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Twitter For Beginners


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This is presentation that I put together to do my Twitter Training for Beginners. We go from slide to slide and at the same time browse the Web to look at Twitter and its appolications in real time. Twitter is a wonderful tool to discover. Enter and follow conversations that are relevant to you. And let your personality and creativity shine through.

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Twitter For Beginners

  1. 1. March 2010
  2. 2. Created by Jack Dorsey in 2006 The goal was to mimic an online SMS (short message service) using a maximum of 140 characters in an open-source platform! First Tweet was sent on March 21, 2006 by Jack Official launch of Twitter was in March 2007
  3. 3. a texting service where we publish instant messages in a maximum of 140 characters a micro-blogging platform where we can share content with like on a blog but with a maximum of 140 characters a social network where we make friends (followers) and follow friends, conversations and topics
  4. 4. 70,000 Twitter applications these applications are created by Web Developers from the open-source Twitter API Key Applications are either free or at a cost ($) source = Wikipedia
  5. 5. 50,000,000 Tweets per day (600 tweets per second) 1,400,000,000 Tweets in February 2010 75,000,000 members (December 2009) 6,000,000 new members in January and February 2010 (2.3 new members / second) 25% of Twitter accounts have no followers 40% of Twitter accounts have never sent a Tweet 80% of Twitter members have tweeted less than 10 times users-and-engagement/
  6. 6. The content Twitter Lists The vocabulary Security The essential Tools Manage your profile Followers Manage your Following connections Link Twitter to ReTweets Facebook, LinkedIn and Direct Messages your Blog Hashtags Twitter personalities Follow Friday Do’s and Dont’s Jeudi confession
  7. 7. « Choose your words, a small URL and get to the point. This Tweet has 111 characters. Why 111? » ANSWER : If you want people to ReTweet your tweets, leave some space to add RT @dianebourque + a small comment (usually around 20 characters)
  8. 8. Make sure to shorten all URLs that you post on Twitter!
  9. 9. Take photos with your cellphone and post them directly on Twitter!
  10. 10. Take videos with your cellphone and share them on Twitter.
  11. 11. a tweet (n) what you send in 140 characters to tweet (v) the act of sending a tweet tweeple (n) people who tweet retweet (v) the act of sending someone’s tweet direct message a private message followers tweeple who follow you following tweeple you follow hashtag a keyword in Twitter with # follow friday (FF) a practice in Twitter on Fridays twitterholic are you one?
  12. 12.
  13. 13. People who follow you are your followers – you don’t choose them – they choose you How to they find you? The basic rule = you follow me, I do you agree? follow you How and why to block some followers
  14. 14. You can follow: • people or profiles that you know; and/or • people or profiles that you find interesting These services will help you find tweeple that say things that are of interest to you.
  15. 15. send a ReTweet by adding « RT @dianebourque » ReTweet is a convention in Twitter major don’t = never ReTweet whereby you add RT a tweet without using the when retweeting a tweet from another ReTweet tweeple. ReTweets are a good way to find followers and spread your presence in Twitter
  16. 16. engage into a private conversation with another The Direct Message tweeple through direct if a private conversation between messages you and a person you only available if you follow follow. The person must follow you in the person and the person order to send him/ follows you back her a DM. similar to sending a private e-mail, but in 140 characters
  17. 17. to add a hashtag, simply add A hashtag is a keyword that we add # with the keyword such as at the end of a #wordpress #cnn #haiti tweet in order to start or follow an you can create as many existing conversation. hashtags as you want It always start with # check-out existing hashtags at
  18. 18. on Fridays, tweeple take a Follow Fridays is a moment to say Thanks, to Twitter convention whereby tweeple take recognize people they like, to a moment on Friday to say hi by using the Follow mention other tweeple Friday convention by adding #FF or #FollowFriday before #FF @dianebourque @pierre their tweet. @melanie @stephanie #FollowFriday @mymother @mysister @myfriends
  19. 19. On Thursdays on Twitter, we confess and we add the Jeudi Confession is a hashtag #jeudiconfession at Twitter convention the end of our tweet whereby Tweeple make a confession on Thursday of any kind and add #jeudiconfession in their tweet. It sometimes makes a good read.
  20. 20. create Twitter Lists by adding people that you follow on various lists follow Twitter Lists that are of interest to you by going to =
  21. 21. Yes, your Twitter account can be hacked. Most often, the hacker will use your account to send Junk Direct Messages to your followers. This is more annoying that serious. What to do if this happens to you? • immediately change your Twitter password, and • revoke access to your Twitter connections
  22. 22. It’s important to add a photo of you, to add your website, your location and a good bio of yourself. This information will be used by connecting Twitter applications and services. Make it good!
  23. 23. You can add as many applications as you wish but you need to manage them once in a while. Remember there are 70,000 Twitter apps and sometimes one of them screws them up!
  24. 24. Share your blog content Share selective tweets on your automatically on Twitter with Facebook profile with Selective Twitter Feed. Tweets (in Facebook). Share your tweets on LinkedIn with the Tweets application (in LinkedIn).
  25. 25. bring an a e to your tweets by sharing relevant information Where to find this information? On Twitter! On your favorite blog! On Facebook! Anywhere on the Web! say thanks to people who retweet your tweets use capital letters and proper punctuation always shorten your URL with or another service always use numbers like 1st, 100, 3M to save on characters
  26. 26. take a moment on Fridays to do some #FF remember that everything that you post on Twitter stays on the Web maintain a ratio between your followers and the people you follow never tweet under the influence of alcohol or other substances that might affect your judgment try to maintain a rhythm in your tweets verify your URL links before posting your tweets
  27. 27. be careful with personal information that you share on Twitter take a deep breath before bitching about something follow and unfollow tweeple at ease and without excuses answer your own questions « What is your favorite Montreal Restaurant? Mine is Pho Bang New York on Saint-Laurent » answer questions that people ask or retweet the question if you feel like it leave room for your personality and creativity on Twitter and have fun with it!
  28. 28. guidebook/twitter
  29. 29. © 2010 All Rights Reserved You can use or reproduce this document as long as you don’t claim that it is yours and that you keep my logo intact. Thanks for sharing!