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Creating Robust Analytics Experiences


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I will discuss using data from your CRM and Google Analytics to create a more robust understanding of your website users.

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Creating Robust Analytics Experiences

  2. 2. Robust Data @dsvarner @dsvarner
  3. 3. Robust Data Who am I? I coordinate data for integrated marketing packages. • Track health of packages through various methods • Internal KPIs • Google Analytics (Traffic, Content, Audience) • Hubspot (List and data management) In short, I am a data super hero. Like Trinity.
  4. 4. Robust Data Tech Marketing Magic
  5. 5. Robust Data Data tells a story. • It tells you how your digital kingdom operates, If you know what to look for. • It tells you where people go, what they like to use, what they like to see. • And you help build their experience, nudging them where you think they might like.
  6. 6. Robust Data Definitions & Clarifications • CRM – Refers to Customer Relationship Management • Salesforce, Hubspot • Analytics – Information resulting from systematic analysis of data • Google Analytics, Abobe Omniture
  7. 7. Robust Data CRM data • Hubspot • Captures user data through form conversion • Subscription list, gated content, shopping cart (account set up) • Cookies users and provides information based on user interaction • Once users convert, you collect better data on user engagement
  8. 8. Robust Data Google Analytics • Implementation of basic analytics provides wholesale, anonymous data on users • How people find you, where they come from, what they touch, and their journey through your site • More advanced – Google Tag Manager • Provides a robust tagging system to track how users interact with content, campaigns • eCommerce solutions
  9. 9. Robust Data Real life example Let’s say your website is like a grocery store. • What would your analytics tell you? • What would your CRM tell you? • Big data v. Small Data
  10. 10. Robust Data Google Analytics – Store data • How many patrons? When they visit? • Where your patrons come from: city, state, country • How they get to your store: bus, car, walk, Uber • What aisles they walk down, what products they look at, what items they buy • This is BIG data
  11. 11. Robust Data Hubspot – Store data • Diane lives in Philadelphia, works in digital marketing, prefers self-checkout • She is more likely to buy fruits and vegetables on sale than use coupons for processed food • She has considered buying Lipton tea but prefers Tazo English breakfast, will buy generic Splenda • This is SMALL data Diane: Buys Tazo tea, Noosa Yogurt, Prefers 18 pack of eggs, spends an average of $65 per week
  12. 12. Robust Data Benefits of bringing these two together: • Adjust funnels • Nudge users • Adjust your overall digital strategy • Determine your retention rate, comparing New V. Returning, with recency of visits of users in CRM
  13. 13. Robust Data Obligatory Questions? Slide