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How to easily bypass Windows password


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Forgot Windows password? The following post tells you how to bypass Windows password so that you can easily regain access your computer or laptop.

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How to easily bypass Windows password

  1. 1. How to easily bypass Windows password<br />Forgot Windows password and can’t log on to your computer or laptop? It happens quite often really and many people are puzzled by this problem. So how do you bypass windows password so that easily regain access your computer or laptop? The following post tells you how.<br />You have several options to try and get around Windows password bypass problem.<br />System Recovery<br />If your windows system has a serious error, you can use system recovery options. It contains several tools that can perform repairs your computer. If you forgot Windows password, you can restore the system.<br />Insert your Windows installation disc to your computer, make sure your computer is booting from the CD or DVD. Click Startup Repair, it will show you a System Recovery Options, click next and choose a recovery tool- Startup Repair, when finish, restart your computer to see if you can log in that account. <br />Also you can choose System Restore if you have backed up your system forgotten your windows password. When finish, try to log in with the account and go to Control Panel to change the password.<br />Safe Mode with Administrator rights<br />If you have access to another user account with administrator rights, you can use that account to bypass the locked account password. You can also use the default Administrator account which created during Windows installation. The details of the steps below:<br />1. You need to boot the system into Safe Mode by pressing F8 before Windows loads.<br />2. Scroll down to safe mode and press enter.<br />3. Once at the log on Screen, click on the icon for the user account with administrator rights or just click on the icon for the Administrator account which created by default. (The default administrator account only use in Windows XP and vista, as in windows 7 that account is disabled by default.)<br />4. When the system has booted to the desktop, Click start, Control Panel and find for the locked account to change the password.<br />Now you can log in the locked account with the new password.<br />Windows Password Key CD/USB disk<br />If System Restore and safe mode won’t help, don’t need to pay for the computer tech, you can solve it by yourself. Plenty of tools can help you bypass Windows Password. Windows Password Key is such a windows password recovery tool to bypass the forgotten password for Windows system users in minutes. Follow the below steps.<br />First you need to log in any available computer or laptop and download the tool, you can find out from the official website. Then burn the software to a blank CD/DVD or USB device. The burning process is easy as you can see the detail from the interface.<br />When you finish the burning process, you’ve created a password reset disk, congratulations, then insert the disk to your locked computer. But we need to make sure the computer can be boot up with disk, you can change the bios setup if necessary.<br />Restart the computer, you’ll see the screenshot of program, follow its instruction to bypass windows password. In conclusion, just select the account name by enter its number; the program will help you bypass the password automatically.<br />If the above information does not help on windows password bypass, the only option left is to format the hard drive then reinstall Windows and the system software.<br />