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Challenge Based Learning in Makerspaces: How to Use Design to Develop Creativity


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Created and presented with Colleen Graves.
Design challenges have the power to encourage creativity in your students – by providing limitations and guidelines, students can actually become more creative. Learn strategies for creating design prompts, running challenges, and incorporating the design process into projects with your students. We’ll discuss how to create open-ended challenges and material-specific challenges in a way that will maximize your students’ creativity, as well as how to create passive design challenges that require minimal supervision. Examples will be given for elementary, middle, and high school, as creativity isn’t limited to an age range. Whether you’ve had a makerspace up and running for years or are just getting started with the Maker Movement, you will leave this session feeling equipped to lead your students through design challenges that will spark their creative genius.

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Challenge Based Learning in Makerspaces: How to Use Design to Develop Creativity

  1. 1. Design Challenge
  2. 2. Design Challenge vs Open Exploration
  3. 3. Design Challenge Examples Posts about Design Challenges Open for All Students: ● Makey Makey Challenge (MS) ● littleBits Halloween Challenge (HS) ● Sphero Obstacle Course (MS) Partnering with Blast Classes: ● Sphero programming ● Hour of Code with Makey Makey ● Collaborative Sphero Courses and Obstacles (HS)
  4. 4. Elementary Challenge I’ll design slide
  5. 5. Iggy Peck Challenge
  6. 6. Secondary Style Challenge I’ll make slide
  7. 7. Design Your Own Challenge
  8. 8. Final Thoughts
  9. 9. RESOURCES: ------------->