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Money, money, money: How to get grants and other funding for your library


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With district budgets getting tighter and tights, teacher librarians are getting more creative with finding funds for books, programs and technology. In this presentation, you can learn about some of the grants and funding opportunities available for libraries. You'll also get lots of practical tips and strategies for writing grants that will help your school get more money.

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Money, money, money: How to get grants and other funding for your library

  1. 1. Money, money, money: How to get grants and funding for your library @DianaLRendina grant-resources #FAME14 Edmodo Code: 4hr57e
  2. 2. A little about me…
  3. 3. Overview • Current trends in education grants • Setting a vision • How to find a grant • Writing a grant proposal • After you get the grant • Other sources of funding
  5. 5. Current trends in EduGrants • Improving literacy/ helping struggling and low-income readers • STEM/STEAM • Sustainability • Arts & music • Community involvement
  6. 6. Setting a vision • Brainstorm with a group of students and teachers • Make an inspiration board • What’s in your dream library?
  7. 7. Search engines, newsletters, networking HOW TO FIND GRANTS
  8. 8.
  9. 9. DEMCO Free Grants Search
  10. 10. Mackin Grant Channel
  11. 11. Edutopia
  12. 12. More ways to find grants • District grants office • Talk to vendors • Stay connected with other educators on Twitter, Google + and other social media • Consider subscribing to paid grant newsletters • Embrace serendipity
  13. 13. Tips and advice WRITING YOUR GRANT PROPOSAL
  14. 14. Before you start writing • Become a grant reader • Read EVERYTHING you can find about the organization • Design your grant to fit the grantor’s vision
  15. 15. Writing your grant proposal • Follow all grant instructions to the letter • Show the grantor what you’re already doing • Keep the focus on the students • Focus on the positive; don’t be negative • Proofread, proofread, proofread!
  16. 16. After you get the grant • Follow all procedures and deadlines • Spend $$ ASAP • Complete all follow-up materials • Send student written thank-yous. • Promote grant on your website, social media • If you didn’t win, contact organization for feedback
  17. 17. Places to look besides grants OTHER FUNDING SOURCES
  18. 18. DonorsChoose Tips • Look for similar projects to get ideas • Check for matching offers • Not tech for tech’s sake • Keep it simple • Market your project like crazy
  19. 19. Other sources of $$ • Vendor contests • GoFundMe
  20. 20. Some of the projects we’ve done at my school GRANT EXAMPLES
  21. 21. Hillsborough Education Foundation
  22. 22. Laura Bush Foundation
  23. 23. Lowe’s Toolbox for Education
  24. 24. DonorsChoose
  25. 25. Contact me • @DianaLRendina • nt-resources • DianaLRendina@gmail. com • Edmodo Code: 4hr57e