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Spreading the E-Learning Love - Tips on How to be an Awesome #ELH Community Member


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The E-Learning Heroes has an amazing community of creatives who contribute generously to the community. There are so many ways you can do this as an active member and this presentation will help you find out about some of them.

The presentation was inspired by David Anderson's comment in the brief for the Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge #120 SlideShare Your E-Learning Challenges - "If you’re connected with one or more challenge users, please share their examples over the next week. I will share everyone’s work, but if each of you shares one or more examples, everyone will get more exposure".

The Knowledge Project specialises in combining learning with technology to deliver high-quality, flexible e-Learning solutions in a timely manner and with a minimum of fuss.


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Spreading the E-Learning Love - Tips on How to be an Awesome #ELH Community Member

  1. 1. Spreading the e-Learning (tips on how to be an awesome #ELH community member)
  2. 2. Join the community…
  3. 3. Join in on or start your own community …
  4. 4. Enter the E-Learning Challenges
  5. 5. Use the social media share buttons to share the love here…
  6. 6. View the challenge recaps This is the challenge… This is the recap… There’s that share button again!
  7. 7. Each challenge recap has a link to numerous resources, including the project, member’s profile, their website and their Twitter handle So there are no excuses for not connecting with other community members…
  8. 8. Check out on the latest updates from Tom Kuhlmann…
  9. 9. Tom has some great posts… But some of them could do with a bit more love…
  10. 10. Strive to become an Articulate Super Hero need-to-know-about-articulate-super-heroes
  11. 11. Read one of the Hero’s stories newbie-to-super-hero-success-with-e-learning-heroes
  12. 12. There’s lots of activity here!! Contribute to discussions and help out other community members – this can be very rewarding!! …and you can learn heaps too!
  13. 13. Build your ELH member profile and stalk check out other member profiles…
  14. 14. Add yourself to the community map
  15. 15. Find or post a job on the ELH job board There’s that share button again! I think you might know what to do by now!
  16. 16. Visit Articulate’s Facebook page This is where you can come to view and share the latest e-Learning news If you haven’t already joined the ELH community, you can sign up from here
  17. 17. Don’t forget to Like their page
  18. 18. Be a contributor! Why not add your challenge entries to the posts? Facebook posts or comments others have posted Like • Comment • Share
  19. 19. E-Learning Challenge Here are some keen followers you may recognise… This is a great place to come to stalk find out what other e-Learning people are up to! Follow on
  20. 20. about your ELH Challenge entries using the hashtag #ELHChallenge If you see others tweeting about their challenge entries, show them some Like Reply Retweet
  21. 21. Follow other community members - they might even give you a mention… Thanks Jackie! I could do with a bit more love here though!!
  22. 22. Follow Articulate on LinkedIn Don’t forget to Like • Comment • Share what you see
  23. 23. Let others know about Articulate on LinkedIn by sharing their page on social media
  24. 24. Connect with other community members on LinkedIn Don’t forget to Like • Comment • Share what you see
  25. 25. Follow Articulate on Pinterest Look how many boards they have!! This is a great way to see all the challenges…
  26. 26. Here’s how you can share the love… Like VisitSend or add a comment
  27. 27. So remember, if you see something you like, don’t keep it a secret Like • Comment • Share and you will be an awesome #ELH community member