbal communication training the result will be seen. And of course,tell him about the “reward”.E X C L U S I V E F O R E A C D M E M B E R SLISBONHow to turn Media Training into results andget the applause of your CEOA Coaching Day on Media Training organised in partnership with ExperimentaDesignThursday, July 4th, 09:00–11:30 at ExperimentaDesign, LisbonE A C D C O A C H I N G D A Y S • P O R T U G A Lvisit us online at: www.eacd-online.euAddress:ExperimentaDesignTravessa Nova de Trindade 151200-303 LisbonHOSTED BYWORKSHOP SCHEDULEFormer journalist, Doctorate in NonverbalCommunication and certified BodyLanguageTrainer.Shehelpstopexecutivesto improve their communication andcredibility. She has published scientificarticles dedicated to research in this areaand develops different studies in Portugalwithin the corporate world.ABOUT THE COACHESIrina GolovanovaBody LanguageTrainerMTW PortugalSara BatalhaCommunicationTrainer & Execu-tive DirectorMTW PortugalABOUT THE TOPIC08:45–09:00 Registration09:00–09:30 Welcome Breakfast & Introduction Circle09:30–10:30 Module I: Media Training 360° - Sara Batalha10:30–11:00 Module II: Body Language - Irina Golovanova11:00–11:15 Module III: Case Study - Amélia Coutinho11:15–11:30 Round-Up & ConclusionsAmélia PereiraCoutinhoManagingDirectorTECNIFARAmélia Pereira Coutinho is a board memberand managing director of TECNIFAR, one ofthe leading companies in the health industry inPortugal. She has been in the company for 20years, heading the the Sales and MarketingDepartment.Alonghercareer,shewasinchargeof new product launchings and development ofnewbusinessareas.Rui MartinsExecutiveDirectorTinkle LisbonRui is the Head of Communications atDianova Portugal since 2003. Previously,he has been Strategic Consultant (TinkleConsultant Lisbon), introducing andleveraging easyJet’s positioning in theportuguese market and media relationsfor Hotel Penha Longa & Golf Resort;Associate Director (Hill & KnowltonPortugal) and Senior Associate (Burson-Marsteller, Lisbon).
  2. 2. There is no cost to participate in Coaching Daysvisit us online at: www.eacd-online.euFirst name, surname: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Company/institution: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________I will be accompanied by: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________Position/E-mail: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Please register by fax or by email to portugal@eacd-online.euE X C L U S I V E F O R E A C D M E M B E R SYes, I would like to confirm my attendanceNo, unfortunately I will not be able to attend the workshopI would like to be actively involved in future EACD Coaching DaysLISBONHow to turn Media Training into resultsand get the applause of your CEOA Coaching Day on Media Training organised in partnership with ExperimentaDesign.Thursday, July 4th, 09:00–11:30 at ExperimentaDesign, LisbonE A C D C O A C H I N G D A Y S • P O R T U G A LORREGISTERONLINEHERE