Why the Need for Global Education?


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Why the Need for Global Education?

  1. 1. Diana GrossGlobal Citizen Mediawww.GlobalCitizenMedia.orgGlobalCitizenMedia@gmail.com
  2. 2. WHY all theTALK aboutGlobal Education?“Global Initiatives.”
  3. 3. Personal Journey New Jersey Public Schools, English teacher 1997-2001 Johns Hopkins University Literacy Consultant, 2001-2003 Garrison Forest School, 2003 - present English teacher 2003-2007 Technology Coordinator/ DigitalThinking teacher 2007-2011 Global Educational Correspondent2011 – presentWHY??
  4. 4. Preparing Students forthe 21st CenturyWhat are employers looking for?Alan November, International Education Leader1. Collaboration2. Creativity3. Problem Solving4. Awareness of global issues that affect growing globalmarkets…5. “Empathy”
  5. 5. TheTravelingTeacher ProjectRussiaSerbiaMongoliaAustriaCambodiaVietnamCroatiaThailandItalyMalaysiaRwandaMyanmarTurkeyGreeceBulgariaMontenegroIndonesia
  6. 6. Connecting Globally Blogging --- www.TravelingTeacherBlog.org Twitter Skype
  7. 7. TWITTEREDUCATIONAL HASHTAGS http://www.cybraryman.com/edhashtags.html#GlobalClassrooms#GlobalEd#Kinderchat#1stChat#2ndChat#sschat#mathchat#SciChat#EngEdu
  8. 8. Skype in the Classroom
  9. 9. Sample #1
  10. 10. Skype in the Classroom ProjectsSample #2
  11. 11. BLOGGING
  12. 12. Edublogs in My Classroom
  13. 13. Edublogs Sample #2
  14. 14. Benefits of Blogging Student SelectedTopics = Student Directed Learning/Research Student SelectedTopics = Desire toWrite Well Develop Global Communication Skills Students Become “Experts” Writing for a Real Audience Receiving “Real” Feedback World Becomes Smaller
  15. 15. The Global Classroom ProjectNextTwitter Chat: May 11th and 12th:http://theglobalclassroomchats.wikispaces.com/Chat+Schedule
  16. 16. Benefits for theTeacher Collaborate with other teachers around the world. Many resources available online have lesson plans alreadycreated = saves on lesson planning time. Students engage more. Students strive to create higher level work.
  17. 17. SUGGESTIONS Start slowly Choose one global avenue to start Be gentle with yourself and your students Support one another Relax and enjoy, step by step.
  18. 18. Diana GrossGlobal Citizen Mediawww.GlobalCitizenMedia.orgGlobalCitizenMedia@gmail.com