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Social Media Marketing Class Fall '12 - My Key Takeaways


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Social Media Marketing Class Fall '12 - My Key Takeaways

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Fall 2012 Diane Royer
  2. 2. • I decided to take the Social Media Marketing class because I knew they are becoming a major tool of Marketing campaigns• Having worked in the internal communication team within the Human Resources department of a big company, I had the opportunity to be in touch with internal social networks and to see it grow, which rose my interest about Social Media in general• You will find in the following slides my key takeaways about studying Social Media. Hope you’ll enjoy it!
  3. 3. : my statistics• Created last September• 10 posts• 7 comments• 8 followers• 233 pageviews• More comments on Wednesday: the contacts in my circles connected on the day of class and most of them posted their assignment this same day • The post that got most views and comments was my last one about my statistics: I think it was the most viewed because my classmates wanted to compare their statistics between each other
  4. 4. My first VLog • 4 tries before getting the final one (1hour) • I currently have 15 views on my VlogIf I had to do it again…• I would try to speak faster in order to make it shorter and more « condensed »Take aways from the Vlogs of my classmates…• I should have made my Vlog shorter• Stand farer from the camera• Use a better camera to have a good sound, which is very important• Talk more about my qualities/ personality
  5. 5. My Facebook account • My perception about Facebook didn’t change • I created a « fake » Facebook account, but it is difficult to keep it up- to-date because any friends that you may add are not people that you know… • Facebook is a very effective marketing tool: - You can easily reach your target customers - Easy segmentation - Efficient tool to launch Viral campaigns (sharing available on each content published)
  6. 6. My Facebook Analytics• My « fake » facebook account has poor statistics, which is why I chose to present my real account statistics • created in 2008 • 540 friends, mostly from the different schools I attended • Part of about 10 active groups • I follow approximately 20 brands
  7. 7. Twitter • 17 tweets • 15 followers • I follow 20 people & companies• Taking the Social Media Marketing class was for me the opportunity to get active on my twitter account, since i had never used it before• It helped me discover its main functionalities, how to use it at its best and learn how it can be an efficient marketing tool for companies (what is the best time to tweet, how many tweets a day…)• I think I might continue to use it in order to keep up-to-date with companies or brands I started to follow• I follow : - BNP Paribas (french bank I’ve worked in for 1 year) - Fubiz (French design/new technologies blog) - Télécom Ecole de Management (my Business School in France)
  8. 8. Twitter• Stenghs - Sharing is made very easy by the shortness of each message - One can share more often than on facebook and still keep the attention of its followers - Ability to quote people and subjects with the « # » sign• Weaknesses - Less multimedia content than on facebook: less variety - The 140-character lenght of a tweet can be too small for certain messages - No « private » chat as on facebook
  9. 9. Linked In • Registered last July • 72 connections• My perceptions about Linked In didn’t change, I already knew it can be a very efficient tool when searching for a job or being a recruiter and searching for applicants• Groups I belong to: - « University of California, Riverside »: I’ll continue to follow it after class to keep updated with UCR news - « Mines-Télécom Alumni »: this group can be useful for me when starting to search for a job (it is a group for the former students of Telecom Ecole de Management)
  10. 10. Closing thoughts• Keeping a blog updated is not as easy as it seems to be: you have to post regularly, check your visits, follow up your statistics…• Social Media tools have now become major Marketing tools and avoiding using it would me a big mistake for a company• I think Facebook is one of the most efficient of these tools, since it is a mix of sharing thoughts, pictures, videos, creating pages dedicated to your company…
  11. 11. Closing thoughts• In the close future, the social media that might be the most valuable for me is Linked In. I now try to make as connections as possible and update my profile• For my business, I would use the most popular social media and link them together so that the information provided to customer is coherent• Even if I am not crazy about Twitter, I will use it because it has become a major social media communication tool on the web and most of big companies and personalities use it• I don’t think I would use a blog for my company, because I think it is kind of « old-fashioned » and more for personal thoughts
  12. 12. Thanks for your attention!