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Assisted Task Mining: Driving Continuous Discovery

  1. Product version: 2022.10 Noopur Inani Analyze work people do on their desktops to find everyday repetitive tasks and easily document business workflows
  2. 2 UiPath Task Mining uses a data- driven approach to gain deeper understanding of existing business processes happening on desktops of employees to identify process improvement areas and automation candidates Accelerate your automation pipeline! Key Benefits: Actionable insights Gain visibility into your processes and get a way to act upon gained insights through automation. Scalable data collection Get an objective data-driven picture of as-is processes, quicker and with fewer resources involved. Human in the loop Give employees the power to guide the tool to gain even deeper insights about end-to-end processes. Central Governance Centrally govern your projects and keep data secure and private.
  3. 3 Gain deeper understanding of existing business processes happening on desktops of employees 3 Assisted Task Mining Empower your employees to capture variations of a known task and easily merge these into a comprehensive picture of the existing process Unassisted Task Mining Record your employees’ desktop activities and discover repetitive tasks that are suited for automation and process improvement Capture the known Mine the unknown
  4. 4 New collaboration capabilities (easy sharing & team editing) What? 2022.9 Key Features Overview Merging functionality (automatic & guided) Core capabilities of TC on web (faster diagram editor with new cool features) Why? Easy to collect recordings from multiple users, easy to share projects with colleagues Reduce manual efforts put into combining several recordings into a full picture Improved performance and UX of diagram building Public Preview already and GA in November! When? Common storage space (new unified portal for all TM projects) No more challenges with sending the files over SharePoint, Drive, etc. Export capabilities support (Word, Studio, diagram as image) New desktop recorder client Accelerate automation & documentation creation by exporting to Studio and Word First step into building a unified recorder for all task mining projects
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  6. 6 Where to find it? 1. Insider Portal: 2. UiPath Forum 3. Task Mining Web Page