Hyatts Commitment And Grand Hyatt New Green Program


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Hyatts Commitment And Grand Hyatt New Green Program

  1. 1. Hyatt’s Commitment to the Environment
  2. 2. Introduction of Hyatt Earth Sustainability and Hyatt Hyatt’s Commitment to the Environment Hyatt’s Environmental Goals
  3. 3. Sustainability and Hyatt • Environmental responsibility is a value that is already very much alive in Hyatt’s system - Many initiatives are underway around the world - Commitment, passion and support is genuine - Driven by our associates • We strive to set Hyatt apart: – To be the leader in sustainable hotel practices – To be the employer of choice in our industry – To be the preferred hotel company for our guests
  4. 4. Hyatt’s Commitment to the Environment Hyatt is committed to design, build and manage innovative and sustainable hotels that provide our guests with authentic and comfortable accommodations, protect the natural environment and that respect the local communities in which we operate around the world. We believe that it is our shared responsibility to combine astute asset management with a passionate commitment to genuine and strategic stewardship of the environment. We engage and motivate our colleagues around the world to be our ambassadors, we work with our suppliers to develop and provide innovative products and solutions, and we offer our guests unparalleled service in surroundings that positively contribute to the community and the environment.
  5. 5. Hyatt’s Environmental Goals: Hyatt Earth 5 Key Focus Areas: Awareness, Communication and Education Waste and Emissions Energy and Water Purchasing Building Design and Construction
  6. 6. Awareness, Communication and Education 2008 to Present: - VP of Environmental Affairs was appointed to lead Hyatt’s Environmental Diversity. - Hyatt Earth Network was created and it is available for all Hyatt’s to stay connected. - Hyatt has created and distributed the Green Team Blue Print to support and ensure all Hyatt hotels create a Green Team. Nearly all off Hyatt global has a green team today. - Hyatt is a member of the International Tourism Partnership and Conservation Internationals’ Business and Diversity Council. 2009 to Future: • Launch employee awareness and engagement programs globally. • Integrate Hyatt’s commitment to the environment into employee hiring and orientation. • Environmental Responsibility will be a core part of Global Hyatt’s DNA.
  7. 7. Waste Reduction 2008 to Present: - Through waste audits, we are able to better understand Hyatt’s waste streams. - Researching methods to understand carbon emissions; opportunities and challenges. - Some properties have developed composting programs to reduce waste. 2009 to Future: • Improve recycling and composting practices across our system and share best practices. • We will have identified and mitigated, to the extent possible, the sources of harmful emission in our hotels world wide.
  8. 8. Energy and Water 2008 to Present: - Tools were provided to all properties to detect and eliminate unnecessary water and energy consumption. - Tools were then provided to improve energy and water efficiency of our properties. 2009 to Future: • Hyatt is effectively employing renewable energy sources based on a combination of ROI benefits and environmental benefits.
  9. 9. Purchasing 2008 to Present: - Hyatt is purchasing products that support Hyatt’s goal of purchasing products that are recyclable, biodegradable, reusable and free of toxins. 2009 to Future: • Identify and eliminate 60% of products that Hyatt purchases that are disposable and not biodegradable. • Reduce transportation distance of products.
  10. 10. Building Design and Construction 2009 to Future: • Understand the best sustainable design standards around the world. • Revise Hyatt’s existing Design Criteria to include the most relevant and comprehensive sustainable standards from around the world.
  11. 11. Grand Hyatt New York’s Green Program Diana Beltran Environmental Development Manager Grand Hyatt New York
  12. 12. GHNY Green Apple Environmental Committee Our Motto: Grand Hyatt New York cares about leaving our future generations with a healthier planet. Our Vision: To reduce our carbon foot print now and through the future, continually providing the best hospitality and accenting our guest experience.
  13. 13. Grand Hyatt Green Apple Environmental Committee
  14. 14. Grand Hyatt New York’s Environmental Program Employees Acting Responsibly Through Hyatt • Awareness / Communication / Education • Waste Reduction • Energy / Water Conservation • Sustainable Purchasing
  15. 15. Awareness.Communication. Education.
  16. 16. Awareness.Communication. Education.
  17. 17. Awareness.Communication. Education. Events Green Menu The Big Green Apple Break The Organic Lunch Take me Out to the Green Game Coffee Break Verde Dinner
  18. 18. Verde Dinner Vegan Tofu Cheesecake With Organic Berry Compote Organic vegan manicotti with roasted tomato basil coulis Herb crusted tilapia Citrus glaze Soft polenta Roasted peppers Broccoli robe
  19. 19. Awareness.Communication. Education.
  20. 20. Waste Reduction 60 pounds per week.
  21. 21. Waste Reduction Giving to the community - taking away from the landfills. 15 Commodore Grills chairs donated to The Summer Youth Employment Program 1500 Compendiums were donated to NYC schools for art projects.
  22. 22. Energy.Water Conservation. The “Conserve’ Program : January 2009
  23. 23. Sustainable Purchasing
  24. 24. NATURA WATER: Only water purification system of its kind that provides chilled sparkling and still water.
  25. 25. Leading by Example in NYC
  26. 26. Leading by Example in NYC Earth Day Grand Hyatt New York has adopted Emmaus House Shelter garden. Creating a better environment for those in need.
  27. 27. Certified January 2009
  28. 28. Certified August 2008
  29. 29. Grand Hyatt New York is pursuing the following certifications. Grand Hyatt New York is participating in the LEED Existing Hotel Certification Initiative Program with 50 other hotels nationwide.
  30. 30. Exploring innovative operations for the future.
  31. 31. Contact Information Diana Beltran Grand Hyatt New York Environmental Development Manager Direct Line: 646.213.6714