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ISTE Librarian Network Makerspace Forum


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Makerspaces are being incorporated into both school and public library settings. If you are thinking about creating your own makerspace or would like to hear about how some colleagues at various levels, plus an administrator, are including makerspaces in their schools, this panel discussion is for you. Panel presentation by Elissa Malespina, Heidi Neltner, Diana Rendina, Tiffany Whitehead and Sarah Winchowky

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ISTE Librarian Network Makerspace Forum

  1. 1. Building Community through Making Free Library of Philadelphia, Maker Jawn
  2. 2. What is a ‘Jawn’? A context-dependent substitute noun. A term originating in Philadelphia’s hip-hop scene in the 1970s, “jawn” can be used to replace any noun. The meaning of “jawn” can vary depending on the thing you are referring to. “That Frankenstein remix jawn is tight!” “Where can I find the nearest book return jawn?”
  3. 3. Maker Movement • Hands-on Creation • Promotes STEAM Learning • Emphasis on new technology • Constraints? - Expensive - Hard to get started without guidance
  4. 4. Bringing Making to the FLP • Summer 2013 - Maker Corps • Fall 2013 - Present: Daily after school programming & building Maker Mentor Team • Currently in six different libraries throughout Philadelphia
  5. 5. Who do we serve? • North Philadelphia • Under-resourced communities; Non-dominant youth • Local libraries as community spaces
  6. 6. Our Goals • Technological literacy • STEAM engagement • Interest-driven learning • Building community
  7. 7. Morse Code Messages
  8. 8. Collaborative Filmmaking
  9. 9. Kensington Sculpture Derby
  10. 10. Future Plans
  11. 11. @makerjawn Sarah Winchowky
  12. 12. Elissa Malespina Coordinating Supervisor of: - Educational Technology - Librarians - Technology Teachers - T.V. Production - 6-12 STEM For the Parsippany- Troy Hills School District in NJ 2014 Bammy Award Winning Librarian Host of Beyond Books - Transforming Teaching & Learning BAM Radio Network Podcast @elissamalespina
  13. 13. Cards Against Humanity Makerspace Edition!! Best answer tweeted to the #istelib wins a prize! It must be “clean.” It must relate to ISTE or this Presentation. ___________: good to the last drop at ISTE!