Non-food applications of Jatropha proteins


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Non-food applications of Jatropha proteins

  1. 1. Non-food applications of Jatropha proteins Dianika Lestari a), Wim J. Mulder b), Enny Ratnaningsih c), Johan P. M. Sanders a)a) Department Valorisation of Plant Production Chains, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands b) Food & Biobased Research, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands c) Chemistry Department, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
  2. 2. Jatropha is an oil source for biodieselproduction Jatropha seed contains about 30-40% oil Contains toxic compounds—not suitable for food Can be grown in a very dry soil—not suitable for most food plantations Increase productivity of the damage land Improve rural area development
  3. 3. Jatropha plant parts
  4. 4. Biodiesel production from Jatropha seeds Oil Biodiesel Seeds Biogas Press cake or Fertilizer Low value
  5. 5. Press cake contains valuable components Carbohydrate If we can… separate Press cake components Minerals to make other products Fiber We can… Improve the value of Proteins press cake
  6. 6. Estimation seed added value Value (EUR/ kg seed)Components % Partial Total Fractionation FractionationOil 35 0.21 0.21Crude Protein 17 0.17Fiber/ Lignin 38 0.06 0.02Carbohydrate 5 0.02Ash 5 0.01Total added value 0.23 0.48 Improve the value of seed ~2 times higher!
  7. 7. Jatropha biorefineryJatropha Primary Secondary Processing/ End curcas Fractionation Fractionation Modification Product Biodiesel Protein Animal feed Oil Technical application Lignin/Fiber Binder Pyrolysis Seed Carbohydrate Press cake Bioethanol
  8. 8. Project on Jatropha biorefinery Funded by: Scientific Programme Indonesia – Netherlands Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (SPIN-KNAW) International consortium with 4 partners:  Indonesia : BPPT, ITB  Netherlands: RUG, Wageningen UR
  9. 9. PhD studentsPPO extraction and Pharmaceuticalpurification process products E. Subroto/ Groningen University M. Insanu/ Groningen UniversityOil viscosity reduction Microbial modification press cake L.Junistia/ Groningen University A. Marasabessy/ Wageningen URNovel biobased products Non-food valorizationfrom epoxidised oil of fibers L. Daniel/ Groningen University H. Hidayat/ Groningen UniversitySomatic embryogenesis Non-food applications ofof Jatropha curcas Jatropha proteins G. Herianto/ Groningen University D. Lestari/ Wageningen UR
  10. 10. Non-food applications of Jatropha proteins Jatropha Jatropha press cake proteins Extraction --Chapter 3-- Non-food applications Animal feed Technical applications --Chapter 2-- --Chapter 5--
  11. 11. Protein Mainly serves as nutritional component for foods Also used for its functional properties
  12. 12. Protein functional properties Functional Food properties applications Emulsifying Emulsifier properties MayonnaiseEgg protein Foaming Foam properties Meringue cake Film-forming Glaze properties Pastry / donut Adhesive Sugar glue properties Cake decoration
  13. 13. In this thesis… Functional Technical properties applications Emulsifying Emulsifier properties Paint formulationJatrophaproteins Foaming Foaming agent properties Fire distinguisher Film-forming Bioplastic properties Packaging Adhesive Adhesive properties Paper glue
  14. 14. The results Jatropha proteinNon-food / technical Need a lot of Coating/ bioplastic improvement Limited Foaming agent condition Emulsifier Most promising Paper adhesives applications
  15. 15. Conclusion and future outlooks Paper adhesives and industrial emulsifiers  the two most promising applications of Jatropha proteins The uses of Jatropha proteins as non-food applications will improve the market value of Jatropha seed  lead to a more sustainable Jatropha biorefinery A sustainable Jatropha biorefinery will give tremendous benefit to the society  production of material and energy, job creation
  16. 16. Acknowledgements Johan Sanders Promotor Enny Ratnaningsih Co-promotor Wim Mulder Department Valorisations of Plant Supervisor Production Chains (VPP-WU)
  17. 17. Promovenda Paranymph Paranymph Dianika Lestari Yessie Widya Sari Ischa LamotOpponentsDr. Ir. M.A. Slingerland Chair Prof. Dr. A. NiehofProf. Dr. Ir. H.J. HeeresProf. Dr. H.P.S. Makkar Thesis Supervisor Prof. Dr. J.P.M. SandersProf. Dr. Ir. H. Gruppen
  18. 18. Thank you For more information, contact: •Dianika Lestari ( •Wim J. Mulder ( •Prof. Dr. Johan P.M. Sanders (© Wageningen UR