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Guardian Angels Gala Journal

  1. 1. The Guardian Angels StrongeR Than Ever 33rd Anniversary Gala Tuesday, June 12, 2012 The Pierre Fifth Avenue & 61ST Street • New York City
  2. 2. The Alliance of Guardian Angels would like to express its deep appreciation to the Frey Family Foundation – the chairman of our board,Robert J. Frey and his wife Kathy,for their generosity in once again sponsoring our gala dinner. Your commitment is why we are stronger than ever.
  3. 3. The Guardian Angels works to provide peaceful solutions tosafeguard neighborhoods, schools and cyberspace from bullying,gangs, and violence and to empower individuals, especially our youth,to lead safe, positive, and contributing lives.Our organization brings safety patrols to troubled neighborhoods,youth development services to at risk young people, and internetsafety information to parents and educators. Today we are stronger than ever. Thank you for joining us in celebration. gerever... ron nsttha
  4. 4. A Letter from CurtisDear Friends:Welcome to The Guardian Angels’ 33rd Annual Gala Dinner. I am so happy that you have joined us to celebrateour organization’s commitment to bringing hope and safety to communities in need. This year, our theme forthe evening is stronger than ever, a phrase that captures both the dedication and commitment of our volunteerGuardian Angels and the vitality of the organization as a whole. I want to thank those of you here for helpingkeep us strong with your support. I also want to express my deepest gratitude to the Frey Family Foundationfor underwriting this event, to Joe Lhota, Barry Slotnick, Bruce Bendell and the leadership of SoBRO forserving as our honorees, and to the Board of The Guardian Angels, for their ongoing support.Indeed, as I look back on the work of the organization over the past year, I could not be more proud. Inneighborhood after neighborhood, our unarmed volunteer-led safety patrollers have successfully carriedout over 2,500 regular patrols to deter crime, render assistance, and support law enforcement. Theirprofessionalism, commitment, and sense of duty have made us stronger than ever and have shown the worldthe value of patrolling done right. In addition to our regular patrols, we have also launched campaigns torespond to specific attacks on vulnerable populations, and to target communities facing declining resourcesfor law enforcement. This year found our Angels on the streets of Sunset Park, Brooklyn on the heels ofa string of sexual assaults and in Orange County, California in response to a serial killer targeting thehomeless. As I write this, we are in the process of ramping up new subway patrols here in New York City inresponse to an increase in late night crime on various lines. This year we also initiated patrols in Camden,New Jersey, which had to slash its law enforcement budget. The ability of our Angels to respond to suchsituations of need has always been a source of our strength, and this year we were are stronger than ever.
  5. 5. Over the course of the year The Guardian Angels haveopened several new chapters. I am particularly proudto inform you that a few months ago, The GuardianAngels began patrols and work to establish a fullchapter in Las Vegas. We took this action because, forthe first time, community leaders and casino ownershave acknowledged the need for a multi-dimensionalresponse to violent crime on the main strip. In additionto Las Vegas, since our last gala, new chapters havebeen established in Orange County, Americanretirement communities in northern Mexico, Ukraine,Milan, Sardinia, Bologna, Trinidad and Tobago, SantaDomingo and The Dominican Republic. This targetedgrowth in key cities the world over is yet another reason,that this year, we are stronger than ever.We have always recognized that a commitment to beinga positive member of one’s community begins early on,and so this year we have continued to foster and developour youth programs. Here in New York, through thegenerous support of Bloomberg L.P we have continued .,our leadership and character building work with youngpeople - offering afterschool and summer programmingto more than 500 Urban and Junior Angels. This workhas been echoed by our chapters across the countryand around the world, where we have presented toyoung people on leadership, led targeted efforts toteach self defense in the face of gang bullying, and,in many instances - such as in the often violent streetsof New Orleans - simply provided safe space to just letkids be kids.We have indeed been active and stronger than everon many fronts. I encourage you to look at the chapterwrite ups as well as the headline section of thisjournal to get a glimpse of the work we have beenaccomplishing thanks to your generous support. Wetruly appreciate everything you do on our behalf. Thankyou again for attending our gala dinner, and for yourcommitment here today to insuring our organization’sstrength in the future.
  6. 6. Angels are everywhere...Phoenix, AZ Jackson, MS Dallas, TX Philadelphia, PADenver, CO Atlantic City, NJ El Paso, TX Pottstown, PAHartford, CT Paterson, NJ Houston, TX Wilkes Barre, PANew Haven, CT Sussex, NJ Broward County, FL York, PANorwalk, CT Las Vegas, NV Cape Coral, FL Los Angeles, CAWashington, D.C. Reno, NV Ft. Myers, FL Orange Co., CA (In Development)Atlanta, GA NYC, NY Ft. Pierce/Port St. Lucia, FL Riverside Co. / San Bernardino Co., CASavannah, GA Long Island (Huntington Station), NY Jacksonville, FL Sacramento, CADavenport, IA Binghamton, NY Kissimmee, FL San Francisco/Oakland, CAChicago, IL Poughkeepsie/Newburgh/Kingston, NY Lake Mary, FL Honolulu, HIPeoria, IL Cleveland, OH Miami, Dade Co, FL Kauai, HINew Orleans, LA Youngstown/Warren, OH Orlando, FL Anchorage, AKBoston, MA Bend, OR Palm Beach Co - Lakeworth, FLBrockton, MA Portland, OR Tampa, FL Vancouver, B.C., CanadaDetroit, MI Chattanooga, TN Bangor (In Development), PA Calgary, AlbertaBaltimore, MD Salt Lake City, UT Coatesville, PA Edmonton, AlbertaSt Louis, MO Richmond, VA Easton, PAMinneapolis, MN Madison, WI Hazleton, PA (In Development) Ajijic/San Anton/Chapala, MexicoRochester, MN Milwaukee, WI (In Development) Northampton Region, PA Mexico City, Distrito Federal
  7. 7. We currently have more than 130 chapters in 18 countriesHjorring, Jylland, Denmark San Fernando, Spain Philippines Sendai, Miyagi La Romaine, San Fernando Minato, TokyoBrescia, Lombardia, Italy Seoul, Korea Musashino, TokyoMilan, Lombardia Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Shibuya, TokyoCagliari, Sardinia Ipanema Town Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan Toshima, TokyoSassari, Sardinia Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Wakayama, WakayamaCarbonia-Iglesias, Sardinia Lima, Peru Kurume, Fukuoka Yamato, KanagawaOlbia, Sardinia Talara Chiba, Chiba Yokohama, KanagawaPadova, Veneto Ayacucho Kashiwa, Chiba Yokosuka, KanagawaBologna, Emilia-Romagna Tumbes Matsudo, Chiba Kumamoto, KumamotoOdessa, Ukraine Israel Kyoto, Kyoto Matsuyama, EhimeLuton & Dunstable, East Anglia, England Capetown, Western Cape, South Africa Okayama, OkayamaLondon, Greater London, England Kuilsriver, Cape Town, Western Cape Kawaguchi, Saitama Potchefstroom, North West Province Saitama, SaitamaSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic Soka, Saitama New Zealand Tokorozawa, SaitamaTrinidad and Tobago Sapporo, Hokkaido
  8. 8. United States ActivityWho would have thought the main strip in Las Vegas, with the biggest hotels and casinos,would welcome The Guardian Angels? This year it did, as community leaders and casinoowners alike called for a multipronged attack on that city’s rising rate of crime. We respondedto the call, mobilizing out of state chapters to meet the immediate need and to begin the workof establishing a new local chapter. The action out west continued as our California chapterspursued campaigns in Orange County, where a serial killer preyed on the homeless, andin Hollywood where an arsonist set more than 35 fires. Meanwhile, in Denver, the Angelsworked with authorities to deter further incidents of crime after thugs initiated a repeatedseries of attacks and robberies against shoppers and diners. Our Chicago chapter was keptbusy with increased patrolling in response to a series of violent robberies on the CTA line.It also launched a series of self defense classes on the heels of a string of sexual assaultsagainst women and repeated episodes of gang bullying. Similarly, our DC chapter intensifiedits presence on the Metro system and initiated a personal safety and awareness campaignafter a series of attacks and thefts of personal electronics. In Port St Lucie Florida, aftergangs had a shoot out at a popular basketball court at Sportsman’s Park, our organization’sTreasure Coast chapter began active patrols of the area allowing residents to have anadded sense of comfort while engaging in recreation.This year also marked the initiation of a new nationwide campaign aimed at protecting“Black Friday” shoppers, who risk becoming targets on this busy bargain hunting day. Overthirty different chapters in the United States participated, starting as early as Midnight afterThanksgiving. They patrolled parking lots of malls and heavy traveled bus and train stationsmaking sure no one became a victim on the busiest shopping day of the year and handingout safety tip flyers.Also with regard to our work nationally, on the heels of the tragic shooting of TrayvonMartin, Curtis set out to distinguish the work we do. On a CNN Town Hall, on NPR, and ina letter to the New York Times, he pointed to the strength of our thirty three year volunteerdriven effort. Curtis highlighted many of the keys to our success, including: the fact thatour volunteers are never armed, that they patrol only in groups, that they are screened,trained and supervised, and, importantly — that they always obey instructions from lawenforcement officers. These principles have made The Guardian Angels trusted and integralparts of many communities.
  9. 9. New York, NYIn New York, The Guardian Angelsbrought focus to our patrols bytargeting neighborhoods of needin which we already had a strongcommunity presence through ouryouth programming. In particular,regular patrolling was carried outboth in Washington Heights, hometo our neighborhood center, and inConey Island, where we have hadpartnerships with several schools.Both of these neighborhoods arefacing a scourge of gang activity.Further regular patrols were carriedout in East Harlem, the South Bronx,Corona Queens, and the North Shoreof Staten Island.We also initiated a number of special campaigns during the year in response toparticular patterns of crime. One such campaign was in Sunset Park, Brooklyn,where we brought in teams of Angels to patrol the streets and provide freeself defense training for women, after multiple incidences of groping andsexual attacks. Recently, we initiated expanded late night and early morningsubway patrols in conjunction with the NYPD and the MTA. During these hours,passengers, particularly those who have fallen asleep, have been victimized bypacks of young men and women hunting for iPads, iPods and other personalelectronics. All told, our more than 75 New York City based volunteer GuardianAngels carried out an average of 3 patrols a day 6 days a week – more than 900patrols - to help make our city safer.New Orleans, LAIn New Orleans, where over 16 murders occur a month, our Guardian Angelschapter has been busy. In the past year, the chapter recorded over 2,500 assiststo the local police department and over 1,000 medical assists. Patrollers haveassisted victims of everything from bar fights, to stabbings and more. Twentythree of the medical assists were in fact to gunshot victims – seventeen of whomwere shot right in the City’s famous French Quarter. The chapter is particularlyproud of the growing recognition its patrols are receiving, particularly from lawenforcement. In fact, the New Orleans Police Department asked the Angels toparticipate in this year’s French Quarter Festival by maintaining security at bothJackson Square and the Riverwalk. As in other years, a particular emphasis hasbeen placed by the chapter in creating activities and “safe space” for youngpeople in the city. This programming has allowed the chapter to achieve a highdegree of community support, allowing it to effectively carry out its job.Washington, DCThis past year was one of hard work, dedication, and also recognition forthe DC chapter. Increased patrols on the City’s Metro system were initiatedafter a series of passengers were preyed upon for their personal electronicdevices. On several occasions crimes were thwarted and individuals wereapprehended and turned over to law enforcement. Other campaigns ofnote included bike patrols, launched after a string of muggings on a bikepath in North East DC, and a campaign to provide deterrence and publicinformation in Columbia Heights after a series of attacks against gays andlesbians. In March the Chief of The Metropolitan Police Department, CathyLanier, honored the DC chapter for its efforts protecting the community at its12th Annual Awards Ceremony.
  10. 10. Richmond, VAThe Richmond, VA chapter has spentthe past year working to encourageand increase local participation throughthe COP (Citizens on Patrol) program,local neighborhood watch groups, CERT(Community Emergency Response Team)training through the VA Departmentof Emergency Management, andparticipation in local fairs, parades, andother community events. The chaptercontinues to focus on preventing drugtrafficking and public order violationsby working through neighborhoodsone street at a time. Serving as avisual deterrent and providing a flow ofcommunication to local police, chaptermembers have received the thanks andappreciation of grateful community members, law enforcement, and legislators- including a Civil Service award from Police Chief Bryan Norwood and SheriffC. T. Woody, a Community Service Award from Hon. Dwight C. Jones and theRichmond City Council, and a Certificate of Appreciation from the Richmond PoliceDepartment. The chapter also maintains an active Junior Angels program. Juniorsparticipated in many citywide activities, including the adopt-a-street program,fundraisers and charity walks, debate sessions, as well as learning self defenseand anti-bullying strategies.Baltimore, MDSterling examples of community service and empowerment, BaltimoreGuardian Angels have spoken to and worked with numerous schools, civic andcommunity organizations, and were selected as panelists for the Amplify Baltimoreproject. They have been guest speakers on this topic at the Sojourner DouglassCollege for the last six years. In fact, Baltimore City Police utilize The GuardianAngels to teach in-service officers the benefit of building community relations andpartnerships, and have honored them with an annual Guardian Angel Night forthe past five years.Following the disappearance of sixteen year old Phylicia Barnes, The GuardianAngels were in the forefront of the search efforts. The hard work and dedication ofthe chapter in this search and subsequent cases has led to the return of three missingchildren. Ceaseless efforts to bring attention to the need for better coordinationbetween law enforcement and the private sector led to the signing of Phylicia’sLaw (HB 1120), and the Baltimore Police Missing Person Unit now relies on TheGuardian Angels to rally partnerships and lead searches in the private sector, aswell as to help find and gather information on cold cases.Los Angeles, CAThe Los Angeles Chapter kept busy this year with extensive regular patrols andvarious special campaigns. Special campaigns were initiated to address an arsonistterrorizing Hollywood and a serial killer targeting homeless men in Orange County.The chapter put forth extensive man hours patrolling the streets and alerting thepublic and were pleased that in the end both perpetrators were eventually broughtto justice by law enforcement. Beyond patrolling, the chapter members also workedextensively on community benefit projects within their community. In particular,members conducted graffiti removal activities in Los Angeles, Hollywood andVenice California. Members also conducted a number of workshops in theircommunity, including citizen’s arrest and neighborhood watch classes to lend theirskills and develop professionalism.
  11. 11. ChicagoThis year marks one of the busiest faced by our Chicago chapter since it was formed.This past summer began with an intensive response to a series of robberies targetingfemale victims, which occurred on the west side of Chicago and in the suburb ofOak Park. The chapter initiated a series of 14 hour a day, 6 days a week patrols, selfdefense classes in multiple locations, and over 200 escorts from the CTA trains duringthe 2 month effort. At the start of 2012, a shooting at the Roosevelt CTA line that leftone person injured caused a tremendous uneasiness among the train riding public.The Chicago Guardian Angels immediately began an intense focus on the site of theincident and one day later apprehend 2 suspects in connection with a violent armedrobbery at the next station.A week later Chicago was plagued by a flash mob beating ofa youth by a gang of young people that was captured on videoand shared on YouTube. After the perpetrators were capturedby law enforcement, the chapter held two different self defenseclasses for the community focusing on techniques for warding offmultiple attackers.Shortly thereafter, a series of shootings and murders as well asa rape in the Logan Square, Wicker Park, and Buck Town areasswitched the Chapter’s focus back to intensive patrolling. This wascoupled with training for the general public in self defense. Theseefforts were then followed by enhanced patrolling of specific trainlines as well as targeted neighborhoods, in response to series ofrapes that occurred Englewood, Roseland and onboard a movingCTA train.In May, events became even more dramatic and potentially lifethreatening. Four Guardian Angels were wounded while comingto the assistance of a passenger who was being pistol whippedduring a robbery at the Clark/Division station on Chicago CTA’sRed Line. The team had pinned down the gun wielding robber, but were then attacked by his previously undetected partner.This second individual set upon the patrollers with a knife – stabbing them until he effectuated the first assailant’s release. Allfour Angels received significant injuries but are thankfully okay. Police, who called the Angel’s actions “valiant” have securitycamera images of the two assailants and are seeking their apprehension.Throughout its busy year, the chapter has been pleased to receive increased media attention for its efforts. Local televisionhas documented the efforts of the chapter on an ongoing basis and earlier this year, Univision, the Spanish network, dida special 2 part series on the Chicago Guardian Angels. Local Chicago press covered the May incident in which the fourAngels were injured, extensively, resulting in an outpouring of support and goodwill from local Chicago residents.
  12. 12. Washington Heights Community Center/Junior Guardian AngelsThanks to the generosity of Bloomberg L.P., The GuardianAngels has had another successful and productive year forits Washington Heights based youth programs. Continuingin its efforts to provide character building, leadershipdevelopment, and “safe space” activities for young people,the program provided a rich array of offerings such as sportsactivities (primarily focused on karate and self defensetraining), anti gang and drug prevention activities (includingpresentations from NYPD officers and program leaders),community volunteering and neighborhood clean up, dayand overnight trips, ongoing homework help, role modelingfrom staff and volunteers, and various parent involvementactivities. By providing young people with a diverse set ofofferings instead of using a one size fits all approach, ourprogram continues to serve as a compelling competitor tothe streets. This year’s program saw approximately 500young people pass through its center and through its satelliteprogram location at PS 189. The neighborhood centerfacility also provided additional offerings to the community,including self defense training for seniors.
  13. 13. Highlights for the young people this year have include our “Junior Guardian Angels Olympics,” trips to The Cloisters, TheCentral Park Zoo, a working farm, and The Museum of Natural History, camping, chess, movie days, and self defense classesand competitions. On June 24th, thanks to the generosity of Simon and Lina Garber of the International Polo Club of ColtsNeck, Domenic Gatto of Atlantic Express Transportation Corp., and board member Edward Moldaver of Morgan StanleySmith Barney, our young people will be attending a polo match and family fun day in Colts Neck New Jersey. Tickets to thisevent are available through the Guardian Angels’ website (, and we hope to see many of you there.
  14. 14. International Activity This year brought robust efforts from existing international chapters as well as the creation of several new chapters in areas of need. In Japan, our Angels continued patrols in the north of the country to render assistance, as that nation continues its recovery from the earthquake and tsunami of last year. Work is also moving forward in London, where that chapter continues to ramp up operations in anticipation of the upcoming Summer Olympic Games. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, our chapters worked with police to train local villagers to patrol and bring safety to their communities. In Mexico a chapter has been established in the north of the country, where American retirement communities have been subjected to the narco-terrorist scourge that has continued plaguing that country. In the Dominican Republic, as well as in Trinidad and Tobago, chapters have been developed to patrol urban hot spots of high crime and American inspired gang activity. On the heels of the worldwide economic downturn, our presence in Italy has also increased, as that nation faces rising crime. Groups have been started on the mainland in Milan and Bologna, in some smaller cities in the north, and also on the island of Sardinia. This year, The Guardian Angels have also broken new ground in the former Soviet Union, as a new chapter has been formed in Odessa, Ukraine in anticipation of their summer beach season. Indeed this year we made important strides internationally in advancing our mission.
  15. 15. A Special Note From The Guardian AngelsChapter in JapanThank you TOMODACHI - Our FriendsAs you all know, on March 11th 2011, a magnitude 9 earthquake struck Japan.It was followed by a 100 foot Tsunami and the nuclear disaster in Fukushima.In such devastating situations, the United States was the first to lend us a hand.We would like to extend our gratitude for your support.The Guardian Angels chapter in Japan was immediately granted specialpermission to enter hard struck areas by the Police Departments and was thusable to deliver food aid, gasoline, and daily necessities. Tragically we alsocollected and carried some donated mourning clothes for funerals.$60,000 worth of toys were provided for all the children under 6 years old inMinamisanriku, a town heavily hit by the Tsunami. The children were delighted,particularly since most of the toys were made in the United States, and thereforelooked different both in size and design than others they had seen. Some toyswere even bigger than the children themselves. Smiles of the children playingwith the toys softened the surrounding people’s mind in grief.We will have this event in our mind everyday at least for half a century. Wethank you again for all the generous support from the United States and aroundthe globe.
  16. 16. Around the Country, Guardian Angels Make Headlines “Every time I see these fellows around, I know the neighborhood is okay,”  Group fights crime one step at a time June 7, 2011 YORK— Determination and courage are helping keep the city of York safe. In this weeks "Your Hero," we go along with the "Guardian Angels" as they hit the streets to fight crime. Since the York Chapter started patrolling the streets in October, 2008, crime in the White Rose city dropped by 15-  percent. The group is another resource for police, acting as eyes, ears and voices; telling criminals they are notGuardian Angels, entertainment group help in search for welcome. missing Kokomo woman these fellows around, I know the neighborhood is okay," says a city resident watching the group "Every time I see pass by his house, they walk the streets like a small army.The Guardian Angels are stepping in to help Kelly Armstrongs family and friends find the Kokomomother of four. Armstrong, 28, has been missing since August. The group will be handing out Victim beaten after asking man to pick up beermissing person flyers and asking questions of the public and businesses who may have seen her. "You know you want to deter crime, you dont always want to have to deal with it after it happens," says Mike Smith,November 11, 2011 By Derrick Ward leader of the group.The Guardian Angels are stepping in to help Kelly Armstrongs family and friends find the Kokomo mother of four. Armstrong, | Monday, May 14, 201228, has been missing since August. The brother was killed out missing person flyers and asking questions of the public Smiths group will be handing on the streets of York and now hes dedicated to preventing the same violence and crime that changed his familys life forever. The Guardian Angels are patrolling the area where a victim was beaten so sand businesses who may have seen her. to be wired shut. Guardian Angels come to Jacksonville after recent violence Smith says, "We are community members, we are just regular people who basically found a way to stand up and"I feel like theres a hole I cant fill," said Shelly Rush, Armstrongs sister. make a difference, you know I feel as though if youre not part of the solution, then youre part of the problem." September 9, 2011 The vicious, broad-daylight attack in an alley along 14th and W streets NW "I seem to bars that sometimes off his they see us that they know theypolice, take overafter the victim is said to have asked a man drinking in the alley behind the Parts of Jacksonville have Guardian Angels hovering on its streets now, brought here after the group say itArmstrongs live-in boyfriend, who is behind thinkfor apparently cutting when ankle monitor, has concerns over recent shootings and murders. says Richard been questioned by cant the city anymore," Lee Weary. received citizen pick up the beer can the attacker discarded.but no suspects have been named. It is another reason why Armstrongs loved ones have reached out to groups like theGuardian Angels who are willing to put in the time to help out. The do. coming two weeks after separate shootings had tomiles apart left three dead and 12 injured. But Watch out for those Angels: A n Members of the 32-year-old citizens patrol say they are here to help people and police fight crime, the visit He feels empowered by being a part of the group. In fact, its something he knew he a few victims recovering from a broken jaw and surgery to repair his shattere Jacksonville’s top cop says they’d better leave the detaining of suspects to his officers. crime-fighting, neighborhood he"Shes important to a family and to us and wed like to find of my friends die in for the of me I decided it was time for me to give to were asked to come here because of the recent beating that occurred he "When I watched one her and bring her home front holidays," said Randy Howard, "We the community to help toleader of the Guardian Angels tryIndianapolis. streets safe," Weary says. East Coast coordinator Angel Cruz, 29 years in the group, joined others Friday patrolling Kings Road of to keep the Angels’ Angel John Ayala. Sunday, August 21st 2011, 4:00 AM near North Myrtle Street. He said they and members in Orange Park got calls and emails about the recent gun To do that, the "Guardian Angels" are trained Cell phone in hand to call 911thethey find a crime victim, they are ready Ito hold one ofof the attack Monday. violence. in self defense & tactics to work if streets; from dealing with As soon as heard the Guardian Angels yell, "Figh The guardian angels began a patrol in the a suspect for area Guardian Angels keeping watch over D.C.’s streets by night nuisances to drug dealers, even violent criminals they mayis taking place at the time,” Cruz said. officers if “the crime come across on patrol. Island was over. The outrage is compoundedcorner of Mermaid Ave. and W. 28th St.middle of th The because the attack happened in the had turned “ don’t two years. Ed Delridge has volunteered with the group fortell anyone who joins to do a citizens arrest. You have to go in the middle of the two-way “Now if Since I was tagging We people close by in an area that is attractive to said. development and all it en through training,” Cruz new street. we By Dan Zak, August 1 red beret and T-shirt, it was myjob to see it and we have our senior officers with us like myself, we will take them down and hold them as the otherbreak up the midn He says, "When were out on patrol, we definitely911. We can’t turn haveface when a crimehave to be on point." person calls mean business, we our to be out there, we is happening.” "Were clearly making a difference but weand founder ofhanging out,” D.C.o Curtis Sliwa, leader have people the group, stopped C They also have to listen and talk to community members; half the time thats all it takes to makesaid. “We So far, people coming from all over the city dealing and us Graham difference. havehunch. its  working. know they gotta be arrested.”  "Theres just too many young men out here. Aint nothin "The first year out, we had a 15-percent drop in crime, you know, now thats phenomenal forsee somethingsays. on I knew youwas running at top speed with the nin “You any city," Smith going Before and if it, I want to approach somebody and as   dont do it unless you’ve got aI buddy with you,” Ayala said. brawl. felt my heart racing as I got closer and closer to "Thats the one advantage we have is walking around & being in the community talking to people having contact with bottles that were launched indiscriminately in the Glass  them & that says a lot, that means a lot to people," says Delridge. A meeting was scheduled for Tuesday screams of the combatants. with the violent with residents and neighborhood pol  planned before last week’s attack, but in with every step. in the neighborho More fear crept now those who live “If we weren’t here to stopThe Guardian Angels also recruited Daddy Real Entertainment. The local entertainment company is producing a video attack and the larger problems played outChapter ofalley top of the agenda. its HOLLYWOOD (KNX 1079) — The Hollywood in this the Guardian Angels is offering volunteers in the hunt to find a suspected serial arsonist believed to be responsible for setting this, someone would have dozens of fires in the area.for Youtubeat no charge to the family.  KNX 1070s Bob Brill reports that the Angels have had a presence in Hollywood for years and gotten stabbed or shot,” routinely patrol the area hoping to deter criminals from practicing their craft. Founder Curtis Sliwa tells KNX 1070 that the Angels will be visible during daylight and overnight hours as they hope to inform the public of what to do should they witness suspicious  activity. “Having a physical presence and patrolling at night when the [arson] attacks are taking place, we  would just be exercising our right to deter the suspect until the police arrive,” Sliwa said. The Angels also plan to pass out leaflets with safety tips to residents in the area.  Citizens and Guardian Angels shouldn’t try to arrest anyone, Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford said.    “ is what my officers get paid to do, so call them,” Rutherford said. “If they want to be eyes and ears, join That Councils or start a Neighborhood Watch program. But I don’t think going into the street our Sheriff’s Advisory  Guardian Angels Forming in San Juan Capistrano and make citizens arrests is the proper thing to do.” by Jonathan Volzke Christian Hernandez, 21, drove from Chicago with other Guardian Angels volunteers to help the D.C. chapter Posted: 03/29/2012 03/03/2012 The Guardian Angels were founded in 1979 in New York City, the nonprofit organization now with 140 patrol Adams Morgan on a bustling Friday night. chapters in 15 countries doing community patrols. Volunteers are trained in first aid and CPR as well as By:Cheshire moon, rising. Dan Corcoran conflict resolution and martial arts and also work “side by side with the police department,” Cruz said. San Juan Capis Drunks, falling. PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - There is an additional layer of protection and, perhaps, a stronger sense will soon have of security at a Port St. Lucie park. Guardian Ange Britney blasts over the boulevard. them.
  17. 17.    Published: Jan. 9, 2012 Updated: 7:04 p.m. Guardian Angels group in West Palm Beach works to stop bullying in schools August 17th, 2011  The Guardian Angels organization has volunteered its services in Palm Beach County for more than 25 years, with a focus on safety, crime prevention and civic-minded work.  The group’s latest program, Stomp the Bullying, offers counseling and guidance to organizations, schools and civic groups. The program is already being implemented with its first graduation in Bradford, Pa. “Guardian Angels” Watching over New York Cityr can 2011-06-30 “We work as a team, we train as a team, we go Not every hero wears a cape. home as a team.”  severely his jaw hadare patrolling the streets of New York City to protect residents everyday. These men They are called the “Guardian Angels” and their mission is to “safeguard neighborhoods, and cyberspace from bullying, gangs, and violence.”W happened Thursday   victim’s condo to  Many New York police officers who retire are not replaced. Since 2001 the number of officers on payroll in New York City has Wong, 35, of Sanabout 40,000 California Regional Director of the Guardian Angels. Hes been Erick gone down from Diego, is the to 34,000. involved in the cause for the past 13 years and was on hand to announce that the Guardian Angels will benight with Sliwas posse County to help protect against a serial killer targeting the homeless. ed face. The “Guardian Angels” areOrange of to fill the gap. patrolling areas in volunteering (Las Vegas, NV) – “We work as a team, we eroes train as a team, we go home as a team.” Dave ere,” said Guardian They have been CHAMBERS, THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER fiscal interventions. BRUCE credited with making thousands of citizens arrests and Eagle, Guardian Angel. Sacramento Guardian Angels watching over That’s how Dave expressed his compatibility By LOU PONSI ht! Fight!"At knewfinest hour, they patrol of Coney I their our nice, quiet were able to arrest drug dealers. you on Thanksgiving at Toys R Us - Arden Fairwith his fellow Guardian Angels. The group, THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER which travels to Las Vegas on a regular basis, is Mall That was in the mid 80’s - a time when crack cocaine was notorious in the city.he afternoon with almost 40 young people brawling into a war zone withntails.g along with the Guardian Angels, donning the iconic trying to start a local chapter to help make the “ literally were arresting people and pulling them out of the vestibules of buildings, the foyers of buildings with We night melee. November 23rd Las Vegas valley a safer place to live and visit. weight. What I mean by weight is thousands of vials of crack cocaine that they were distributing into the streets Councilman Jim our recentbecause they were the wholesalers feeding the retailers in the street,” says Curtis Sliwa, “Guardian Angels” patrol only minutes before the fight, on a sing drugs and you founder. Guardian Angel’s Palm Beach County chapter leader, talkedKelley, is an international martial arts Dave Sean about the importance of his group as instructor andpeople visiting Las Vegas. “It affects the local economy. People aren’t going to it pertains to has traveled to Chile, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom and throughout the United States. ng but trouble going to happen," he said. One councilman is urging New Yorkers to get involved with the group.visit Las Vegas if they fear being attacked or mugged while walking the Strip.” want to Guardian Angels watch over downtown in wake of recent attacks sk them to clean up,ne other Guardian Angels right into the center of theo the fight. “ is an honor when you get the community involved and reminds me of the old saying ‘It takes a It The Guardian Angels accept recruits who are 16 years of age and older without any felony November 19, 2011 neighborhood to raise a child,’” Kelley says. “ air were shattering all around me. don’tair wasrun up and stop a crime that’s in progress. I mean be the eyes and ears of When I say get involved I The mean filled DENVER -- The Guardian Angels are providing an extraCriminal Justice System and wake of at free martial arts convictions. Recruits will learn about the set of eyes and ears in Lodo in the receive least 15 recentlice officials.police department. Getofout there and report on conditions that you seeAngels, an internationally-recognized organization, was formed in 1979. the It was Guardian Angels Sacramento to Watch over You! Guardian whether it be graffiti or something worse.ood hope to out there. you see a crime, approaches, we again aretraining. part ofthe Guardian Angels, the public this past week about the incidents which it says began in early Get make the If Thanksgiving Daycall it in,” says Peter Vallone, for more information. As attacks in that have Denver. Police warned blessed to Councilman. Queens Sacramento, devoted to serving shoppers. They are volunteering to help ensure a higher degree of August. safety as our journey into the Holiday Season has officially begun. We areabout the Guardian Angels and becoming a recruit go to For more information so blessed to have volunteers The “Guardian Angels” don’t just operate in New York. such as the Guardian Angels, whose commitment to our community will be introduced, once again, at Toys- Guardian Angels Target Flash Mobs Mobs R-Us, Arden Fair Mall on Thanksgiving evening beginning 9:00 pm until ...... the last shopper is safely The local group says it will the wee hoursRiver Norththeir reward isGuardian Angels days, weeks if to They can be escorted in perhaps found patrolling throughout the world Friday morn, safely. The patrol the of public, as and lakefront areas for volunteer their efforts in 138 The volunteer organization is awareMiddleattacks and said it will be extra vigilant when it conducts its unarmed safety patrols cities in Africa, Asia, Europe, the of the East and South America. maintaining a safe environment for our  YOUR safety! necessary in that area. So, Thanksgiving evening, shall we offer a warm smile and a thank you to someone who cares about you By Rosie Powers and your familys safety, just because your safety matters! Wednesday, Jun 8, 2011 "Keeping a closer eye, seeing whats going on down there and seeing what we can do to keep these attacks from HOLIDAY SAFETY TIPS happening," said Joe Hoschouer, Guardian Angels Denver chapter leader. Police believe "predatory groups" are to blame for Chicagos Guardianshop duringare day the prowl many of the incidents. It is best to Angels the on  in response to recent mob activity downtown and in well lit the lakefront. the entrance as possible Park along areas as close to When Parking Check your surroundings  Its not known whether the beating of a man at 19th & Wazee late Thursday night is connected to the others. Despite a skull The communityasafety group plans to begin patrols along the Magnificent Mile and part Take Friend of the CTA Do notLine large amounts3 p.m. on your person 36-year-old Eli Leon of Denver was released from the hospital on Saturday. Red carry starting at of cash Wednesday.fracture, Theyre helping search for 2 car thieves Do not pull your wallet out in public Miguel Fuentes, chapter leader, said patrols will begin athes noticed aand Wabash, where bar fights during his downtown patrols but not much more. "We Chicago number of altercations and Even if you are going to make two teens Tuesday said have websites Angels will Hoschouer a flash mob attacked and robbed a donation, most organizations Apr 2012, 12:37 PM EDT make Published : Sunday, 22 Guardian night. throughout the talking or texting on communication seen too Beach. Read more online: the rounds Do not get distractedarea to Oak Street really haventdevices much going on as far as the violence or anything else but were hoping our presence down there strano residents By ROBIN SCHWARTZ helps with that," he said. Tuesday nights robbery came within hours of police issuing a community alert in some new els looking out for with a pair of mob attacks on Chicago Transit AuthorityGuardianSaturday night told in New Yorkthe time of night may be a key to personal safety. connection DETROIT, Mich. (WJBK) - The downtown Angels started FOX31 Denver as a group of concerned One person attending a party buses and weekend attacks in Streeterville crimethe lakefront. realized crime was a problem too big for just the police, and now the citizen and fighters. They group is helping in the search for two suspects after a wild crash in Detroit.
  18. 18. Previous Honorees 2011 The Guardian Angels “Inspirational Angel” Award The Humanitarian Award Outstanding Guardian Angel Red Beret Award Cornelia Zicu Rock G. Positano, Rafael A. Alvarez Chief Creative Officer, Red Door Spa Holdings, DPM, MSc, MPH Elizabeth Arden President & CEO, Atax Franchise, Inc. Director of the Non-Surgical Foot and Ankle Service at New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery, Director of the Joe DiMaggio Sports Foot and Ankle Center, and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM) 2010 The Archangel Pinnacle of The Guardian Angels The Guardian Angels Outstanding Guardian Angel Achievement Award Business Leadership Award Exemplary Red Beret Award Role Model Award Joseph P. W. Drew Hawkins Dennis Acquavella Managing Director, Morgan Mario M. Kranjac “Super-Stretch” Stanley Smith Barney Founding Partner, Kranjac, Co-Managing Partner, Manuali & Viskovic, LLP Torres Acquavella, Chiarelli, Shuster & Berkower Senior Director, Washington Heights GA Youth Program 2009 The Archangel Pinnacle of The Guardian Angels The Guardian Angels The Guardian Angels Special Tribute to The Achievement Award Ethical Angel Award Role Model for Outstanding Guardian Angels Real Life Award New Yorker Award Founder Barry Kaye Larry Kudlow Best Selling Author, Host, CNBC’s “The Wayne Chrebet Dottie Herman Curtis SliwaLecturer and Life Insurance Kudlow Report” Wide Receiver, President & CEO, CEO and Founder Industry Leader New York Jets 1995-2005 Prudential Douglas Elliman The Guardian Angels Real Estate Partner, The Moldaver Group at Morgan Stanley
  19. 19. 2008 Archangel Lifetime Archangel Outstanding CyberAngel of the Year Champion for Safety Through Champion for Safety Through Leadership New Yorker Internet Safety Award Education Education Award Recipient Award Recipient Recipient Award Recipient Award Recipient Henry Buhl Margo Jim Anderson Howard Szarfarc Joe Di Geso Founder, A.C.E. Programs Catsimatidis Founder, President, Vice President & General for the Homeless Time Warner Cable Manager, President. MCV Advertising Chief Technologist & CEO of New York and New Jersey Time Warner Cable Standard ID of New York and New Jersey 2007 Archangel Lifetime Archangel Outstanding Champion for Safety through CyberAngel of the Year Spirit of New York Leadership New Yorker Education Internet Safety Award Recipient Award Recipient Award Recipient Award Recipient Award Recipient Warner Wolf Simon Bergson John Catsimatidis I. Dolly Lenz Ed Moldaver Sportscaster, President & CEO, Vice Chairman, Former Bear Sterns WABC-770 AM Chairman & CEO, Manhattan Beer Red Apple Group / Gristedes Douglas Elliman Managing Director, Morgan Distributors Stanley Managing Director Wealth Management 2006 Archangel Lifetime Dare to Care Award Outstanding Family Role Models Award Recipients Champions for Safety Through Education Award RecipientsLeadership Award Recipient Recipient Peter Weedfald Sean Hannity Donna A. Soloway Richard L Soloway Kristen C. Richard Senior Vice President, National TV and Radio Board Member & Security Chairman & CEO, Thompson Thompson Publicist, NAPCO Security Chief Marketing Officer Personality, Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur NAPCO Security Systems, Inc Systems, Inc. Circuit City Co-host of Hannity & K.C. Thompson, New York Colmes,Fox News Channel Host, WABC-AM’s Sean Hannity Show
  20. 20. 33rd Anniversary Gala Program Welcome and Introductory Remarks MC – Rita Cosby TV Host, Special Correspondent, Inside Edition National Anthem Jamie Bendell New York Singer Songwriter Introductory Video Awards and Presentations Washington Heights Junior Angels Curtis Sliwa Founder and CEO Honorees Guests of Honor The Honorable Michael Bloomberg Mayor, City of New York The Honorable Raymond Kelly New York City Police Commissioner Music and Dancing From Broadway’s Movin’ Out and Jersey Boys... Matthew Friedman and Uptown Sounds Live Auction for Yankees Suite Curtis Sliwa Founder and CEO Closing Remarks
  21. 21. Our Distinguished Honorees Public Service Angel Joseph Lhota Chairman and CEO at Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Former Deputy Mayor of the City of New YorkJoe Lhota was nominated by Governor Andrew Cuomo and confirmed by theNew York State Senate as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of theMetropolitan Transportation Authority (“MTA”) in January 2012. The MTA is thelargest mass transit provider in the United States serving 8.5 million customersdaily. The MTA also has nine bridges and tunnels in the New York metropolitanarea which also makes the MTA the largest tolling agency in the country.Mr. Lhota has extensive experience in both the private and public sectors. Beforejoining the MTA, he served as executive vice president for The Madison SquareGarden Company (“MSG”) where he was responsible for the development andexecution of company-wide human resources strategies, government affairs,information technology, facilities and real estate, and an array of corporateservices. Prior to MSG, Mr. Lhota was an executive vice president of CablevisionSystems Corporation. He was Deputy Mayor for Operations in the administrationof Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, where he oversaw day-to-day management ofthe city agencies. As deputy mayor, Lhota was instrumental in developing andimplementing the innovative strategies and initiatives that accomplished thesuccessful turnaround of the city, as well as the City’s coordinated response afterSeptember 11, 2001. Before being appointed deputy mayor, Mr. Lhota was thecity’s budget director, managing the city’s $36 billion operating budget and $45billion capital budget.Prior to his government service, Mr. Lhota had a 15-year career in investmentbanking at First Boston and PaineWebber. Mr. Lhota is a trustee of the CityUniversity of New York and serves as chairman of the university’s Fiscal AffairsCommittee. He is also a member of the board of directors of First AviationServices, Inc. Mr. Lhota is a resident of Brooklyn Heights. He is a cum laudegraduate of Georgetown University and received his M.B.A. from the HarvardBusiness School.
  22. 22. Our Distinguished Honorees Advocate Angel Barry Slotnick, Esq.Attorney and Shareholder, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC Barry Ivan Slotnick is a defense attorney among this country’s most celebrated. He is a shareholder at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC and Chairman of the Firm’s New York Litigation Group. Mr. Slotnick’s practice focuses on commercial litigation, civil litigation, disciplinary proceedings, high net-worth matrimonial matters and white collar defense. Before joining Buchanan, Mr. Slotnick was a founding partner of Slotnick, Shapiro & Crocker, LLP, a leading boutique litigation firm in New York. He is a former Associate Appeals Agent for the Selective Service Commission and was Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of New York. He is also a past executive secretary and consultant for the Bar Association of Puerto Rico. Mr. Slotnick has received the American Lawyer’s Ammy award as the best defense lawyer in America. He has been named one of the top one hundred trial lawyers in the State of New York by the American Association of Trial Lawyers. He has also been honored by the New York State Bar Association as one of the finest defense practitioners in the state. He has been honored every year by his peers and selected to the New York Super Lawyer® list. He was also recognized on the Corporate Counsel Super Lawyers® list in 2009. In 2010, he was named to AVENUE’s “Legal Elite” list. Mr. Slotnick has been victorious before the Supreme Court of the United States on more than one occasion. In addition to providing counsel to high-profile clients, Mr. Slotnick is also a prolific author and lecturer. His articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal and in law journals throughout the country. Mr. Slotnick has also been an instructor for the Practicing Law Institute, teaching trial advocacy and skills to practicing attorneys. He also serves as an instructor of Continuing Legal Education courses, including “American Democracy in Times of War” at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and “Federal Sentencing Guidelines” at the Chabad Lubavitch of Midtown Manhattan. Mr. Slotnick was a featured speaker during the Hauser Global Law School’s 2005 Vanderbilt Speaker Series, and he frequently offers legal commentary for Court TV, Fox Network and public commentary programs.
  23. 23. Business Angel Bruce Bendell Chief Executive Officer, Major Automotive Companies, Inc.Bruce Bendell is the Dealer Principal for the Major World Automotive GroupDealerships, which encompasses more than 12 new car franchises and relatedcompanies. At age 57, he is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the MajorAutomotive Companies, Inc also the co-founder and CEO of its automotivesubsidiaries, along with being a principal of the Cityworld Automotive Group inthe Bronx.After purchasing his first used car from Major Chevrolet, Inc. In 1972 and thenbuying the franchise in 1985, Major Chevrolet/Automotive Group has grown from10 million in sales, to over 400 million in sales, and was the recipient or the 50thlargest privately owned business award in Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Islandbefore it went public in 1998.While running the successful Major businesses, takes a big part of Bruce’s life,giving back to the community is also a big part. He has received numerous awards,such as the “Good Scout” award, Queens Chamber of Commerce Businessmanof the Year and Hall of Fame, Ellis Island Medal of Honor, Humanitarian awardfrom the Good Samaritan Foundation, and the Paul Harris Fellow award from theQueens Borough Rotary Club and was honored by the Long Island City YMCA,Sunnyside Community Services, Man of the Year for the Littleneck DouglastonMemorial Day parade, Flushing Town Hall Cultural Center, King of Queens,Astoria Civic Association, and the Chabad of Roslyn for his work in the differentcommunities. He was the past Chairman of the Long Island City YMCA board ofmanagers. He was recently nominated as the NYS Time Quality Dealer of the Yearaward in 2012.He also serves as Director of the NYS Automobile Dealers Ass., Bronx, Queensand Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce’s, the Long Island City Lions Club, formerChairman of the Bell Atlantic Customer Advisory Board in Queens, a member ofthe Queens District Attorney’s Business Advisory Council, a trustee of the NewYork Hospital Medical Center of Queens (chairman of the hospitals audit andfinance committees), member of the board of the Mayors Fund to Advance NYC,Queens College Foundation, Flushing Willets Point LDC, and currently serves aschairman of Unisphere, Inc. (Flushing Meadows Park not-for-profit foundation).He graduated from Queens College in 1975 receiving a BA in Accounting andEconomics and has taken additional graduate courses at Baruch College.Industry-wise, Bruce currently serves as a Director of the NYS Automobile DealersAssociation, and a member of the National Automobile Dealers Association, andthe Greater New York Dealers Automobile Association. He was a founding memberand past President of the National Association of Fleet Resale Dealers, a formermember of the Microsoft CarPoint, Manheim Interactive, Autobytel and Ford’sdealer systems advisory boards, the Toyota Dealer Council and a past President ofthe NYC Chevrolet Dealers Advertising Group and a past Director of the Tri-StateChrysler Plymouth and the Tri-State Kia Advertising group.He could not do all the above without the love and support of his wife Laurie (whohold as M.S. degree in Social Work and is still licensed by the NYS InsuranceDept.), and three children, Jamie, Hallie, and Adam.
  24. 24. Our Distinguished Honorees Community Building Angels South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (SoBRO) SoBRO is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the South Bronx by strengthening businesses and creating and implementing innovative economic, housing, educational and career development programs, for youth and adults. Simon BergsonBoard Member–SoBRO, President, Manhattan Beer Simon Bergson started Manhattan Beer Distributors in 1978 with not much more than a dream, a desire to work hard and a handful of employees. Manhattan Beer Distributors’ first warehouse was a 4,000 square foot garage located on East 5th Street in Manhattan, hence the name Manhattan Beer Distributors. Today, Manhattan Beer Distributors has grown to employ over 1,400 people and is one of the largest beer distributors in the country, delivering over 32 million cases of beer annually. Operating out of five warehouses: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Wyandanch, and Suffern, Manhattan Beer Distributors’ warehouse capacity has grown from 4,000 square feet to over 1,250,000 square feet. Manhattan Beer Distributors represents over 60 suppliers and over 250 brands. Simon was born in a U.S. Government Displaced Persons Camp in Austria and was 6 months old when the Bergson family came to the United States. Both of his parents survived the Holocaust and Hitler’s Auschwitz death camp. Simon learned at a very young age the meaning of survival, perseverance, and drive. He earned an Associate of Arts Degree majoring in language (Spanish) from Queensborough College and also attended, Pace College, Baruch College, Universidad Nacional Autnoma de México, University of Arizona and Lehman College. In addition to being the Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Manhattan Beer Distributors, Simon serves as: • oard Member of SoBRO (South Bronx Overall Economic Development B Corporation, Past Chair). • oard Member of the New York State Beer Wholesalers Association B (Past Chair). • rustee of The Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the T Holocaust, in Battery Park, NY. • hairman of the Board of Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation C in Oswiecim, Poland. In addition, this past year Simon was awarded with the “Knights Cross of the Order of the Merit of the Republic of Poland” for his dedication and work toward Polish-Jewish relations. Simon resides in NY with his wife Stefany and has three grown children; Brianne, Alex and Mitchel.
  25. 25. Anthony M. Riccio, Jr. Chairman–SoBRO, Senior Vice President, Galesi Group/Harlem River Yard Ventures, Inc.Tony’s 40 year career in urban economic development and transportation in bothgovernment and public sectors brings vast expertise to Constantinople and Valloneclients. Some of his many accomplishments include the transformation of the SouthBronx Penn Central Rail Yards into a state-of-the-art rail terminal and industrial parkand represents one of the largest private industrial developments in New York City’srecent history. This facility now houses brands such as the New York Post colorizedprinting plant, a major FedEx Distribution center, as well as the showcase transferstation for Waste Management of North America. Tony has also served in the Citygovernment under the four Mayoral administrations from John Lindsay to DavidDinkins. Mayor Ed Koch appointed Tony the Commissioner of Ports InternationalTrade and Commerce. As Director of Research and Policy for the Mayor’s Officeof Economic Development, he proposed the City’s first Economic Development TaxIncentive Program (ICIP), as well as the template for the Economic Developmenthe created the City’s strategic Rail Freight Plan. As Commissioner of the City’sDepartment of Ports International Trade and Commerce he developed the City’ssuccessful Cocoa Port in Brooklyn. Today, he serves as a Chairman of the SouthBronx Overall Economic Development Corporation, a leading force in commercial,industrial and housing development in the Bronx. Phillip Morrow President/CEO–SoBROPhillip Morrow joined the South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation(SoBRO) as President in January of 1996. Mr. Morrow brought to SoBRO overtwenty years of experience in the community-economic development field, withparticular expertise in real estate development. In his former role as Director ofDevelopment at the Harlem Community Development Corporation, he launchedand managed successful housing and economic development programs rangingfrom the reopening of the Apollo Theater to the construction of Harlem’s firstmoderately priced condominiums. He has overseen development of over 5,000units of new and renovated housing.Mr. Morrow began his community development career in the City of Hartford,Connecticut where he launched several commercial revitalization, housingrenovation, and job training initiatives, as well as wrote social and economicdevelopment strategies for Hartford’s inner city neighborhoods. He also completedmore than 300 units of low-income housing and developed innovative strategiesfor home ownership in Hartford. Between 1979 and 1981, Mr. Morrow served asDirector of Public-Private Partnerships for the U.S. Department of Housing andUrban Development (HUD) in Washington, D.C. He developed national modelsfor neighborhood development that encouraged private sector investment inunderserved communities.Mr. Morrow currently serves on the board of Credit, Inc., a non-profit communitydevelopment financial institution; North General Hospital Home AttendantProgram; Heritage Health Housing, Inc.; and WE ACT for Environmental Justicein West Harlem. Under Mr. Morrow’s leadership, SoBRO’s service to the SouthBronx community has expanded to include development of hundreds of new andrenovated housing for low and moderate-income families.
  26. 26. Board of Trustees Chairman - Robert J. Frey John H. Anlian Esq. Henry Buhl Mr. John A. Catsimatidis Mrs. Margo Catsimatidis Mr. Paul Clolery Mr. John Di Domenico Mr. Mario M. Kranjac, Esq Mr. Edward Moldaver, Treasurer Mr. Curtis Sliwa, President and CEO Mrs. Donna Soloway Harold Takooshian, Ph.D, Secretary Mr. Leon Temiz Mrs. Laura Tufano Gala Volunteers Nicole Kaplan, Rebecca Patrick, Andrea Frierson, Heather Mosbacher, and Aaron Fichtner Special Thanks The Daily News for Donating Drawings of Awardees Lost Found Films for Donating Our Opening Video Rita Cosby for Serving as Our MC Jamie Bendell for Performing Our National Anthem Board Member Donna Soloway for Her Advice and GuidanceAnd to So Many of You – For Helping Make This Gala a Success Leadership Curtis Sliwa, Founder and CEO David M. Nidus, Esq., Executive Director Miguel Fuentes, National DirectorDennis Torres, Washington Heights Community Center Director Keiji Oda, International Director Thank You Angels TM for being our The Guardian Angels 982 East 89th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11236