Presentation North Central MA Association of Realtors- Facebook


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Presentation to the RE Board

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Presentation North Central MA Association of Realtors- Facebook

  1. 1. FACEBOOK Tips, Tricks and Lead Generation
  2. 2. Diane Guercio • • - online business card • Large, cream, no sugar  RE/MAX Property Promotions 975 Merriam Ave., Suite 212 Leominster MA 01453 Me: 978-847-0814 Office: 978-847-0800
  3. 3. Social Media… • Isn’t anything new! It is just being social/connecting in a different place. • Is a place to be seen and remind people who you are, and that you have certain skillsets and expertise.
  4. 4. Facebook - Why Even Bother?! Facebook is another place to meet people and connect. For free.
  5. 5. The Goal • Beyond the social, to establish/brand yourself as the local real estate expert • People work with other people that they know, like, and trust – and who are top of mind when they are ready to act • Facebook can help people get to know you and help you stay in front of them in a regular, non-invasive way
  6. 6. Who… Figure out who your target audience(s) are – then ask yourself: What will they want to hear?
  7. 7. Profile Page It all starts here.
  8. 8. Compliance Company name and address, main telephone number
  9. 9. Compliance and Contact Info You can change the privacy on your profile content. Link out to your RE website.
  10. 10. Categorize Your Friends!
  11. 11. How To: How do I create a new list to organize my friends? To create a new custom list: From your home page, scroll down to the Friends section and click More Click Create List Write in the list's name Enter the names of friends you want to add to this list in the Members section Click Create The new list will now be an option when you add friends to lists.
  12. 12. Where- Post to Certain People
  13. 13. Post Using Lists
  14. 14. Important because you can • Keep local information local • Post to a group’s specific interests – buyer, seller, friend, local agent, national • Protect your privacy, somewhat
  15. 15. Trolls
  16. 16. Change Post Setting If discussions get heated or you want to restrict access, you can change the privacy setting of an individual post.
  17. 17. Facebook Pages
  18. 18. Why? You will not use your personal timeline primarily for your own commercial gain, and will use a Facebook Page for such purposes. From
  19. 19. Business Page
  20. 20. Posts Our most-viewed posts are photo-oriented with some text, and have been shared.
  21. 21. Insights
  22. 22. Other Pages Great place to upload local video or link out your YouTube channel
  23. 23. 365 Things To Do In…
  24. 24. Corcoran Group Creating Conversation…
  25. 25. Groups
  26. 26. Why? • • • • • • Create a Community Mastermind Group Accountability Partners Private Meeting Place – office, team Condo complex, town sports, neighborhood Usually less control than with a page – more social
  27. 27. Join!
  28. 28. Events
  29. 29. Create your own
  30. 30. Ideas
  31. 31. What and When you post depends on your audience Connect with people with good content and “share” Links to news sources and blogs Interesting Facebook pages Local, local, local… no one knows better than you do! Statewide real estate stats, with an explanation of what that means for your area • Video! Everyone loves local video • • • • •
  32. 32. Social Media Quick Reminder… • Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say in a crowded room • Avoid drama and negativity • Once it’s out there, it’s out there
  33. 33. “Start by being yourself. However customers relate to you in person is how they should ideally relate to you online, says Gama. “My number one tip is that whatever your personality is in real life, make that shine online as well,” she advises.”