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Language learning program at DU


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Language learning program at DU

  1. 1. Lauren Richardson, a former student of DU, whose major is international studies and minor in Chinese. She benefits from her language skill when she apply for the job.“ I am glad that I can speak another language, it is a skill that I can use it right away.” said Richardson.
  2. 2. Xiao Tan, a third year student double majoring in psychology and communication. She has been taking French since last year.
  3. 3. “English is the second language for most of the students in China, so when I have chance to learn a third language at DU, I definitely take this chance. Why not, right?”Said Tan.“I benefit from DU language program.” said Tan.
  4. 4. According to a recent report that conducted by Columbia University,French is the most popularlanguage that people want to learn.
  5. 5. In 2009, the Modern Language Association (MLA) conducted a study togauge the status of foreign language learning in the US. The study showsthat the number of students of studying a foreign language increased by6.6% by comparing to the past three years.
  6. 6. DU Center for World Languages and Cultures locates on the secondfloor in the Sturm Hall. It is a separated from but related tolanguage and literature department.
  7. 7. DU Center for World Languages and Cultures offers placement testsbefore you get into the class, at the same time they offering tutoring forstudents who need help after class.
  8. 8. DU Center for World Languages and Cultures offers drop-in tutoring. The tutoring takes place at the CWLC office, Sturm Hall, Room 201.More information please check website:
  9. 9. • DU Center for World Languages and Cultures opens to both undergraduate and graduate student, faulty, staff.• CWLC Piloted two directed independent language study Programs.
  10. 10. All tutors who work at Center for World Languages and Cultures areDU students and faulty, some of them are native speakers. CWLCprovides you a real life experience when you are in the session.
  11. 11. According to CWLC website, the center prepares DU students for the global citizenship that is their inheritance as adults for 21st century.
  12. 12. Students are asking questions during the tutoring session at DU Centerfor World Languages and Cultures.
  13. 13. DU Center for World Languages and Cultures provides goodstudying environment, such as white board, tables and comfortablechairs. It also offers free tea and coffees, whenever you need.
  14. 14. • Jack Mao, a junior student who majors in computer science. He is Japanese and Chinese tutor at CWLC. “ I love working at CWLC, I learnt a lot from people who work with me. I love CWLC.” said Mao.
  15. 15. All tutors in DU Center for World Languages and Cultures are friendly and nice. “ We are glad to help individuals even in our free time.” said Jack Mao. ( right on the picture)
  16. 16. “ Usually, I am here to help studentswith their homework, but I couldalso help students review or evenpreview the chapters.” Said Mao.“ My mission here is to helpeveryone with anything in theirlearning progress.”Said Mao.