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DD Fareportal HR social slides

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DD Fareportal HR social slides

  1. 1. Fareportal HR Page Guidelines
  2. 2. Social Page Design • Update cover/header images regularly. • Use original images in place of stock photos to give the company page a warm, personal touch.
  3. 3. Employee of the Week Engage employees by featuring them on the Fareportal Facebook page. Possible questions to ask: • Where have you traveled to?/What’s on your bucket list? • What is your role at Fareportal? • What’s the best part about working at Fareportal? Example: Meet Elina Song, our SEM Coordinator. What Elina does: “I work on optimizing our Spanish keywords on the Google Search Network.” Where Elina’s been: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Spain, and South Korea Why Fareportal? “I love the work environment here at Fareportal! People are friendly and the events and classes show that the company cares about employee happiness.” Content Strategy
  4. 4. Weekly Tip from the HR Desk What does it take to work at Fareportal/in the travel industry? • Application tips and tricks • Best times to job hunt • How to ensure you’re a good cultural fit at a company • and more! Weekly Fareportal Facts What year did Fareportal open for business? How many people does Fareportal employ? How many awards has the company earned? Sam Says Ask CEO Sam Jain and company executives to offer tips, quotes, and advice on entrepreneurship, business, and travel. ‘Inside Look’ at Job Postings When posting job listings, create an “inside look” at the department. Discuss department accomplishments, interesting facts about the team, and more. Content Strategy
  5. 5. Content Dos and Don’ts Don’t: Post content unrelated to the travel industry and careers. Do: Focus on travel industry, career tips, and articles Fareportal/CheapOair/OneTravel have been featured in, as well as awards and charity initiatives. Occasionally share content from CheapOair and OneTravel brand pages. Don’t: Tag CheapOair or OneTravel on LinkedIn unless those brand pages are consistently updated. Hashtags do not work on LinkedIn. Do: Use hashtags and/or tag company and brand names on Facebook and Twitter. Use hashtags sparingly on Facebook. Don’t: Create postings that are directly political or controversial. Do: Highlight Fareportal’s commitment to diversity through featuring female executives and diversity recruitment efforts.
  6. 6. Content Guidelines Only use hashtags that apply to the travel industry. Examples: #travel #vacation #TravelTuesday Double check Twitter handles to ensure that you’re tagging the correct person/publication. When starting a tweet with a Twitter handle, place a period in the beginning of the tweet to make it public. Post high-res images and include a description with each image. Each account requires tailored content (don’t sync accounts). Facebook: Event photos, employee of the week, photo-heavy postings. LinkedIn: Fareportal job listings, travel industry news, career tips from Fareportal executives/HR team. Twitter: Tips, quotes, and news coverage for CheapOair/OneTravel. Don’t forget to tag the Twitter handles when tweeting articles from publications! Instagram: One-word employee interviews, Throwback Thursday posts, employee vacation photo submissions.