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IBM Smart Cloud

  1. 1. SmartCloudHow New SaaS Changes Will Help You MakeMoney with Cloud in 2012April 2012 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Your Presenter Brian Donovan Business Unit Executive - SmartCloud for Social Business Channel Sales Business Unit Executive – ICS ASL Sales m. +1 303 596 4900 o. +1 303 331 4600 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. Review Agenda● Momentum / Market Overview● Flagship Offering, Demo and Portfolio of Services● New SaaS Parts, Order Processing (PGST) with Demo, Pricing, and eCommerce● New Product Based APIs● Contracting Type – PA or ASL? A bit about ASL and ASL APIs● Cloud Direction for 2012● New Compensation Models, “The Rule of 78”● TCO Consideration● Tools and Resources● Q/A 3 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. ● Momentum / Market Overview● Flagship Offering, Demo and Portfolio of Services● New SaaS Parts, Order Processing (PGST) with Demo, Pricing, and eCommerce● New Product Based APIs● Contracting Type – PA or ASL? A bit about ASL and ASL APIs● Cloud Direction for 2012● New Compensation Models, “The Rule of 78”● TCO Consideration● Tools and Resources● Q/A 4 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. Thank you for a stellar year ● Over 200% growth YtY in partner ● 76% YtY increase in active resellers channel revenue ● Triple-digit growth in 3 geographies ● > $100k deals total >$1M (North America, NE Europe, SW ● Birmingham Met, Brunswick, Europe) Apave, Colgate, Shriram, and ● More signings in one quarter than more any other in history ● Leading Partners Revenue Volume Insight FreshTL Logicalis Acuity ASI Informatique RealConnections Micro Strategies Silverside IntraVision Silanis Wipro ASI Informatique VAR Group EdgeGuide
  6. 6. Customer Momentum ● 35 new references in 2011 ● Find them on Partnerworld ● Spanning industry, geography, enterprise and SMB © 2012 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Market Analysis – Cloud Computing and SaaS  Corporate and enterpris e $126B by the end of 2012 represent 50% of market Cloud >9% of total IT spend by 2015  CAGR of 25% through 2015Software as a Service (SaaS)  $20B by the end of 2012  47% of organisations have adopted S aaS 75% intend to do  CAGR of 25% through 2015 so over the next few years $126B B us ines s Proces s es Software as a Service $20B Infras tructure 50% of total 30% of total $47B S ervices cloud market cloud market is in is in corporate collaboration C omponents and s olutions enterpris e segments 2008 2012 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. Market Analysis – SaaS Collaboration Top SaaS solutions through 2012 - Global User Base ALL <1000 1000-5000 >5000 Collaboration Technologies 1 1 1 1 Human Resources / Benefits Admin 2 2 1 2 Customer Services and Support 3 3 5 4 Payroll 4 4 10 5  Collaboration represents Finance & Accounting 5 5 4 7 the number 1 SaaS solution BI & CPM Time and Labour Mgmt 6 7 8 9 7 3 3 8 in 2012 across all segments Salesforce Automation 8 6 9 10 Talent and Performance Mgmt 9 13 6 6  Organisations see SaaS E-Commerce 10 7 14 13 Procurement & Sourcing 11 15 15 8 tools as an integrated Supply Chain Mgmt 12 11 13 10 ecosystem of solutions Supplier Relationship Mgmt 13 14 8 14 Mobility Mgmt 14 10 11 12 ERP / Manufacturing 15 11 11 16 Governance, and Risk Mgmt 16 15 15 17 Treasury and Cash Mgmt 17 17 17 15Relative rank of top 8 SaaS solutions 2012 Product Lifecycle Mgmt 18 18 18 18 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Market Analysis – SaaS Collaboration Collaboration tool purchasing intentions 2011 – heat map User Base 100-300 300-500 500-1000 2500-5000 OVER 5000 Extremely strong purchase Email 71.8% 72.8% 69.3% 59.9% 56.5% intentions in all market Web conferencing 67.6% 69.7% 69.5% 69.0% 63.9% segments and across the Calendaring 64.3% 72.5% 64.1% 57.3% 48.9% collaboration portfolio Office Suite 69.0% 67.2% 61.2% 51.5% 58.8% Project Management 66.1% 68.2% 66.8% 59.1% 56.3% Market ‘Sweet Spot’ is Business Collaboration 62.0% 67.0% 64.0% 59.4% 57.9% organisations with 100-1000 Forums 56.2% 61.9% 56.3% 54.9% 47.1% user base Communities 57.7% 62.2% 56.9% 56.4% 48.9% Social Networking 55.9% 58.8% 54.4% 53.0% 43.2% Particular strength in 300-500 Whiteboards 54.8% 62.9% 58.5% 55.5% 44.8% user base organisations Blogs 54.6% 60.3% 52.3% 52.1% 44.5% Content Tagging 54.7% 63.2% 57.2% 54.5% 44.4% Wikis 51.6% 56.8% 52.5% 54.2% 45.9% 100-300 300-500 500-1000 2500-5000 OVER 5000 Aggregated Total 60.5% 64.9% 60.2% 56.7% 50.9% Market ‘Sweet Spot’ 1 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. Why Customers Bought SaaS Services in 2011 To Extend their Reach... Across Geographies ● Regardless of IT footprint To New Audiences ● Seamlessly, securely connecting to customers, partners, experts outside your corporate network Supporting New Demographics ● Meeting expectations of a new workforce generation To Manage a Mobile Workforce ● “We couldnt possibly keep up with the rate of mobile device and browser changes using our own IT staff. Thats one reason for us to move to cloud.”10 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. … While Maintaining Flexibility and Control● Protect and Monitor Sensitive Assets● Choose the Rate and Pace of Adoption● Mitigate Impact to End Users● Bridge Applications to the Cloud Experience the value of social business, limiting startup time and cost11 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. Cloud is a Priority for Our Customers and IBM One of 4 key growth plays on IBMs 2015 roadmap/plan 80% of Fortune 500 use IBM Cloud Computing IBM SmartCloud - Helping our customers rethink IT and reinvent business Foundations Services Solutions © 2012 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. Announcing IBM SmartCloud for Social Business● Aligning LotusLive with IBM SmartCloud● Delivering a portfolio of Social Business Solutions in the cloud © 2012 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. Announcing IBM SmartCloud for Social Business● Aligning LotusLive with IBM SmartCloud● Delivering a portfolio of Social Business Solutions in the cloud © 2012 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. Featuring a New Web Presence ■ Simple to Navigate ■ Intuitive ■ Coming Soon © 2012 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. New Service NamesCategory Lead Offering Bundles Ala Carte / Add-ons ●Connections ●Meetings IBM ●Engage Advanced ●Notes ●iNotes SmartCloud IBM SmartCloud (lead with) for Social Engage ● Engage Standard Business ●Additional Storage ●Traveler
  17. 17. What Happens to the URLs URL Behavior as of 3/3 Parent Site Lists all IBM SmartCloud SaaS Solutions New site 3/3 – Site launch in English only ~4/3 – Site available in 22 languages Current Site Remains active in parallel with new site. Then, will auto-redirect to new site Services Remains as is. In future, changes to a generic domain to enable resellers to private label © 2012 IBM Corporation
  18. 18. ● Momentum / Market Overview● Flagship Offering, Demo and Portfolio of Services● New SaaS Parts, Order Processing (PGST) with Demo, Pricing, and eCommerce● New Product Based APIs● Contracting Type – PA or ASL? A bit about ASL and ASL APIs● Cloud Direction for 2012● New Compensation Models, “The Rule of 78”● TCO Consideration● Tools and Resources● Q/A © 2012 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. Flagship Offering: IBM SmartCloud Engage● Enterprise-class, security-rich, integrated social and messaging services● Flexible client options – mobile, browser, tablet, rich client People Communities Activities Files Meetings Events Chat eMail Survey Forms © 2012 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. $19-49/user/month $15/user/month $49/user/month $13.25/user/month* *Dropbox for teams, $795/year for 5 users
  21. 21. IBM SmartCloud for Social Business $8 USD per user/per month$19-49/user/month $15/user/month ● Collaborate quickly and easily beyond the firewall ● Instantly host online meetings (199 attendees), store and share files and manage projects seamlessly in the cloud ● Invite guests—at no additional charge— to participate in your online projects and create communities to make collaborating even easier ● Help improve productivity, deepen customer relationships, generate new ideas faster, and enable a more effective workforce $49/user/month $13.25/user/month* *Dropbox for teams, $795/year for 5 users
  22. 22. What you get for $8USD/user/month! | © 2012 IBM Corporation
  23. 23. DEMO © 2012 IBM Corporation
  24. 24. Boundless collaboration / social networking IBM Smart Cloud Collaboration is a true collaboration tool,  Alternative products restrict collaboration to a users own without boundaries organization For one price users can collaborate with anyone across multiple  Despite a similar price, users are only able to fully organizations using a range of rich social networking and collaborate with a limited scope of users business tools  To collaborate beyond the organization, users still have to Smart Cloud Collaboration is designed to build communities rely on email, or other disconnected platforms – increasing and networks that drive efficiency, collaboration, innovation and overhead, out of date file versions and use of multiple relationships across organization boundaries resources for the same data Free guest connections Boundary Boundary Boundary development community customer user x’s user y’s user z’s council $8 / month company company company client client $0 user’s company supplier community vendor $10 / month $10 / month $10 / month $0 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  25. 25. ● Upsell opportunities using IBM SmartCloud platform ● Opportunity to provide users with enhanced Social Collaboration capabilities25 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  26. 26. SmartCloud Social Mobile? A integrated set of mobile applications providing email, contacts, calendar, instant messaging, meetings, file sharing, application integration, and documents. SmartCloud Notes SmartCloud iNotes SmartCloud Engage SmartCloud Meetings SmartCloud Connections Windows Mobile Blackberry iPhone Android Nokia26 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  27. 27. ● Momentum / Market Overview● Flagship Offering, Demo and Portfolio of Services● New SaaS Parts, Order Processing (PGST) with Demo, Pricing, and eCommerce● New Product Based APIs● Contracting Type – PA or ASL? A bit about ASL and ASL APIs● Cloud Direction for 2012● New Compensation Models, “The Rule of 78”● TCO Consideration● Tools and Resources● Q/A 27 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  28. 28. SaaS Concepts and Terminology SaaS IPLA-Licensed Software (OTC)License Right-to-Use service (opex) Perpetual or Term (capex)Quote “value” TCV (total contract value) displayed, Total quote is due payments varyTerm of sale 1 to 60 months (typically 3-5 years) Typically license with 12 months often sold monthly S&SRevenue Recognition Subscription (term of the agrmt) License (upfront) On-demand items (as billed) S&S (amortized over 12 months) Remote service (end of 90 days) Term (amortized over 12 months)Governing Agreements Passport + ToU (Terms of Use) + Passport + IPLA + LI SLA Terms (if applicable)Renewal Yes (Service), same price as original Yes (S&S), salePart Structure Part types vary as needed by offering Lic+S&S, Renewal, Reinstate Opt: Tradeup, Init & Subsq TermPassport Points Not applicable – no points generated Applicable - Sale generates PA pointsPassport Band Prices Same price in all Bands (including Generally sloped plus Academic Gov/Academic) and GovernmentTiered Pricing Yes Only via RVU, only by exception28
  29. 29. New SmartCloud SaaS Parts● IBM Business System Enhancements Reduce Part Count by 50% ● More flexible system structures ● From 109 parts - down to 59● Subscription Parts ● Tracked per user, per month ● Overage – billed when subscription level has been exceeded● Flexible Billing Frequency Options ● Up Front, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually ● IBM bills the VAD/VAR who then bills the end customer ● VAD/VAR incentives are paid on billings● Auto-Renewing ● Unless cancelled, contract “auto renews” for another subscription period● Existing Customers ● Will be converted to the new parts upon renewal – no need to move customers mid-term
  30. 30. Other New SaaS Enhancements Enhancement Definition Example Trade-Up Replacing an existing service with a different service Customer subscribes to Connections for 50 of equal or greater value, and co-terming the end employees. After 6 months, customer decides to date to the existing service upgrade 10 of the accounts to Engage. Add-On Quantity Increasing the quantity on a service. The quantity Customer subscribes to SmartCloud Engage for 50 (same tier) increase does not push the quantity into a new price employees billed monthly for 3 years, After 1 year tier. The end-date is co-termed to the existing service customer wishes to add 30 more seats for the remaining 2 years of the contract. Add-On Quantity Increasing the quantity on a service – where the new Customer subscribes to SmartCloud Engage for 90 (tier change) quantity pushes the quantity into a new price tier. The employees billed monthly for 3 years, After 1 year end-date is co-termed to the existing service. customer wishes to add 30 more seats for the remaining 2 years of the contract, which pushes them into the first discount tier (10%). Add-On Service Adding an optional or complimentary service under Customer subscribes to SmartCloud Notes for one the same SaaS offering to an existing subscription, year and wants to add Traveler for a subset of users and co-terming the end date to the existing service. 2 months after the contract period. Co-Term Adding a service to a charge agreement from a Customer subscribes to SmartCloud Engage. They different SaaS offering and aligning the end-date with want to subscribe to Lombardi Blueprint as well, but an existing, unrelated service. they want their Lombardi service aligned to the Now everything coordinates to end of month. same end date as Engage. Invoice Alignment Adding a service to a charge agreement from a Customer subscribes to SmartCloud iNotes with different portfolio. If the invoice schedule of the monthly billing. They want to subscribe to Sterling service aligns with an existing service, both will as well, with monthly billing. They want a appear on the same invoice. The service is not consolidated invoice with both services. co-termed. © 2012 IBM Corporation
  31. 31. Updated TOU New Auto-renew clause New names New EU dataIBM SmartCloud privacy statement
  32. 32. With New Price TiersLower-touch seat volume discounting that….• Arms Sales with price points that can win business• Reduces number of bids that unnecessarily route to Field Pricing or Brand Pricing• Promotes profitability• PA Band discounts N/A for SaaS Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Seats 1-100 101-1,000 1001-5,000 5001-10000 10,001+ Discount: 0% 10% 15% 20% 25% Example: SmartCloud Engage Advanced List Pricing by Tier: Engage Advanced (Engage+Notes) $12.00 $10.00 $10.00 $9.00 $8.50 $8.00 $7.50 $8.00 $6.00 $4.00 $2.00 $0.00 Tier 1 Price Tier 2 Price Tier 3 Price Tier 4 Price Tier 5 Price
  33. 33. 2011 vs 2012 Pricing Structure – Simpler Discounting Approvals ● With 2012 tiered pricing structure, field sales management can approve price points that could only be approved by pricing in 2011 ● Streamlined special bid approval process LL Notes Plus Engage: 2011 Engage Advanced (Engage+Notes): 2012 2011 List 2011 after Discount* 2012 List 2012 after Discount* $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $9.00 $8.50 $8.00 $7.50 $7.50 $7.50 $7.50 $7.50 $7.50 $7.50 $6.75 $6.38 $6.00 $5.63 (<=100) 101-1000 1001-5000 5001-10,000 10,001+ (<=100) 101-1000 1001-5000 5001-10,000 10,001+ Tier Tier*Field Sales BUE 25% discount delegation 33 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  34. 34. Enhanced Order Processing OptionsFor Business Partners – New Partner Guided Selling Tool● Guides the business partner through the options associated with a SaaS quote● Provides a coordinated process for VARs and VADs to work together to build quotes, place special bids, place orders, track service activation, and manage the customer billing. New SaaS configurator - makes it easy for a reseller to build sales quotes and place orders Build Special Bid Place Submit ToU Service Rating and Quote (if needed) Order provisioning info Acceptance Activation Billing
  35. 35. DEMO
  36. 36. Enhanced Order Processing OptionsFor Consumers – New eCommerce Site36 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  37. 37. Supported Plans / Parts for Ecommerce ● The following parts are supported via eCommerce ● IBM SmartCloud Engage Advanced ● IBM SmartCloud Engage Standard ● IBM SmartCloud Connections ● IBM SmartCloud Meetings (enterprise deployment, host +199) ● IBM SmartCloud Notes ● All other orders must be placed outside of eCommerce ● iNotes ● Hybrid mail ● BES ● Additional storage for Connections ● Variants of SmartCloud Engage and Meetings (e.g. non-enterprise deployments, host +14, etc.) © 2012 IBM Corporation
  38. 38. ● Momentum / Market Overview● Flagship Offering, Demo and Portfolio of Services● New SaaS Parts, Order Processing (PGST) with Demo, Pricing, and eCommerce● New Product Based APIs● Contracting Type – PA or ASL? A bit about ASL and ASL APIs● Cloud Direction for 2012● New Compensation Models, “The Rule of 78”● TCO Consideration● Tools and Resources● Q/A 38 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  39. 39. Weve Been Busy – New Capabilities from last year ■ New Capabilities ‒ Enterprise governance ‒ Richer mobile support – meetings, messaging ‒ Latest social File sharing from IBM Connections ‒ Robust new Messaging administration tools ‒ Integrated Apps enterprise deployment ■ ISV Partnerships ‒ Trilog, Teampoint ■ Social Business Toolkit for LotusLive ‒ Available now on IBM DeveloperWorks
  40. 40. New Social Business Toolkit – PRODUCT APIsA single toolkit for integrating apps with the IBM Social Business offerings ● Easy to use Web based tool for integration with LotusLive and IBM Conections APIs ● OpenSocial REST APIs and UI extension pointsStandards-based security framework (OAuth) People APIs Files APIs Meetings APIs Use OpenSocial APIs to Using the CMIS APIs Start and Stop meetings get access to Profiles and you can manipulate the from your application and Contacts data powerful LotusLive files get custom meeting reports store from applications UI Extensions Navigation API Communities APIs Reuse the LotusLive Add your own custom Create and manage navigation bar in your actions to the LotusLive communities application for a consistent UI look/feel Available on IBM Developer works © 2012 IBM Corporation
  41. 41. Public or Private Development  IBM SmartCloud APIs are accessible to User Companies or ISVs for extension to another cloud or on-premises service or application.  There are two types of Developers — Private Developers : ● These type of developers will be building an application or extension for use only by their Organization or Company. ● Development does not require communications with the IBM SmartCloud Partner Program — Public (or ISV) Developers: ● These type of developers will be building an application for sale to the public ● Public release coordinated with IBM SmartCloud Partner Program to ensure proper resellers, security and marketing requirements are met ● More details on this process later in presentation © 2011 IBM Corporation
  42. 42. What are the IBM SmartCloud Integrations Capabilities  Inside-Out Integrations – Expand capabilities of IBM SmartCloud to include your own offerings – Extend the IBM SmartCloud interface to include jumping off points to your functions. – IBM SmartCloud Extensions – Example : Skype, eXpresso  Outside-In Integrations : – Expand your offering with IBM SmartCloud functionality – Utilize the functions of IBM SmartCloud as an extension of your offerings. – Embed IBM SmartCloud files functionality natively in your own application – IBM SmartCloud APIs – Example : SalesForce, Trilog  Hybrid Integrations – Integrate On-Premise and Cloud Solutions – Domino Integration
  43. 43. Outside - In Integrations - Business Value IBM SmartCloud social business and external collaboration into applications via APIs — Richer interactions for streamlined decision-making — Bring more people and resources to the challenge or opportunity — Examples: CRM, procurement APIs Company Cloud APIs
  44. 44. Inside - Out Integrations : Business Value Business apps depth into IBM SmartCloud — Online collaboration services can be enhanced for specific business processes and industry challenges — Examples: collaborative contract creation, review and electronic signatures s API Company UI Extensions Cloud
  45. 45. IBM SmartCloud Integrated Applications - Infuse Social Capabilitiesinto Business Processes ® tm Selling B2B Commerce Digital Signing Archiving Scheduling Collaborative Talking Meetings Doc Editing © 2011 IBM Corporation
  46. 46. Examples of API calls Files Meetings Communities● Get a list my files ● Start a meeting ● Create a community● Get a list my collections ● Get meeting details ● Update a community● Get file details ● Join a meeting ● Delete a community● Download a file ● Create bookmarks on a● Upload a file Contacts community● Get shares for a file ● Get users contacts ● Create a sub-community● Share file with someone ● Get collections of users ● Create invitations to join a connected to user community ● Create a community forum topic Activities Profiles ● Add, Update or delete● Start activity community members● Update or Delete activity ● Get profile record or contact record for a user● Searching activities ● Get profile record for requestor● Add new entry ● Get profile details● Create a new To-do © 2012 IBM Corporation
  47. 47. Tools to Aid Development  Social Business Toolkit — Set of extensible tools and resources for developers who want to incorporate social capabilities into their applications and business processes  IBM SmartCloud Wiki — Wiki to provided help and support for using and administering IBM SmartCloud  API Explorer — Utility to learn about and experiment with IBM SmartCloud APIs without writing any code  IDR Workshop — Watch Partnerworld for the next workshop for hands on education (Feb 2012) © 2011 IBM Corporation
  48. 48. Onboarding process for ISV Applications  Register with PartnerWorld at —  Get a Business Partner Demo Account : — SmartCloud  Begin development using your Business Partner Demo account / company  Once you are ready to deploy publically, contact the IBM SmartCloud Partner Team ( for: — Advanced or Premier PartnerWorld Account — Security validation — Usability Testing — Marketing requirements — IBM SmartCloud Catalog listing © 2011 IBM Corporation
  49. 49. ● Momentum / Market Overview● Flagship Offering, Demo and Portfolio of Services● New SaaS Parts, Order Processing (PGST) with Demo, Pricing, and eCommerce● New Product Based APIs● Contracting Type – PA or ASL? A bit about ASL and ASL APIs● Cloud Direction for 2012● New Compensation Models, “The Rule of 78”● TCO Consideration● Tools and Resources● Q/A © 2012 IBM Corporation
  50. 50. What is Passport Advantage?Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express are simple, comprehensive IBM offerings that coversoftware license acquisition including Fixed Term Licenses and Software Subscription and Support productupgrades and technical support under a single, common set of agreements, processes and tools. PassportAdvantage is designed for larger enterprises, while Passport Advantage Express, a transaction-based offering, isdesigned to meet the needs of medium-sized businesses.Fundamentals of Passport Advantage - ● Includes Software Subscription and Support (technical support and product upgrades) with each new license. ● Provides Selected Support for certain Open Source and other non-warranted code. ● Provides comprehensive and flexible upgrade coverage. ● Streamlines budgeting for software upgrade and migration costs. ● Provides secure access to Passport Advantage Online. ● Incorporates flexible, easy-to-access, responsive, cross-platform customer support from IBM. ● Provides access to IBM software technical support for all of a customers designated IT staff. ● Provides 24x7 access to support resources for business-critical outages. ● Provides self help via the Internet.Partner Types include - ● Value Added Resellers ● Value Added Distributers ● System Integrators ● Independent Software Vendors
  51. 51. What is ASL?An IBM contract in which the Business Partner acquires IBM software, bundles it with the BusinessPartner’s own software & services, and sells that bundled solution offering to end customers.Fundamentals of ASL -● End-customer may / may not know that the IBM middleware is bundled with the solution ● IBM middleware price is not visible to the end-customer● Solution support and maintenance is provided by the Partner ● The customer calls the Partner for L1/L2 support.● IBM software license/warranty stays with the Partner - It is not transferred to the end user ● Provides end-customer restricted use of IBM middleware, for use with the partner’s application● BP owns the relationship completely – less dependant on IBM sellers ● BP presents single contract for the solution● Worldwide Distribution ● Licenses can be deployed in any geography● ASL Business Partner buys at a discounted rate, generally directly from IBM (geo dependant)Partner Types include -● SaaS Providers (Public or Private Cloud)● Technology Partners (HW/Device Mfg)● Telecoms● Independent SW Vendors (ISVs)● Application Service Providers (ASPs)● Application Developers
  52. 52. SWG Go-to-Market Models - Resell - Open Distribution OEM Application Specific License (Passport Advantage) Description  Deep embed product integration of  Integration of IBM SW in partner’s ● Controlled distribution, IBM SW in the partner’s solution. solution model. Degree of integration minimum of 3 certifications are Solution cannot be disassembled of IBM SW can vary. required, two sales and one into component parts. technical.  IBM brand is not visible to the  IBM brand is visible to the client within client within the partner’s solution. the partner’s solution.  Special contract terms beyond ● IBM brand is primary. ASL to reinforce embedded focus.  Collaboration is between partner and  Collaboration is between partner IBM (or VAD) channel sales teams. and IBM brand labs & bus dev teams.  Deeper license discounting than ASL given more partner responsibility Partner  Value add components  Value add components  No criteria for Value add requirements  L1/L2 support  L1/L2 support by IBM  Restricted license to end user via  L1/L2 support  Full use license to the partner solution license; partner customer retains IBM license  Restricted license to end user via  Price determined by customer  WW price and sales territory partner solution license; partner PPA grid  Partner owns S&S renewals retains IBM license  S&S renewals competitive  WW price and sales territory  Partner owns S&S renewals
  53. 53. Application Specific Licensing (ASL) -  An agreement under which partners Integrate and bundle IBM Software with their value-add software and services and sell as a total solution to their end customers anywhere in the world* OBJECTIVE Application Specific Licensing aims to create an autonomous solution sales channel ASL partner is responsible for - Solution marketing (OI) Solution selling (OO) Though the partner may team with IBM sales, the Partner should not expect assistance with solution marketing or solution selling.*Certain countries may be excluded based on IBMs exclusive distribution arrangements53 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  54. 54. Guidelines - 1. Base Agreement 2. Transaction Document: Purchase Commit, Earned Discount, Percent of Revenue, Monthly Rental SOLUTION IBM SOFTWARE YOUR VALUE ADD COMPONENTS = + Your Products listed in the Transaction Document that you must & Services which add significant new functionality or combine The offering created include in your solution or integrate our software when our Software with one or more other and your Value-Add Examples… products Components work An Application* and/or coded together. software programs. For Tivoli, *Monthly Rental: must software or programs might include your include coded procedures, application (Rational, workflows, algorithms, reporting, WS Commerce routines, scripts, and/or metering exception). software Integrated and interoperating with IBM Software54 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  55. 55. Application Solution Provider (ASP) License Amendment - ASP Amendment – Added to a Purchase Commit or Earned Discount transaction document when providing access to the Solution from remote data centers to multiple Customers via the Internet or a private network. ASP Services do not include the downloading or copying of Programs by Customers.  If the partner does not use Passport Advantage, then you may offer the partner an OEM/ASL agreement with the associated ASP Amendment or  If the partner has an existing OEM/ASL contract covering a specified solution, and they simply want to “host” that same solution, then you can offer them an ASP Amendment or Monthly Rental. Programs listed at the following website are not eligible for use with this Amendment: Any exceptions must be approved by the Brand.55 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  56. 56. Application Specific License Software Agreement - Base Agreement SOLUTION - The offering that is created when our Programs and your Value-Add Components work together. VALUE ADD COMPONENTS - must add significant new functionality or combine or integrate the Program with one or more other products or services that add significant new functionality. RETSRICTED USE - use the Programs only in conjunction with the Solution. May not be used for internal usePurchase Commitment Purchase Commitment Earned Discount Percentage of Monthly Rental for Monthly Rental forTransaction Document Transaction Document Transaction Document Revenue TD Cloud Application Cloud Infrastructure for Fixed Term Use Services Provider TD Provider TD - SBO•Revenue commitment •Revenue commitment •No revenue commitment • Non standard • For SaaS Providers • Special bid only•License + 12 mo S&S •Fixed term use •License + 12 mo S&S • Not encouraged • Application required • Approval required•Perpetual licenses •Default 1 year term •Perpetual licenses • Special bid only • Their own SW IP • SWG VP Pricing•Fixed Term licenses •Multi yr term possible •Fixed Term licenses • Delivered as a service • For IaaS providers•Default 1 year term •Initial payment •Default 1 year term • Delivered over Internet • For PaaS providers•Multi yr term possible •Fixed discount •Multi yr term possible • To end customers • Approved “A” PNs list•Initial payment •We provide a Service •Cumulative purchases • Approved “A” PNs list • Excluded Programs•Fixed discount •Monthly reporting •Earned discount • Excluded Programs • Brand approval (exc.)•We provide a Program Currently only used with •We provide a Program • Brand approval (exc.) • Customers limited to•Monthly reporting Cast Iron Live, Lotus Live •Monthly reporting • Excludes appliances Solution Developers, • Excludes SaaS offerings Cloud Application ASP Amendment ASP Amendment • Min. mo. commitment Providers and their end•Access to solution •Access to solution • Paid monthly in arrears user customers.•Remote Data Center •Remote Data Center • Remote service access•To multiple customers •To multiple customers • For IaaS providers • Customer cannot•Via the Internet •Via the Internet • For PaaS providers downloaded or copy•or Private network •or Private network • Special bid only•Excluded Programs •Excluded Programs • Approval required•Brand approval (exc.) •Brand approval (exc.) • SWG VP Pricing•Reside on your servers •Reside on your servers•or servers you manage •or servers you manage•No download/copy •No download/copy 56 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  57. 57. Level 1 and 2 Support - Level 1 Support means taking the first support call from a Customer and fulfilling the following steps: I. Qualify incoming calls: Determine if the request is for a new or existing case. Assign a priority to a new case (priority one through priority four). For existing cases, obtain case information. II. Characterize the problem and environment: Gather information about the case and determine if the Program causes the problem. Completely define and describe the problem. Identify ways to understand the problems behavior. Document the characterization information. Analyze problem symptom(s), attempt to find root cause when appropriate and describe the result of such attempts. Determine if the problem is a known Program problem by accessing IBM online support resources. III. If it is determined to be a Program problem, contact IBM technical support. For new cases, open a case and select a priority. For existing cases, state the case number. Provide the case information you have gathered to the support engineer. Level 2 Support means the service provided to analyze or repeat the error, or to determine that the error is not repeatable. This service also includes in-depth technical analysis. 57 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  58. 58. Upside Opportunity – Cloud Goals: ● Grow channel participation rate in Cloud deals ● Accelerate integration to channel of Cloud-related acquisitions ● Continue to leverage 2 routes to market ● SWG Cloud portfolio of products ● ASL contracts with special conditions Traditional Passport Advantage Application-Specific Licensing 1 Distribution and Resale 1 2 ASL Business Partner Under Software Value Plus Program ASL Value Add Distributor Monthly Rental for Monthly Rental for Cloud Application Cloud Infrastructure Services Provider Provider Approved “A” PNs list Excluded Programs subject to Brand Approval CLOUD APPLICATION CLOUD PROVIDERS INFRASTRUCTURE PROVIDERS Deliver functionality Operate a cloud for through the cloud. application vendors They own an and companies to application and offer develop, test, and their solution as a host solutions. Service. Managed service providers.58 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  59. 59. ASL Launch and Landing Revenue Credit - Revenue Recognition and Commissions Policy IBM sellers receive commissionable credit for revenue that is generated by business partners who bundle IBM software with their solutions and sell these solutions to their end user clients under the terms of ASL contracts. SWG business partner sales teams, SWG direct sales teams, and client teams receive appropriate credit for their contributions both in selling to our partners and in selling with our partners to their end user clients. Launch commission credit may flow automatically through FMS to rep commission payment and retires quota. In some cases, Reps are required to complete a manual claim request form and have their First Line Manager (FLM) confirm their involvement and approve the claim. The FLM will send the completed claim form and their approval to the Channel Manager covering the Launch location of the ASL Partner ASL landing occurs when the ISV sells their application, as well as restricted use of IBM SW products integrated with their application, to an end user customer. The end customer is the ASL landing account. All reps given CREV quota for selling this IBM middleware and responsible for the end customer will be compensated. All SWG reps and client reps and managers are eligible for ASL landing credit. Executives who are paid on financial revenue only are excluded from the program. ASL Landing commission payments are processed on a quarterly basis. ASL landing commission credit is issued for transactional revenue only and retires quota.59 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  60. 60. 10 Reasons to Use ASL - Developing 1. Leverage IBM’s significant investment in middleware Solution 2. Integration and bundling of your solution & IBM software 3. Shorter time to market 4. Sale is focused on your Application 5. Shortened sales cycle Sales Cycle 6. IBM reps can get paid for assisting in sale 7. Improved margins – upfront license & annual renewal 8. Ongoing account control 9. Lower installation & support costs Customer Benefits 10. Improved customer satisfaction It’s all about making money60 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  61. 61. APIs for ASL BPs61 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  62. 62. Overview of Reseller Offering● Provision LotusLive services via APIs including creating subscriptions and provisioning users.● Provide partner the ability to deliver custom offerings to their client base by owning the contract, billing and support relationship with customers, rather than the traditional ISV partner transferal of ownership to IBM.● Direct communication channel to to IBM Level 2 Support – enabling your customer support team with a direct channel to IBM for issue resolution.● Co-branding : support for UI configuration and support redirection © 2011 IBM Corporation
  63. 63. Phase 1 - Reseller tooling to supportSelf-provisioning APIsReseller API Requirements Customer / Organization Subscription UserCreate Customer/Organization Add a subscription Add a userSuspend Customer/Organization Suspend a subscription Edit a user (all editable portions of the user account)Un-suspend Customer/Organization Un-suspend a subscription Remove a userEdit Customer/Organization Cancel a subscription Reset PasswordRemove Customer/Organization Return Subscription ID (given customer ID) Suspend a userReturn Customer IDs (given reseller ID) Retrieve Provisioning Status (given subscription Un-suspend a user ID)Retrieve Provisioning Status (given customer Retrieve Subscription Status (given Account ID) Return Account IDs (given customer ID)ID)Retrieve Customer/Org Status (given customer Retrieve Provisioning Status (given Account ID)ID) © 2011 IBM Corporation
  64. 64. Phase 1 - Co-Branding Capabilities Elements that can be branded  Login / Password reset pages  Key System support links  Key System eMail messages  Default theme Elements that will maintain IBM Corporate Identity  Service URLs  Service names  Service navigation  Engage / Connections Dashboard Rotating Banner64
  65. 65. Co-Branding Capabilities A Provider specific log-in or landing page — A SAML based login page for EACH customer will be supported. T The URL of the service can be masked as another URL such as instead of — This is not currently available More flexibility in customizing the web UI, such as more Service provider branding, the ability to put ads or promotions in the top or side banners — SmartCloud for Social Business has no plans to support Ability to create their own customized welcome letter after service provision — First email is for access and authentication. This is an IBM branded email ● No ability to customize but can put the Service provider branding on it — Other emails will be suppressed ● Ones that are generated by the partner using the APIs ● Notifications from the applications(adding a user to the ACL of a file/activity) will also be LotusLive generated © 2011 IBM Corporation
  66. 66. Monthly termless part numbers – Phase 1  Pay per usage Billing  Monthly Billing  Monthly Reporting © 2011 IBM Corporation
  67. 67. Monthly ReportsMonthly Summary ReportThis report should list the parts that the vendor provisioned for that time period (prior month)The data would be limited to those parts that were provisioned in the last month by that partner only.Monthly Detail ReportThis report is related to the one above, but provides more detail.The data would be limited to those parts that were provisioned in the last month by that partner only.Total Summary ReportThis is the same as above, but a running total.The data would be limited to those parts that are currently provisioned by that partner only.Total Detail ReportThis report is related to the one above, but provides more detail.The data would be limited to those parts that are currently provisioned by that partner only.Monthly Active Users ReportList and data of all users currently provisioned across all of that resellers customers orgs.Only contains current data, not total (historical) © 2011 IBM Corporation
  68. 68. ● Momentum / Market Overview● Flagship Offering, Demo and Portfolio of Services● New SaaS Parts, Order Processing (PGST) with Demo, Pricing, and eCommerce● New Product Based APIs● Contracting Type – PA or ASL? A bit about ASL and ASL APIs● Cloud Direction for 2012● New Compensation Models, “The Rule of 78”● TCO Consideration● Tools and Resources● Q/A © 2012 IBM Corporation
  69. 69. Cloud Directions for 2012 Offerings Go to Market Extensibility New services ■ Alignment with the ● Open interfaces ● IBM Docs IBM SmartCloud such as the Social ● eDiscovery Archive Business Toolkit ■ More flexible buying options ● Enterprise grade Continued feature evolution controls ● Messaging ● Social ■ Reseller tools and ● Flexible public, enhancements dedicated and hybrid ● Unified Communications deployment options ■ Controlled Distribution69
  70. 70. SmartCloud for Social BusinessSolutions Meet a Spectrum of Customer Needs Public Cloud Dedicated Cloud SmartCloud Engage Hybrid IBM SmartCloud Social Collaboration for Government SmartCloud Meetings IBM GTS SmartCloud Enterprise* SmartCloud Connections ● Lotus Notes Domino SmartCloud Notes and iNotes ● Domino Utility Server ● Connections ● Sametime ● WebSphere Portal ● Web Content Manager On Premises *Customer brings their own license, pays for infrastructure Pay as you Go options available70 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  71. 71. Introducing Partner-led Migration for LotusLive Notes in 2012 IBM to deliver ● Tools for LotusLive Notes onboarding planning and data transfer ● Partner education ● Partner certification ● Targeted for Q2 – will be announced via email to demo accounts, PartnerWorld newsletters, Webfront, etc. Partners can provide services for ● Pre-migration environment analysis and planning ● Preparation of the on-premises environment ● Data migration ● Transition of users ● Ongoing management of desktop clients, users, and the on-prem environment © 2012 IBM Corporation
  72. 72. What weve learned from ISSL-led migrations We presumed that: ● Customers would understand their existing environments ● Customers would be able to partner with us in their task responsibilities to project plan and prepare their environment and users for moving to the Cloud What we found is that the customers who are most interested in moving to cloud are the ones who are struggling the most managing their on-premises environment 1. Plan 2. Prepare ● Hold deployment kickoff meeting ● Configure Hybrid deployment ● Perform discovery and gather infrastructure technical data ● Configure directory synchronization ● Select mailbox transition methods and ● Configure client computers and end user tools experience On-premises environment LotusLive 3. Transition LotusLive Notes ● Synchronize mailbox content, calendars and environment contacts ● Use third-party tools to migrate from competitive offerings ● Configure mobile device connectivity ● Perform service validation and testing72 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  73. 73. New Partner Mail Onboarding Tools and Certification Program ● New program to train and certify partners to setup hybrid configurations and onboard SmartCloud Notes users ● Onboarding Planning Tool (OPT) ● Used to gather and fix potential problems in mail files at the start of the transfer process ● Time spent fixing issues here can save lots of time and aggravation later ● Onboarding Transition Tool (OTT) ● Used to manage the transfer of “batches” of mail files to the IBM data center OPT OTT on- Gather Organize Stage Move to Provisionpremises Encrypt LLN Information Batches batches Datacenter into LLN files Coming in Q2 73 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  74. 74. SmartCloud Notes Certification Program Overview  Objective — Deliver tools to enable Partner led LotusLive Notes service provisioning with data transfer — Create a BP Certification Program to establish process competency and a business arrangement  Certification program — Pre-requisites ● LotusLive Notes Business Partner Demo account ● IBM Certified System Administrator - Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 certification — Education ● LotusLive community and activity ● Instructor led course with lab exercises (fee based) ● Covers hybrid configuration and data transfer processes ● 2xs per month ● 3-5 students per class — Evaluation ● IBM Certification exam (fee based) — Authorization to perform in the “Data Migrator” role ● Access to OPT and OTT
  75. 75. Services Opportunities around SmartCloud Social Help customer decide what to Help Implement Help manage / operate do the solution the solutionAssess and plan Design Integrate/ Operate/ Manage• Client collaboration • Design and Implement • Run complementaryenvironment implementation plan • User Provisioning services• Cost and TCO analysis • Rollout plan • Directory Integration• Directory Assessment • Directory architecture • Single Sign-On• Security Assessment • Security design • Mail Routing Integration• Mail Routing & MigrationAssessment • Data Migration • Integration w/Enterprise apps (Click-to-cloud)* Total Services Opportunity: 1 to 5x yearly subscription revenue 75 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  76. 76. ● Momentum / Market Overview● Flagship Offering, Demo and Portfolio of Services● New SaaS Parts, Order Processing (PGST) with Demo, Pricing, and eCommerce● New Product Based APIs● Contracting Type – PA or ASL? A bit about ASL and ASL APIs● Cloud Direction for 2012● New Compensation Models, “The Rule of 78”● TCO Consideration● Tools and Resources● Q/A 76 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  77. 77. Incentives for SaaS – beginning February 20, 2012*Two incentive models for SaaS:1. SaaS Rebate: ● Paid on orders fulfilled through a VAD2. SVI: ● Paid on IBM direct fulfilled opportunities ● Standard SVI program participation requirements ● BAU: First to register , sales progression, claimingSaaS incentive fees paid continuously – over life of engagement ● Payment: Unique process for SaaS offerings ● Fee paid on initial order and future period billings (including renewals) ● Eligible Part Types: Subscription, Daily, On-Demand ● Ineligible Part Types: Set up fees, Overage, SLA, Human Services ● Payment cycle ● Paid when minimum payment threshold reached or a specified amount of time has passed since last payment *Subject to change Available for selected offerings and in selected geographies
  78. 78. SaaS Reseller Incentive Introductory Period 2012 ● Higher rebate rates for 2012 Up to 28% total margin for deals fulfilled through VAD ● Effective until Dec 31, 2012 Fulfilled through VAD Fulfilled by IBM Direct - Customer Segment (b) GB Non GB No extra incentive BP base discount (a) 5% 5% Customer Segment (d) GB Non GB SaaS instant rebate 15% 5% Sell Only SVI 10% 5% SaaS “Sweetener” 8% 3% Sell and ID SVI 20% 10% Total (c) 28% 13%Fine print:(a) 5% is an example. VADs and BPs establish their terms separately for product discount and discounts vary bycountry(b) SaaS incentives not applicable for ELA customers, as defined(c) Business Partners not eligible for SVI if transaction is fulfilled through VAD(d) SVI Incentives not applicable for Government accounts(e) Business Partners not eligible for SaaS Instant Rebate if fulfilled by IBM © 2012 IBM Corporation
  79. 79. Example Business Model General Business account in the USA fulfilled through a VAD 100 Subscriptions sold @ $10/month (Annual contract value = $12000) Incentive Revenue Revenue Revenue Revenue Plan Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 BP base discount 5% 600 600 600 600 SaaS instant rebate 15% 1800 1800 1800 1800 SaaS “Sweetener” 8% 960 0 0 0 Total 3360 2400 2400 2400 Etc ... IBM SaaS contracts are auto-renewing. Billing continues until the contract is cancelled. Rebates are paid on billings, resulting in an annuity revenue stream for partners © 2012 IBM Corporation
  80. 80. “Rule of 78”- Example - © 2012 IBM Corporation
  81. 81. N N “Rule of 78” N 78 blocks of revenue N N N N N N N NNJ F M A M J J A S O N D © 2012 IBM Corporation
  82. 82. “Rule of 78” Benefits with SaaS ● Eliminates the Quarterly and Annual large discounting to make plan ● The customer cant “go out of maintenance” ● If the customer doesnt pay, we can just shut them off ● Cash flow is the same in January/February as December ● As a small business, can better leverage financing based on predictable revenue stream ● This is how insurance companies have been around for 100s of years Things to consider - ● Cash flow ● Billing infrastructure © 2012 IBM Corporation
  83. 83. ● Momentum / Market Overview● Flagship Offering, Demo and Portfolio of Services● New SaaS Parts, Order Processing (PGST) with Demo, Pricing, and eCommerce● New Product Based APIs● Contracting Type – PA or ASL? A bit about ASL and ASL APIs● Cloud Direction for 2012● New Compensation Models, “The Rule of 78”● TCO Consideration● Tools and Resources● Q/A © 2012 IBM Corporation
  84. 84. © 2012 IBM Corporation
  85. 85. SaaS SalesWith SaaS Services, the questions during the sale can be complex: What Anti-virus/Anti-Spam services to you use? Where do I point my MX record/DNS? How does your single sign on work – do you support SAML? How do I know my data is secure? How do my administrators manage the service? Can I serve the service up through my portal? ...etc.Many different questions to what you receive when the customer is buildingtheir own environment – why? Because by using cloud, the headache of managing infrastructure goes awayfrom them for a whole range of management and technology problems that theycurrently have1 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  86. 86. High Level TCO elements to be considered  Hardware Cost  Quality of Service needed - Servers - Availability - Storage - Security - Net work - Syst em Manag em ent - Clients (user equipm ent) - Scalability - and … - Response Tim e  Sof tware Costs - Batch Wi ndow - IBM sof tware - Disast er/ Recovery - Ot her Server SW - and … - Ot her Cli ent SW Other Costs - Ot her Net work SW - Deploym ent costs - Ot her Applicati on SW - Migration costs - and … - Inst allation costs Mai nt enance Costs - Education costs - Maintenance for SW - and … - Maintenance for HW - and … Environm ent al Costs - etc ? … - Floor space - Power & cabling  - and … Qualit y of Service needed - Availability - Security - Syst em Managem ent - Scalability - Response Tim e - Disast er/ Recovery - and … © 2012 IBM Corporation
  87. 87. TCO Elements to be Considered Availability  Security  Operati ng Concept - High availability - Authentication / Authorization - Development of an op erating procedur e - Hours of operation - User Admi nistration - Feasibility of t he devel oped procedure Backup / Restore / Sit e Recovery - Dat a Security - Autom ation - Backup & Restore - Server and OS Securit y  Int egration - Disast er Scenario - RACF vs. ot her solutions - Int egrat ed Functi onality vs. - Effort for Complete Sit e  Deploym ent and Support Functionalit y toRecovery - Syst em Programmi ng be implem ent ed (possibly wit h 3rd par ty - SAN eff ort - Keeping consist ent OS and SW tools) Infrastruct ur e Cost Level - Balanced Syst em - Space, Power, Cooling - Dat abase Eff ort - Int egration of / into St andards - Net work Infrastruct ure - Middleware  Furt her Availability Aspects - Storage Infrastruct ur e - SW Maintenance - Planned & Unplanned outages Additional developm ent and - SW Distribution (across firewall) - Autom at ed Take Overimplementation - Application - Uni nterrupted Take Over (especially f or - Investm ent f or one platform – - Technology Upgrade DB) r eproduction f or ot hers - Syst em Release change wit hout - Workload Managem ent across physical Controlling and Accounting i nt errupts borders - Analyzing t he syst ems  Resource Utilizati on and - Business continui ty - Cost Perform ance - Availability eff ect s f or other Operations Eff ort - Mix ed Workload / Batch applications / - Monitoring, Operati ng - Resource Sharing projects - Problem Det ermination - shared not hing vs. shared - End User Service, End User Productivity - Server Managem ent Tools everyt hi ng - Virt ualization - Int egrat ed Server Managem ent - Parallel Sysplex vs. Ot her  Skills and Resources– Concepts - Personnel Education Enterprise Wide - Response Tim e - Availability of Resources - Performance Managem ent - Peak handling / scal ability © 2012 IBM Corporation
  88. 88. TCO ExampleToo many items to discuss in detail, so combined they become: Software Costs Hardware Costs Datacentre Costs Staffing Costs Support Costs Etc…1 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  89. 89. Sales Progression Assets1) Provide a Business Value Assessment ● ROI Tool for LotusLive ● A web-based calculator to assess the costs, benefits and ROI of implementing LotusLive and generates client-ready assessment presentation ● Limited availability Contact for access 2) Leverage Client Advocacy ● Connect prospects with LotusLive clients ● Use your no-charge BP demo account to attract client interest ● Use your BP Trials URL to generate client leads ● Use 35 new references added in 2011 ● Show client testimonial videos ● Contact your regional BP rep for assistance 89 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  90. 90. ● Momentum / Market Overview● Flagship Offering, Demo and Portfolio of Services● New SaaS Parts, Order Processing (PGST) with Demo, Pricing, and eCommerce● New Product Based APIs● Contracting Type – PA or ASL? A bit about ASL and ASL APIs● Cloud Direction for 2012● New Compensation Models, “The Rule of 78”● TCO Consideration● Tools and Resources● Q/A © 2012 IBM Corporation
  91. 91. Read - Read about Smart Cloud Social: Read about Smart Cloud Social Support: © 2012 IBM Corporation
  92. 92. Watch - See a Smart Cloud Social recorded demo: Attend a Live Demonstration: Attend an IDR virtual workshop at an IBM Innovation Center: https://www- See partner overview webinar HTTPS://www- © 2012 IBM Corporation
  93. 93. Show it -Request a Smart Cloud Social Business Partner demonstration account:https://www- vlet/ContentHandler/isv/lotuslive © 2012 IBM Corporation
  94. 94. For More Information For More Information About See BP Demo Account Course enrollment ● Future API Workshop ● Future SmartCloud Notes Onboarding course Partner Guided Selling (future) SmartCloud for Social Business Webfront http://www.ibmcloud/social Sales Kits on Partnerworld LotusLive Wiki Customer Trials URL https://www- ndler/isv_ben_prb_lotuslive_trial94 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  95. 95. Summary■ Positioning LotusLive in IBM SmartCloud■ New SaaS Parts and Partner Guided Selling Tool to ease the sale of IBM SaaS offerings■ Introducing an incentive model specifically for SaaS products■ Enabling partner led LotusLive Notes Call to Action eMail Onboarding to Cloud ■Get educated■ New Social Business Toolkit ─ Partner Guided Selling Tool for integrating apps with ─ LotusLive Notes Onboarding IBM Connections classes/certification ─ Social Business Toolkit class and LotusLive ■ Get your LotusLive BP Demo account ■ Use LotusLive BP Trial URLs in your marketing campaigns ■ Sell at 50% off until Feb 27 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  96. 96. QUESTIONS ?? © 2012 IBM Corporation
  97. 97. Backup © 2011 IBM Corporation