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5 Conversations you should be having with your HR advisor


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Feeling short-changed by your HR advisor? Get more bang for your buck by asking these questions and covering the topics that will make a big difference to your business. If you don't get the answers you want then as us at the Sussex HR Hub.

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5 Conversations you should be having with your HR advisor

  1. 1. Y O U S H O U L D B E H A V I N G W I T H Y O U R H R A D V I S O R 5 CONVERSATIONS (and why you need to be worried if you aren't)
  2. 2. What next? You've made the important decision to outsource your HR to an HR specialist. Great - someone else to deal with the bureaucracy, legal headaches and staff grievances! Your HR advisor should also be seeking ways to help improve the way you recruit, manage and engage your people, so, with everything that's going on in your business, surely, you'll be in contact all the time, right? OUTSOURCED YOUR HR?
  3. 3. DO YOU KEEP IN TOUCH? You'd think so, but strangely, some HR advisors can be quite elusive creatures Months pass by and still no word - what exactly are you paying them for? Here are five conversations you should be having with your HR Advisor and the questions you should be asking.
  4. 4. CULTURE Our company culture is key to how we are perceived - how can we use it to drive business growth? BEFORE making any big decisions - how do we ensure we have the right people, structure and skills in place to achieve our objectives? RESULTSSTRATEGY " L E T ' S T A L K A B O U T H O W W E C A N G R O W T H E B U S I N E S S " What HR innovations and solutions will help the business achieve sustainable, yet rapid business growth? 1 Great HR advisors support you with much more than just HR
  5. 5. VALUES How do we get our company values running through the veins of our people? I guess it starts with recruitment - so how do we do that? With competition for skills increasing, how can we ensure we have the edge over our larger counterparts? And what's the best way to recruit in the people we need? RETAINRECRUIT " L E T ' S T A L K A B O U T H O W W E C A N R E C R U I T A N D K E E P G R E A T T A L E N T " What more can we do to retain talent? And can we prepare better to enable internal moves and promotions? 2 If you haven't had this conversation, something's amiss
  6. 6. M & A How can we ensure that people related issues don't impact negatively on the desired outcomes of the merger? What are our obligations in relation to TUPE? What are the rules on handling redundancies? How will we keep staff motivated during and after redundancies have been made? RE-STRUCTUREREDUNDANCY " L E T ' S T A L K A B O U T H O W W E M A N A G E C H A N G E " How will we communicate and consult with employees during the process? And how can we avoid any serious employee relations problems? 3 Don't avoid the difficult questions
  7. 7. SYSTEMS Now that we're utilising our HR software system, what company trends are emerging? For example, with sickness absence or productivity? And what are we doing about it? Can we ensure we only have the HR policies and procedures we really need? What's the simplest way of keeping us up-to-date and legally compliant? CONTRACTS POLICIES " L E T ' S T A L K A B O U T T H E B A S I C S " What impact will our future plans have on employees' terms and conditions? How will we manage that? 4 Great HR advisors are proactive and don't just wait for your call
  8. 8. ENGAGEMENT Is our approach to the workplace resulting in the right conditions for all employees to give of their best? How can we encourage our people to develop their skills and knowledge? And how do we ensure we're investing our time, money and energy in the right training or other activities? REPUTATIONDEVELOPMENT " L E T ' S T A L K A B O U T B E I N G A G R E A T P L A C E T O W O R K How do we make this a place people want to work - with a reputation for being a great employer? 5 Forget the once a year approach ... this stuff needs working on
  9. 9. We understand the struggle to keep in touch 'cos some of our clients can be hard to get hold of too. But checking in once a year just won't cut it! Get more bang for your buck! WHY DO WE CARE?
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