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The Biggest Trend in Project Management Today


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Learn how to thrive in todays world of business and project management.

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The Biggest Trend in Project Management Today

  1. 1. The Biggest Trend in Project Management and How To Thrive Diane Dromgold
  2. 2. Organisations are only doing two things: 1. Stuff that gets today’s results (business as usual); and 2. Stuff to get tomorrow’s results (projects).
  3. 3. A brief ‘modern’ history of projects Society had a problem. We needed a way to get things done – things that couldn’t be achieved in normal daily operations and activities.
  4. 4. We invented the corporation as a way to get things done that couldn’t be done otherwise… In the 2003 film, “The Corporation” Noam Chomsky said corporations were groups of people chartered by the state to perform a particular function (that they couldn’t perform on their own); and Mary Zepernick Director Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy stated that corporations operated under charters constrained by: • how long they could operate; • the amount of capitalization allowed; • what they made and did; and • provided for the shareholders being responsible. Sounds a lot like a project
  5. 5. Corporations got complicated, bureaucratised and rigid 5
  6. 6. Then they needed a way to get things done So they invented …. Projects! (mini corporations)
  7. 7. Projects (or mini corporations) • Temporary organisations to get something done that has no other way of being achieved; • Established with clear accountabilities, for specific periods and to achieve specific things; • Sits outside existing structures; and • Controlled by the boss (project manager).
  8. 8. They worked… and organisations wanted more.
  9. 9. Enthusiasm for using projects keeps going up 1990 2000 2010 2020 2030 60 50 40 30 20 10 Some commentators argue we’re already here RNC evidence (1000+ cases) % % of org. spend on projects The project driven organisation
  10. 10. Enter the productivity and efficiency consultants Maximum utilisation of all resources •Matrix reporting •% allocation of time to line and project activities •People working on several things at the same time.
  11. 11. Projects no longer stand alone This is the biggest trend in projects and their management today.
  12. 12. Business Project ProjectProject Project Yesterday
  13. 13. Business Projects 13 Today
  14. 14. It’s all blurry now
  15. 15. It’s not going back any time soon.
  16. 16. How do we…? ?? ?? ??
  17. 17. …succeed without overt control? ?
  18. 18. Succeed with competing demands on people? ? ?
  19. 19. Plan and budget without control over resources? 19 Those were the days my friend ? ?
  20. 20. Get people to do what we want them to do… and when we want them to do it?
  21. 21. No matter what we learn in project management education. No matter what tools, procedures, processes and reports we need to use…
  22. 22. … It’s all about you and them.
  23. 23. Think in terms of campaign management... Influence is the key.
  24. 24. Being Influential “Seek first to understand; then to be understood.” St Francis of Assisi - Stephen Covey
  25. 25. Notes to self  Work out who cares – and what it is they care about  Run the project they want – not the one I think they should want  Craft the project story – and get everyone on script  Don’t take people’s commitment for granted – no one works for or with me unless they want to  No one buys in unless it works for them  I need to know who has the power of yes – and the power of no  Beware the delegate sponsor.
  26. 26. Talk to us – Diane Dromgold Managing Director RNC Global Projects Head Office Level 57 19-29 Martin Place Sydney NSW 2000 Other Offices Singapore; Hong Kong; USA; Canberra 0419 622 649 +61 2 9238 1990