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Our mission at Invest Crowdfund Canada - Quebec is to legalize Invest Crowdfunding in all Canadian provinces. We believe this new model will help start-up businesses fund their growth and create jobs, thus contributing to local economy. Lets sign the petition to have Invest Crowdfunding be part of our ecosystem!

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  • Note to self: Ici emphase sur les investisseurs locaux Moitie moins de temps pour closer un deal: 1-2 mois au lieu de 6. Ailleurs En 2011, 21 portails de financement participatif pour investisseurs Souscriptions de $113M Taux de croissance annuel moyen de 114% et prévision de 300% en 2012 New equity based portals such as ‘CircleUp’ are now emerging in the United States to take advantage of the changes introduced by the JOBS Act to support Crowdfund Investing in that country.
  • L’accès au capital de croissance en dehors de la métropole est difficile, voire absent See Massolution report slide 33 and mention source Californie14.45 MM Massachussets 2.95MM Note to self 􏱊􏰄   Digital projects present well on crowdfunding platforms; 􏱊􏰄   They appeal to Internet savvy investors that are drawn to the online social experience of crowdfunding; 􏱊􏰄   Investors can easily associate with the content, products and services being funded.
  • Les fournisseurs de l’ICF : opération de diligence raisonnable (Australie) Influence malveillante écartée La «vérification diligente» faite par la communauté, cf. les mécanismes de recommandations sur Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Expedia, eBay, etc. See Massolution report slide 33 and mention source et promouvoir le resserrement des liens culturels et économiques entre les pays de langue française. Note to self 􏱊􏰄   Digital projects present well on crowdfunding platforms; 􏱊􏰄   They appeal to Internet savvy investors that are drawn to the online social experience of crowdfunding; 􏱊􏰄   Investors can easily associate with the content, products and services being funded.
  • , qui devrait être mis en application en début 2013, et/ou avec les modèles de financement participatif qui ont été mis en œuvre avec succès en dehors de l’Amérique du Nord.
  • Invest Crowdfunding @MontrealNewTech v.en

    1. 1. INVEST CROWDFUNDING Diana Yazidjian - Invest Crowdfund Canada – Quebec Twitter: @iCANCrowdfund Pétition: #crowdfunding #MtlNewTech October 2, 20121
    2. 2. ”As startups are the stars of the show, their ability tosucceed depends on the health of the ecosystemand its ability to support, connect, network andfinance them." Mark Evans, Canadian entrepreneur a. INVESTMENT CROWDFUNDING ACROSS THE GLOBE b. WHY ICC FOR QUEBEC? c. ON THE ROAD TO ICC ADOPTION d. OUR VISION, OUR MISSION, THE TEAM2
    3. 3. WHAT IS EQUITY-BASED CROWDFUNDING New online technologies are showing that public investment for new companies can be sought safely given the right Crowdfunding is the platform, precautions and regulations. solicitation of small equity investment from non-accredited investors. Simply put, it is to raise funding from the “crowd.”3
    4. 4. INVEST CROWDFUNDING ACROSS THE GLOBE Research from May 2012 indicates that a combined total of $1.2 B in equity and non-equity crowdfunding was raised in 2011 globally. Equity-based crowdfunding is happening most in Australia and the UK Source: Crowdsourcing.org4
    5. 5. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Australian Small SEEDUPS (GB) CrowdCube (GB) Symbid Scale Offerings (Hollande) Board (ASSOB) Active since 2005 1 400 Cap raised £3.7M Cap raised Capital raised entrepreneurs; for 21 businesses €1M in year 1 A$126M 700 investors AVG A$350K (2011) • Capital raised$65M for IT businesses5
    6. 6. WHY INVEST CROWDFUNDING in QUEBEC This is a crucial time! o Financial gap for businesses seeking 50k-500k$ o VC is declining: - 63% in Q1(source: Reseau Capital) o 2-index drop in Canadas Innovation Standing (World Economic Forum) o 1 out of 4 SMEs : lifespan less than two years o Nb IPOs has fallen o Entrepreneurs are relocating « where the money is »6
    7. 7. WHY INVEST CROWDFUNDING in QUEBEC  Strong IT community  ICC platforms: a good fit  Local economy driver and job creation  Alternative solution to loans for local start-ups and to public equity for local investors  Transparency and fraud prevention  Promoting francophone plateforms to facilitate international funding7
    8. 8. ON THE ROAD TO ICC ADOPTION Securities are regulated at the provincial and territorial level. Canada’s 13 regulators co-ordinate their efforts through the Canadian Securities Administrators. Efforts to legalize equity crowdfunding will have to happen at the provincial level.  Petition Letter8
    9. 9. OUR VISION, OUR MISSION AT ICC-QUEBEC Vision Statement In our vision, Canadian creativity will be bolstered by the active involvement in our economy of tens of thousands of online citizens. Social media is launching a new era of financing that will allow us to better support local businesses, create jobs and benefit our Canadian society today and for our next generation. Mission Statement Our mission is to change securities legislation across Canada to legalize investment crowdfunding through opening up a new source of funding for Canada’s startups and small and medium-sized businesses.9
    10. 10. OUR VALUE PROPOSITION o ICC proposes that provincial securities regulators in Canada move quickly to adopt changes consistent with the JOBS Act crowdfunding model which is expected to be implemented in early 2013 and/or with crowdfund investing models now operating successfully outside of North America. This may involve introduction of new prospectus exemptions to broaden the field of potential investors and new registration exemptions to enable funding portals. o Ideally, a uniform set of changes would be implemented across Canadian provinces at the same time in order to promote investments in crowdfund investing platforms. Significant technology investments will be required to create crowdfunding platforms, but these new platforms can also be expected to generally streamline the capital formation, communications and record-keeping processes for small businesses.10
    11. 11. INVEST CROWDFUND CANADATHE LEADERSHIP TEAM ACROSS THE NATION National Provincial Leadership Leadership Crowdfunding Chair New Brunswick Dr Cindy Gordon Rob Foley, VP Strategy Momentum Gary Stairs, VP British Columbia Tony Arias, Communication/Media/PR Andrew Weir, VP Mission Catherine Boivie, VP Marketing The Innovation Crowdfunding Debra Chanda, VP Alberta Metrics/Frameworks Cluster (ICC): brings key Sandi Gilbert, VP JR Richardson, VP Michi Kimori, VP stakeholders together across the Legal Andrea Johnson, VP country to legalize & educate the Quebec Diana Yazidjian, VP PMO Liaison Russ Roberts, VP value of equity crowdfunding on Giancarlo Salvo, VP Impact Investing behalf of i-Canada. Prerna Chandak, VP Ontario Fawn Annan, VP PR Crowdfunding US Jobs Act - Michel Pepin, VP Maricel Dicion, VP Advisor StartUp Advocacy Advisory Sherwood Neiss, VP Industry Leadership Michael Cayley Leadership Australia, ASSOB - Advisor Paul Niederer, VP Jordan Dider Crowdfunding Industry Lead CATA - Advisor Chamber of Commerce / Kerry Liu, VP Barry Gander Board of Trade Liaison CATA - Advisor Mobile Cluster Angel Liaison John Reid Ross Buchanan, VP Michael Cayley Universities/Education VC Liaison Joy Van Hove, VP Michael Turner Note: Each Province has a team being mobilized to work their regional activities.11
    12. 12. INVEST CROWDFUND CANADA | QUEBEC TEAM Legal Crowdfunding Quebec Giancarlo Salvo Diana Yazidjian Giancarlo is an associate in the Montreal office of Fraser Diana has over 15 years experience in the technology Milner Casgrain LLP (FMC) with the Corporate & community acting in both an entrepreneurial and Commercial Group. He specializes in securities law matters, partnership capacity. She launched her first venture in as well as public and private mergers and acquisitions. Prior 1998, consulting for retail businesses and she was among to joining the firm, Giancarlo spent three years working at the first to join the Internet bubble in Montreal. She later another leading Canadian law firm. He has experience in joined Orange-France Telecom in France where she led the areas of cross-border and international transactions, as the transformation toward a customer-centric well as listings on the AIM market of the London Stock organization, overseeing more than twenty technology Exchange. Giancarlo is a trustee of the Jewish General innovations. In 2011, Diana launched Yazziness, a service Hospital Foundation. company helping SMEs, start-ups and associations cater to their market and improve their social presence with the right tools. Industry StartUp Advocacy Heri Rakotomalala Davender Gupta Heri Rakotomalala is an engineer and As a Venture Catalyst, Davender guides entrepreneurs to entrepreneur. Founder of MontrealTechWatch, develop the clarity, the confidence and the discipline to MTLNewTech, and Startup Drinks, Heri is at the successfully execute on their ideas., Davender serves as heart of start-up ecosystem in Montrea. He Secretary of the Board at the Centre local de provides key counsel to early stage companies in développement (CLD) de Québec, an organization the areas of marketing, engineering and finance, to supporting over 1000 entrepreneurial projects a year in get them venture-ready. the Québec City area, and is also the facilitator and head coach of FastTrac TechVenture Québec, a program to identify and prepare the next generation of Québec City technology startups.12
    13. 13. INVEST CROWDFUND CANADA | QUEBEC TEAM Communication/Media/PR Education Adam Daifallah Gil Michel-Garcia Adam Daifallah is a Partner at HATLEY Strategy Gil is a U.S. partner at blue HF, a Montreal based Advisors, a Montreal public affairs firm. With more boutique law firm, where he specializes in than ten years experience in law, journalism and providing U.S. legal advice to Canadian politics, Adam is a skilled communicator who interacts companies and funds in connection with start- with key decision-makers in Toronto, Montreal, up, venture and early stage cross-border private Ottawa, Quebec City and Washington, D.C. Before co- equity transactions. founding HATLEY, Adam practiced law at the Montreal office of a national law firm. Previous to his legal career, he sat on the editorial board of the National Post and was Washington correspondent of The New Plateforme ICF York Sun. He is co-author of two books on Canadian Eric Bisson politics. Adam is a law graduate from Université Laval, has a BA (honours) in history and political studies from Queen’s University and was a Sauvé Scholar at McGill Eric has more than 10 years experience in project University. He is a member of the Quebec Bar. management (web and mobile) and has recently co- founded, a reward/donation crowdfunding platform based in Montreal.13
    14. 14. Join The Movement toward the adoption of Invest Crowdfunding across Canada! Please sign the e-petition: Contacts: Thank Diana Yazidjian, VP Québec you @yazziness Gil Michel-Garcia, VP Education @GMichelGarcia Join The Conversation @iCANcrowdfund14