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Assignment 2 powerpoint

  1. 1. TAKEN ASSIGNMENT 2: GENRE ANALYSIS By Leticia Silva 12 Benedict
  2. 2. 7So&safe=active TAKEN (2008)
  3. 3. This movie is crime because of the girl getting kidnapped and her dada is trying to solve the crime by trying to find out where she is. and its also drama because of it’s dramatic parts like the music and the sad part of when they tell him , he will never find his daughter ever again. ACTION Other movies in this genre are: The Dark Night Snatch The city of God American gangster Double indemnity L.A confidential Seven Heat Scarface The usual suspects
  4. 4. The purpose of crime is too get the audience at the edge of their seats and always suspecting who it is and why they did. They take the audience and make the audience feel ads if they are investigators as well. They always keep the audience guessing and always trying to figure out who it is . At some points the movie may look like its this or that person but then it suddenly changes and who the audience think is the criminal is not actually the criminal and the one that we lest expect is the one doing the crime. That will leave the audience confused then they suddenly explain why it was that person and everything suddenly makes sense. THE PURPOSE OF CRIME
  5. 5. The audience for the genre crime are for young adults and teenagers. This is because teenagers like to be in a movie with so much crime and they find it interesting at how everything happens and because crime usually have a subgenre of action, it makes everything more fascinating and interesting. It is also for young adults because they like to be taken into a journey to find out what really happened. It helps them gain knowledge as to how everything happened. Also because most of the crime happens with teenagers and young adults but its interesting to know how everything happens around them and how its taken care of. THE TARGETED AUDIENCE
  6. 6. CONVENTIONS OF THIS GENRE Crime conventions Evidence Explanation One of the family member is usually kidnapped. Because they want money out of the victim. Someone is on the phone when it happens and are suddenly aware and alert. So they are alert and aware that they have been taken and will do anything to have them back They ask for help by professionals to help them track them down The professionals think that there is no chance they will ever be able to find them. The professionals would tell them they will never be able to find them. Puts them in a panic state and makes them more determined more than ever. The character has a lot of determination and will do whatever it takes to find them. The love the victim and will not have any harm done to them whatsoever. They will find the person but has to come with a plan first. They have to plan it properly to get the victim safely out. Kills everyone and they are reunited and go home and everything goes back to normal. They want revenge on those people and want to show them to never mess with them.
  7. 7. The subgenre of this movie is crime/action. Other types of movies with these subgenres are: Sin city Heat Man on fire Swordfish The Bourne identity The jackal Gone sixty seconds Lucky number slevin SUBGENRES OF THE TAKEN
  8. 8. DENOTATIONS AND CONNOTATIONS Denotation: shooting Connotation: revenge Denotation: crying on the phone to dad. Connotation: warning and crying out for help. Denotation: crying at the fact they might never find her. Connotation: they miss her and want her back. Grieving. Denotation: being dragged from under the bed. Connotation: she is being kidnapped.
  9. 9. PEOPLE ,PLACES AND OBJECTS Car riding in the dark in empty street which shows danger and alerted . Also determination to get where they want to be. The girl in a mystical place not knowing what is happening. Giving confusion to the girl. The women is crying grieving for her child shows depression , hurt and pain. The movie was made in Paris which creates the bigger sense of panic because its such a big place.
  10. 10. PEOPLE, PLACES AND OBJECTS. The shot of the whole city gives the audience a sense of feeling that the father of the daughter will never find her.. The angle from under the bridge makes it seem like its a huge height and makes the audience wonder if he’s really going to jump. A dark places where people are running round increases an urge of panic throughout.
  11. 11. STEREOTYPES. High speeding car in the dark on an empty road. Usually in crime movies there are fast cars moving in a fast pace to try and get to the place they want to be in an urge. They are in a rush because either they have found out where who they are looking for is or they have found out where the criminals are. They are rushing in order to catch them on time and they are usually in a car either in lots of traffic in broad daylight or a still silent road at night.
  12. 12. stereotypes Re-inforce Challenge Criminal as unbeatable Usually the criminals seem unbeatable and whatever the defender does they always seem to get their way. Criminal is outsmarted and ends up with no plans at all and are caught. The parents are told they will never find their child Usually in crime movies in kidnapping the parents are told they will never find their child and there's nothing they can do about it. One of the parents end up gaining the force to go out and look for the child themselves, lots of determination and never giving up. Getting the wrong criminal The criminal will always have a lot of their sources and workers around and they will end up getting the wrong criminal and the criminal tends to be a good hider The parent will be smart enough and find out who the real criminal is and come out for their revenge and threatening anyone who stands in their way of getting what they want. STEREOTYPES CHALLENGED
  13. 13. The movie identifies the crime that happen day to day and what people go through every time it happens. The movie was added a few extra things to make it more interesting to watch but it was based on a real industry that happens in today's society especially with women. The movie represents what the people go through when this happens and how they cope with the fact that their child is gone and kidnapped. The movie makes you more aware of the things that happens around us but make it more memorable so that the message across the movie is heard and never forgotten. The movie helps us feel and understand the pain they go through when this happens to one of their relatives. Also to try put a stop to this industry that is happening. CONTEXT OF TRAILER