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Digital Implementations: From Video-conferencing to Makerspace to BYOD


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Stewart Middle Magnet School has been a STEM magnet school since 2000. This presentation looks at how we've utilized technology throughout the years and the way that we're moving forward. Presented at the Florida Educational Technology Conference Executive Summit.

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Digital Implementations: From Video-conferencing to Makerspace to BYOD

  1. 1. Digital Implementations From Video Conferencing to Makerspace to BYOD Diana L. Rendina Media Specialist Stewart Middle Magnet
  2. 2. Stewart Middle Magnet School • STEM magnet school since 2000 • Emphasis on aerospace and aviation • 11 computer labs, plus computers in classrooms • Many classrooms equipped with smart projectors • Consistently an “A” or “B” school
  3. 3. Technology in a STEM Magnet School • Connecting students to STEM experts • Providing students with tools to prepare them for STEM careers • Makerspace technology • Connecting our students with social media • BYOD initiative
  4. 4. Video conferencing to connect with the world
  5. 5. Designing video games with GameMaker
  6. 6. Learning real-world skills with AutoCAD
  7. 7. Flight Simulator
  8. 8. Moving forward • Technology in the library • Connecting students globally through social media • BYOD initiative
  9. 9. Technology in our Makerspace
  10. 10. Electronic circuits
  11. 11. Coding
  12. 12. Robots & devices
  13. 13. Social Media
  14. 14. Connecting through Google Hangouts
  15. 15. Starting a BYOD initiative
  16. 16. Getting student input
  17. 17. BYOD Action Steps • Survey students on device use • Offer PD opportunities for teachers on bringing devices into instruction • Digital Citizenship lessons/contract for students • Library as a “model classroom” to demonstrate instructional device use
  18. 18. Contact me • @DianaLRendina • •
  19. 19. Makerspace Tech on Pinterest nterest Slides will be on