Grand Hyatt New York Earth Day 2009


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Grand Hyatt New York Earth Day 2009

  1. 1. Earth Day April 22nd , 2009
  2. 2. Front of House Earth Day Information shared with guests. -Bookmarks that can be planted and have eco tips. -Earth Day Fair at Grand Central flyer is visible from the concierge.
  3. 3. Earth Day at Back of House Cafeteria the Grand Bistro.
  4. 4. Our Chefs’ Earth Friendly Menu Creation: Vegetarian carrot soup Garden Burgers with wheat buns Turkey dogs Baked sweet potatoes Fresh Steamed broccoli Strawberry Shortcake
  5. 5. Decorations: Planet Earth Movie Earth Day at Grand Central Pamphlets Take home: How to Recycle in NYC stickers Posters in front and inside the cafeteria were about… Energy conservation, water conservation, recycling Earth Day at Central Park Poster Disney Earth Movie Poster Emmaus Shelter garden activity announcement
  6. 6. Green Informational Table: - Our sustainable GO GREEN bracelets and bookmarks were distributed again. - Associates picked up information about home recycling. -We handed out seeds left from our revive bar program for associates to plant at home. - Our blue GHNY coffee mugs were handed out for those who did not have one.
  7. 7. Interactive Activities at the Green Table: - Guessing Game: Associates had to try to guess the number of apples, pasta and seeds found in each jar. - Name 3 things: Associates received hand powered flashlights for participating and naming 3 things that they do in their departments to be green and posted it on the board.
  8. 8. Creative Green Projects were turned in by a banquet team. Congratulations Annie Morgan and Desmond and Tracy Platero! They re-used signs that are discarded by clients and created master art pieces reflecting the environment! They are now initiating a collect program to make sure to donate boards to schools for art.
  9. 9. Saturday April 25th – Emmaus House Garden Adoption A volunteer group of associates at Grand Hyatt New York, is organizing a green event at the Emmaus House community shelter in the village of Harlem. The Grand Green Team is dedicated to inspiring others to begin green living through the concept of reducing, recycling and reusing. On April 25, 2009, a group of us will work together to create a garden to help not just our mother Earth but also to improve the environment of the people who pass through this shelter. Not only have we decided to start the garden on behalf of Earth Day, but we have also chosen to adopt the shelter’s garden as our own and sustain it throughout the year keeping our green roots and making a difference in our community. We have received help from Blondies Tree house who is providing us with additional tools to work. Pictures of this event to be posted – for now the pictures above show what the are we will be working on presently looks like.
  10. 10. A special thank you to… • Green Apple Green Team Members who volunteered their time at the Green table: - Dina Miller , CS - Wan Yi Tang , CS - Matthew Moffitt , Engineering - Linden Layne , Accounting - Sara Kartzmer , Sales - Amy Johnson , FB - Annie Morgan , Banquets • Courtney McKenna, HR for decorating the cafeteria. • Our Culinary Team • MC for their continuous support in our initiatives. • The Grand Hyatt New York associates who are very enthusiastic and supportive of our Green Program.